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be easy for our brothers and sisters and resume Elijah did give victory to them. Make the ground under them firm pour upon them His mercy from above them, protect them from all directions. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah destroy the oppressors and the enemies and those who harm and butcher the innocents alone. I mean, we're blessed and humbled a lot to have with us none other than Dr. Hay for that Jonas and Hamdulillah, who is no stranger to any of us. And I asked her to come and hamdulillah for a very specific reason. We have been witnessing miracles and pain at the same time.

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One of the things Subhanallah that we have to reconcile is that we are both brokenhearted before the people who as as well as full in our hearts out of all of them. And we're trying to talk about different topics and one of the things in particular was the women of us and what they inspire. There's something very specific that they inspire in us when we talk about Nisa, held in Ibiza, Hola Mundo salam ala Rasulillah the women around the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the way that the heroes like nusseibeh are the Allahu Tada and, and also lame or the lion. And so many of their stories come out and we're seeing a living example. And this has been one of the

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things that we've taken from this era are things that we only saw in the Sahaba when we read about them, and we're seeing them right now on the people because then so Dr. Haifa welcome hamdulillah Welcome to our channel once again.

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Zack malarkey. Shia Hamid is always pleasure to be here. Smilla humbler? Wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah fully agree with everything you said. There is two emotions inside everybody sometimes even three I will say personally at three, there is definitely sadness there is mixed with anger, there is part which is happy and some people may may be surprised, happy to see what we read in books. We are seeing it in reality, the strength, the VLP the faith and the fact is an I talking about myself, how can I compare myself with what we are seeing? Maybe what they are going through how strong they are? How they are taking it man and woman and children and they still going their

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faith? If anything is stronger. And I look at myself Subhanallah Can you all of us go through none of us? I don't think anybody listening to us in the western world have gone through what they are what they have gone and still going. And I don't know I always ask myself how would I have responded if I was there? You know, I'm saying Yanni tileable in Arabic I love this with a Thai lemon Hamakua was so bad, you will learn from them. What strength in really strength mean not claim and what steadfast toughness is more Ilona Biller, they are attached to Allah's pantalla nothing comes out of their mouth. A rare mildy Robina Danielle cowboys and more like Notre Dame, won an Akula Europa.

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What a nation what a nation Subhanallah nobody knew this, till Allah made that sees. See it's all of us live Subhan Allah

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Subhan Allah, they are the people of your pain. Right? So to us, we talk about certainty as something we hope to generate inside of us. There are people of the opinion shift Hawaii once said something that that really resonated with me that stuck with me.

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You know, when I was pitching the idea of the first I'm talking about the Sahaba on such a regular and recurring basis. And he said you know, say Latina, Latina and I'm Daddy and this is the first are a Tafseer of certain Fatiha The path of those who Allah azza wa jal is pleased with and they feel so distant and unreal And subhanAllah you see people and really,

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they feel so unreal, but they feel they feel so near this time, they don't feel distant. They, they look like our kids, they look like our they look like ourselves, you know, and they don't they don't seem to be like us. May Allah subhanaw taala bless them and protect them. And again, I think it's interesting because we we have these two conflicting emotions. We want to help them so bad, but they're helping us. We don't want to turn them into just this theater for us. We want to help them we want to be there for them in any way that we can have something that we're trying our best in the night out and we ask Allah to guide us to the ways that are pleasing to Him and that are beneficial

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to them. Love them. I mean

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But I want to get started Dr. Hayford when we talk about Sahabi yet when we talk about the the women around the profit science and what what sort of has come out so I'll start from my end, I think a lot of times there are the known so how the arts right the ones that we know very well and one thing that I always find very inspiring from the seat of the Prophet, slice alum are the women that not too many people know. And so I mentioned in my hotbar last week, the Neeraj or the allowance highlanda, who was being tortured with somebody else or the Allah on her, and, you know, she was one of the people being tortured, and we'll just have to beat her to a point that she lost her eyesight

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and Bucha had said, when even some of the enemies of Islam told her which I had calmed down you're going too far he said, But I'ma tell earlier so the gods allowed to Larissa made her blind and she said in the middle of that torture, she said a lot to lose. Have no power, it's only a loss pennants. Allah Who makes blind and to give sight for and Allahu bussola lies was brought back her eyesight. So these miracles that happen in the midst of the tragedy, which we're seeing in the visit, right miracles in the midst of the tragedy that reminds you like Allah subhanaw taala is there, Allah who is sending you the signs in the matter is that you saw sub Rania Allah Raza, be

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patient be patient, or either communal janma your places Jana, there are other women that come to my mind one other person's Pamela and because she's very unknown,

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like mental health to fill the allotted time and how they pop into how it's made hijra with her husband and her four children to Abyssinia to have a shot. And then when she heard about the profit slice and I'm settling in Medina, she made her way to Medina, and they didn't find clean water on the way Subhan Allah and this was just a story that came to my mind because people are dying from water as well.

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And she and three of her four children drink water that wasn't clean and her husband who was also named hateth and one of her children woke up and found the rest of them dead.

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How about imagine a person have to hedge? A person whose name is not known that you say right plot Vinton hateth what does it mean to people but this was a woman of two hedgerows a woman who was a martyr on the way of the hedge with her children. And why because she drank water that wasn't clean. And very cruel circumstances. They didn't go to Abyssinia because a great message was built there they went to Avicennia because that was the only way they could flee and have their emaan and then they were going to Medina because that was the only way they could flee and have their Eman stories upon stories upon stories of these people. But I want to ask you which women from the companions of

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the Prophet slice who's whose memory was invoked you got a powerful series and Ramadan Masha Allah Jana Institute where he talked about women throughout history who came to who comes to your mind as you're seeing this all play out in front of you. She Homer Subhanallah, as we say, which one you know what I'm saying? And I look at the Sahaba the one we know the one we don't know, or many people don't know, I look at them as flowers. And all of them are beautiful, but there's some flowers you love them or not for any reason just that's they resonate, the look resonate or feel, basically my role model, which I wasn't when I was looking at the ladies or the woman of us, talking to my mind,

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the one which is so dear to me, which is say Dasha

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and almost Salama to completely two different woman, one opposite to the other from many things. But when you look at them, and I wonder there was like, if you see the high towers on Gaza, or said almost ADAMA, right? I mean, I can see what I will do, but I can see when they were tested, because the test is not always fear. The test can be fear, the test can be sadness, the test can be when you are hurt, deeply, deeply hurt. And when you read the side Ayesha always comes to my mind, of course, Hadith actually fake because that's very painful to a woman. I mean, the man feels it, but it is a woman pain. When you are innocent. You haven't done anything in the most honorable thing for you.

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Who are you? Who's your father, who's your husband? And then you know, what's the painful side is when your husband in a minute? Maybe he was, he has doubt about you're innocent. So here, imagine this moment, I looked at the woman who was and I said, they have doubts. Are they going to live in the next minute or two? You've seen so many of these videos, right? This could be the last one. The physician who died who will be coded right she and her family all says this is probably the the way she was speaking. What is this calmness? She's not saying I'm gonna go now.

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Next, I'm going to go to vacation. Oh, I'm going to the operating room. So I looked at the seed Ayesha. And I said when the moment of pain, severe pain, when he asked her and told her say it, if you have done it, say it and ask Allah for forgiveness, and Allah Subhana Allah will forgive you. What did she feel? And then when she looked at her father, and he didn't say a thing, looked at her mother, what were they say? Nothing. You know, this moment, I feel it's the moment of the woman and the people of Huzar when you really say inside you, Miley Illallah I have no one. But Allah subhanaw taala. And when she reached that moment, nostril, Allah immediately came in, when she said, I'm not

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gonna say anything. I'm turning my back. I'm gonna say my caller who about use of sovereign Jimmy Allahu Mustang, Allah methoxyphenyl Beautiful patient. And Allah is my helper against what you are saying. This is the woman of hosta these days, when you look at them, and I just before we came together, I saw a clip. I don't know if you've seen it, the woman who just started the museum in Rafah

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she opened it in 2022 You're on Allah. You know what also really struck me. Have you seen anybody in has not addressed with hijab?

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Have you seen any woman it's amazing. Lost the child looking for her use of you've seen it, right, coming to the hospital look between the bodies, and they still dressed properly dressed the way pleases online. So when I looked at the Seder, Ayesha and I said, if she was in has, she probably would have said the same. When Malena Illa Allah there is no one except last pantalla and she would have looked and said sovereign Jimmy Allahumma Stan, beautiful patient because that's what they have. Then I look at almost Salama. You know, I I personally, I always say this to the woman. She's beautiful for the woman to be emotional, it's beautiful. Otherwise you can't be a mother. But at the

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same time, you need to be strong. The way pleases Allah and wise. And when you think of wisdom, you think of almost dilemma, the famous story when she told the Rasul Allah, he sought us now she literally saved the OMA is how I call it she saved the OMA. Because if they did not, which probably will never had happened, but if we say if they didn't listen to her, so I decided to assume what would have happened. How did Allah Allah Maha that idea that Rasul Allah is auto CERAM you're so emotionally moved, and couldn't believe they didn't listen to him. Didn't think of it. So I thought if almost cinema was in khazana,

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and the choices is stay in your home, and you probably going to die, or you need to take whatever you can take and walk five miles or 10, five or 10, right? And Allah knows if you're going to reach because also you're going to are you are exposed, we're seeing it, what would, what decision she would have made, how she would have convinced her family. Let's leave Allah who will give us better, you know what it means to leave your home, your law, your alarm, and you saw it yesterday, it's so painful Subhanallah and none of us can feed it. Yanni the way they are feeling it because they are there, what would she have decided what she would have told me or you if we were there and we were

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asking her right Subhanallah you will learn from them.

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And many nusseibeh Subhan Allah Allah Rasool be fire, do not worry about anything else. What you learn from them and I think this is all woman's specially need to learn is that doesn't matter what you're going through again, in your home, in the community in the country, globally. Don't forget your connection with Allah subhanaw taala and you know you are connected to Allah subhanaw taala is what is the first thing come out of your mouth when you're exposed? Or when you are put suddenly in that situation? And that's what you see with the people was men and woman. You've seen that man who came your Allah had any I can't. And it's like your Allah give me what you gave him, the man who

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came in to his children, right? And he said he has Allah mata ki, hey, you're crying? Yeah Allah His children. This is what it is. We are here this is dunya you know what we teach? What we teach and we tell people that this man is is walking the talk, may Allah forgive me, Jambi, he is walking the talk and then he goes into a room and he's doing Salah because Allah gave him two martyrs. I think the woman need to learn all of us mean number one and everybody is is I see it that hadith of Roswaal is auto cinematography the life of a hot guy the hookah for sure

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into when we are Hamdulillah. Now living in our comfort from Billa Callaghan, may Allah make us among the grateful we need to use this time to know him well, not by name, but know him, connect to him, depend on him. So if and may Allah protect us this Allah Allah for Allah, we ask Allah always health and safety. If he tested us, then the first thing comes out of our mouth is what to say that I said, and the decisions we make is what almost Allama did.

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And not emotional or others.

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Mahatma strong way to put it Subhanallah I think it's interesting, because when you're looking at these people as well, and

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one of the beautiful things about as you mentioned, nusseibeh Bend, caribou will be a lot of time. And Amara, it's not like she had it intended to be in the battlefield, right. It was a situation that was forced upon her.

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I mean, her kids are falling in front of her. And she's still standing in front of the Prophet slice on with her sword,

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to defend the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam. And her concern is 100% just the profit side sums do out in the profit slice and I was talking about, like, his companionship.

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And it's one thing Subhanallah to hear someone, simply say it 100 Enough. It's another thing to hear like a flow of clarity, a stream of clarity. Like you mentioned that man, Allah subhanaw taala United him with his family, around the Messenger of Allah salAllahu Salam will lie in a state. Like it's just so shy, like Keifa AlkaViva, Yeoman interview him on RP. How do I how do I? How do I stand in front of a lawn today that you're gonna stand in front of a loss of habitat? So here the stream of clarity? Like they're, they're speaking full sentences, a cave? How do you do that submited ruler, the first strike just hamdulillah in and of itself is 1000 pounds on your back? How do you

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have a stream of clarity that comes out? And one of the things about the Sahaba of the prophets, I saw them as they had these streams of clarity that came out in these devastating moments, right? And anything they said was going to be so consequential because you literally had people there ready to record it. And then it shows up in our books today, 1400 years later?

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How did they have such a stream of clarity. And I think the reality is that they saw the world for what it was before Allah subhanaw taala took away their most precious possessions of this world, these people are under no illusion, it's not like they were living in, you know, in what they what they call the Singapore, you know, the, the taunt of the enemies is, you know, if only the people of Reza would have focused on building a Singapore for themselves, under occupation and set off from the world around them and no airport bombarded by regularly cut, I mean, just no state, no citizenship,

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cut off the fishing lines for them, you know, they can't even Subhanallah look at the amount of oppression, they even forbade them, they shot, the amount of miles that they could go out and fish for themselves, finally, would have built Singapore for themselves, right? These people were under no illusion of this world, the materialism of this world. And that's why when the most devastating thing happens to them in this world, they're still able to have this stream with clarity, because they already had clarity about what this world was. And so they're facing cruelty like we've never seen before. And they have clarity like we've never seen before, which is stunning us Subhanallah as

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we see it coming from them.

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And I think that is something that when you when you look at those women around the profit slice, and again, the women, the men, they're all people of European, but specifically those women around the profit slice and then that we're talking about right now we're talking about the women but as I look at a mother, who's lost all of her children,

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right, and you had those types of women around the Prophet sign center, right? There was a great uncertainty

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and Subhanallah that messaging

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of we're not here for this world, was so compelling that the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam was able to get buy in from the men from the women from the children. It's not like you hear the stories, the countless stories of the night before heard of the women telling their husbands don't go.

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You hear the stories of the Manasa pain, the hypocrites undermining at the last moment, but what you're hearing are stories of, we're here for Alon his masters of Allah on he was on them. We're here for something greater. We are pursuing something

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Greater we can bear greater pain because we seek a greater reward. And that is at the end of the day essential to us as people of eemaan and people who aspire to be people of European people of certainty.

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I think she has a last point I say this to myself. Allah subhanaw taala make us see things here things live things for a reason. Couldn't another Quran rasa I mean Allah, as you know, the Sahaba used to say we see the Quran as messages from Allah. Now we have in addition to the Quran is everything else is happening. The first question everyone should ask themselves man and a woman why not me?

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Right, we all say when things doesn't go our way you say why me? Right? I look at the people of Gaza and I like you love Allah HK MACURA maybe because I'm not going to be able to take it like you can if Allahu nefs and a la casa, but the question first thing I look and I say, why not me? And my answer is what kind of fuddled y la Calima that Grace of Allah upon me, number two is now connect the Sahaba connect the people of Gaza Sahabi yet on Sahaba number one, the focus before tragedies comes in when people go to a bit when they went to a senior, they didn't think about anything else than pleasing Allah and that's what I think they need to do. When they went to Medina even when

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Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the dunya for them, right? Yeah, you want to be equally as you as you can continue to retinol higher that dunya was UNITA this came in Medina. Prophet, tell your wives. Do you want the dunya and the beauty of this dunya come on in I'll let you go no harm feelings nothing just go choose and continue to ignore Allah water Sudha Darla Hara choice,

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this or this. If I and you and all of us at time of prosperity right now, we have made that choice. And by the way, that choice is harder than when we are under

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test. I have all the choices of the world I can do whatever I want. And by my choice, and Yaqeen and faith and certainty. I chose Allah or Sula with Darla here. And it's not words. You know, this is nothing cheaper than speaking than words. But but my actions fill fill the words I am saying I Bula than Allah is number one. Well, Hebrew rosulip Show me alayhi salatu salam, show me your sunnah, you're really really darn accurate and I am going to sacrifice in this dunya because some things, I want them in this dunya the accurate is going to be difficult. When I live this way, I think this is the most important message will lie I feel and correct me if I'm wrong. If the people have us with

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all the tragedy they are going through and may Allah Fantana make it easy and reward them abundantly. See the result of their tragedy. Not only the victory that we know it's going to come but maybe timing is in Allah's hand. But they see that what Allah subhanaw taala made them go through change us Muslims, what do you think they will say? That's why you said it in the beginning and I'm saying to everybody, we cannot be the same people before October 7. We can't as Muslims as living here, not only support, but our relationship with Allah has to change. Lm El Nino La Nina Armin and Tasha Kulu. Only the Korea has in time come that they're believers, their hearts surrender

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to Allah's pantile Let's all make the choice. Let's make Allah Allah Swati salatu salam and the Dar Al Hijrah is our priority Mike, let's live the dunya Alhamdulillah they live they lived in Medina, all the wives of Rasul Allah saw Tucson, but the choice was always please Allah. So when they are tested, and again the tests came in Medina you know that the the answer comes very easily exactly like the woman was there you see them right now. Right? They are sad, they're crying, but their their focus is on Allah I know Allah will reward me I know I'll see you in Jana. You don't say these things unless you really believe in them are submitted Gula when you're seeing your children and may

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Allah subhanaw taala make us like them I always say we make them like that like them Don't test me Don't test me because I don't know what I was gonna How long can I but make me like them when the dunya is in my hand and when the dunya you decide to take it from me make me steadfast and say an ad what pleases you

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salaam no fear of him Allah caught along that encounter but after I had an interview radical Saudi Hain dollar jet and bubala for the living you have Lafayette Yeah. Now, if you have guided someone to a particular rank through test, then guide me to that rank or grant me that rank.

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Latvia with ease. You don't ask a lot for the test we're not. We're not asking a lot to be tested like the people that visit we're asking a lot to have the blessing of the opinion of the people and trying to relieve them of the trial that they are in. So it's certainly we don't ask Allah for the test itself. That's not the nature of our relationship. As the man who young man who used to say,

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Oh Allah, whatever it is that you were planning to punish me within the hereafter punish me?

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Yeah. And he said, Don't say it. He said lateral people you're not gonna be able to handle and so however, there are a few people that have actually, they're not many they're far and few in between, but I've heard that sentiment, believe it or not, I've heard that sentiment, you know, from a few people that you know, why can we be tested like that? I wish I could be in USD right now. So listen,

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ask Allah, to make it easy for them. Ask a lot for the rank, ask Allah for the certainty.

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But Allah knows what he's doing. So Subhan Allah, this is this is not our domain.

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so a lot of love for Allah Alfia and in the last four Latvia, we are as if not even better with our certainty and faith.

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So we ask Allah for pardon to be spared. And to have that rank, your

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Lisa, br Melina befuddled

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by our deeds by Allah's mercy.

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Doctor, hey, fat, you obviously I mean, I'm sure you've been hearing from the community as I've been hearing from the community and everyone's kind of heard unique vantage points. I know you run a lot of helicopters, Sister helicopters. I'm just gonna ask you what are some of the conversations that you're having with women in our community right now in particular, and what conversations do you want to have with the broader OMA that is tuning in? Of course we have. We have men and women tuning in GM shirts going to be disproportionately women because of the subject. So what what are the questions you're being asked? And what are some of the Maasai what are some of the advices that

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you've been giving to sisters? Well, number one, I always say the following the question is like, why Allah is allowing this to happen?

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Where is the Mercy of Allah Subhanallah but I'm sure they the way they are asking it is not questioning is just, I want to see it. And what can I do? A lot of people are feeling helpless and hopeless,

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hopeless and helpless. And we shouldn't know most thing you know, I suppose I mean, Allah. Allah in Allah Allah Karim Kareem again time is in Allah His domain. So what I will say Allahu Rahman Rahim, I've said this so many places Subhan Allah Allahu Rahman Rahim all the time. Allah Hora Hama, when he gave the Muslims victory in better and Allah Muhammad when they lost in our hood, Allahu Rahman when they were 3040 days in the trench, and then when they want Allah huzzah Rama I need to know the rock man. And I need to see the Rama in my daily life. When I look at my children and I'm getting them ready to go to school, how the whole Rama now when I see the people over Huzzah, where is the

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Rama sometimes Rama takes time or the Rama is not in the way I see it Yanni when I was looking at all what we are all seeing and I remembered the feeling of a Swati Surah to Sinha when he signed the Treaty of LOD via your Hola.

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Yanni, if the Sahaba couldn't see it now Omar couldn't write, they couldn't they didn't even let him put Rasulullah and he said if I know your Rasul Allah, we're not going to be having this right. Imagine this is Rasool Allah. Ya Allah. Abdi Subhanallah the astroglia Abdi what was he feeling at that moment? So what is what I tell the woman the feeling down the feeling sad is no is normal as expected. We are human, but Lottie Asuma Rohilla in Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, como cafiero sa na are closer to his sons when he lost both of his children. We need to stay strong. One we need to stay focused. Never be helpless. There is always things we can do. We can make dua as we all have been

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saying this but I think number one, every Muslim hearing us man and a woman we need to do the following. We need to go back to a mosque pantalla we need to put dunya number two, I'm not gonna say leave dunya but put dunya number two, put Allah number one this is a message to everybody. My bed. My servants wake up. This is dunya how long you will live. This can change in a minute. Any people have a has October 1. They had plans like you and me. They had all these dreams like you and me.

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And they say

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Same thing when we saw the earthquakes when the earthquake in Turkey the earthquake and things change in a minute, you will do not depend all the time this is going to continue. You're ready. So that's number one. Don't What can I do? Physically what I can do again I go back to Allah number one, when I am close to Allah my dua you will never know dua, one person can change everything. One person can change everything. Subhanallah is his true story. I lived with Yeshua Omar, we were in Makkah. This is Long time ago, was the one of the odd nights of the last 10 nights and then that year they had severe drought. They haven't seen rain for I think once and in the Doha filled water.

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If it tahajud the Imam raised his hand in you know how many millions are there? And he said your Allah I remember it very well. He said your Allah if there is one righteous person among us by his dua send us rain. Wallah he actually Hamid I left I went to the airport as we are going to the airport this sky start not raining, pouring

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and I said your Allah Who was that person?

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We should never underestimate what we can do with Allah subhanho wa Taala but we need to be that righteous person that righteous person we cannot get any just keep looking at the videos and the TV and listen to the news and we are just feeling frustrated I didn't help them and that's what I tell people don't feel helpless. And don't feel hopeless. No. Your kidney biller Allah Tala you have and I say this to people Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala if you're asking me where is the home of Allah? Where Why did Allah Santa Ana little Muslims suffer all the time in Mecca? 10 or 13 years? Why couldn't he give them the victory right away? Why did they lose in a herd? Why did they have this in

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the butt? Why? Why did they want and better? How the heck matola me and you and all of us needs to have this Yaqeen in me inside me that what I am seeing hire what a hammer. I am not seeing it enough attack. Now look at Fatah Medina, we gave you this a clear victory. Where did it come? They signed the treaty. It was a defeat externally it's all defeat. So this is what I tell people. And the fourth one, which I see is people now becoming numb.

00:32:33--> 00:32:35

Because it is more than a month now.

00:32:36--> 00:32:41

And you know the same things are happening and happening and happening. Never, never.

00:32:43--> 00:33:09

Okay for any human being to suffer, not necessarily only in Brazil, wherever it is, we should not say well, this is dunya this is what's going to happen life goes on. Now. That's not pleasing Allah back to our that's not pleasing to Allah. We still have to continue, maybe change tactics. Maybe yes, life will continue, but shouldn't continue the same way. It was before October 7. Otherwise, may Allah forgive me. I didn't learn anything.

00:33:10--> 00:33:11

Subhan Allah.

00:33:14--> 00:33:14


00:33:15--> 00:33:39

I think that's very aptly put. And one of the things you mentioned, how one guy can change so many things. You know, a lot of times we've been asking about how wonder out we make can change things for the people who have as it may be that one of them makes a drought that doesn't just change their situation but changes the situation of the Ummah around the world. You know, subhanAllah and that's something that is all within the domain of a

00:33:41--> 00:34:07

cleaning lady Nicola Jamila, this is one most frequent dua I make it for everybody, including myself, You Allah bring us back to your beautiful Islam, a beautiful in a beautiful way, not by test, no, but in a beautiful way. The way pleases Allah subhanho wa taala. It may be one, make that dua on that Friday, before Mahara or when they are fasting before they put that data in their mouth, that could change everything.

00:34:10--> 00:34:18

And Pamela, we're seeing I think most people would report and, you know, we're doing our studies right now on the effect of this on religiosity and how it's been.

00:34:20--> 00:34:58

Most people report that they've had somewhat of a return to the loss of hundreds and hundreds around the world. I think we're seeing a return of the OMA to being an OMA to some extent, right? At least the people in the OMA not necessarily at the leadership level. But the people at the OMA level who are finding that connection, that resonance with their entire OMA, I'm going to ask you one more question, Dr. Hayford. Because this specific question regarding when it comes to women and you know, some of the questions that we've been getting, because I've gotten this question a few times. It's obviously it handed or not. You have brothers and sisters that are participating in many of the

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

actions that everyone's participating

00:35:00--> 00:35:50

Yeah, right, the, the, the demonstrations, the boycotting the participating in whatever we can. And it's been an inspiring effort from our entire community in that regard that one of the specific questions has been from mothers who maybe are feeling burdened already by what comes with being a mom. And like, you know, I've heard I'm gonna give you a very specific sentence that I heard and then maybe you can you can call a time speak to the sister. She said, I was already struggling to find time to get my kids ready for school, take care of the home, deal with what I have to deal with, I just have my salah on my VIP kid. And now I can't stop watching videos. And I feel like I'm

00:35:50--> 00:35:52

even more

00:35:53--> 00:36:29

she used the word. So I'm being very honest, because this was this is what it's like being an imam. She said, I feel even more useless than I already was. She used that word. And of course, I had to comfort her and explain to her that you're there at or the good of your participation wherever you can. We're all in the same place in some regard. What do you say to someone, though, that feels like I'm already specifically burdened by, you know, this isn't a world that rewards motherhood or that that it's, it's frowned upon. It's, you know, in some ways this. So I'm already burdened by the duties of motherhood. And this is a particularly overwhelming situation. So what would you say to

00:36:29--> 00:36:40

the sister that came to me in the masjid with this statement? And two sisters that might that have that specific circumstance? Actually, it's the number one most common question I get from woman before and after was.

00:36:42--> 00:37:09

Exactly. And one of the first thing I'll start even before was, and I said this, I think there is a clip about that, because I see it in my office. Yeah, how much? She comes to my office, you know, when you take the information, what do you do when you go talking to know the patient first time? What do you do? She put her head down, I was like, I'm gonna stay home mom, this is the way it's not only the face, but the way she said like I'm staying home mom, for her to sit and just stay home. And I say just

00:37:10--> 00:37:10


00:37:12--> 00:37:46

the ice. You know what I say the only profession that Allah limit linked it with Jana. Right? The profession that Allah linked it with Jigna. Pride is Danny again, we made some may disagree about the strength of the fifth, but at least it was mentioned gender, there was no gender for physicians, there is no gender for engineers it I think, number one, mothers needs to change the way they look at themselves. When they are mothers. She stayed home to take care of her children that will get you to Jana, if you do it well.

00:37:48--> 00:37:53

And this is as important if anatomy, it's even more important than any other. You do.

00:37:54--> 00:38:19

What do I do? And I'm overwhelmed. And I don't blame anybody because there's so many things that the piece of the slide the expectation puts a lot of burden on the woman. Right? The notion of the Superwoman, which there is no Superwoman or there is no superman. We're human being cortical, insomma BIFA. But that's what we are being fed day and night. You can do it, you can do it. What I say the following, if I'm a mother,

00:38:20--> 00:38:30

and I have my children, I think the best thing these days, mothers and fathers is you need to teach them what is all Palestine about. There is generally as you

00:38:31--> 00:38:35

I mean, you ask people a couple of questions what happened in 48?

00:38:36--> 00:39:20

What happened 67 What is 67? The people who are younger, they don't even know what happened in 2000 was Mohammed Dora nobody, I think Yahweh Allah, and it was like you know, as if you only saw that picture, that picture imprint in your in your brain. Mothers do the following now you can even log on Epson Isla WUSA, he gave you the children. That means with you taking care of the children, you will be able to serve Allah subhanho wa Taala and serve this. What is happening, teach them you don't know get information, you read it with them and you will learn and they will learn. That's number one. Number two says time is very limited with all what motherhood and being a wife and if

00:39:20--> 00:39:29

she works also add to it. How much I need to see. And I say this to myself horse, how much you need to see to move your heart.

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

Right write one or two. And you read one or two article. The rest is I have to ask myself, Is it making me closer to Allah is Seeing the third and the fourth? is making my dark better? Most of the time the answer is no. Because I will reach a point I'm helpless. I'm sad, I feel useless. Then you need to limit on this stay connected know what is going on. But don't spend and this is by the way to men and woman

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

cuz I what I got also is like my husband is doing nothing is he's glued to the TV. And now every the mood, the mood in the house is all everybody's depressed. And we can do that I need to get informed, stay informed, but teach your children number one. Number two, teach people around you in schools. Like you in taking your child to the school dropping right part of the day, life has to continue. So you're going to stop your car wherever and then you're going to come down then the mother comes in, start a conversation in a nice way. I mean, it's not a lecture, then you feel you are not helpless. You feel you are doing something and get all your children friends, the girls or the boys you know,

00:40:43--> 00:41:29

get them together go out if the weather allows. And then also in between, don't give lectures but introduce I think once we all feel we are doing something we don't feel I'm useless. I need to organize my time. I need to focus. How can I help if I don't know how. Turn to Allah and use the famous dua. I love it. Allahumma stamina Nuala system, didn't ya Allah, He used me and you'll replace me. He will open the doors for you. I'll give you a simple story as I was flying this weekend for a program. So it was Thursday. It was a short day. I said, let me see if I can fast and if it's going to be difficult at Hamdulillah. And the plane there, because she came to me says do

00:41:29--> 00:42:02

you want to eat something? I said, No, thank you and I then she came another hour. It was a four hours and a half like she came is it? Is it now? Do you want anything? I said maybe later, she was very nice. Third time she came. And I said hello. So I'm gonna say it. Right? And I said, after sunset is all Thank you. So sunset comes in, I pressed the button. She was very close to me. I said, I know it's time for food. She came to me. You know what she said? She said, I'm so sorry. I should not have offered you food. I wish I knew.

00:42:04--> 00:42:39

Subhanallah so this is what we all have to do, is we can do a lot by doing our daily life. You don't have to stop can't, again mother's father's busy people use whatever time you have, but ask Allah to use you. Ask Allah to use you. And I think number one now is teaching our site this generation, what is going on? And teach them how to respond in the right way? say the right thing. Do the right thing. What pleases Allah? Malik Mafeking. That's probably to your point. By the way, that was an incredible answer.

00:42:40--> 00:43:23

The towns that we have of nurturing Yaqeen in the next generation is a mighty challenge. And the challenge of making sure that all of the implications of this cause I'm not talking about the cause of Philistine alone, this cause of Islam are sufficiently rooted in the hearts of this next generation is a mighty mighty challenge. And that's what our dean is it's succession. How do we pass this on? How do we pass this on how we pass this on? And subhanAllah you know, I look at my own mother and may Allah have mercy on her, you know, I was one of them. One of the most surreal moments of my life. My mother had multiple strokes and one of the strokes see she had a hard time speaking

00:43:23--> 00:43:57

it was very hard to understand her when she's when she would speak but she was it was a test from Eliza duck because she actually was, uh, one of her bachelor's degrees was an Arabic literature. She was a she was a poet. So for her to not be able to speak and you know, people to understand her is very tough. It's a very tough challenge for her, but she kept writing. She write these poems and poems and poems, and I have it in this little yellow notebook of hers, she draw these cartoons and sometimes even these cartoons were on like, little bank papers or whatever it is just whatever she could get a hold of she just draw these cartoons that are about her feelings. And subhanAllah she

00:43:57--> 00:44:03

wrote, a Palestinian woman wrote a poem about Sarajevo, the Bosnian genocide.

00:44:04--> 00:44:15

And I had the opportunity to read that poem in Sarajevo, from my Palestinian mother for a genocide tribunal for Kashmir.

00:44:17--> 00:44:29

It all just right. Like I'm like, I'm sure when she was writing this, she did not expect that I take that poem with me to set a will read it to people that lived through that terror

00:44:30--> 00:44:35

in a genocide tribunal about Kashmir, because that's what had gathered us at the moment.

00:44:36--> 00:44:46

But Subhanallah my parents nurtured that cause in my heart, and so I mean, that she she did not know what she was doing at the time.

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

But at Hamdulillah, you know, so, at the end of the day, Allah will make amazing things come out of the small things that we think are insignificant, right seems so insignificant, it's little

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

Literally her poems are written on the cheapest type of paper, you know, subhanAllah but they're the the richest of words to Panama. So you just don't know. You said it beautifully. She, Homer, I think we need to broaden, broaden the way we serve ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

00:45:19--> 00:46:02

because we all now thinking, I have to write a book, I have to go and give a lecture. I think number one, and you said it beautifully. We had a very recently meeting about you know, planning for a youth for a Holy Year a youth program and the question always comes up, what does the youth need? And I'm going to say not only the youth but Yanni the people let's say 30 and below you know what they were they are missing is they are clean and Arcada they that you know we grew up that's that's taken Yanni, but now with all the fat, fast pace and all what they are bombarded. I think the number one is teach these younger generation who is he? Subhana?

00:46:04--> 00:46:34

Who is Allah? I mean, your mother grew up knowing this right? So when anything comes up, it's it's naturally comes out the feeling because that's what pleases on law. I think we all and back again to the any of the woman who comes to you and come to me and listening to us and even fathers is where do I start with my children in this day and age today with everything happening to us start with teaching them about Allah's pantalla don't tell them Did you pray?

00:46:35--> 00:46:38

Ask them how was your conversation with Allah?

00:46:39--> 00:46:42

It's a completely different way of looking at Salah

00:46:44--> 00:46:57

you know, did you ask him? Did you beg him? Don't say go and make Doha we need to engrave in our children because everything else outside is not who reminds you of Allah outside.

00:46:58--> 00:47:05

It's all Mimi, I I think if we put this in, we take this opportunity of this is what the children of Azhar

00:47:06--> 00:47:16

because that's your life. That's the life her father or until you see the young boy reading the Quran and a blue wanna come? And he's in the middle of the rubbles

00:47:17--> 00:47:22

1012 years old, right? And reading the verse of the Quran that you need it.

00:47:24--> 00:48:06

Right? Well, no one can betray him. I hope you enjoy I went. And I looked at him when I was looking at him beautiful voice. And I said Who taught you that? You're 12 years old. You're under occupation, that his parents and that's the society around him. This is what we need. We this is what we need also and then we don't feel helpless and hopeless back again. And then you never know. Your mother may Allah give her genetically for DOS and my mom and all our mothers and parents. You're a be me. When she wrote it. Did she know that was gonna happen? No. She just poured her heart and left it. Lala mangia as I just shared with you before the program. I learned this from one of

00:48:06--> 00:48:40

the teachers actually when I was studying, she was telling me Don't belittle any good deeds you do. You will never know this could be that one that will save you in the sight of Allah. So let's do it. Yeah, so the one that saved you that's what the statements exactly that's my maybe so my Allah subhanaw taala make it easy. May Allah give us this clarity as you said, the people of Gaza they have and then when we read about the Sahaba and read in the book, they see it Origen you know, the Sahaba Torah I see it as I had a heart call your pain you Subhanallah

00:48:42--> 00:48:43

article article,

00:48:44--> 00:48:49

I really enjoyed Subhanallah your your insights my last pants I bless you and inshallah we hope to see you again and again

00:48:51--> 00:48:58

on many different programs within Aitana with us may Allah bless you and accept from you. May Allah subhanaw taala

00:49:00--> 00:49:15

show mercy to our brothers and sisters and accept their data show that you'll their wounded and lift from them the siege and free Palestine all of it. Ramadan Amin muscle locks are liberated allow us to pray in it

00:49:17--> 00:49:19

all together and then gather us all and for those that are on

00:49:20--> 00:49:36

May Allah reward you for everything you do may love football, Kenya, Kenya, all of your doing amazing job or your fourth combo my foba but also that he uses all Europe biani for his sake, and for His pleasure to be I mean inshallah we'll meet again the evening along

00:49:38--> 00:49:39

with La vaca