Mohammed Hijab – Why Anti Semitism is Islamically Impossible

Mohammed Hijab
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Thorkil to suggest that when the Muslims are in charge that they demonize and ostracize and alienate and are unjust towards Jewish people that we will never accept. Bernard Lewis who was an orientalist against against the Muslims, really, he's an orientalist. He even admits that the kind of catastrophes that we saw in Europe, from the pogroms on the Holocaust, and the Spanish Inquisition and 1492. There is no equivalent of that in the Muslim world.

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There is no equivalent in that, you know, why? Because the Muslims did have respect. And Jewish people, some people, they say, what about the Jews? Yeah, that just yeah, and the old schools of thought, is even less payment than there's a cat. But many people don't know that. Well, is the discriminatory tax you're talking about. It's not a discriminatory tax, when it's less than the tax that the Muslims have to pay. And so these fallacies and misnomers and misconceptions about Muslim Jewish living is false.

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And we say in fact, the other two Abrahamic religions that are probably most close to one another, in terms of theology, especially as it relates to God, Islam and Judaism are very, very close.

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We believe in Moses, we believe in David, we believe in Solomon, we believe in all of those prophets, we believe in all of them. And we respect them, and we love them. And in fact, we cannot even be Muslims without them.

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And so therefore, there shouldn't be this kind of friction between Jewish people in Zionists, and sorry, Jewish people and Muslims. Let me tell you something, some of these individuals say the following they say Muslims,

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some people say

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some people say that Muslims are anti semitic. And I say to them, how is it possible that Muslims can be anti semitic, when one of the wives of the Prophet Sophia

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was a Jew? She was Jewish for Jewish lineage.

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There's no doubt about that.

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She was being abused by some of the other wives of the Prophet, because of her Jewishness, and the prophets

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telling her to reference her lineage as a point, my honor,

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tell them that you're

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our who is a prominent, he said, conservatism is impossible for Muslims, because to be anti semitic, we would have to attack one of our mothers, the mothers of the believers, who is suffering.

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In fact, more than this,

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how can you be unsystematic? How could you not like how could you hate Jewish people based on their Jewishness, based on their ethnicity? How can you do that when

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Jewish lineage is not possible? Remember, Judaism is an ethno religious construct. It's an ethnicity as well as a religion. So we say this, we think the attempts of the mainstream media

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and the propagandists the Zionist propaganda, to try and conflict, Zionism, with them to Semitism is only dangerous for them.

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Because you are opening the door to more serious crimes of anti semitism.

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And you're not gonna be able to close that door. It reminds me when you make a mockery of *, and you say rapists, are you defining in such a ridiculous way? Any kind of sexual thing, then when the real * happens?

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Then you're trivializing the price of the *, the victim senses sensing here, when the real anti semitism happens. You will be trivializing the plight of the Jewish people in their communities who are in fact, being attacked as a result of their ethnicity because of what religion they decide to follow. When you say, Semitism equivalent to or anti Israel ism, anti Zionism was equivalent to anti semitism. We accept that discourse. And in fact, doing so will alienate the voices of people like this behind me.

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brave and

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brave and getting people that have stood up.

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One of the things that one of the

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one of the robots said, very interestingly is his perspective and his interpretation of the Torah. He said that we are in an exile

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trying to establish the state in 1948. We are trying to

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and what's really interesting is that there was a verse in the Quran

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there was actually a

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Listen to that effect. Now some people say this is referring to the State of Israel.

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In medicine,

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we're in

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Do you know to

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Masjid, while they

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want you

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to be that one, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if you do good, then that will be for yourself. And if you do bad, then that would be for it. But when the time comes,

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and this is very interesting, when they come in through the message, and what machines are referring to,

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when they come into the message for the second time, and those

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will be humiliated.

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And they will go into the message, and they will destroy that which has happened before. Some scholars say, this is talking about the present state of Israel, and that there won't be a conquest, whether they like it or not. And that is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala, though some will say, well, we don't know if that's what he's talking about. But there is

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the last of the last days, there will be people who will be

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literally on the periphery of the Jerusalem mosque, and now they will be

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the truth sector. We talk about sector and Islam, like divisions and groups and whatever, there's only one one sect, and they will be the ones who eventually liberate

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from the occupation.

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And this is the reality of the situation.

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In those meetings, and those interpretations, and we say today, to our Jewish visitors, and our Jewish friends, companions,

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that we truly respect what you're doing. You're

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a great representation of justice.

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And now, by doing what you're doing, I promise you, when you walk in the streets, and see you in your attire, they will be thinking these are the people that attack and celebrate the deaths of our children. They will they will think twice before that happens. And they'll think to themselves, actually these guys could be very well, the ones who supported us that our time of need, they will be

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the ones who support the policy,

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the typical of 66 innocent people, by the

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Ladies and gentlemen,

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I was meant to have a discussion with you.

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While I wanted to say to you is this there is a Hadith, because the question is, why is this happening? Why is this happening to us?

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Why is it happening, that this is happening in Palestine and so on?

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While he was

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he predicted this, he told us

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come by

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and tell us

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that it's not only the time where the nations are going to

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split you apart.

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Just like when you're in dinnertime and you're splitting apart your food.

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So Paula, you know when you're having dinner,

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I don't know you have curry, you have this roti, whatever you have. And you say to a friend Give me the routine. You say to him, give me the other one.

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And you you missing?

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The perfect tells us that basically this is the way that the nations are going to be splitting the Muslims up just like this. So one of the Sahaba

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and one of the Sahaba said

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Is it because we were small in number. Then the

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reasons why you said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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he said wrong

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on that day that you will be confused. You will

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be a lot in number. Well, I came back

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however, you will be like the sky

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The rubbish

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many you don't have much quality in you. You'll be astonished you'll be rubbish

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sailing, just like when you go to the sea and you see the foam on top,

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like the scum on top of the water

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on the current sun taking it away, the Prophet told us this.

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So the Sahaba interested they say, why is that the case?

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The perfect also said Well, I am gonna

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take up and listen to this amazing it's as if he sees what's happening today. He says well I enzyme Milan is my alma Heba

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mistletoe Rico, the Allah will take

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the Allah will take the fit isn't this Catholic?

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away from the heart of your enemies.

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This is very important, not only fear, but respect, that they will lose fear and respect for you Muslims, your enemies, they will lose respect for you.

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he said something else.

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He said that, that you will have in your hearts.

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Now what is and when he asked this? I said what is

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that when you love the dunya and you hate you feel that?

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The idea is this, we ask the Muslim community now, this is why our numbers despite the fact that we are in number. Unfortunately, we have not been able to punch our weight. We have fulfilled letter by letter, line by line, word by word, the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that prophecy of the future exactly happened. How do we get out of this? The question now is, what is the solution? Now we've already done the prognosis. What's the solution?

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The solution is

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number one, number one, sorry, the prophet said that the enemy will be dividing us. Right? Divide and conquer. And it's as if he was that when Mark Sykes and Pico were literally in the early 1900s, dividing the countries and if you look at the map, why is that? Why is there like straight lines on the map? Because the colonizer literally put a ruler to the pen and said this is going to be Egypt like that was why why is it like a Black Bloc? This is going to be you know, this country's they did it like

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this. So the first thing is about unity. It's very important

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palaces in the levina.

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In indeed those people who divided their religion and became CR became different sects. And now we actually have a spectacle that Funny enough, then you've got nothing to do with them. There's

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nothing to do with them. Anyone and listen carefully, young people. Anyone out do you become practicing in the religion of Islam? Who tells you look, this is the only right way? This is the only this is the only shift is gonna bring you to

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this, like if anybody tells you that any side of the spectrum, Salafi, Sufi, whoever it is, they are calling you. And they are falling into this divide and conquer technique that's been happening from the beginning of the 20th century.

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They came

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to our countries, literally Lawrence of Arabia, came into the Arabic lands. And we told them, Look, why are you Why are you being done? Why are you being governed by focus people, and you put in their hands, I saw be your uncle me and he brought in that heart, this love for nationalism, and patriotism. And they put above that Islamic identity, their national identity and as a result of that the Ottoman Empire was basically the beginning of the end for it. So dividing and conquering has been an ancient practice. And ancient people have been doing some of the prophets help them hold the signs, please, can you go and jump in with them? Please help them? Let's have a nice mix of

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Muslims and our fellow Jewish friends. Yes,

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because it's the Sabbath and they don't want to be filmed.

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So the first thing What did we say? unity? unity, yes upon the right principles.

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But that is not the one because the Prophet told us there will come a time will you be divided, meaning in order to rectify the situation, we will have to be united. That's the reality. The second thing is this

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He said that you will be killed that is that you will be basically like the current, the rubbish, the scum of the, of the water of the sea. So what we have to do now,

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in order to get them back from the, from those enemies,

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what we have to do is we have to build ourselves up in every single way possible. I say that, honestly, now is the time for all of our youth to think about not just contributing for themselves, the individualistic idea of I'm doing it for myself, I want to get married or have a kid and then die know that whatever you choose to do in life, whether it's to go to medical school, whether it's to be an engineer, whether it's to do this or to do that. Now, you have to have a dual purpose in mind, I want to do it for myself, but be how am I going to make this contribute to the oma? How am I gonna make this contribute to the Muslim community and Muslim, Muslim? The Muslim Muslim is like one

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puts itself together. In order to get away from the divisive elements. We must I say this to you, we must stop building ourselves individually as families as communities, and then internationally, there is the only way forward. We want to see Islam implemented, implemented in our own homes, in our own backyards.

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We need this now more than ever before. Because there will come a time where the victory as Allah subhanaw taala says, will come to us the retrieval is not about

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what the question is the boat is going to come and go onto the boat. meaning you're gonna start thinking in alignment with the objectives of the of the community, the Muslim community, are you not?

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Now that's what I say to the Muslims now. We have to start thinking about the community. Anything you choose to do think about one question, how can I do contribute to the oma? I'm not giving you any specific or precise answers. You might figure it out yourself. If you want to be a doctor. If you want to be an engineer, whatever you want to do, the question you have to have in your mind now how is what am I going to contribute to the oma Believe me, the people in Palestine have already promised victory.

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They have been promised. Don't worry too much about them. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran and this will be the last thing I say.

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A lot of time promises but

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law healer

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and larina ama

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lowbush Ra.

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Valley Gov

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realized that he

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was a meal only last dialysis.

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That's the only of Allah, the allies of Allah there's nothing for them to be afraid of.

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to be grieving about

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alladhina amanu the ones who believe

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tidings in this world and in the hereafter.

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There is not gonna be any substitutes and Allah's words is

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that this is the major success and listen to our losses.

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Don't let the words of those people that are attacking us, don't let that grieve you in the life certainly language me that certainly

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the mites

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the mites was Cemil Olive, and he is the old hearing, all knowing, so these people who have been killed and

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we should not be sad about this because they are now locked in.

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We should be feeling sorry for ourselves, because we are being tested with being good believers in this guy. And by the way, the same thing i'm sure applies, you know, that struggle in a society like this. And we have to remain steadfast. And really the US is going to be much more than them allows them to put them in that place and make them the center of the struggle Noma. And we what we can do is do everything in our humanly power and possibility to give them the

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Throw it on to give.

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Give it to him.

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