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Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of a business plan for a job that involves cutting people's hair. They outline the steps involved in the process, including buying the store, finding customers, and managing time. The speaker also mentions free resources on their website for those interested in time management.
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Okay, so he talks about business plans. And you have your master's in Business Administration, how important is business? I know, you mentioned that we need to use your mind and the whole salary jobs that we tend to have. But what is the business plan? a business plan is just basically a plan that you put together and how you're willing to succeed. So if I have if I want to open up, you know, let's just say a barber shop, right? And, you know, I want to cut people's hair. And if you want to do that, in short, what is it that's going to help us achieve it? So you the business plan is something Okay, the first step is we need to buy the store, let the land The second step is this is

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where the mortgage is gonna be. The third step is how many customers can we get every month to make sure that we're actually making the payments on it? So the business plan kind of outlines what you need and how to get there and what timeframe do you have for it? So it just opens your mind to that inshallah. inshallah, I actually like to cross the studio to please put on the phone number of the

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the phone lines here so that people can call us as you all know, this is a live program and that number is now on the screen. Okay. I want to also ask our viewers if you guys have any questions for example, that is challenging to you like personal issues that you might not know how to have time management skills for as Laura Jones here life with us, she can answer your questions and you know, she's here from very, very far away, not not across the world, but still far away. So you can give us a call you can ask a question that is, you know, personal to you or something that you might have been struggling with. She is here and able to answer your questions. inshallah, on that note really

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quick on that. I also if you go to my website, there are articles that I've written that help with the power of time management and you know, different views and different things so that you can download any of those articles for free. There are a bunch of free stuff that I've put out there as resources that people can use inshallah, inshallah.

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