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Tawfique Chowdhury
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Muslims we are people of vision Muslims, we are people who aspire greatness is the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala created us my brother's look at the positive life to understand who we are and why we are created not be like those who have forgotten Allah has caused them to forget themselves.

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Brothers and sisters is that Mohammed Amina schumpeterian, Allah when he was 14 years old, he wrote 1000 verses of poetry paper, the genealogy of the tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. The what was amazing is that when he became this is not the most amazing thing about it. By the way, what was even more amazing was that when he became older, he actually took that 1000 verses of poetry and he tore it up. And he burnt it and he buried the ashes in the ground. So when although Anima of Islam, we used to read your stuff. And we were amazed with the intelligence and the brilliance of this man when they heard about what he had done. And by the way, that was the only copy of that point that he

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had written. When he did that they went and asked him, Why did you do that? He said, when I was 14 years old, I was a man who did not understand what his loss was. And so at that point, I wanted to be better than all my all my other friends who are also studying Islam and becoming great scholars. And so I wrote that point that the 1000 verses appointment without his lesson method, I do not want to pass away from this earth, whilst having left something on the face of this earth that was done without any class.

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Allahu Akbar, this is exactly what it is. It is that you sincerely make something purely for the sake of Allah. And by Allah if this world was full of things that were done purely for the sake of Allah, what a beautiful place it would be. But because people do not do things these days, with the purest of sincerity, our world these days are filled with the most atrocious of things, because the fact that people lack the most important ingredient in all of the actions, sincerity. My brothers and sisters in Islam, Islam is a religion, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will not accept any other religion other than it. Islam is a word that is heavier than the universe and everything that it

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contains. A class last is the greatest action of the heart. It classes the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala created you and me it is that we may worship only one God, one ma meeru they have not been commanded with anything. Nothing Illa Leah boo de la meclizine Allah, but Allah we have not been commanded to do anything except one, which is to worship Allah, sincerely making the religion and our worship only for him. But brothers and sisters in Islam Islam is a word that if a person were to say the word of EClass, in the statement of the class as his last word before he passes away, Allah guarantees for him Jelena. What is that word? La Ilaha Illa La Mancha, Arturo. kalami whoever the

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last word was La Ilaha Illa. Do you know even a person was done? Shouldn't be said shouldn't be told to say la ilaha illa. Allah No, just say la ilaha illAllah Shut up. Keep quiet. Don't say anymore. One of the mistakes that we do these days that we tell our Mota the ones who are passing away we tell them say La la la la vida. No, that's wrong. Only stop at La Isla Hillel I finish because that's what the prophets have said and authentic hadith in Bukhari, Mancha. kalami, La Ilaha Illa de Legion, this is the value of a class, one word one phrase by which Allah subhana wa Taala will eternally right Jenna for this person. Rejoice my friends, for Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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not judge us by our looks. And not every one of us martial law has the best looks and the best features externally. But Allah will judge every single one of us by the purity of our hearts. And so be very my friends at the same time, because the heart is something that wavers and quivers and the sincerity in the heart will also waver and quiver. One masumi insano illa Alina z while alcl boo Illa

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mankind was not called mankind except because he forgets which is a necessity in Arabic. So he was called inside and the heart was not called the heart in

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the heart was not called the cult in Arabic except that it wavers and it moves and it twists and turns in goes from right to the left and back and front.

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My friends, Allah subhanho wa Taala will not judge us with anything more important than the period

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of our heart. And the most important action of the heart is going to be our sincerity and our excellence for the sake of Allah. If Allah wants Good for you, but Allah Allah will give you sincerity in your heart. If Allah wants Good for you, Allah will make you do things only for your sake. And if Allah does not want good for you, he will put doubt in your heart. He will put Ria and pride in your heart and you will put all these desires in his in your heart that will cloud your heart from true sincerity. My brothers and sisters Islam, do you remember the Hadith of the man who will have 100 or 99 scrolls are bad deeds, you know the man who will have 99 scrolls of bad deeds

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that will be brought out and then the man will be asked, Do you have any good deeds at all? And the man will say no, you have nothing. At that point, Allah subhanho wa Taala will tell him no but you have one thing that you have done and you will not be wronged. At that point, a bita or a card with La Ilaha Illa will be brought up and that card will outweigh all the bad deeds that the man has ever done. Chef would have served with a meal he will law says this hadith is a proof that the man said La Ilaha Illa pure flawless because how many people are there on this earth who say La la la la la la he's a hypocrite c'est la la even the disbelievers some of the disbelievers from the pradesh said

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La ilaha illa Allah, but Allah subhanho wa Taala did not make them from those people. So a person who says it with pure sincerity total is less in his heart than such as a person who gets this reward. Also, you've heard the Hadith of the Jewish prostitute, the one who went down on the well. She was thirsty and she drank some water. Then she saw a dog that was thirsty as well. Do you remember that? Heidi? What did she do? She went down again into the well she filled the water in her shoe and she gave the dog water to drink. Even Tamia rahimullah he said how many other prostitutes of this earth who give people water to drink and food to eat but Allah will never forgive them.

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But Allah forgive this particular one Jewish prostitute why Allah because of pure his lesson sincerity with one simple day, the woman would have slept with 1000 men, but still a love give all of that because of one act of good deeds that a person does with less and sincerity in his heart. It is for this reason why the scholars Islam even mentioned that when shaitan made the door Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala color of build your own when shaitan made a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to give him eternal life or life until the day of judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted it. Why when he's done well because he asked it purely only simply only for the sake of Allah and only asked

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from Allah azza wa jal directly. Also Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, Muslim, he said right to rajalakshmi Jana, I saw a man who was moving around in general, why, because of one good deed that he did what was the good day, he saw a tree and a bark of a tree or a trunk of a tree that was bearing down on a road. And he thought that that that bark of a tree was going to harm the Muslims across the road, and he cut it up. And he said, But Allah will cut that tree off so that insha Allah the tree doesn't have any of the believers. And so I love that Tim and Allah entered into genda how many people out there who will remove rubbish on the road but Allah will never forgive them? Why?

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Because they don't have true sincerity. And by Allah, it is one simple deed that you do. $1 one time, one day that you do, then you give somebody to eat. But you have the purest of Islam in your heart. I swear by Allah there is enough for you to enter gentlemen, will lie that is enough for you to enter agenda. Allah forgive the Jewish prostitute, you are not prostitutes, you are slaves of Allah subhanho wa Taala you're pure slaves of Allah. All you need is one simple D but with pure if less and absolute sincerity for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is for this reason why even Ahmad the Allahu anhu used to say well law if I knew that Allah had accepted even one of my

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prostrations, I will be the happiest person on this earth one prostration I will be the happiest person on this earth. It is also for this reason why is to say tuba. tuba is a tree in paradise to be for the person who takes one step on this earth that he does it and he knows that it is sincerely only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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This is the greatness of glass. This is the reason why Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala sent prophets to this earth. It is the reason for

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Our creation is a reason for which Allah subhanho wa Taala created everything. If less my brothers and sisters in Islam, compare this to the first people that will be judged on the Day of Judgment, who are they? They are a person who said that I sought knowledge or I gave money or I memorize the Quran and I read the Quran and they did not do it for the sake of Allah. So they will all be thrown into the fire. So the thing that will ensure eternal agenda is a flawless and the thing that will ensure that you are the first people to enter Hellfire is lack of Islam. My brothers and sisters in Islam, Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam when he was going to be thrown into the fire. It is reported

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that gibril Allahi wa sallam came to him and said yeah, Ibrahim Africa hajah Ibrahim Do you have any need and so at that point um I mean and as for from you then know about Allah I have no need from you. As for from Allah for huskvarna Allahu Allah ki Glory to Allah enough is Allah protected for us enough is Allah a supervisor over affairs? So at that point, Allah ordered the fire Cooney button was Salam and Allah be that coolness and the safety for Ibrahim, in cathi Rahim Allah and he reports that the pious predecessors is to say that had Allah subhanho wa Taala not said Salaam and after saint burden had not said be safety after saying be cool that the fire would have frozen Ibrahim

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Yes, Allah The beauty of Islam is unbelievable. So Fiona foty Rahim Allah He used to say I have not seen anything as elusive upon me as sincerity. It keeps changing upon me. In another generation. He said what law have struggled with my sincerity for 30 years until I learned how to control it.

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In another narration, he said well, like every single thing that I've done in front of mankind. All the classes I've done, all the worship I have done all the bad things that I've done all the crispy and that means that all the things that I've done when other people have seen it fala Cebu Shay and I don't consider it to be anything at all. Why? Because of the inability of mankind to have completely pure Islam in front of others.

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So this man does not consider this album of Islam never considered any of the deeds that he did in front of anyone to be anything at all. Why? Because he knew what sincerity is. Allah is the pure and he only accepts the 100% you're at Can you tell me about a love? You come in here now knowing that someone around you is looking at you now that you have 100% access right now. One lucky I cannot say it myself. I was dreading How am I going to give this talk in front of people I knew and I know Allah will ask me about it. How dare you give this talk to fee when you don't have 100% plus? Yes, hello, my name is Eva. I ubersexy anemia Allah have mercy upon one of the scholars of Islam. He used

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to pray on light and in the morning when he used to wake up he used to make noises as you've just woken up and used to say I used to make really loud noises why so that his neighbors thought that he had just woken up now.

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Also Ubisoft Gianni this great scholar is there when he used to cry in his lessons whenever he would, you know he would mentioned something that's a little soulless SLM, or or Jen or not, and and his eyes would would watch her with tears. He used to rub his eyes or what a bad call to have, or what a bad call to have. Some have a low, it's not a call that he has. He's just afraid that he does not want to do that. Do that tear that is cry. For the sake of people Oh, but only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Ibrahima desta? Why are you one of the great scholars of Islam as the heavy reports from humans to Allah Nicola. And he says Ibrahim on this divide this great scholar of Hadith

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he said,

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what law he led us to the

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Yeoman Hill. He said he said it's a great scholar. He said well, I cannot say with 100% certainty in my heart that I saw Heidi, for even one day for completely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I cannot say that with 100% certainty. As we said in Sierra Leone double after narrating this, he said what law he was. He said but Allah even I cannot say that.

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So ask yourself this question. Are you sure you have 100%? Or you will learn sure now right now, as I'm telling you, and my words are burning to your heart, tell me do you have 100% is last, but Allah This is the purpose of your creation, and how dare you not have 100% in class? This is the only reason why we have been created. As Shafi Rahim Allah used to say

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I wish that this knowledge was reported from me and relayed from me without my name being reported. Because we're lucky I cannot tell that I will have this last on the day that I hear that someone got knowledge from chef.

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Also, Abdullah matara, one of the great scholars of Islam with the past, he used to say he used to make a door that was well known what it was the door that he used to say, he used to say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from that which I thought I intended it for you. But my intention became defiled by which you are most aware of

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one of the great scholars of Islam as well, his name is Khalid in the middle. Whenever the number of students is to increase in front of him, he would stop teaching. Why? because he'd say, I have not prepared for this number of students with my class, and you'd go home and you would sit and you prepare with his heart and say Allah is my level of Islam is now ready to take now double number of students are not thou, they're gonna be Hynde, another great scholar, Islam, another great scholar, Islam. They said when he died, that they found out that his family never knew that dow could lobby hint was actually fasting for 40 years. For 40 years, he was fasting, but his family never knew. Why

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because he would not tell them, because fasting is something that was only between him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you would take food in the morning, and food at lunch, and you'd give it away, you'd go to work and give it away in charity, and his family never knew that he was fasting. And you would come home and of course have dinner with them. So his family never knew. But Allah every day that we fast, we tell our wives By the way, tomorrow, I'm going to be fasting. And our wives tell us on fasting today, don't expect me to do anything. Don't we do that. But I think we tell other people the day we are fasting more. And they know more about the days that we are fasting rather than

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Yeah, we'll see. But my brothers and sisters Islam, I don't want to bore you with any more detail except for one important last point that I want to end my lecture on. And that is the means of achieving a class. How shall we achieve a class and this is the way of true success. And I want you to remember and remember these points. The first and most important thing to achieving true sincerity Nicholas to achieve the purpose of your existence on this earth sincere dua to Allah Oh Allah give me a class or Allah give me a class will Allah make my actions only for your sake? How many times have you asked a love with less in your life?

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You should ask this from Allah subhanho wa Taala before you do any deed my friends, they used to say a chef mala used to take five minutes before starting his Salah five minutes. Why? Because he used to say I'm trying to rectify my heart and preparing myself and so this is why then the sheffey meds up you cannot straightaway set level up but you have to take time. Why? Because you want to say Bismillah you want to you want to prepare your intention and then slowly say love work but on the other hand, the other method is different. Why is that the case because there is to see a Sheffield I'm loving like this, someone would take five minutes or more to purify his heart before starting an

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action. This is what love is more important than the action itself. This is why the pious predecessors used to say whoever wishes to perfect the action that led them perfect the intention. If you want to have the best actions that have the best intention, so spend some time to purify your intention my friends and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the purity of intention. The second thing my friends to achieve in class is to know who Allah subhanho wa Taala is. Do you know what love is? Have you found out how great Allah is? Have you found out his names and attributes? Have you? Have you found out about Habiba Rasulullah says the greatest of all love? Have you found out or have you

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found this hadith which always amazes me that Allah subhanho wa Taala Hadith is authentic, it's insanely Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created so many angels, that there is not a single hand span in the heavens and the earth except that there is an angel that is standing or bowing or prostrating to Allah in that space of a hand span. So in every space for hand span, there is an angel that is standing or bowing, prostrating to Allah, and they have been doing so ever since the time they have been created when with angels created before us or after us, before us. And on the Day of Judgment prophecy continued. And he said

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on the Day of Judgment, when Allah will take their souls away and give them death, these angels that have been created only to worship Allah in every hand span of the heavens, and the

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And they have been doing so ever since they have been created. They will say on the Day of Judgment Yeah. Oh Allah we have not worshipped you as you deserve to be worshipped Is there a slave of Allah who hears this except that the shame on his face is evident? Is there a slave of Allah who hears this except that he feels hypocrisy evident in his heart Is there a slave of a level hears except that the flesh will melt from his face? It is not possible my brothers and sisters and sisters in Islam, for people to hear statements like this and understand how great Allah is, except that the true fear of Allah shakes their heart enters into their soul.

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So when you hear the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one that we worship, the one that we struggle with the life for the one that we make everything for, but Allah, you will be amazed, and it's impossible for you to not make things only for his sake.

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And the next time you think you're doing a deed for someone else, you're going to realize how petty that is. The third way, my friends is to remember your death. Remember the grave remember death, nothing will make you feel a lot like when you remember the grave. When you remember that you will be inside one. And then you remember how all your karma will come to you the day that you die. If today after this talk, you die, your piano will start right away.

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Your tm will start today Don't wait for the Day of Judgment but Allah will start today. So the angels of death and the angels of punishment and the angels of Paradise are waiting, who knows who amongst us will pass away, but someone may pass away?

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Yes Allah. Let me give an example of a person who fears Allah.

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I shall have the Allahu Anna it was reported that one of her cousins was passing by her heart after the death of Rasulullah saw. So this was after fudger she started praying the Doha prayer, she came upon the verse, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. When Allah was saying for men, Allahu Allah in our corner, moon and Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us and he saved us from that terrible scorching of the fire.

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He said that I heard Ayesha saying this and she was sobbing and she was crying.

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Then I went away and it and attended to some errands and I came back. And I came back a couple hours later and what Allah she was still standing, and she was still sobbing and she was still reciting the same verse. For a man Allahu Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed us and he saved this from the terrible tournament. This is the true success. This is the true success, the one who fears Allah, the One who allows the tears to drop on his face from the fear of Allah. But truly, that face will never be touched by the fire.

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That person will not be touched by the fire the one who truly truly Christ from the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Also even at the dinner, he used to stand up the Knights in salah and needs to grab his beer in this manner and used to say Europe. I heard in a hadith there was reported by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you have already decreed the people who will go to Jana, and who will go to Johanna he used to say Allah, which group am I from? And he would cry? Which group am I from? Do you know which group you are from? Allah has written it already but Allah Do you know which group you are from? This is why sufian authority Rama used to say how

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he has the knowledge of Allah about you ever made you cry?

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Knowing that Allah already knows whether you are informed you are from the people of general from the people of jasmine, has that knowledge of knowing that Allah knows whether you are headed for agenda or for Johanna Has that ever made you cry?

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If it has and it should,

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and when it will, that it will only fill your heart with truthless. The fourth way to increase if last in your heart is to increase in those actions, which are only done with a floss kit which can only be done when a person has to floss. What are those beads that can only be done when you have to floss the Hagit prayer

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in a person who loves the class will love those deeds, where a class is the only thing that can really be done tahajjud prayer. What's another example of a D that you can do to feed the poor when no one knows about it?

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give charity to somebody when no one knows about it. They used to say that the scholars of Islam, they used to cover themselves every single time they would go and give charity to people so the people would never recognize them. They said he knew that oppression

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was a great man when that man would never reveal himself the one who helps people. But these days the culture is to talk about how much we've given for nations to brag about how much we've helped the poor will lie Islam is very different for us. It's about hiding the best of our deeds, the best of our deeds, the ones that are hidden and made only for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala these and this is the path of true success.

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Allah subhana wa tada said in the in the in the Hadith,

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which is in Bukhari, the Prophet says himself have eaten food See, he said, Allah subhana wa tada says an alumna Shula aka and a sheikh. I am the most free of all of those people that are associated partners with me, man amela Allah Ashoka Maya lady Tara.

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So whoever doesn't action in which associates anyone or even has the whims of thoughts of associating anyone with me in that action, I will leave him and is the Yarra via Allah. We could do a deed throughout our life we could lead lead our life with all the actions and good deeds always doing. But everything could be destroyed on the Day of Judgment, because we did not have true sincerity Nicklaus behind it. But we could be a prostitute throughout our life we could be a thief our life, we could be beggars would be the worst and most evil people throughout our life. But if we did, just one day just one single deep with absolute and pure intention than offer surety, that

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person should be the happiest person on this earth. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala will offer surety and turn him into paradise just like that man who said La ilaha illAllah sincerely from his heart, just like the Jewish prostitute who did that. And I end with this story. And this is a story of a boy who came to Imam Malik Rahim Allah was here. And this is important because we are like, like this boy. He came to Mr. Mallika Himalayan said Yes, ma'am.

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I have come and left my land in order to seek knowledge with you. So the man looked at him and said, Yeah, Brunei, oh, my son, make your intention only for the sake of Allah. For verily, a week ago, another boy had just come to me just like you one week ago. And it was only about a few days, that he stayed with me. And then he passed away he died. And then I saw him in my dream. This is an authentic narration from Imam Malik in seal Allah, Allah. He said, I saw him in my dream. And I saw him that Allah had given him the most amazing reward and the most amazing of rewards in general. And Allah had put him with the greatest of scholars in gentlemen. So I told him Subhana Allah, what is

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Allah done with you? He has forgiven me, the man said, the boy said, and he has given me the reward of the greatest of scholars of Islam. So Mr. Malik Rahim, Allah asked him why, why is the love given that from you when you only done two or three or four Hadith from me? So the boy smiled at me and he said, because of my class for the sake,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the path of true success. This is the path to success where we realize the real reason for existence and of our creation, which is Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the path of true success. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best because that is exactly what our details is. Excellence, excellence, excellence. Muslims, we are people of vision. Muslims, we are people who aspire to greatness. We will not create it to be slaves. We were not created to be followers. My friends were created to be lords and leaders.

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