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The segment discusses the career of a woman named Sarah who married a man named COFIDIT. She was a woman of her word, supportive, and caring, but declined to marry him due to his wealth and age. She later married another man, COFIDIT, and felt that she needed to be positive and bring positive influence to build a nation to be a builder.

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100 liable Brown and today we're going to go back way, way back 556 To the city, the blessed city of Makkah, a woman who was born by the name of Khadija,

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and why we are mentioning her now.

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More than 1500 years later,

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there's something special about her. In fact, more than one special thing about her that we all need men and woman to look into deep and see what made her a builder of a nation. Interestingly, as a woman, we don't even know how she looks like how tall skin color, what was her hair looks like. But we all know the following. In all the books will tell you that she was a businesswoman. She was a woman of honor. She was a woman of her word, support and character.

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And her life started even before she married the Rasul Allah salatu salam. She was married before she had children, but she was widowed. Many men really wanted to marry her noble, wealthy businesswoman, very unique lineage. But she declined. However, after she dealt with Rasul Allah salatu salam, the famous history, a story where she used him to take care of her business. And when he came back, and after that, they dealt or he and she dealt with business, she came to know him. And now she decided she wanted to marry this man, for only one reason. And there is way many reasons to marry Rasul Allah SAR to have Sarah, but for her at that time, was a noble man, a trustworthy

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And he was not rich, and he salatu Sera, then another obstacle, she was older than him.

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But for her was not an issue. And for short for him was not an issue. The only issue he had, that she is rich, and she may not want him.

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But she did. And in fact, she sent someone to him and saying, why are you not married yet?

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And honesty, and he said, I just can't afford it. And she said, How about if we'll get you, someone who will not worry about the money or the cost if you're gonna use the word? And he said, I have no problem with that. Who is she? And then

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she told him to see the Hadiya and he married her at a sauna to a setup. He was 25 year old. She was above 40. I always ask myself, every one of us after 50 100 years, 200 years from now, how people will remember us, if they remember us, and look at the following narrations said by more than one Sahabi. One companion about, say nadie reported that the best woman in their time was to Cedar Maryam was the best in her time. And a Seder Hadiya was the best in her time, not only in dunya.

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But in Africa.

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You always wonder what will make me and you the best person, a man or a woman of my time, let alone 1000 years later. And most importantly, in Jannah there has to be something special. That makes me that special. Now not only the best person or the best woman of Jannah but there's something unique about her that no other human being

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outside the prophets had that and this is actually mommy Buhari and Rasul Allah salatu salam was at home as a teenager brief came to him and he said to him, a Seder Khadija is going to come and bring you a container of food and drink. And when she brings that, feel this, tell her the following. Allah sent his greetings and I am sending you a greetings and give her the glad tiding

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have a house in Ghana from read and she will not have any pain or sorrow in it. What did she do to have a loss send her a special greeting to her. So what made her so special? That best woman in her time? Best woman in Jannah Allah sent her a greeting. Cena Gibreel sent her a greeting

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Let's take some highlights. And the first one is just to anybody well known to everybody. But let's look into a deeper. So here you go. You're at your home, you come to your wife, and there's something really overwhelming you and the response of the wife, or vice versa. The wife comes in. And she really had something overwhelming her. And what's the response? So let's go to their house. And let's see, what was it. So he comes in, after the famous story in the cave, where say ninja breed came to him and says, Read, then he responded, I can't read and again, read, I can't read, read, I can't read. And finally, he told him, he Accra Bismillah Bacala, the Halacha read by the

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name of your Lord, who created so he come back to her. And you can imagine the feeling, the fear, the disbelief, it comes to her. And he said, Something strange happened to me. And he was literally shaking, and says, cover me, cover me. And then he told her the story.

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Now remember, there hasn't been a profit for years before our Swati saw which was said, This is not something happens every day. What was her response? That's what made her so special. When he told her I'm so worried about myself. She said, Don't worry, have the glad tidings by Allah. Allah will never disgrace you.

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Why is that? What did she see from him? As she acknowledged it right away and used it in the moment you keep good relation with the kins family? Regardless, you take good care of them, and you're, you're keen to keep it. This is important for a wife and a husband. One. Number two, you're always there when people need you. Especially the needy. Number three,

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is speak the truth. She acknowledged it. It's extremely important to acknowledge the positives of people to give them the support. You serve the guest generously,

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to all support the uniqueness about her. To build a nation to be a builder. To bring positive influence. You need to be positive and bring the positive from people as we journey through the life

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of the supporter of Roswaal. A salatu salam will continue tomorrow inshallah.