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Ramadan 2019 Reminders 05 – The Essence of Fasting

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Bilal Philips

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Ramadan has the outer aspect,

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the physical

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where we don't eat or drink, or have sexual relations after

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the dawn begins

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until the setting of the salon

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that is the physical,

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we avoid food, drink,

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sexual relations, and things that lead to it until the setting of the salon.

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the inner aspects of the fast

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the purpose for which a law has prescribed that

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can only be achieved.

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If we are conscious of what

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the soul of the past is.

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If we're not conscious, we're not aware.

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We're only thinking that fasting is not eating and drinking,

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in the daylight hours, eating and drinking before I need to go drinking after

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then we will not attain or achieve the soul, the essence the heart of fasting.

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We will have fulfilled the legal requirement shediac according to the Shetty app, we fasted

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that legal requirement is fulfilled, you will not be required to make this fast over again. But

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if we do not grasp the essence of the fast

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the soul of Ramadan, then we do not earn for ourselves any reward. All we have done is removed the obligation of fasting from ourselves. That's all