Ramadan 2019 Reminders 05 – The Essence of Fasting

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The speaker discusses the negative impact of fasting on one's well-being and explains that fasting is not necessary to achieve the soul of the past and earns only when one is conscious of the negative impact of fasting on their well-being. The speaker warns that if one is not conscious of the negative impact of fasting on their well-being, they will not earn anything.

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Ramadan has the outer aspect,

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the physical

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where we don't eat or drink, or have sexual relations after

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the dawn begins

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until the setting of the salon

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that is the physical,

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we avoid food, drink,

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sexual relations, and things that lead to it until the setting of the salon.

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the inner aspects of the fast

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the purpose for which a law has prescribed that

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can only be achieved.

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If we are conscious of what

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the soul of the past is.

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If we're not conscious, we're not aware.

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We're only thinking that fasting is not eating and drinking,

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in the daylight hours, eating and drinking before I need to go drinking after

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then we will not attain or achieve the soul, the essence the heart of fasting.

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We will have fulfilled the legal requirement shediac according to the Shetty app, we fasted

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that legal requirement is fulfilled, you will not be required to make this fast over again. But

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if we do not grasp the essence of the fast

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the soul of Ramadan, then we do not earn for ourselves any reward. All we have done is removed the obligation of fasting from ourselves. That's all