What Are The Obligations To Our Grandparents

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Answered by Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair

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The speaker discusses the use of the title " papa doesn't just refer to someone's father but also" in the Quran, which refers to the grandmother's use of the word "monica." The speaker also mentions that when referring to "monica," the speaker is referring to the grandmother's use of the word "monica." The speaker encourages viewers to support the video series and contribute to further videos about issues related to "space IQ."

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What are our obligations towards our grandparents?

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in several places in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala refers to parents and grandparents by using the word for the Father. So for example, Allah says minetta abiko Ibrahim, this is the creed of your father Ibrahim, when Ibrahim alayhis salam was not our Father, He is the ancestor of the Prophet salallahu. Early he was suddenly one of the great grandfather's and Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, when I thank you who Monica uqam and do not marry those women that your fathers have married and hear the word father doesn't just refer to someone's father but also their grandfather. Likewise, when it comes to grandmother, Allah subhanaw taala says, Holy Mother Alaykum Omaha to come

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that your mothers are forbidden on you for marriage and what is meant by mothers here is also the grandmother. So we see that when referring to grandparents, Allah soprano daughter uses the word father and mother in the Quran. So this shows that a person's grandparents are like their parents, and doing xand two words once parents has an obligation. And the grandparents include both the grandmother and grandfather from the mother's side, as well as the Father side. And remember that when you are good to your grandparents, then in a way, you're being good to your parents also. Because when you are treating your grandparents well when you're serving them, and when you're

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taking care of them, you are in a way helping your parents fulfill their duty. So take advantage of this opportunity that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed you and serve your grandparents. Well take care of them, show respect to them, and do the best to treat them well In short,

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