Ali Hammuda – A Life With Allah #03 The Guider

Ali Hammuda
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We've all felt it before,

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crippling in decisiveness and choosing what the best way forward is.

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by our nature we are so susceptible to hesitation and reluctance. Take for example, when you are trying to a up between two job offers or perhaps a time when you struggle to decide on a future spouse, or even that daily battle of being torn between the pull of a sin and Allah

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And it's precisely because of this why every human being is so in need of discovering and being connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala his name Al Hadi, the guide

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when Prophet Musa invited the pharaoh of Egypt to Allah, the pharaoh asked Mandara, beaucoup Mallya Musa, Who is your Lord or Musa.

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And his response was Rob buena levy outta Kula che in Hong Kong who hada Our Lord is He who gave to everything its creation, then guided him.

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So he tells the pharaoh that Allah is not only the Creator of all things, but he's also the one who then gives everything the guidance that is appropriate for it. So he creates the human body and then guides each limb to carry out its function. So he has guided the hands to work and the feet to walk in the mouth to talk the eyes to see, our Lord is here who gave everything its creation then guided it.

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He guides the blind to navigate their way despite being unable to see, He guides the mute to communicate his needs. through sign language. He guides scientists to their remarkable discoveries he guides the researcher to the information that he or she needs. He guides the judge to take the right decision, he guides the parent to take the best course of action when advising children. He guides the newborn to know that the process of suction is what extracts milk despite having no prior education, He guides animals with knowledge of how to find their provisions. Our Lord is ye who gave everything its creation, then guided it.

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The salmon fish

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born in freshwater and migrate downriver to the cold open waters of the Pacific Ocean, and they often travel for 1000s of kilometres then miraculously returned to the river of their birth and they die there. Each year 1000s of spawning salmon struggle up the falls, when they fight the current and the data about and the rest in the shadows and somehow navigating their way to their original streams. still a mystery. How would they find their way home? Is it genetic coding? Is it celestial navigation? Is it electromagnetic currents? Is it a strong sense of smell? What we know for sure is when Olivia Alba Kula che in Hong Kong from our Lord is He who gave everything its creation that

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guided it.

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Take the second example, when a good flower patch is found, bees recruit other bees from their colony to the patch. But how do they tell those bees where to find the best flowers? Well, bees communicate their location using special dances inside the hive. One bee dances while other bees watch to learn the directions to a specific flower patch. So Hala and bees they use two different types of dances to communicate information you have the waggle dance and the circle dance. The waggle dance tells the watching bees two things about the flower patches location, the distance and the direction away from the hive.

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Then you have the circle dance. And the duration of this dance is thought to indicate the quality of the flower patch that she has found. Subhanallah

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and researchers at Sussex University spent about two years trying to decode this waggle dance of 1000s of honeybees by measuring the angle of the dance in relation to the sun and the length of the time. The bee waggled its abdomen. While moving in a figure of eight pattern.

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Researchers were actually able to map out the distance and location where bees forage from month to month.

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Then on top of that the dancing bee smells like the flower patch and gives the watching bees a taste of the nectar she gathered so they recognize the patch when they arrive at it. Allahu Akbar,

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our Lord as He who gave everything its creation that guided it.

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Now let's bring you into the picture.

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Because if this is

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As the extent to which Allah guides, animals and insects and inanimate objects sometimes to their roles in life. How then will Allah's guidance be towards a dignified human being? Can paradise and * were created for Al Hadi, Allah the guide would not leave him in the dark. And so perhaps you're now asking how does Allah's Name and howdy show up in my life

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will take the sending of prophets and messengers all throughout the ages, along with the scriptures and miracles. This is one of the manifestations of Allah and herdy for you what it means or nothing in the hull of Hannity, Allah says there was never a people without a warner having passed among them. Every nation had a prophet sent to them.

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Then on top of that Islam was made your inner default status. No man is born an atheist. Why? Because Allah is Al Hadi. He made Islam the birthright of every human being in the Holocaust, everybody Hanukkah, fudge Italia Thomas Shayateen Allah said in the Hadith I created my servants innately inclined to worship me but the devil is turned them away. Why did he do this? Why did he make Islam your birthright because he is Al Hadi.

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Then on top of that he's installed within your heart and the heart of every human being a caller. Some call it a conscience, which when you do good, it encourages you. And when you do otherwise, it screams at you. And it releases guilt upon you to slow you down. Who put that there? That's an hottie. In one of the most beautiful narrations. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said barraba Allahu methylene Sirata Musa Tieman. Allah has given an example of a straight path.

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While our agenda better your serratus surani fi Hema Abu Abu Musa Taha and on both sides of the straight path there are two walls in which there are doors open. While Abu Dhabi suto and Maha and over the doors are curtains that hang

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at the beginning of the path, there is a caller who says a U haul nurse oh people would Hello Sirata Jimmy and voila, tata for Raju, oh, people come onto the path, come all together and don't depart. And there is another caller who calls from farther in. And when a person tries to open one of those doors, he says we have a lot of inertia in a digital world you don't open it, because if you open it you will enter it. What does this mean?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explains, he said a Serrato Islam the path is Islam was surani How do the Allah the two walls they are the limits of Allah will oblige will move a DA to Muharram Allah and the open doors. They are the prohibitions of Allah. He says that as for the corner at the beginning of the path, saying old people come, come onto the path. He says that is the bulk of Allah the Quran.

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And he says the other color, on top of the path is what? Why of Allah if you have to be equally Muslim, it is the conscious that is found in the heart of every Muslim

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Subhan panela. So even in the absence of prophets, and messengers, and human guiding voices, you've been fitted with an inner guiding voice that speaks to you at every juncture of life, helping you out

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with directions when no one's around, who gave you that other than Allah and handy

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then think about those events that many people would label a coincidence.

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And for anybody, who was widely acknowledged as one of the leading scholars and worshipers he started off as a highway robber abandoned raiding caravans robbing triplet. On one evening, as he was climbing a wall to get to his lover in secret. He hears someone reciting diverse LM yet needed Latina

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TaxJar Kulu boom lady Karela humanas LME lamina

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as the time um for those who have believed that their hearts should humbly submit at the remembrance of Allah, what has to come down of the truth?

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What would happen here would be just amazing. He stopped in his tracks. Halfway up the wall. He started to cry.

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He climbed back down, he made peace with Allah. And he turned over a new leaf with his creator a new leaf of knowledge and worship in preparation for the hereafter. And the Muslim world continues till this day, to benefit from his scholarship, his opinions, his heart melting reminders,

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who organized those events to unfold the way they did?

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It was Allah al Hadi. It was no

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By coincidence,

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it's the same al Hadi who helped al Hakim and they serve already a scholar of Hadith. He'd suffered with severe sores on his face for about a year.

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In every form of medication failed, he asked about Arthur miRNAs. So I will need to make a public to out for him during the Friday prayer making dua that Allah cures me. And he did that. And people said, I mean, I mean, a week later, a woman came to the same Masjid that she dropped off a letter. And the letter mentioned that she was at the masjid when Al Hopkins condition was announced.

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And she'd made so much draft for him that night.

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She said in the letter that in the same night she saw a dream or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her, tell us what Abdullah meaning al Hakim, tell him to facilitate water for the Muslims.

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So the letter was given to Al Hakim, he read it. Instantly, he went to his friend, and he, he dug a small area to the front of his house, he filled it with water and he poured ice to it. And he dedicated it for public use.

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Drinking from it, and before a week had passed, he had made a full recovery, his source Alhamdulillah had cleared. And he lived for many years after this happening,

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who guided her to see this dream and to give him that instruction, Al Hadi guides through illness, He guides through bereavement, He guides through marriage and divorce. He guides through dreams that you see for yourself, or that people see for you.

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He guides through children that he gives you or children he takes away from you. He guides through money he gives you money he takes away he guides through words that needed to be heard at various specific times in your life. And he sends his lifeboats of guidance to man's shores, time and time again. There's no shortage of them.

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But it is man who refuses to sail. It is man who refuses to take notice of these boats.

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Perhaps it's happened in your own life

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where you found yourself sinking within a dark ocean of sin, unable to escape.

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When all of a sudden and unexpected lifeline of guidance is dangled for you. You know people, perhaps you're one of them, who who wandered on in life endlessly, having forgotten Allah guarding themselves, literally sleep walking through the door of one prohibition to another.

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All of a sudden the penny drops out of the blue the most unexpected way. And you wake up from that slumber who was the one who sent your heart back to the masjid. Although in the past, you drive past it. Only when going from place to place without giving it a second glance. You remember that time? Who changed that? Who was the one who put in your heart, the love and the commitment towards the hijab, dear sister, although not too long ago, you would have never imagined yourself wearing it. Perhaps you'd even laughed at those who do. Who changed that?

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Who was the one who put the love of the Quran in your heart, where it now aches at the thought of putting it down.

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Although not too long ago, you remember it was an abandoned book in your life?

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Who changed that?

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Who was the one who made your hereafter your main very unsought and concern in life, although not too long ago, you remember when life for you was just about making money?

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Who changed that

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was just this type of basic reflection, you're now able to track down the sheer number of times that Earl Hardy had, in fact sent guidance to you. So no one has the right to claim that he doesn't want me he hasn't guided me. He hasn't shown me the way you know, if you and I were honest, we would say he has never fallen short and showing me the way. It's just that I have been giving him my back. I have been covering my eyes from his signs.

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I want you to your brother and your sister to see the signs of a hottie in every walk of life, acknowledge them.

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And when they arrive, thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for them, and beg him for more.

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And remember the DUA which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught how to you know be guided, he said to him, say the following words. Allah Who Dini was set dittany Oh Allah guide me and set me right

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