Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 06

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AI: Summary © The speaker describes a scene where someone is walking and speaking about a woman named Sarah. They mention that Islam has a strong influence on people, and that the woman they are discussing is the most beloved person. The speaker also talks about reactivating the love of Islam to other people and mentions that the woman they are discussing is the most beloved person.
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Bismillah you're loving man you're walking

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when I say this is sunnah

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I will never if I feel and learn, and remind myself and the people around me that he is honey Rahman, the most beloved human being to Allah, nada Roswaal risotto salaam lava Allah, Allah took Rasul Allah salatu salam, as he took Sydney, Brahim Helene, the most beloved.

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I need to start changing how I look to him, or a sight or sound and toys sooner. If I remind myself and I act in the way that Allah chose the Rasul Allah salatu salam to be the most beloved I will never uttered the word. It's just so now what is the big deal?

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We hear this a lot

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to look at after my run

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out so now

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I need this to remove this is the response. The response to what is happening these days is only one to me. In Action, revive the love of Rasul Allah Hisar to Salam inside us revive the status of Rasul Allah saw to Sarah, inside us, revive his son, or assassinate his sooner, not by words, by actions