Best Way to Make Dua

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Bismillah manual.

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And this is also a question came to one of the righteous people and says, teach me, teach me the best way that Allah will respond to my dua that Allah will grant me what I need. Teach me, what should I do and say,

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I look at the answer.

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They said, the best way to have your,

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your supplication, granted and answered is by asking from your heart

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to Allah only sincerely, sincerely, and the duar, the supplication that comes from the heart, it doesn't matter what you memorized. Do you feel it? And you ask, have you thought or swallow a thought or certainly this is part of the Hadeeth, no, learn. Remember, that Allah will not respond to the DA to the supplication of a heart that is oblivia and a heart that is not focused in the DA,

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meaning, I need something, I put my hand up your law, please give me I want this and that. But my heart is somewhere else, my brain thinking of somewhere else. This doesn't work this way. The best way. And I read this somewhere a long time ago.

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To bring your heart

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in law in supplication. Think of yourself as a person alone, in the middle of the ocean. In the night. You don't know how to swim, and you're attached, holding to a piece to a piece of wood.

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How you will ask Allah to save you.

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What's going to come off your heart and your tongue? Will you be thinking of this and that you're going to be focusing only on him. That's the heart that's focused on Allah. ask Allah with your heart focused and with the certainty of gain certainty. No one else will answer you or will give you accept him.