Haifaa Younis – Be Grateful for Your Blessings

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of gratitude and the value of learning from experiences. They also mention a doula and a YouTube video about a woman named Munna. The speaker emphasizes the need for acceptance and gratitude in learning from experiences.
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Bismillah Walkman you're watching um

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the only way I hold on to the blessings is by being grateful. And the question each one of us should ask, and I cannot speak on who I am, but

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a thought has to come to me has a last panel what Allah taken this from me to teach me that I had the blessing.

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And there is a doula, which I love it along Munna to Oliphant to ahref. Nana ama cabeza Wailea. Don't teach us the value or the blessings you gave us. You gave us by taking it away.

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