Allah Elevated Human above the Angels

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the history of Islam and how he believes that individuals should not be empowered to do things they think they are better at. He also talks about a scene where Clinton and Clinton's behavior is seen as a start state of elevation, and advises against underestimating one's value as a human being.

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Something we all know about the angels that taught me what status mean and you as a human being, Allah gave us when Allah asked the angels to do what? to prostrate for us, right? When do you prostrate to anybody? I mean, we're not supposed to prostrate to anyone except Allah subhanaw taala but when do you kiss the hand of someone, when you respect them when you think they are better than you, you do things you don't do it for everybody. Well, Allah told the angels to prostrate and che Allah said no, and this has inserted a slot he looked at was Clinton and says, See those that you elevated their status over me which see what I'm going to do to them.

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So you enemy are elevated in the sight of Allah. That's why and don't look down at people because they are this or that and you are this and that they are we are all human beings. And I'm was pantalla elevated our status was Pankaj that will boast about us in front of a melodica you know that. When is that on the Day of Arafah

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when all of us are those who are in hygiene, Allah looks at the angels and says Look at my servants, they came they are tired, they're dirty, they full of dust, and they came to worship me bear witness I have forgiven them.

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Isn't that a start state of elevation. So don't underestimate. I'm not telling you be arrogant, but also know your value as a human being. Because Allah said to the angels,

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prostrating to them