Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 04

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Bismillah you're loving man you're walking.

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Let's learn what he had he saw to set out what our Swati saw Torsella said about himself.

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I need to learn this.

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Because the more I learned, I learned about him and his status, it will bring it will change my feeling inward toward him. It will not be the casual and his Salatu was set up to not be the casual I get upset because of this. And then I and then life goes on normal. And I'll share with you a hadith he had he sort of set up said about himself. And he said the following and this is an imam Muslim. And this is actually one of the companions said I heard the Rasul Allah saw to sit down saying this five days before he passed away, I stand in front of you, Barry acquitted from taking any human being as a beloved and the deal lover to me, colleague, deep love

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and either your maybe your friend or soiree saw to set up very low ramen, the most beloved human being to Allah.

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I need to think this you probably some of us like okay, I know that. Yes, we know that. But I need to feel it and love it. And I need to practice it.