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The importance of reliance on Allah for one's health and success is discussed, along with the need to learn and practice Islam to become a better person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praising Allah's ability to direct and lead, praising his ability to show proper respect towards him, and not giving up. The importance of guidance and guidance in shaping one's life is emphasized, along with the need for guidance and avoiding giving up. The speaker also highlights the importance of learning and practicing to become a better person.

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You see it? Did you get my point? So if I have $1,000 in the bank, this will not make me rely on it. I know Allah will give me million. If I fully rely on him, Do you get the point? I know Allah will never let me down. Not because I have this and this and this you know, I have friends who I have family who I am healthy, I have a good job, you're not relying on Allah, you're relying on the health and the good job and the family and the friends. Whether I have or I don't have, it doesn't matter because Allah is my Lord.

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Allah is Robbie. This is this is real inner belief, which we really have to work on it and a lot this this, by the way, he tests us day and night in this and most of us,

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I will say will not pass or will you barely pass. Because when we panic, when we panic, when we lose the things that we rely on, that tells me how much I rely on on that. When the stock market last week went down, and people panic, then you're depending on the stock market, when the stock market is going to bring me the money is not Allah

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when the physician does the job, and then for example, the surgery didn't go well then you blame the physician.

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Right? You didn't say this is the hub of Allah. This is the decree of Allah, why and how that's the second but the first response in you tells you where there's a longing in your heart and What's your relationship with Allah, I'm a co worker. So you know Musa and surah Tunis Subhana Allah He combined this a three in one IRA.

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And I always wondered about this. I this is what he said. Kalia comi. In quantum momentum biLlahi sorry Hito Caillou in control Muslim, I will translate same palaia homie, he talked this people says all my people, if you believed in Allah, or the lie on him, if you are really Muslims.

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So if you are and when you read this is a beautiful commentary on this is just for the time I cannot go on it. But they say that is to FM This is the first F is the last one. If you are really Muslim, you will rely on Allah and you will have no doubt. That's it.

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That's what we really need to work on. Because part of it, we are too busy. Part of it. We don't even think of this. Even when we are learning and studying. We don't go there. These are all they call it a badass. We'll call this our worship of the heart. This is not external. Only Allah knows only you know how much you rely on Allah. It doesn't matter what people say about you. May people put you up there they think you're the best human being, you know, or maybe people think you are not but you know, when the test comes in, or when the blessings of Allah comes in your image, your Islam, your tawakkol have come out right away, especially in the tough times. Your believe in Allah

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and your submission to him and you're relying on him will come out when you are tested. As simple as this bad rain when we're driving spell I was like I was driving I was like practice daddy's practice that you are where does your Eman What is your Islam? Where is your tawakkol Allah. But the the real reliance on Allah doesn't come unless you have these two. Unless you're really believer in a law and they believe in Allah is in two things actually. And actually, it's in three things when you study I think you will believe in Allah as your Lord as the one who created you, the one who gives you the one who withhold the one who can kill you, the one who's everything is from him. Second thing is the

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only one worthy of your worship or my worship only one. This Deen does not accept two or one and a half. It's only one. And the third thing is you believe in his characters, the names 99 names which we all have in our homes, right? You don't have to, I mean if you memorize them Alhamdulillah that's huge. But more than memorizing is you know it and believe in it. When you say Allah is of Azov, Allah the one who's gonna give me sustenance, that means no human being will take it away from

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it doesn't matter who is that human being and no one will give me unless Allah allows it. So because I meant that means I believe in everything. You give me you withhold, you cure me Everything is you why they cut our cut. So far, there's no job why he is why he laid his side to a sinner starting this application this way.

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And this is very nice and is really you have to think as this will teach you how to ask a lot.

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This is the main thing is

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How do I ask Allah? Think of it in a smaller way? When a child wants something from his mom,

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right? What does he do?

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plays? Right? Best mom ever. You know he wants to talk to us. It depends how much he wants, and what does he want? And how mom will not give him in the usual way. So it starts the whole I love you. There's no mom like you. I will listen to everything you say. I think you are the best man in the world. Everything you say is right. Allah is Exalted of course. But the idea is you usually start your day with Allah subhanaw taala by praising him Don't start by asking actually scholars teaches you that's lack of etiquette.

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Imagine I come to you says give me

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right who's gonna like Hello, good morning. Yeah. So usually you start by this by praising Allah. Where is the praise here? I didn't praising it. The praise actually in this device at the end. Between is the praise here. When I say to Allah, Allah laka slumped. Where is the praise? When I say Allah to you? I surrender. Where does the praise?

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Yes, sir. But where does the phrase so I say I surrender to what is the phrase? That means what?

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You're praising Allah, that means? I'm sorry.

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Yeah, but you're praising Allah. Absolutely. It's humble, of course. But what are you pray in which way you're praising Allah, that you are worthy or that you are worth submitting to? Everything you want me to do is right in this contract. And I am not going to you know, when you say when you say to somebody, I'm following you blindly, because I know I trust you will get me there in daily life. You know, I don't know the way I don't know how to use this GPS. I'm gonna follow you. That means I surrender. Because I know you know the way very well and you've taken me there. And I tell people with me in the car, don't worry, I trust her. What are you really doing? You're praising her. Right?

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you're praising her ability. You're praising her ability to know to direct you. So when you say to Allah, Allah Malacca slumped, you are acknowledging that you are a slave. And this is the best Praise to Allah subhanaw taala is when you acknowledge you are trauma, you're your slave to Allah, because I meant I believe in you and nobody else You know, when you say to your child, I believe in you.

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Or when Navarre say to the to the employee, I believe in you, I think you can do well, what what is how does that feel?

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Well, I lead cutter workout, this is the toughest one and this is the most praised one because one of the highest distinctions of getting close to Allah is you rely on Allah completely, completely. That means you get out of your F and butt and my will and I can do it which is very hard for us. So these are three then what you make an appt and I turn back to you.

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meaning there's two things you turn to Allah. You turn to Allah when you need him, which we all do,

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which we all do, but you turn to Allah when you don't need anything. And he didn't give you anything extra. Just because he's Allah

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you turn to him you know you're feeling good visiting, sipping your coffee or tea, beautiful weather 70 and sunny and outside and you're you're enjoying your day. And what you are thinking is the beauty of law created in that moment you turn to Allah you could be doing anything else and you turn to His Lordship they call it when his creation so you turn to a Laker enough to meaning everywhere I go in whatever situation I am good or bad. I have everything what I don't have anything. I need everything. I don't need anything. I am turning to you fully.

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Or at least I'm struggling this fully is hard, but at least I'm struggling. That brings me to a question I asked myself and I'll ask you how often you turn to Allah and the day without a need.

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They need we often without the need. Think of this morning till now everything was fine. How often you turn to Allah

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meaning how often you remembered how often you praised him. How often you said this or they can tell your lie love you know be you give me beautiful gamma keep it nothing extra than usual. I see I eat I breathe

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in a car and not only to you. How did Allah spandana describes a neighborhood

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and the Quran

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Ibrahim the Hollywood aware money this is what the repeatedly in these three or two of them. Ibrahim sadan Ebrahim was forbearing our tender heart and money always don't Allah

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always don't online your first reaction in anything tells you what is a law in your in your life in anything if the force thing comes out from here not here Alhamdulillah I stopped for a law your law protect me you're allowed to do this you're allowed to this natural then you are ammonium at least externally but if it is people what is my phone where they did this who they did that to then Allah is not their number one

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so Allahumma laka Islam to you I sir and while we comment and in UI believe while a katoa code and own UI rely waiting Laker and appt war Vika Hassan

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and to you and for you, I argue.

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When was the last time you argued with somebody?

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Your child probably this morning? Or maybe this afternoon? What was the argument about? Did you do your homework? How was the school? He says fine, why don't you answer me well, right? Don't use your phone. Don't sit on that internet.

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This could all be to Allah for Allah.

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This all could be what Vika has done for you.

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If it is so he can get a good grade and go to good school.

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That's not horrible. So beaker has some foreign law, I argue. And I need to go back and say how much I argued. And why did I argue?

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Why the intention? For what for me? For myself? I have to prove to her that I am right. That I have to prove to her I know better. That's not horrible. Even Indian, even in game, if you argue indeed to prove to people you are right, that's not from

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it has to be fully for him because this is your dean and people need to know. And if they believe they made hamdulillah they didn't believe you take care of it. Why? Because so this is five No, no question yet. memorize this. Hi, this is beautiful honey. This is a personal relationship with Allah. This doesn't doesn't come natural. Unless you feel it or you know that you aren't you keep saying it till you feel it. Well, bica Hassan, Allah Hama zytek. Now he started getting closer to asking Allah, I seek refuge in your might realize what is his dignity? Is his dignity as his honor, as his might as its power.

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Although there is Attica I seek refuge in your power in your mind, in your honor.

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Where do we normally look for when do I feel undignified?

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Normally in life

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when when I meet people, but when I do feel undignified

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when I am rewarded for what I do, when I am better than everybody else, when I get the job that a lot of people would then get when I go to this to this college or this school, or this job where a lot of people don't that I feel I am dignified or I come from this family or my husband come from that family or my husband had that job or that job or or that much bank account. We look at dignity in material. What did the law says in the Quran?

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When can we do that is vanilla hula is to Jamia

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Jamia, Whosoever wants dignity. There's no other way. Fighting law hula is to Jamia to Allah is dignity and all.

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All dignity. You want to be dignified, get connected with a source of dignity. And I cannot get connected with the source of dignity unless I obey Him.

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Unless I love him. Truly, not by word, unless I submit to Him fully.

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are all dubya exotic, icy crowfield in your mind, in your power. And when you read the commentary on this, they said Subhan Allah, Allah Swati salatu salam didn't say our doula

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he could have said I seek refuge in Allah. We all say Lw but he specifically looked for his might for his power because of what he is going to ask Olivia Exotica La Ilaha Illa and he is still glorifying a lot so there is no cost. No Noah

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King, no need what is the need? You know like what do you really want law either heartland? No Allah, no Lord, but you and to really learn

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that I wouldn't be misguided. What I will go astray.

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Last pantalla also sets in the Quran, the Lumia idemia II guide home so he wills and he let homes he will go astray or my Yogi Latham Allah hoomin had also ever Allah misguide, nobody will guide.

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What is this? This is our Swati santosa. What am I asking? What am I acknowledging? When I say your law, with all this two lines of asking? And I see, please, this is basically what I'm saying. I believe in you, I do everything you want. My heart, accept everything comes from, you know, love, but for, you know, obedience, but for you know, dignity, but without, you know, reliance on you. This is what I'm saying, right? And I seek refuge in You, because you are the might, please don't let me go astray. This is basically how it is. And who's asking.

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Literally, every commentary I read about this,

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all of them they said if Rasulullah saw to sinner, asked Allah that He will not go astray. What should I undo? This teaches me the following. Number one, no one is safe.

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Don't get arrogant. Don't be very happy Alhamdulillah I'm praying five times a day, you know, I wear my hijab and I first Ramadan, and Allah knows what's going to happen to model and we have seen it and we are seeing it may Allah protect us all. All.

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That means this is a this is a supplication, I have to keep saying it and saying it and saying it. Because not only I want him to protect him, but I want to eat me to improve me. Because as long as I am improving, I'm not going backward.

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And that's why most of the scholars will tell you, if you do not improve, you're going to go backward. So if you are okay with five Salah a day, only, only five, no extras, don't be happy. Because one day, the five will become four.

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May Allah protect us all and the four becomes three.

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And that's how people you rarely ever, ever, and ask or read when people start going backward. See if you know a woman who used to wear a job and took her hijab off, right? See what was the process. The process is always gradual, rarely ever.

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I mean, there's always exceptions to the rule, but usually it's gradual. Subtle, you can see it, the dress changes gradually, gradually, right from being loose to become tight. To know tight jeans becomes tight jeans, no tight blouse becomes tight blouse, right? Part of the hair starts showing then the cover becomes very loose, then when it follows sometimes stays and sometimes on and then one day we're done.

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So don't want to be so secure. That a handle relax handler blind, of course it's Alhamdulillah blind. But I always have to ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep me guided and mainly to improve me. Don't you ever accept to be in the middle? Because in the middle, if you stay in the middle, you're going to go that way. You read always always you want to stay, even if it is one step a day. hamdulillah I mean, we want to Millionaire Day, but Al Hamdulillah one step, keep asking a lot to get better. ask Allah that you are doing five to make them better five, if you're doing five, five minutes, make them seven minutes each. If you're doing five on time Alhamdulillah give me too soon.

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Give me to at least five at least with our gradual, it's beautiful if you can go quickly but garage, all the weaker until the Lenny Don't let me go astray. And the first one of the

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if I want to know how I'm going to use the one best way,

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best way or the most successful way of going astray is your company

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is your friends. Who do you spend time with? They will affect you.

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No way. No way. Unless you are really which I have not seen and that's why all

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Always the the teacher seat teaches you Your friends are your friends unless they pull you back when they pull you back pull out because you will get dragged We are weak and this will be nice of ours beautiful unfortunately and it's easy and we our nerves we like it so our although we can aim for the learning your Allah I'm begging him Please do not let me go astray again. Where is this drop in the Quran? You all know it or not is Upolu Ghana by the ADA Delta or habla nama dakara

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you're a lot early Emraan first page Oh Allah please now robina na calobra do not make our hearts go astray tizzle xhale when you move away or tilt from the right path and even even if you are driving and you go to the side is called Zeo when you when you're going to start moving gradually away from the straight line that is a clue where there is a data after you guided us I didn't get guided or VA guided me your Allah Don't let this happen. What happened amla don't call and give me mercy love to protect in the cancer hug This is the if you are the one who gives without even asking and gives without measure gives to even to those who doesn't deserve so this video is all about learning your

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why don't let me go a strike and then the joy is didn't finish. This is the only word he was asking. Look at the end

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and tell Hey,

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you are the everlasting another name of a loss Pantone is the one who will never die at all. Until how a loving latter mood that you will never die when a genuine insio Muto and the gin and the ins will die. Why he ended up this one.

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Why he ended up this? Why did he say to a lot Pankaj that you are the one who will never die.

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It's who has the power more general.

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More you're right absolutely shows the power of Allah.

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And then he specified what is genuine into your mood

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and the gene and the human beings die.

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But you are not this ratio,

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Okay, Gene,

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attributes, truths, genuine ins, human beings, and the jinn doesn't have the same attributes. This is all true. What you see what you feel, or what you get is, if you are, if I am acknowledging, and I should acknowledge because that's a fact. Allah is the only one who doesn't die. The only one is everlasting, then he is the only one I should rely on. I should depend on, I should submit, I should believe, because everybody else is like me.

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They say what he's saying. But he's forming arrays and arrays Serato. May Allah be pleased with him? Why I have surrender to you?

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Of course, Allah knows. And of course I know. But he is reminding you and me in case you say why not people? Why not people? And they're good this long, they can help me, right? He's reminding you of fact, which we all know, but we don't think of it. We all know, right? That everyone will die. If Zippy person die. I cannot rely on him. Because tomorrow I could be done. And I'm done.

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Did you get the point? You know, I was like I have an appointment next week. He is going to help me who's going to solve my problem. They told me this and I know and I did my homework and I did my search, you know these days. And tomorrow the guy died or the woman died. Car accident. Is that possible? Last Tuesday 17 people were alive you're nobody

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like this in a minute.

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So inhale because you are the everlasting You are the only one that deserve fully that I surrender. That I believe the title of the tie every lie that I asked from and the only one who can give me

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tells you another thing there's so many lessons you learn from this

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guidance is from Allah subhanaw taala which we all know this but don't take this literally because a lot of people will say okay, the guidance from Allah so what's my problem? He didn't guide me. I have nothing to do with it. No, that's not my

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guidance have ways

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guidance is like you want to bake a cake? Can you sit in the house and says, You know what, I'm going to bake a cake and Allah is the one who will help me I'm sitting on my couch and then the cake is going to make itself and then it's going to go walk to the oven. And is that possible? You're all laughing? Because that's not possible. Why in guidance that's possible? Did you get my point? Why guidance is possible cake is not possible, which is easier. Cake Of course. So I need like, I have to go to the fridge, open the fridge and get a milk or eggs. It depends what cake you're doing. And you have to go to the pantry and get the

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flour these days, go to Google or tasty and get the recipe.

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I need the the means to be guided.

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And then the last pantalla will guide me part of his guidance. He will make the means easy. Have you ever seen this?

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I'll give you an example. Last week, right? This this is a story of guidance people probably didn't pay attention to one person said I want to go to one person talking to her husband. I want to go to camera. And then let's go to Jerusalem afterwards. You know you're talking ended up 20 plus people are gone.

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Because that person thing to that person, that person saying to that person, what is this? Now this is guidance. Why? Because aamra is a form of very bad. It's a form of a mean of getting closer to Allah not available to everybody. For many reasons.

00:26:42--> 00:27:26

Maybe Allah knows, but I'm just trying to make you think of how the ways of guidance comes it's not necessarily only that you attend classes, or only you sit on your masala every day from morning to evening. That's part of it. But it's also come in your daily life. in your daily life. Someone sent you how many messages you get a day, aren't you fed up with all these whatsapp group WhatsApp groups, and please don't send me any more. Why? Literally, I get one from Saudi and five minutes later I get the same from California. I was like next thing I'm gonna get from the moon. Okay, but these are sorts of guidance. I'm not saying read them all. But in general, in general, a source of

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guidance comes from many ways. When I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't let me go astray. That means send me all the ways that will keep me guided one to make me see them as way of guidance. Number three, which is the hardest

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Hey, guys.

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How are you?

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So what I want to end up with is a DA asked in the last panel which by itself is an AMA and we are all myself included.

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way behind into our, in our daily life, not when I am in need, not when it is Ramadan in daily life, look at your cell for me when I am in need when my child is sick, how is my daughter and when I am not sick when my child is fine when I don't need anything, you know there's no exam tomorrow. I only the job tomorrow. And how is my daughter? I'm too busy. You know I have to run and do this. And so unless pantalla certain sort of fine I'm reminding you and myself when our bond decree painted on my shirt on banca.

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Tiamat, Yama, whomsoever turned away from remembering.

00:30:41--> 00:31:07

Being in a home as a tomboy, he's gonna live with difficulty, and he's his life will be tight. He will feel constrained externally or internally on our shoulder, we all know fiama tiama and are they Day of Judgment, he is going to come to us blind, turning away from the dua, turning away from asking Allah even if I don't need anything, he said that hamdulillah in your da that

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you're praising Allah. So you are asking a lot supplication to Allah is when you praise Him is a supplication when you ask is a supplication when you glorify is a supplication Don't be miser

00:31:21--> 00:31:47

train yourself from now there is two and a half months left for Ramadan. Actually there is three months yeah and less than three months less than three months total Milan train yourself from now that in every solder every sauna before or after or before after testing it doesn't matter there's a different opinion wouldn't this is not the issue make a Doha

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make at least two hours How many do as we have discussed so far? That's why we're giving you even the paper right? Any job memorize it from now till Ramadan? Keep saying it till it becomes natural. becomes like now you say to fatty how you don't have to think when is when you read the fatty Alhamdulillah pick up pick up at least to do out to supplications you know, and keep seeing it in every sauna in every Salah till it becomes habit. That's before you say cinema Lee Kuan Yew already made a dua and the more you come to this the more along with teach you that's part of the guidance. That's part of the guidance will Allah make you remember an act of everybody that guidance is

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pulling you when he reminds you to do your extra when he reminds you or there is a class that lets me go when he reminds you let me say this job before I say set out so teach yourself Don't be miser I always say this to woman specially and the best do the first do you do is for yourself before your children and I always say this to everybody I know I don't know when we die if there's anybody will pray for us. We I can't guarantee this this life has changed. It's not like you and me I'm sure everybody in this room make dua for their parents daily. Because this is how we are I cannot guarantee you when I die if anybody is even gonna remember me because everybody is busy with their

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life. I need to make a dua for me and do the best draw before you say Allah guide my children Allah guide me the Allah keep me guided devising come guided Allah guide me, Allah protect me, and of course, children, neighbors, the loved ones or the Muslim oma that's fine, but number one yourself. Pray for your grave. Pray that Allah will lie I don't know where we will die. I know there will be a Muslim single Muslim to pray for us. Allah knows that make her do other to Allah make me die in a place where people will pray for me. I want 1000s I want the other three millions will pray for me your biani Why not? So make it make it a habit that you do this regularly. Always. I mean, as soon

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as we do draw all the time, but unfortunately we don't. So do this. Get husband Muslim, get these get anything, put them in your phone anyway, to make you remember, but make your supplication to Allah part of your life. And it is an act of a blood. It's an act of worship by the way. It's like you are doing Salah Nafisa. This is how it is now last pantalla makers of those tecnologica was that Kira Subhana Allah homovanillic eyeshadow stop hirokawa to bully sobre la Holly he was a lot sad, numb hamadryad he was Harvey testament Kathy is akmola who can take this one of those of you who came late. We can take a copy of it.

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Absolutely Milady or yes