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AI: Summary © The potential consequences of changing one's gender and finding a way to stop regret and growth are discussed in a medicine designed to lower gaze and cause growth. The Herod School ofoniology belief that everything is possible and everything is possible, and the speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding drastic behavior. The speaker also discusses the benefits of finding a way to stop lust and regret, as it can lead to a "weird heart" that is not a monstrous marriage.
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For those who say that I am currently entangled in the Haram relationship, I am a victim of some sort of obsession with the opposite gender. I am an addict even to perhaps images or someone may say pornography. My heart is drunk on lust. What do I do to free myself to rediscover Allah and the world and the afterlife, I suggest for you and for me to your brother and your sister, a medicine that is made up of seven components. The first component is the lowering of the gaze. If you don't pay him, he says, Every calamity begins with the glands. And most wildfires begin with a Spock one who complains of being chastised by lust and desire but insist on not changing the habits when it

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comes to gays is like a person who was complaining of a draft and he's refusing to close the door is not going to change. It begins here, closing this huge gate to your heart for the eyes. And you will say to me, it's tough. I will say to you, I know. But email him he says the patients needed to lower the gaze is less than the patients needed for the consequences that follow if you don't lower your gaze, Component number two of this medicine marriage, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there is nothing like marriage for two who love one another. How is it that the very same fire that destroys nations and burns up livelihoods and kills people is the same fire that happens to heat up

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our buildings and cooks our food? How come? Well, because the first fire that destroys people was an untamed fire, unrestricted fire, uncontrolled and channeled and guided, and so it killed and destroyed. Whereas the second fire that we benefit from it comes to us through channels, pipes, cylinders, it's guided, it's limited. And so we grow and we eat, we are warm, and we are happy. The same can be said about relationships and sex, if it breaks free from the confines of Sharia, and it is outside of the parameters of a halal Islamic marriage. It burns it engine, it causes regret. And it causes a scorching heat in this world and in the Hereafter, whereas when it is channeled through

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an Islamic marriage, it causes growth, it causes happiness, it brings about a joy, I swear by Allah that is perhaps only second place to the joy of knowing Elijah. If, however, you discover that marriage is not feasible for one reason or another, for example, you need to run away with this girl and take her away from her father and against the will of her family, for this marriage to happen, et cetera. Then you walk away from the relationship if marriage is not feasible, don't give farewells, don't give her an Islamic sermon how this is for the sake of Allah. Don't do any of that. Change your number, delete the number, lock the number, change the phone, if you need to change your

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scenario, lock the door, throw away the key and with time you will recover. I promise with time you will rediscover yourself and rediscover Allah and rediscover the home of the Hereafter and rediscover the bigger picture of life. Because distance is dryness is a multimedia set. And whenever you stop remembering something frequently its effects on the heart will be released. Number three, remember that the efficiencies of the beloved one poet he says If one was to recall the defects of the Beloved, this person would no longer be besotted. Recall the difference. Like get a grid. What is it an angel? It's a human being it's a man it's a woman in San division deficient relax. Why are

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you losing sleep? Why are you losing weight just in case you forgot this person belches burps deviates I'm sorry to say urinates vomits, menstruate, this person has body hair and all sorts of interesting places. This person has a horrible your body odor. If it's not controlled through baths and showering and perfumes. This person has all sorts of disgusting habits that have been carefully curated and edited and Photoshop and obscured during the courting phase through the masks of obsession. Now there's more to it, relax, remember the deficiencies of the Beloved. And that's why even though Tamia he said passion he said obsession by definition is the corruption of knowledge and

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perception and imagination is not true. Number four, remember that perfection of what awaits in general that will help us overcome it. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes both men and women in Jannah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes first of all the men of Jenga, he said men in general are given the strength of 100 men with respect to eating and drinking desire and marital relations. They are Georgia free of all bodily hair, more of the normal beards, his eyes are anointed with properly filled with the vitality and strength and vibrancy and energy and excitement. These are the men of Jannah created in the form of our father

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Adam Alayhi Salatu was Salam ALA. As for the women of January, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If a woman from Paradise was to overlook into the people of this world, the beauty of her face would illuminate everything between the heavens and the earth, and she would fill it with her beautiful scent. That's a glance, and then he said, the garment that she wears on her head for beauty is better than the world.

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In everything within it if that is the garment on her head then what about the beauty and the splendor and perfection of the individual beneath? Number five of this medicine realize that Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah who will not leave you empty handed when you make the decision to walk away if you think that you're going to break this relationship and walk away and Allah will leave you scot free with nothing to look out for nothing to be excited for you have thought bad thoughts about Allah agenda. No, no, the replacement, the alternative is already on its way and that is why Abu Qatada and they said we went to an Arab Bedouin man and we said to him, Have you ever heard the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say anything? And he said yes are you heard him say whenever you leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah who will replace it with something that is better, that is a promise of Allah and you better believe it. Number six, fill your life with life and afterlife defining activities don't keep your heart empty, because that will then become prone to every satanic whispering every Devenish thought and every doubt in the religion many times the reason why we fall captive to these images and these conversations and these messages that come our way is not because we're weak is because our hearts are empty. There is nothing there so anything can settle

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the poet who said her love came to me before I knew what love was, but it met an empty heart and so it resided an empty heart brothers they asked how is it that we have so few generations that deal with hormonal youth how to address our children who are now teenagers and they're looking to the opposite gender? How come they Hadith does not speak much about this age range. I say to you, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not deal with it verbally. He dealt with it practically by giving those young men and young women projects to think about so they were not going to be slowed down by no petty appetite and haram I believe not best young man you are responsible

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for tafsir young man you're responsible for Hadith.

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You pick up the sword jihad is your position or somebody who's a 1718 year old no problem. You lead an army against the Roman Empire. Java, you make your way to Abyssinia give it our most you go to your favorite Medina give it our new Java you go to Yemen give it our Allahu Akbar, he activated within them a sense of purpose, a goal a vision what is your vision in life and that became such a powerful light that it obscured every other appetite and haram they refuse to be slowed down by the impermissible number seven and I conclude with this call upon Allah for help and cry your eyes out to Allah and ask him if you don't turn away from me this desire as your ally will be weak make dua

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and that is why Yusuf alayhi salam, what did he do when they conspired against him? The women he raised his hands and he said, Well, if I need Can you tell us about ELI he know what I call middle Jaya he, my Lord, if you don't turn away from me, they're blocking I will become weak and then I will be from the ignorant ones. What was the outcome first the job Allah horombo So his load responded to him pasada and who came down and he averted from him that are plotting in now who who was semi Alani him he is the hero. He's the you know, in conclusion, your brothers and sisters man by his nature, he has a tendency to look for happiness where it is easiest to search for it not

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where it is actually found. And I say this because when all is said and done, the ultimate remedy for lust and haram impulses is to love Allah agenda. Gentlemen, find a way too long. Because becoming attached to people is pain and injury and a scorching heat and regret and becoming attached to Allah is relief and a cure from him and tranquility and inner expanse and when you discover that Allah whom you then love, you will discover a Lord who is not obsessed with your habits but a Lord who wants from you your heart once you give Him your heart. He will then take care of your habits.