A Ramadan of change #07 – Still not feeling it

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The segment discusses the lack of physical expression and a possible connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of worship. The segment also touches on the difficulty of tracking down rings and the potential loss of joy from experiencing the sweetness of worship. The segment ends with a message to enjoy the next season.

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Oh Rama

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Murthy. Merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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it's already been around one week since Ramadan started.

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But nevertheless many of us are still complaining that our hearts are not really in gear. I mean, yeah, sure we're doing all the physical stuff but annoyingly we still not feeling it inside. The heart is not engaged at all. Even somebody may say what's going on? What's the problem? She called Islamic new Tamia identifies one possible reason for such coldness towards worship and Allah. What does he say? He says, either I love turgid, Lena Hannah and in harmony Halawa. kobika. Once Yura Han for him, who, if you fail to experience the sweetness of worship, and the sense of inner expanse during it, then you have to point the finger of blame to your worship. He says for inner Rhonda

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shockula Because Allah is grateful. He says, meaning he will reward a person in this world for his actions, through the peace of heart, and the sense of sweetness and incredible joy after worship and during worship, he said, but since these feelings are absent, that it means that the act of worship itself is tarnished by something. Allah is grateful, he has to reward you, but you're not feeling the reward. It means the good deed itself must be deficient, tarnished. There is a barrier that is blocking the heart from tasting the joy of worship. And that barrier is what is sins, try to pinpoint that barrier with brutal and immediate honesty. Is it my insincerity? Is it myself?

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admiration? Is it how I appear in public, both online and offline? Could it be for example, my Fallout with such and such that I haven't mended yet, is it? Is it my finances, that's hampering me? What is it?

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Is it maybe envy? That's eating me up inside? Maybe it's my deplorable relationship with Mum and Dad. Maybe it's my secret sinful habits? Maybe it's my arrogant feeling inside that I don't actually have that many sins to worry about. What is it pinpointed? It's there somewhere. And it just needs to be tracked down? Why in the world, he was asked the question, can a person who insists upon sins experience the sweetness of worship? What did he say? He said not what happened to him? No, not even the person who intends to sin, who considers the sin, He will struggle with the sweetness of worship Subhanallah it's clear isn't it's obvious the same way that an ill body may struggle to enjoy the

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good flavors of a meal. Similarly, a heart that is ill with sins, could cause a person to struggle to enjoy the sweetness of worship. And tracing those sins is hard, I know and tackling them is even harder, but it is a must. And the good news is that it will only be a matter of time before your soul surrenders to your wishes. And becomes as you please, and as Allah pleases. And even better, you will feel you will feel the sweetness of worship. I was eight he said imagine to Asuquo NFC in Allah he will hear Tiki hut shocked to hear Tappahannock I continue dragging my soul by force to Allah. Whilst it cried it was suffering until it finally surrendered to me. And it came with me to

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Allah smiling what better time to address this brothers and sisters, then Ramadan. TreeSet tackle it and then just enjoy what comes next May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow you and I to taste the sweetness of email. Oh Rama

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Messiah merci welcome Rama

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