Yassir Fazaga – Success Through Dawah – Why It’S The Key To Our Success #09

Yassir Fazaga
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So what before I start actually want to add to one thing he said, from the practical aspect

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of how

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we can actually get involved at least. So, in the past five years, one thing, I think that's been really a big experience. So I've been on the board for national emails like NATO and other organizations. And sometimes we'll have meetings about like, whether they should use Zoom or not for like an hour. But then sometimes I would say, I've been meeting on the other hand, with a lot of different, like, I went to a meeting in 2018. And they're discussing opiates, right, and then recently found all these different types of drugs that exist within the community. And I remember not too long ago, I mean, some of the brothers here, you know, some restaurant, and somebody was

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like, bending over, in a certain way. So then this was the effects of fentanyl on that individual, that even drug dealers are trying to prevent the use of it within their circles. So then, when I went from opioids, then, you know, they did another study about, you know, when I was doing Sunday school, some other one teach other students, some of the girls that ask about why suicide is haram. And, you know, they find out like, you know, 50% of young people are thinking about it, have thought about it. And then you have 63% of bullying that's taking place. And this is within, even within Muslim circles. Within Muslim schools, or non public school, a lot of this takes place. And you

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know, a lot of times we want to teach them Khurana raw and kiss to be publicly accepted or validated by certain circles that we go through how much grounded MRIs, what are they studying in school, and they're barely surviving, the hardships they're dealing with, and they don't even know, or even know how to even approach their parents, or even open to discussion, because everyone's so concerned about a certain result, that the reality they're going through is being completely ignored. And then the other thing they did, we actually did a study, they did a study in Tampa, for example, where I live, which part of Tampa has the highest rate of suicide was, you know, one of the cities in

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Fletcher. And a lot of it had to do, you know, the socials that were mentioned. And they were actually giving methods. So that, you know, we talked about the little numbers in church. So a lot of them, they're doing different approaches, you know, they have, you know, the 12 step, process for recovery from addiction. One of the pastors purposely, he lives in a very, very bad neighborhood that no one will probably ever think of living in, right in the midst of where drugs are being sold, and so forth. And he purposely lives there, and her church is in there. So people have a place to go to when they're seeking recovery. And I've been to that church before. And I would see

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that people are there, like the homeless, feel safe around that church? And they're very paranoid and so forth, that even and I mentioned, that even when the get raided sometimes for selling drugs. All right, the first person that he visited, he says, I'm talking about recidivism, you know, he said, the number one, one of the number one methods for people not to go back to prison. He said it was when a pastor or Imam visits the person in prison without giving them a sermon, but simply asking them how are they and if stead of saying what went wrong, you ask them what happened. So I can help you. So they say the first lesson number one, sign up a positive effect of a leader or a

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pastor, because it gives him that feeling of wanting to be better. So then we ask ourselves, like Subhanallah, you know, how much of it when they said number two was Father's when they visit number three was siblings. Now, for some reason, the opposite. They said, when wives or girlfriends visits, they're more likely to go back to prison.

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And it's all scientific study. I don't know what the reason for that is. But they said, when a pastor or imam or religious theater does visit the prisons, it does have a very positive effect. You know, we have some brothers here from their from our dollar team, they actually go into the prison every single week. And you know, we have shadows and so forth, that do take place here in the prison, and you know, on the university and so forth. But we see how important is to understand

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the social ills and Asha was happening, because we talk about Tao. Also, we have to talk about young Muslims, and what the difficulties they're facing. So I was talking to another teacher with teaching in a public school in fourth or fifth grade. And he says, sometimes he has to stop girls from wanting to stab each other with knives, sometimes we feel will be pulling out guns in high schools. And it's like, it's a very scary environment. So he was he hadn't done it as a Muslim teacher, he did so well and had in cases, the American interventionist for the middle school, at that school that where he's at so he got promoted to that. And he said the non Muslim teachers in the school

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realize that one thing that will help a lot with this

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School is that if they actually separated the males and females into separate buildings, it will make a big difference because the pressure that they face especially, and like fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh and eighth grade and those fees, that if they're always thinking about what the opposite genders thinking they're always influenced, the way to behave is different. So many things are different this by them being in the same classroom, that then there is almost realizing how wonderful we are how much more better it would be if they actually separate the two. Right. And this is something probably one day we can do even in summer schools or Muslim schools. You know, this,

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you know, to see you will see some Halloween obey the law of illustrata Allah, a lot of Baraka happens, a lot of things are just prevented without having to do much. A lot of times we react to things. And that's why I recall when you were, you know, started addressing atheism, and some people living in Assam and they realized 80% of people are living Assam has to do with emotional things that started within the home, on so forth. So we're talking about Dawa. Alright, I realized that when we meet with, you know, meeting with the Christians and being with those who are involved in addiction, they're helping God, they have companies, that people who come out of jail how to get

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them jobs. So when it comes to image, the first thing because you somebody come from President and there's a lot of negative connotations, a lot of negative image, all right. And so much that comes with it, for a simple fact that some were told ourselves, right, like the person who were in in the budget process, set them hand in such a way, you know, the poured water over it, the lesson has given you move on, you're not double punished, even when they talk about therapy and raising kids. Alright, let's say, you know, told their son or daughter that, hey, this is wrong and do this 123 You don't come on refuting that, because none of us would like for that to happen to us. And that's

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why Subhanallah I think understand this they have understanding the problem, or knowing the problem is half the solution. Right? Or defining the problem is half the solution. I think, I think that's how the law, we speak about

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marriage, or people say, you know, what we should our kids shouldn't get married, I say, Look, if you can, you know, so fine. People are young, especially mothers, mothers, at least. Well, they said even almost woman * went up 29% After the pandemic, right, and it went up so much higher.

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You know, especially a lot of kids now have to use online to do their homework assignments. Right. And my kids going to middle school is like you're always thinking about like one website, one thing that can go wrong, one glance in the wrong direction, can lead them to a whole different world. Right. And that's why you always make them and training them this and the whole concept of Taqwa and, you know, cautious of Allah subhanaw taala. But you don't want to give your kids fire and not expect them to you don't expect they can expect you not to get burned. So we have to constantly, you know, develop mechanisms and families. And that's why when we talk about these things, because we're

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talking about wanting them to or present or make them look a certain way. So we can brag about them in a certain way. Right, right, not knowing that the actual, so they're thinking about this completely different, and that's why we have to address it. And talk about a lot of times how long like Westchester says, I think every word in America needs to be talked about in the massages in the schools on a regular basis, because it's reinforced. And it's not something you know, it makes them think about it. And I'm sure that when you hear about it, you're you know, subhanAllah probably never heard somebody mentioned, you know, the ills of these things that take place on a practical

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level. So as long as they give us you know, taco and discipline, especially when we're alone, so this by being in the company of each other, it makes a difference having those around you that simply remind you have Allah subhanaw taala goes such a long way. And that we ask a lot that we're that type of presence towards each other.

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So that being said,

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In the few

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moments, I haven't shot I just want to mention one or two hours probably

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when about you know giving Dawa and you know how it can bring about success. And the first thing is, you know, unless this could have the Savini adorning Allahu Allah well Sierra and elements of annual Subhanallah Why am I not going in with sugar cane? That the first thing we learned or condition related to Dawa? When we see from this ayah Surah Yusuf ayah number 108 Is the

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Allah Allah basura is that when we call to Allah subhanaw taala with will Sierra with certainty? And sure knowledge? Alright, so if you're doubtful about something yourself, all right, we should first you know, make sure we ourselves are certain about and we have sure knowledge of what we're calling to, knowing what it entails and also

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the environment that you're presenting this to. And that's why language is important, as we see when you talk about will see or understand the language of the people and the nuances that they understand. So the word God has many different meanings in America. All right, the word Allah has different meanings to everyone means a different thing. People say it's whatever you want it to be

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Some people will say, you know, it can be different things. So being able to understand the society or so during the time of McKenna Quraysh, right for them, it meant the physical idols for some, today it can mean for some can be, you know, something completely different. So understanding the environment, and having Basilar is very, very important. And understanding the norms and customs and cultural nuances of the society, when we talk about mostly a number to an element of it, and those and whoever follows me. So, then realizing that thou shouldn't be done alone. All right, you should one of the greatest challenge of Dawa is to listen to others. A lot of times we want to speak when

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we give Dawa you watch Speaker's Corner, for example. Now, one thing I do want to mention about Speaker's Corner is the debates, I know a lot of people are speaking against it. But one positive thing on a side note that I have seen that has done is that for Muslims, it brings up their confidence to see their Don Dean being speak about or being spoken in a way where the ideas being presented are stronger than whatever is being said, that's one positive thing, but a lot of human they get involved in it, and it can be reckless, and also can do a disservice to themselves and so forth, can never do service, you know, the service system, but by spreading the spreading the

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message of Islam. But again, an element of it those who follow me, means that you know what those around you, you should understand them, they're able to share their ideas with you, you're able to listen to them. Alright, a lot of times, it's very important that you know, this by you know, the, you know, this was mentioned yesterday, I should have had the same. And you find this as a common thing, when especially when you experience giving Dawa is a lot of the questions they ask Have nothing to do with what actually they're not wanting to answer and what you're asking about. They can be asking, Why is Allah doing this? What do you find out? There are really, there's something

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completely different happened in the last year, the more you're able to listen, the more so doctor when he comes in, and two minutes he can deduce and say this is what's wrong with you, even though what you said is completely opposite of what he diagnose because he has so much experience. All right, and so many different patients, he's able to understand, all right, the issue at hand. So then something with a mechanic that actually knows what he's doing and so forth. And certainly when you get into involved in Dawa in the sense that when you are with the people, you don't want think about given what was, let's say, when visiting communities, and people bring issues and you know,

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things that they're facing, a lot of times you feel like you do a disservice because you're not really interacting with the community. But then that share who has an image on a regular basis, you're able to be with the people understand their hearts, or you're able to listen to their ideas and so forth, it becomes easier for them to accept what that is, what is your saying? And same thing within our own families. You know, as parents, when raising kids, we're able to do that number three.

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When when we say what SubhanAllah. So here, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about, you know, calling towards Allah with basura with clear vision number two, and those who follow him, but number three, he told me here Subhanallah why? Because in the midst of giving Dawa, all right, we should always rely on Allah subhanaw taala and all that we do. Number two, only expect rewards from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And of course, there's a hadith that mentioned the high reward of teaching or guiding or being a means of guidance of somebody becoming Muslim. But remember, the reward is from Allah subhanaw taala. So then, we should never be amongst those who seek or get caught up of having large

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crowds. Because that becomes very toxic, that we want to do things to grab the attention of people. And that's where the debate thing can become an issue. When that becomes the goal.

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And I see a lot of people they put, like, they go to a restaurant, and they're arguing with a random person at the restaurant. And just, you know, it makes certain that you have young guys screaming in the background. And this happened in our city recently, some guy came from another state, you know, he's a YouTuber, Chef, and he's encouraging this type of behavior. And that actually is very detrimental, because he creates unnecessary type of arrogance. Alright, not confidence about arrogance and disrespect. And that's not what, that's what people will remember. And they will not remember the message given. So we should never even even

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we're doing a hotspot or lecture or conference. You know, the first question shouldn't be how many people are attending, right? This is a lot of times, people focus on numbers and understand we focus on the quality. And it says it only takes 10 people I was taught to history and it only takes 10 people to change history, all right, you can be a part of those 10 people. So then we should never look as Dawa as a means of publicity. You know that you know what no actually can be that one person, you know, that can change the world or that you impact that can be worth 1000 people. Also you have you know, when they say well Subhan Allah and this idea. Some scholars said this also

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should create something of value meaning a connection with Allah subhana wa Tada. So then you

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International a lot of times when people give dogs sometimes their hearts become hard, but should actually make it soft. Right? So you shouldn't, you shouldn't reject or neglect your spiritual aspect of your ABA, there is so costly giving a and this one happens a lot of times, you will see somebody so, so busy being activist, but then they forget their neglected Eva, right or some people just only do the aspect spirituality, but they're not as active. So here's a combination of both right to have a balance in both, so that you're able to actually be involved in Dawa And subhanAllah. Working and having others kind of balance that out is I think, very, very important.

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Then you know, that when you when you're doing this, that the truth, the truth becomes the goal. All right, and not attending more followers, and realize that some of the prophets themselves had zero followers. But Allah Subhana Allah says Allah the Holika, Moto, Hayato Evolocumab newcomers anomala, what was easy for the last part that says that he's testing us security Life and Death tests are actually not and said, Who does the most actions, but the best quality actions. So in Ramadan, you know, people talk about eight or 20, but sometimes you can do to rock house, that can be worth 100 records because of the sincerity and the whole short, and the focus you had in the Salah. And with

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$1 Same thing, right? You can talk to an individual, right? And subhanAllah you and I see this in some brothers and sisters, mashallah is that, you know, when Joseph takes shahada, and then a lot of people kind of, you know, move on to like, okay, philos, he was a celebrity for 10 seconds, but you have from the law, some of the books that actually spend those hours after, instead, after telling that person teach that person, so law, you know, be able to call that person that individual, they're able to build that relationship. All right, so they actually care about that. And that Subhanallah is something priceless. You know, we live in a time, where you have the ability to make,

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let's say, $5,000, from giving speeches, right, and then work in a school or a weekend school or full time school make half that much money. But the thing is of Holland, the fruits of teaching, and that organic growth is long lasting, and it's priceless. But a lot of us don't want to do the organic things anymore. We want things fast and everything in life. The reality of the matter is the true sincere change, a lot of it happens through the hard work and daily interactions that many don't have the patience to handle. And that's why you know, we ask Allah to make a sincere and that we are best in our actions in Excel. And what we do. And the last thing about this I am I'm in and

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we should have seen that I'm not engage in immoral acts and just associate partners with Allah subhanaw taala. And also you become a spring of mercy for those around you. Right become a means of positivity for those around you. So the thing is, what does that mean? You don't become an Dieter or a persecutor. When you give Dawa, you're given doubt you're not fighting. You know, I remember,

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under magic we had like hardcore Christians come. So the first thing the speaker did, he said, I'm just taking the Bible after that they listened to didn't listen to anything. He had to say know what he said was right, but didn't want to hear anything had to say they closed. Pretty much. They were debating or wanting to argue with him. They want anything that he said, But Subhanallah, the opposite. When it happens, where you actually listen to the arguments, you're not necessarily looking to argue back and use something have to test yourself with when somebody is talking to you if the only thing you're thinking about is what can I say to attack this person, that's a problem,

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because you're not actually listening. So when your parents are telling you something, all right, and you're thinking about what can I say, to argue back that is a big issue, even within our community, but you're actually listening with the other person. And sometimes, it may actually take days for for that being set to sink in a second. You know, you never understand what it means to be a father to actually hold the baby in your hands. You can hear all your life. All right, you will never understand what it is to go to Hajj, it's you actually go to hunch, right? There's things in life, when you're told about it, you will never really experience and understand it. That's why when

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there was a 16 year old brother, or young brother, given Holocaust, most of the people in the Holocaust, were married man who's talking about marriage, right? And I was like, Man, this guy, you know, they like what he was saying was like, come on, alright, what you're saying here like you have no idea. Right? The stuff he was measured, the examples he was giving was way out of touch. And what happens a lot of times people learn the books and they study, but when they speak, they're like on a whole different roll. Right? And a lot of times it can be detrimental. So an understanding as a die, that you want to be a spring have mercy for those around you. You're willing to be a lending hand

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wherever you are. And that's why we look at the description of a salary center with John and Eva water container. monkland. Allah made him a source of blessing wherever and Baraka, wherever he was. Sudan you're not limited to only a masjid, or a school or a place or a city. Wherever you go. You want to become the source of water and blessing that people feel safe being around you so you're not indicting people and people are not afraid of you. You know this there you see oh my god, she's going

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crush my argument, or you just want to make people look bad, and you want to defeat their ideas. But rather, you can say something, you know what, what you're saying is, you know, this part of it is right. This probably, you know, we disagree on this point. And let's talk about it is different than, you know, what you're saying is wrong, yes or no, you know, your whole religion is wrong, your whole belief is wrong. So even when, you know, some young brothers, they come their parents, you know, some of the Imam, and they say, you know, I believe in this, we should do this. And a lot of times they're shun they're indicted, or they're persecuted before they even speak. So then we should

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create that environment, where there's a soft landing a safe space, where we're not perfect, but we're able to express and recreate the environment are able to express their ideas, we're actually listening because that 2% All right, it's actually probably good that we can learn from, and then they realize, you know, what, there he actually cares, or she actually cares about what I'm saying, now they're more susceptible to what you're going to advise him, or they actually will see from the advice from you. So then, you know, from this guy, we learned so many different things, you know, number one, is that, you know, we call to Allah subhanaw taala with clear knowledge and vision. So

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having you know, that knowledge number two, not doing this Dawa alone, working with others, and, you know, being able to listen to others understanding, you know, their ills and whatever it may be, number three, that we're doing this solely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala relying on us patata not neglecting our spiritual questions, Allah subhanaw taala and it's a hadith mentions the honor of the believers, the Hamelin so we're not neglecting our salah, and also you're able to in your heart, so how to weep for humanity, that you really care about humanity and the well being of humanity and for him and for others to be guided. So you don't get caught up in the means I thought The mission

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is point about number three, don't ever get caught up in the means and the numbers. All right, but the actual giving of the doll and the seeking the truth, and being a part of the society, because a lot of times we get caught up in the means, logistics, you know, subhanAllah, one shot he,

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you know, he was told by another share, is that when you when you're thinking about how much hours you spend, for example, let's say you're doing like, you know, Shaq is doing like, dismissal. He's doing all these duties, which is not wrong. But the reality of the matter is by getting caught up in a lot of the different means. All right, what his you know, what he's actually gifted at, he barely has any energy for. And that's what happens. They said, they did a study recently, there's somebody who's talented goes into a company or school, let's say, for example, and my phone number, they say this person is given so much to do. All right, that he burns out, and then those are under him or

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those around, you know, they're not trusted enough. So they never grow. All right. And so then the person, the time this person leaves, they go back to square one. And that's why you should never be dependent. No dollar or institution ever dependent upon individuals. There should be a system in place and realities. panela you look at the success of you know, like some look at somebody like LeBron James in the NBA, is that he makes the people around him better. All right. You know, and that's why something is that we always want to take the people with you. And I realize, you know, when I first talked about opioids, or talk about a lot of issues in the masjid, people don't know

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anything what you're saying, right? Like they don't they have no idea what you're talking about. And if even I remember I was in athletic director for clubs away some time. And I remember trying to explain what athletic director especially to a lot of his auto communities, and we get to it, like if he was telling me like, you just play with a ball, you get what it is you're doing in your life, right? So I was like, You know what it was, you can explain it. So it takes a lot of time for you to actually understand. So understanding that a lot will not understand what you're doing is okay. Also, okay? That's a part of it. Also, a lot of people go to their parents. What did you do that

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hour? What do you mean Dawa? All right. So for some dollars, like, I got 60 followers on Instagram Hamdulillah. You know, and, you know, exchanged numbers with different people, but here, so kind of going back to the original point I was talking about, Xhosa never get caught up in the means, right? And that's why even when we take medicine, we say Bismillah. Allah has shown that even though this medicine it can only be it can only give me Shiva, by the permission of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that you can only be guided by Allah subhanaw taala and the will of Allah subhanaw taala. And we do our part. And the fourth thing

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is that we don't engage in immoral things And subhanAllah this is one thing and with this is that the moment you give a lecture, the moment you give Dawa, the moment you do any of these things, people will look at you completely differently. That is not true. Even if we're told to recite Quran, the beginning of an event. Even your friends Oh, you're the chef, you're the content now, right? They'll just make the jokes. But reality behind every joke. There's some reality, right? There's some truth to it. And sometimes they're not told, You know what this is going to be put on their shoulders, when they actually do these things. But that's why you always have to be extra

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That you know, now you're that you're the face of it. So you're the only snom some people in their life.

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Ever seen some everywhere as athletic director, where I remember I was teaching this semester, this class to middle school. And I was speaking to them actually that day about pranks a lot in public. And it happened that day. The girls are playing another Middle School team in basketball. So it was during halftime, the girls went all gathered together with Frank sloth and modern. So I remember the other team were asking, Where are they from? I'm like, they're from like, Tampa. And we're looking at Lakeland Clearwater, which was like, 45 minutes away, they're like, so they thought we're from a whole different, I don't know, what part of the world they thought we were from. But I told him

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we're like, and they're like, Are you Christian? And like us? I'm like, No, we're not Christian. And like, you know, what are you so we start having the conversation. So those girls huddled, they took what they learned in the class as an abstract idea what they always hear, and they actually put it into practice. And these these, the piazza game, there was it was their first time ever seeing a Muslim in their life. Right, and they never saw any muscles in their life before. And there was the first interaction they had. So I thought it was your you're the face of the cell for them. This is the only asylum there probably ever saw in their life. And who knows when there'll be Muslims again.

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So we should always think that you're like, you know, the face of itself for many. So a lot of times you'd be thinking things going so moving. Alright, can be playing a basketball game in the park, and you're not everyone's cursing, you're not cursing, right you're being polite, you're not you know, all these different things will attract others around you. So it's very important that we don't engage in especially in our social media accounts, and immoral things that we have the highest level morality and character.

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When we present ourselves and I'll stop here, Inshallah, Zuckerman Lochhead Walker down and continue to help in Ireland.

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