Builders of a Nation #25 Mother of Imam Bukhari

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The segment discusses the history of Islam, including the birth of a woman by a single mother and her impact on the culture of the nation. The woman helped her son grow up, and later passed away. The segment also touches on the importance of learning from the mother and her impact on the culture of the nation.

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ceremony. rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to another episode of the builders of this nation. Throughout Islamic history.

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We often hear about a lot of Muslims, scholars, and pious people will have contributed for sure, to the development and nourishment, of the Islamic tradition and to Islamic thoughts. However, how often we hear about the woman who contributed to shaping this men are raising them, make them shine, and become the prestigious and noble and knowledgeable men that we know about. Many of the Muslim male scholars are actually raised by single mothers

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and raising their children, these mothers worked hard to raise their children to be part of the famous Islamic history. And we traces the result of the hard work of this woman. To the years of knowledge they brought one of these extra ordinary woman who raised an absolutely exceptional man was actually the mother of a mammal Bihari, interestingly, that we don't know her name. And the most important thing we need to leave behind us is not our name, or how do we look like is rather what did we leave on this earth? And this is what she did. This is a woman. Nobody knows her name. Actually, her husband was a well known scholar of Hadith. And he traveled all over the world, to get

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the knowledge started imparting this knowledge to his son. However, he passed away, young and left Imam Al Bukhari as an orphan and his mother as a single mother. So when Imam Al Bukhari reached the age of 12.

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A lot tested him, so he became blind at age 12. And he and his mother sought medical care, so many physicians, they could not get his eyesight back. What does the mother do? She actually will spend nights and this is actually recorded by him that my mother used to spend nights in prayers, she would pray hard that our last panel who tried to restore his eyesight, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada taught us or colourable coma jeroni a surgery blocker. Allah said,

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asked me, implore to me, supplicate to me, I will respond. And absolutely that's what happened with his mother. She actually saw a dream. Let's say knee Brahim came to her and told her, your son or start seeing again.

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And that's exactly what she what happened. On last panel rotala restored the sight of her son. And as a result of the intense and the beautiful dua invocation of his mother. Well, by the time le Muhammad Buhari, had his sight back he had already learned a lot who taught him that it was actually his mother. In the years that he was blind. She used to read to him. Hadith of rasool Allah salatu salam with the chain that he recorded. Half of his knowledge of Hadith was actually taught to him by his mother. Throughout the years he was blind, as she was reading to him daily, these Hadith so every Hadith now we read about Imam and Buhari

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in his book, the reward will go, not only totally mammy Buhari, that actually first will go to his mother. And just let's shed the light a little bit. Who is he? And will Abdullah Mohammed Ismail Buhari, scholars agreed that he was the icon of the knowledge of Hadith. Some of them says that the best book after the Quran is actually the book of Imam Al Bukhari, Sahil German, or as very well known Sahil Bihari.

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So when he has his eyesight back, the mother didn't stop, she continued. She actually took him with his brother to Hajj he was about 18 years of age, and she left him in Makkah, she went back to Mahara, where he starts here even more now learning one to one directly from the shoe

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And he from Makkah traveled to Medina and to other places to gain the knowledge and to learn more and more and write his book, unique in His life is actually his students, Imam Muslim and Imam Tirmidhi as we covered this quick story,

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and again, the smother of this icon of Islamic knowledge that no one knows her name. But what sacrifice she did,

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kept the hope, didn't lose her faith kept asking Allah she knew Allah who would respond to her dua. He brought back the isi 20 Mommy Buhari to continue his legacy and to reach to us or to give us the knowledge that we are all enjoying. May Allah bless that mother, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give all the mothers these days, the perseverance, the faith, the strength that he gave to him the mother of Imam in Bihar