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The Sun and moon are the only two elements that determine the cycle of the moon and the importance of having consistency in learning from them. The Sun and moon are seen as a light, and the concept of"slack" is discussed, as it is used to describe the use of tools and equipment to make travel easier. The history and characteristics of the Spanish military are also discussed, including the use of new vehicles and equipment to make travel easier and the use of various methods for safety and security.

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One camera and the moon are there now who we have determined for it again Pandora, you got the root duck, the duck deed is what? Decree right meaning it's fixed.

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It's fixed, it's not changing. So, for the moment we have fixed for it men as Ill phases plural of the word Manziel. And what is Manziel Manzil is a place of Newzoo being the place of dissent being the place of arrival. So for example, a traveler he comes he stopped somewhere and then he Mozilla from the car in as well as from the plane or from the camo. Alright, that's a stopping place. And then the word Manziel is used for a stage or a phase. So we have determined for the moon men Asiel, meaning phases.

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This is referring to the phases of the moon,

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each phase being different from the other, from the previous one and the following one, and this is referring to how the moon is each night. Alright, so there are 28 phases of the moon. All right, in 28 nights of each month, concealing for two nights, so two nights, the moon is hidden, when the month is off 3030 days, and for one night, it is hidden when the month is off 29 days. All right. So there are 28 phases of the moon. And how are these phases that each night you will see the moon bigger or smaller than the previous night depending on which part of the month you're in. Alright, so what has determined this Allah has determined this hotter until

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meaning the moon, it has its stages, and every night you see it different until either it returns either out to go back, go back to how one was before. So the moon goes back to how it started.

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How does the moon start the birth of the moon or the moon on the first night? How is it? It's a crescent? And at the end of the month again, how is it? It's a crescent? All right. So either it returns to be like Colorado jounal Adim like rural June, that is Kadeem what is ERP June or June is a date stock alright. What is it June a date stock I mean, these days we usually get dates which are you know, in boxes, okay? Perfect. But if you see you know, some packaging or is with the twig or with the stock, alright, so you have to pick the date from the stock from the stick from the twig. Now that twig is early June. All right. So June is the very old date stock that remains after the

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dates are removed. And it's very delicate, it's yellowish and as it becomes old, it becomes arched,

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it becomes arched. And further it is emphasized. It looks like the deadstock that is Adim Adim. old ancient, very old dried. So it refers to the appearance which is the shape which is arched. All right. Then secondly, it shows how thin it is. Thirdly, it refers to its color, how light and faded it is. That is what the moon looks like.

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Now, the moon's cycle is also amazing. It begins as a crescent and ends as a crescent, and in the middle, it is full. Isn't that amazing?

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I mean, if you think about it, when something begins it starts small. And when it ends, it's big. But with the moon it's a complete cycle. It starts as a crescent. Every night it grows, grows, grows until it becomes full. And then it begins shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, until it fades away completely. Had the other color Oh, Julian Adim and the moon's stages are also for what purpose in total Bukhara? I 189 Yes, Aluna, carnal a healer. They ask you about the Hillels meaning the crescents, the new moons, only here MOA P two Li Na se it is a means of telling time for people will hedge and specifically it's relevant at the time of Hajj.

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And you see first the sun is mentioned and the moon is mentioned. And if you think about it, it's by the sun in the moon that we determine our calendars. Right? The sun, I mean it helps you figure out which month it is which day it is and the moon also the sun especially with regards to the 24 hour

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cycle also is helpful. And the moon also so both, you know, one clock for the night natural clock for the night and one natural clock for the day. So both of them are a means of telling time. Let's show them. So, again it is emphasized that these two massive bodies are still under whose control the control of Allah? Because Leshem Sue law, not a sham sue the sun, meaning the sun would never, it would not young belvilla young body, it is allowable for it. Young Billy is from the letters Bell lane. Yeah. Billy, the law to seek to desire. And in the law, your money is when something is desirable, or necessary. Proper, appropriate

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and lie young Buddy, what does it mean? It's not appropriate? It's not correct. It's not allowed. It's not possible. So let's Shamsul Jamberry meaning it is neither possible for the sun, nor is it allowed for the sun. Nor is it correct for the sun.

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Um, that to the Rica, it would reach

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the moon to the rica from Iraq dal calf and Iraq is to catch up with someone to get hold of something. All right, that, for example, you're behind. And somebody you know, is driving Way ahead of you. And then you speed a little bit and you weave through traffic and then you catch up with them that is it rock. All right. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us over here that the sun would never catch up with what with the moon? What does it mean that the sun would never hit the moon,

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they would never touch, they can never touch each other. It's not allowed for the sun to collide with the moon, to hit the moon to eat the moon. It's not going to happen. On the Day of Judgment, it will happen what Jumi I Shamsul karma, it is the day when the sun and the moon will be joined together. But right now, it's not possible for the sun to eat up the moon.

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Because if you think about it, the sun is much bigger than the moon isn't?

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Isn't it? And if you think about it, in our solar system, what's happening, all of the planets are revolving around the sun.

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Right. And this

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new theory or the theory of relativity isn't

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of gravitational waves of relativity, some theory that has been proven recently, I was watching a video about it. And they were saying that they showed this exhibit in which they threw a ball in the middle of you know of a clock that was tied. Alright, and the sun was in the middle, right? And they threw another ball and they showed how the ball was moving around going around the sun. Alright, and then eventually it fell to the middle. Alright, because it was pulled by the object that was in the middle. All right now every planet is going around the sun and the sun has its you know energy or its gravitational pull or whatever it may be. But despite that Allah subhanaw taala is saying that

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the sun could never eat up the moon. It wouldn't do that. It wouldn't do that. And generally if you think about it in the creation what do we see bigger creatures

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eating up though, smaller creatures, but that's not going to happen in space. It's not going to happen to the sun and the moon less Shamsul yumbo the Lucha and to the rica will come on. And this can be understood in another way also, that the sun cannot show up at night.

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It cannot it's not allowed for the sun to show up at night, can it? Because if if it would show up at night, then what would happen it wouldn't be night anymore. But is the other possible? Do we ever see the moon during the day? We see it. But the opposite of that is not possible the sun can never show up in the night bless shumsa Jamba Lila and to trickle common meaning despite its massive size and its energy and everything that Allah has created the sunlight,

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it is obedient to Allah. It will only do what it is required to do. Wala and nor a Leila the night meaning the night would never sabich Luna how sabich one that gets ahead. One that out runs overtakes. So the night would never overtake on the How're the day. The night would never overtake the day overtake the day, meaning that it would arrive before the day ends rather

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What will happen always the night will follow the day

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and the day will follow the night and the night will follow the day. In other words, each comes at its fixed time, neither before nor after the night, the day the sun the moon, everything is following a schedule.

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What can learn and all whether it's the sun or the moon or you know stars, whatever it is fee fella kin in an orbit es verhalen they are swimming falak FANUC from the root letters fat lamb calf FANUC is basically used for the place of revolving of the stars or the moon or the sun or the Earth.

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Meaning the path the course the orbit of the celestial bodies. Basically the word falaka is used to describe something that is round. Alright, Felker is used for the world of a spindle. Okay? Like for example, you're knitting something with a spindle, and you make a go round. So, it's used to describe something that goes around in a circle. So coulomb fie falak.

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All are in an orbit. Yes, by whom they are swimming Saba, Simba is to move quickly. Quickly were in air or in water, so smoothly floating, gliding.

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The sun is on its course the moon is on its course. And therefore, the night and the day are according to their schedule.

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When the sun rises,

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the moon even though it may have its light, it's as if it doesn't have any light. When the moon is there, the sun, it doesn't show up. So each is moving in its own orbit following a fixed schedule, with extreme precision, and in obedience to who to Allah subhanho wa taala. What's the lesson in this for us?

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What's the lesson in this for us in these verses, the example of the sun and the moon and the night and the day? What can we learn for ourselves?

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That each is basically minding its own business. Right? The sun is minding its own business, the moon is minding its own business. None is interfering with the other. Right coming before its time or coming later, or coming when they're not supposed to come. Each is minding its own business. And each is doing its work, how constantly untiringly each is going on its path. And this is the reason why we have you know, security sukoon in space, despite the fact that these bodies are massive, but still there is Sukkot and if you look at it on earth, when it comes to us when it comes to people, what kind of facade we have created, because we don't mind our own business. We will not do what we

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are supposed to do. We are more interested in the work of other people than our own work. We are more concerned about the problems of other people, the mistakes and the errors of other people than our own errors. Instead of doing our work the way we're supposed to. We are wasting our time. And this is the reason we have no peace

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Smilla Salam Alikum I was thinking the sun is just like a boss of the space. You know how if we come here and said who run in displace, someone is running this doesn't mean the person is running, but he's running he taken he's watching everyone right? The sun is just like sitting there and he is like taking care of everything Allah subhanaw taala give power to the sun.

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Because the moon also derives its light from the sun.

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Sivan and that does surprise so much to me when I came to Canada is about a long time ago over 30 years ago. And there were not that many mosques and everything so it just got a schedule of the Salas so I have that schedule for that many years and Subhan Allah it's so amazing that every year the same day, the sunsets at the same time like you can even tested you know like the check you can go on the shore or see or somewhere that time it has been told on that day of the year or that day of the month is exactly the same for that many years that I have been watching and wallah. While I'm How long is going to be at the same time. It's so amazing that I'm still having that 30 years old

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schedule and it's still working for me. It's so amazing Sahara. Let's Allah squadra Subhanallah

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I think no

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Believe, if we were just to live in an environment where we could actually see the sun and the moon properly, we should be able to find our way. But we've lost that capacity because of modern life. So it's a good thing maybe to go back and, you know, go and just look outside. Yeah, seriously, in our hands, like, even it's possible to see the moon at night. So, you know, look out your window. My son recently got some homework, and I was like, what's the homework, we have to look at the moon.

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That was the homework that he was given. He had to look at the moon at night. And I think that was a very good homework.

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So they come, we see that Subhanallah these nonliving things they're content with Allah subhanaw taala is decree and by moving according to hit what he's decreed for them, so inshallah we should be content with it too. Yes. Because in obedience to Allah surrendering to Allah, can there be sukoon in our lives? Can there be peace productivity in our lives, because the sun is not revolting. The moon is not rebelling, right and consistently for hundreds of years. In fact, 1000s of years, the sun and the moon are doing their work, what happens to us we get bored, we get bored, and that's okay. I mean, we're human beings, we are different from the sun in the moon. And that's why we have

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free will, we get bored, but what we need to remember is that we can never attain excellence unless and until we do something consistently.

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If we don't do it consistently, we don't do it, you know, regularly, we don't give it our 100% then we cannot expect much out of it either.

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You know, for example, proficiency when it comes to the recitation of the Quran, when it comes to the memorization of the Quran, when it comes to even reading or writing anything, it comes with what consistent learning what happens to kids over the summer, it's as if they forget everything that they have learned. Right? It says if they have to start over again, September comes in, they have to start over again. So, why because there was a gap, right? So when we are learning something when we really want to, you know develop excellence, then we have to do what we're doing consistently

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whatever to learn from and a sign for them is unknown, that indeed we have now now, we have carried the reata home their offspring or their generations fee in alpha alkyl Michonne alpha the ship that is Alma schoon laden.

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Another sign for them is that we have carried their the RIA in the lead and ship laden ship mushroom is from the root letters sheen High Noon Shan Shan is to load the ship and with people cargo, right and Michonne is that which is fully loaded.

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What is this fully loaded ship laden ship? And who is this, the RIA referring to? This idea can be understood in two ways.

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Firstly, we see that the word Lulea means children, offspring.

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And what this idea is referring to is another miracle. Another amazing sign in the creation, that Allah subhanaw taala has made sea travel possible for us. And it's so possible, it's so safe that when people go on ships, on boats, even canoes, they will actually take their children with them.

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Right? I mean, if you think about it, where would we take our children only places that are safe?

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So, Anna Herman. Now, how many now we have carried meaning how is this you know, travel over water, sea travel possible for you because we have made it possible for you, we have allowed it for you. And it's so easy for you, you're so used to it, that you even take your children along with you. Secondly, this idea can be understood as the LEA is not in its literal sense over here. But in a figurative sense, the word is of the year is applying to generations, meaning generations of people, because the real literally means children, but it applies to grandchildren, one's descendants, and then found that the opposite also meaning the ascendance generations of people. So over here, the

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Liga is referring to the people of the time of new Harley Sinha meaning those who believed in Him those who were saved how, because they boarded the ship. They boarded the ship and focal machine refers to the ship that no Harley Sam constructed into the sharara I have 119 Allah subhanaw taala says for Angie now who want to Mao who fill full kill Michonne we saved him and those were with him in the leaden ship from Iraq now Burdell Burkean

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And then we caused the rest of them to drown. So this is also a miracle, this is also a huge sign. Because if it was not for that ship that Allah subhanaw taala instructed knew how they sent them to build. Allah, God knew her lesson on how to build how to construct that ship. If it was not for that humanity would not have survived.

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Humanity would not have survived. So I had to leave home. And now hamona, the Yetta one filfil kill mushroom. And if you think about it, I mean, the world has been populated because of what when people were able to travel across seas and oceans, right, move from one side of the river to the other.

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Right build boats and ships and then go on sea voyages to discover islands and continents and other far off places. And this is how the Earth has been populated. So this is a big sign

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I know there's a difference of opinion on how like that flood that happened in Northern Ireland or local Yeah, okay. So is this verse basically saying See, the thing is that no, honey salaam he was there only about 10 generations after the money center. So if you think about it, how many people would have been there?

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In total, how many populations or how many cities or pockets of population do you think were there? Alright, so knew how they said and we believe that he is Adam was Sani the second Adam. Why? Because all of humanity that came afterwards was from the descendants of who the survivors of that flood, and none survived that flood except for those who believed in new Hadassah. All right, well can opener the home and we have created for them meaning for people mimic Lee from likes of it, meaning the likes of the Ark of new Hurley Suriname mejor Qaboun that which they ride which they embark your kaboom from Beirut letters raka Raka is too boring to embark on.

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So it's referring to Maya kabuna is referring to other vehicles or means of transportation. So, we have created for them from the likes of it may Miss Li the likes of the ship of new honey Sana meaning so many other ships or Boats, Big and small of different types with sales or without sales, so many different types, may or Qaboun. And they embark on them, they ride on them, and not just at sea but also on land. And in particular, the camel is called the ship of the desert. right the ship of the desert. Why? Because a camel can survive in the desert and walk easily in the desert like no other creature can. So we're Harlequin Allahu Minh myth, Li Mei yellow Kilbourne. This is of the

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favorites of Allah, that we can travel using various vehicles. And this refers to both natural and artificial, natural as indoors that Allah subhanaw taala has created. All right, like camels and so on and so forth, while hyena will be Hollowell, Hamid Wilhemina little Kabuga Xena intuitive Nahal eight Allah's puntata tells us about the horses and mules and donkeys that people use for their travels. All right, in order to write and then artificial, also meaning those that people have made. And that also would not be possible except by looking at the creation of Allah. AI for example, if you just compare the shape of an airplane with a bird, there is so much similarity, right? Submarine

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with you know, a fish or so much similarity, a boat or a ship with a swan height or a bird that floats again, there's so much similarity and secondly, we could only do it with the creativity and with the resources that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with so again, these blessings the source is Allah wa halacha Allah homeopathy mejor Qaboun ye in the end if NASA we want, if we should, we'll know how to come, we could drown them. We could drown them while they are at sea. Despite all their safety measures, Allah's pannacotta can do that. No matter how massive a ship may be and how well equipped it could be and how perfect it could be still something could go wrong and no real calm we

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could cause them to drown. And when they're drowning, follow the know somebody holler home. They will have no sorry. Who is somebody? Sorry, is one who responds to a cry. One who responds to a call, because the word subtle is to yell to cry to scream out

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Help. All right, and free is one who listens to the song

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Who hears the song and he responds. So while they're drowning, they would have no one who would hear their screams and respond to them. And come and rescue them. Wala and not home de Yun Kowloon they could be saved you in Kaduna is from in Colorado, in Colorado, Nevada to rescue someone from destruction from something disastrous and dangerous while on your own they would not be saved they could not survive. So if Allah sees a someone, no one can rescue that person. What inertia Numrich home fellow sorry holla home no one could even hear their screams or respond to their screams, when

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they would not be rescued Illa Mata Mina except as a mercy from Us, meaning if there is some accident at sea, and there are people whose call is responded to and then those people are rescued. This is only by whose mercy, by Allah's mercy, they are rescued by Allah's mercy, or in general, this is referring to safe sea travel, that you can only make it from coast to coast, by whose mercy Allah's Mercy literally you know, when you sit on the plane and it takes off, you are basically at the mercy of Allah.

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You're basically at the mercy of Allah. Because if something goes wrong, done, or finished, if the plane does not even land safely,

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even that could be so destructive. It could fish so many people aren't there so many accidents that happen they do.

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So, in LA, Mata Mina, this is what we need to remember. This is only a mercy from Allah, forget about planes and ships, even cars and buses or trains. Once we sit on them and these vehicles are moving so fast, so fast, going towards the destination mean we could only make it safely by whose mercy Allah's mercy even a bicycle.

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Alright, even a scooter I mean, whatever it may be, you can only

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you know, come off of that vehicle safely by the mercy of Allah Who am a TA and Isla Hain and a provision for a time meaning Yes, you get off that vehicle. You get off the ship, you get off the plane, everything's fine, Safe journey safe trip. But then how long are you going to live?

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If the Angel of Death didn't come into plan, I mean, it's not that the angel of death is never going to come he's going to come eventually someday madonn ilahi hain. So what's the message over here? It is by Allah's mercy, that travel is possible on land and sea and if we have arrived safely today, then one day we have to go

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into route Lokmanya 31 Allah says Alam tara unhealthful Katagiri Phil berry binaire Mattila Don't you see that the ship sail by the blessing of Allah so all of these laws of nature that enable us to you know travel freely all of this by whose will it's by the will of Allah He is the Creator of all of these things.

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So over here we see that so many signs are mentioned now what is the response of the people

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