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In one of the most elegant pieces that may not have ever known,

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this, Fred was saying the following. He said, Oh, you are the owner of the seven habits, you are the law of the tremendous throne, you are our board, and you are the board of all that exists. You are the one who sat down the forum, you are the one who sat down the gospel, you are the one who sat down.

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You are the one that makes the seats split apart. And then the court

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continues to say,

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I seek refuge in You from the potential of any evil that has evil in it, of your creation. And then you said, You are the first and before you there is no

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law. And after you there could be no

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Besides you there is no evidence as you

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can see you the essence of like no other thing is

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such an awesome prayer. What is it leading to?

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You are the Christ, you are the last You are the hidden You are the evidence you are the Word of God exists. What is what is the purpose of report at the end of it?

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The burden of debt and enrich us.

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So how long do you think this whole line would be alive? I bet that it admitted to paradise on last day before being

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said oh of

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us for the purpose

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being in the state where you are financially in debt to somebody else. You take a loan.

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And we leave nowadays, that many people have suffering may alleviate all the problems.

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All the difficulties,

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was was presented with a funeral in

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a nice

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He placed his hand on his forehead and said,

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these are indeed very threatening circumstances. For after the funeral was over. Some people have not seen the puzzle piece.

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So they feel

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a lot. Today during the funeral, you look up and then look down and then you put your forehead, you're not on your forehead, the sign of great anxiety and stress.

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What is going on the process of a loved one.

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And then they would fight in the court of law. And they would die they would be killed or brought back to life. And then they die again for the cause of all law. They are brought to life and then they die again for the cause of a walk like

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this. Nobody is admitted to paradise. So know that that have been

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on why some

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Islam seeks to make us financially

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We are not in the process of of having the most burden with goals.

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By means of observation, people end up in deficit because of three reasons. three main reasons. Only one of the three is acceptable

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or not acceptable. Let's begin by the one that

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he will have emergencies

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sometimes unexpected expenses. Maybe you got sick, maybe a loved one of yours, they got sick, and you need to help them. Maybe you had an accident. Maybe you got laid off. What happens is these were unexpected expenses that constitute emergencies. You need to do some of that.

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In the core of yoga to

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alleviate any of the difficulties of this world to any of the

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difficulties in the game.

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And that is why we are encouraged when people are in need.

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And these emergencies happen.

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They say, most people don't go into debt because of these emergencies, or because of these unexpected unexpected expenses. Say that most people go to debt. number one.

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Number one, premature enhancement of the life of slight

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premature enhancement of the lifestyle.

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Building needs more people want a lifestyle that is not supported by the income that they are making.

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They say that the most beautiful definition of a credit card, they say that is a means through which you buy something that you don't need,

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with money that you do not have to impress people you don't even like.

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So that's what we do.

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And that's what we use is key points.

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Why do you need to burden yourself like

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I said people do not call yourself to be terrorized

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in the state of peace, people feel to the process of

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actually paralyzes himself

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to death.

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Another Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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seek refuge in You from setting and from being in the state of death. So people

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among you keep saying this all the time. What was what was

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explained? He said that's not really stopped. He said what happens is when people are investing in their head, that

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is the people who make notices when they know that

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the online

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companies fall into

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all the changes in the mail, there is no check to begin with.

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And we know

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that for people

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are terrorized by others, the puffer fish

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how do you do this? He said, What do you get yourself into this idea of going into depths especially when they

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up in the military?

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Right. So let's have fun the Prophet Christopher himself. He says bow unless you borrow

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the movie you have to the point is

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do not call yourself to be terrorized in such a manner.

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I think the people watching

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he will spend they don't know where the money is going.

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He goes he's not not in debt is no budgeting. And that is not acceptable.

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And that's why they say every time we have to plan we are planning to

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include a Muslim

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He says a man loves for the believers three clicks and dislikes three things. And one of the things that a lot of likes, is when people wasting money, not always we will see no idea of the patient. And by the end of the week or by the end of the second week, everything is gone. I got only one a credit card and sadly many times that is a big stress of the time that we ought to be spending with our families. Now we are in the process of

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supporting a lifestyle, not even a quality of life, but rather applied to

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that lifestyle. People want

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big things.

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But the question is, can you afford it? Can you afford it? And if you can afford his brothers and sisters, only

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two No, no.

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It used to be set out.

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He said that every time you desire it, you buy it. And that's another issue that we have to fight nowadays.

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Because of delayed gratification.

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We want it we want it immediately. And we know

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these people who are very skilled

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people bought us a knife.

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Well, guess what

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type of car problems.

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He said my car, my payments will not stop.

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car is going nowhere, but the payments can come.

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people trapped in minutes, face content for hours a day in the office, get the income and

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nothing wrong with trying

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see what this means

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is you have like a quality of life, the life may not be all that. But see, the lifestyle is not necessarily determined by the material things that we have. That's what needs for assistance, remember this, the best things in life are not things.

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The best things in life

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are not things we have fought and we are told that we are bombarded that you want to be happy give us

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that is not bring you happiness, it may bring you conveniency.

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So let us look at the

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process. And that is a

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bonus formula.

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of people talk about how difficult times are now for

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people losing their jobs. In town, people are asked to relocate, you know,

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we need a community

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that can help people in our community. Down in Southern California, we have a model.

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And that is once a week.

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And these meetings are called financial empowerment for our community. And they say that the best way to empower anybody is to get the information helps.

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Because the more informed you are,

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the less likely it is that somebody's going to take advantage of your ignorance or awareness of what is going on. So

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if you can help people, if you can show and share with people, that Allah Subhana Allah bless you, please come across your community members and say you know what?

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community right now we need one another. I have so much stress, I need help I want somebody to show me how

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to show me how these things

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are more important.

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When we bought one brothers and sisters, we must get it back

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women is one beauty.

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Isn't whosoever more of money from people with the chance that he is going to pay him back and you can only have the incentive

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with the intent of being

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unable to do so, is it a lot more fine for him? He does not. After all a

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lot of money from people or from any

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credit card or whatever it is, will be intense that they are not going to pay it back

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only to destroy people's money. So

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why is this because they will have given you their own

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history and expect not to give it back to people

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There is cheating, it is very destructive. Even if it's critical, we will think that they can just take the money out, don't worry, I'll just declare bankruptcy later. That is unethical.

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That is an Islamic attitude is a ball of money, whatever it takes.

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Whatever it takes out.

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If you have given people, if you have met people,

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on behalf of these people, especially if they're going through some difficult times, brothers and sisters to handle, the easier you take on them, the easier a lot more tasty for me within the table.

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And believe me, our need for a lot easier on Austin, the deal

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is much more important than

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ever, you are more comfortable, please do the right.

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People have more money for me over the past week, there have been

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a lot of new

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things. I will give it back.

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Please give me some more fun

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that people have not done. And

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then finally, please keep this in mind.

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If you cannot afford it, don't get

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If you cannot afford it, until you are able to get it. What happens is

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even though we cannot afford, even though if we don't need

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they say

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there are people

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who are absolutely devoted to convincing you how to buy

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How do you convince the people to buy? hence there is a book and one people buy things they don't need? That is a book. Why do people buy things they don't need. And the book is not written to consumers. The book is written to salespeople. They tell you if you can list people this way, guess what people will buy even though they do not need it

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to feed reasons why people bond 62

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and the key word here is

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face that really need any justification for it. You go you buy the milk for the case and you don't think about

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that you do not need help your boss. Well, how do you convince them? They say the number one reason why people buy things they don't need is because it's for sale.

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By input by things they don't need

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the key things in mind.

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If you've not made it

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into a folder, and definitely don't know.

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Unless you know, the freer you are at this point, our mentality and attitude is whatever it takes. inshallah I'm going to take care of this