Can One Be A Practicing Muslim But Have no Feelings for The Opposite Gender – Ask Shaykh YQ #122

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So this person considers them self as a practicing Muslim woman who was very religious. And they stated that the only inner battle they're having with themselves is having feelings towards other women. And they stated that they know that this is haram. So they're asking how should they address these feelings without feeling less religious? And how should we as Muslims deal with homosexual feelings? And what should I do if a friend or relative is struggling with the same sex desires and

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So we firmly believe that a desire in and of itself is not sinful, it can lead to sin, but a desire a feeling is not sinful, and you are no less of a Muslim for having a desire. And therefore, the sister says that she feels you know, less of a Muslim or she feels or Islam is not, you know, strong simply because she has a certain persuasion. And we say no, that is not correct, what your persuasion is or what you're attracted to, or your feelings or desires do not at all make you any less of a Muslim. Now, Allah azza wa jal has clearly told us that not every desire is healthy, okay, I might desire to consume substances are going to alter my mind, I might desire to be with a person

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that is not a female, that is not my wife, that desire is not in and of itself sinful, but it is something that is harmful if acted upon, and therefore we are told in our religion, that the desires that lead to sin should be curbed. Now, listen, this is a very key point, the existence of the desire is not sinful, but to act upon it is indeed sinful. And therefore, to make sure that we keep those desires in check is the essence of our faith. And it is in that that our ranks are raised up. Therefore, it is very possible that a person who is struggling with these desires, whether they're same sex, whether there's a young man or woman who's trying to keep chaste and dignified and not

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fall into Zina, whether it is somebody in love, but they're not married, and so they don't want to you know, commit any type of Zina these are all desires, and in battling those desires, one is raised in the ranks in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is where a man is tested. And this is where the ranks of gender are assigned. Therefore, we can say to the sister, that the mere fact that you feel this way means nothing about the level of demand that you have, you're still Alhamdulillah a good Muslim or Muslim just because of that desire. It means nothing to us. A label this is put by society. We're interested in your demand and taqwa that's what we're interested in.

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And Amanda taqwa is manifested in your relationship, in a law, in your rituals, and in controlling your desires, not in the existence of the desires. Therefore, if this sister is able to overcome those desires, and control them and curb them, it is very likely that she occupies a higher place than somebody who is not struggling with those desires. As for how somebody should go about, you know, curbing and controlling, obviously, the number one mechanism is indeed to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is the most important mechanism number two, we always believe that an increased amount of Koran and rituals will help us number three, our Prophet sallallahu Sallam told

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us that fasting helps, especially in that department number four. Now, this is something that is not universal. Some people not everybody, some people who struggle with same sex can also conceivably be attracted to the opposite gender, ie what is called bisexual. If that is the case, then definitely, this desire should be satisfied in a healthy manner via marriage by finding a suitable partner. However, not everybody feels that way. There are people that feel that they cannot find happiness if they were to get married to the opposite gender, in which case we say that indeed, there is no other alternative other than celibacy. And celibacy is indeed possible. There are many people in human

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history, who are celibate. There are people right now who are those young men who are not married, they choose to be celibate, sometimes for years, sometimes for longer on and, and there is no alternative because we firmly believe that there are certain desires that are simply unhealthy to be acted upon, and to act upon same sex desires we believe is something that is not beneficial for the soul. So turn to Allah subhana wa tada make lots of drama and they could and if the desire can be satisfied in a permissible manner via marriage, with the opposite gender, somebody that is Manasa when appropriate. Alhamdulillah if other than this, then we ask a large region for soccer and to

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feel that Allah knows best

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