The Downfall of Andrew Tate and His Muslim Male Impersonators

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The success of individuals and their families is defined in the Quran and the importance of finding a way to be successful in life, not just wealth or wealth. The speakers argue that happiness is not based on wealth or wealth, but rather on a lifestyle and a person. They also discuss the struggles of the dams and the "hamoni" in the dams, including finding a partner for a job and finding a partner to work with. The segment emphasizes the importance of reversing negative emotions and finding a way to be successful in life.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah better care to brothers and sisters and dear friends. Yes, ma'am. In Egypt channel bomb during the introduction you've been doing all of you give me the privilege. Give me the privilege really take it and it's an honor to be on your channel to be starting it. Let me ask you a question. What do you deem is success and happiness that you personally do? What is successful is happiness? Well, I think it's a very powerful question. You know, I think before we get there, it's important to know what not what as Muslims we don't believe successes. Okay, so the opposite. So if Okay, all right, let's, let's do the whole negation affirmation thing,

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talking to Gately about it. So we don't, we don't accept that the capitalistic liberal definition of success. The more money you have, the more successful you are, okay. The Quran actually gives us a template for success. In South Lhasa, as you know will ask for in the internet, if you host Illa Latina and Manuel everyone is, is instead of loss except for those who believe and do good works, but also be happy with us over sober and exhort one another truth and exude love to patients. And the law says in the Quran, majority law and times 58 year high level Latina am an omen como Latina Autolite Metrojet the Allah He raises a rank those who believe amongst you, and on the ones who have

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been given knowledge and rights. So here we have another part of the success formula, you have to have a man which one of the prerequisites for it is a class in sincerity

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is sincerity. And then, obviously, knowledge as well as the religion. Yeah.

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And that's why providers or Samsung had this maturity level be higher on your phone, okay, hopefully, Dean, whoever wants or whoever Allah wants good for he makes him knowledgeable understand the religion. And we also know

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that from the IRA, which is, you know, and only goes through like, a long discussion, but suffice it for me to say, but suffice it to say that the idea that having money equates to success is something which I found that actually, like, because how can even prove that

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if we talk about influence, as well, like, if we put away the religious discourse for a second and talk about just influence, yeah.

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If success is the extent to which and many people have defined it, honestly, like the extent to which you have an impact on society, this new phenomena that we're seeing nowadays, like six figure phenomena of being a high value, man, and making money, and all this kind of thing, we're seeing like red pill movement, and, and generally what has already been like the, the precursor for that was liberalism. Anyway, was capitalism anyway? Should they just didn't capitalism and making another kind of some ideology from it? Yeah. But really, and truly, most, how many millionaires are there in the world? Today? There are a lot of millionaires. There are a lot of people that are very, very

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wealthy, but they will be forgotten. And like next 100 years? Yes. So even if you take away that religious narrative, you still got this is this idea that you can be completely successful without actually being wealthy at all, there are people in history that are ranked, for example, Pantheon, this lacquer website, they ranked the most influential people on the base on certain things, how much they've been mentioned, how much the legacy continues, by the way, Muhammad, Hassan was number one. Well, this is a non Islamic with things called panacea. But even that, you know, if you consider the variables like William Shakespeare, who died, I think 616 16 If you could compare him

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with the most rich person of his time, but the most wealthy person of his time, I would, I would submit to you that William Shakespeare was more influential. We were speaking about Shakespeare now, Charles Dickens, the same thing can be said, although he didn't have a business interest to be fair. And while I'm not trying to say is that you can't have a business interest, yeah. But what I'm saying is that it's not there's a law of diminishing returns, there's a law of so there's a point where having money doesn't actually, if it does not fulfill your objective, which is legacy, creating from an influential perspective, then you can't say that it's success, especially not from

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our perspective. So this idea that being a six figure guy and having two or three wives or having so many wives is success, this is a western idea, actually, to be honest with you. The point is this. Why is this obsession with thinking who sets you nine figure eight figure six figure five figure who told you that this is success? What you're doing is you're looking around you and being manipulated by these videos of individuals who's maybe living an actual that lifestyle or not irrelevant? And what you're doing is you're thinking with your uncle and thinking, Ah, he must be happy. He's got bad girls. He's got money. So who told you that you'll be happy like that? Who told you you will not

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be happy like that? Happiness doesn't come with what you the wealth that you have. Let me tell you something. Yeah, well, I I live. I've been to your house as well. Yeah. I live in a one bedroom flat. Me, my wife and my two daughters, two daughters in the same room row in the same room. Okay. Walla Walla, he looks on be life. I'm saying if I'm alive, I'm so happy and content and I don't own the house. I pay rent. Every month I pay rent, or mortgage etc. Wallahi. You know, why not? The umpire is not something that no one else has. The point is this. I trust that my happiness comes from Allah, not the money, the wealth and the stuff that I have. I used to drive a Toyota Prius I

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used to do Uber. You don't why I mentioned this before, like why did you find the need to mention it? Because I'm trying to drill it in your mind.

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In in your head, happiness and success is not based on what you drive. Now if I had the money would I be driving a Bentley best believe so? If I had the money without buying a house with five mansions and free toilets best believe so. But the point is this carrying money in your hand and carrying it in your heart are two separate things. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that a day will come that your enemies will come around you like they come to feast of dinner and the companion said, O Messenger of Allah allah sallallahu Sallam is would it be that we are fewer number isn't no rather you will be great in number. But he said Allah will take the fear of your enemies from their

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hearts towards you. And he will take the animal put the love of the dunya in your heart Humberto Karasuma you will love the dunya and your fear that's exactly and that's exactly what we're having today. You are chasing and willing to pay people like Andrew T and whoever it may be a certain amount of money because to get in

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I feel like starting something myself and charging you 500 pounds so you can come back if something was Halal slap you and say Here's your money. Go back to being stupid. Yeah, go back and learn your lesson. Yeah, without going to spend their

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money you can spend the look Wallahi contentment, contentment when I first came to Istanbul I was I fell I was working with this company. They do stock take VPP while I started Tescos continued you know why? Because I realized I have no happiness in my life. And I had a lot of things. When I first came to Islam. I was doing that on the part time and I was doing stocked at seven, eight pounds an hour keep while I was so happy. I can pray on time. Because to me happiness was different. Lift that lifestyle I keep it doesn't bring me happiness. It's good that you're coming from perspective, someone that's been through both Yes. Why? Why do people like this? Why do people feel like why do

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you find Muslim men now who are finding this guy Andrew Tate like you've lived his life? And others like him? Yeah, like Conor McGregor? Like there's even people that are just like, pompous. Yeah, but pompous in a materialistic way? Yes. Where they're putting the dunya they're making it like it's all about money and flushing things which are expensive. Yeah, like showing their cars and why do men Yeah, especially why do we? Why are we fighting a woman about like, in this case, because

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why are we finding this attractive bro? The reason we're finding it is very simple like that, if we mentioned that the the fear of death has been taken from us and a loved one is entering our house. There is no other explanation to that bro. And you need to reverse that. Because if the Minister of Allah says that we're going to be hit with that you want to just because you hit with it doesn't mean you live with that, bro. It doesn't mean okay. I fear death. And I love the dunya Okay, there was a point of my life. I was like that. Yeah. But I chose to reverse that and be like, I want the love of the hereafter and the fear of the dunya why can you not reverse that? Just because the

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measure Allah said, that doesn't mean I'm gonna sit here and being that change your condition. Allah does not change the condition of man until it changes within himself. So if you know you have that death, I hate it. Dunya I love it. It's the time that shows you you have no connection with your Lord. Yeah. And that you should slowly start working on what can disconnecting yourself, you know why? Because you can die any second, this dunya is going to live carry on after you. So the point I'm saying is it shows an insecurity and inferior inferiority complex, that your success is based on what what the kuffar this evil is these men who are sleeping around this is your role model. One guy

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said, Here's your role model the Prophet peace and then undertake no way Yeah, can you imagine all the mystery of Allah? And Andrew, can you imagine the scum of this earth and the best of man to walk this earth? And we're not blaming the problem? Maybe they mean a lot, but the point is this, this is the level we're at. And there's many reasons to that, but let me let me at least do I want you to connect this because I feel like this is something that previous nations have dealt with before. Okay, so there's a figure in the Quran I want to read the verses actually, I'm translating my particular baton but I think it's worth it. Yeah, just if you genuinely want to know the Islamic

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solutions to these issues of high value now, Muslim men who are meant to be like shoe types, or individuals or barbital Yes, they are producing programs and stuff how to be of high value man. And I want them and other ones, you know people like us just just Janee neckties and look at the if the Quran sounds COVID This ayat, Allah would translate them and then I want you to comment on them please Okay.

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Allah you

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won't be here with Judy

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Faraja on call me he sees in

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call the Nyoni don't hire it and don't yeah late Anna I miss llama call oh no in less Oh, how old are you now the work all the you know to line my way like Abu Hanifa Iran Lehmann

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Camila Saleh Ah, well, you will call her also be your own. For her Seffner be he'll be daddy. He can Cannella homea fie it young Sorona whom in one in one can I mean glcn In well

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Baja leadin atom and no McKenna who Bill MC Hakuna awaken Allah Hi Abu Toro is calling me Asha Omen IBRD via

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Allah Who Arlene Allah has ever been. Wake

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up at home, get your own ticket.

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To Nigel who

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you read oh now once in a while as

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well. Paper tune in with joking. Let me just translate Yeah. Allah says, Verily Qarun was of Moses his people, but he behaved arrogantly towards them. And we gave him of the treasures that which of the keys would have been a burden to a body of a strong man of strong men. When his people said to him, Do not be Glads with ungratefulness to Allah as favors, Verily Allah does not like those who are glad with ungratefulness to Allah favors, but seek with that wealth which Allah has bestowed you, the home of the Hereafter. And forget not your portion of the legal enjoyment in this world, and do good as Allah has been good to you, and seek not mischief in the land. Verily, Allah likes

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not the moves you don't.

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Those who commit great crimes and sins oppresses tyrants, Mischief Makers and corrupt.

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He said that this has been given to me only because of knowledge I possess. Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him generations, men who were stronger than him in mites, and greater in the amount of riches they had collected, but the moduli mourn the criminals, disbelievers. The policies and sinners will not be questioned of their sins, because Allah knows them well, and so will be punished without account. So he went forth before his people in his pomp, Danny's arrogance.

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Those who are desirous of the life of this world said, Ah, what that we had like, of what karoun had been given, Verily, He is the owner of great fortune. But for those who have been given religious knowledge said, Woe to you, the role of Allah and the Hereafter is better for those who believe and do righteous deeds. And this is this non shall attain except those who are patient. So we cause the earth to swallow him and his dwelling place, and he had no group or party to help them against Allah. Nor was he one of those who could save himself.

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And those people who have desired for a portion like his portion the day before began to say, no, no you not that it is Allah who enlarges the provision, or restricts it to whomever He pleases of His slaves.

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Had it not been that Allah was gracious to us, he could of course the earth to swallow us up also, Know you not that the disbelievers will never be successful. That home of the Hereafter a paradise shall assign to those who rebelled not against the truth with pride and oppression in the land. No do mischief by committing crimes. And the good end is for those Matakohe in the pious.

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Amen. It's very simple. Like I said, before, Harun, what did he say call it this is? Caronia, he said, It's because of this knowledge that I have

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to go to Aki Arkell. And it literally is saying what I possessed here is what has given me this. And where Allah is saying it is him. He is the one that's giving you that Yeah. And he's saying no, I ascribe it to myself this success that I have, I ascribe it to myself. And this is where very crucial lucky when you think your happiness lies in figures or being in a certain state. You're basically thinking that if you reach that status, that you gain that arrogance. Arrogance comes in, you know, I just it was my hard work etc. And you go down to look very simple like Allah says, you might hate something which is good for you and love something which is bad for you. Very simple.

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When you ask Allah for something, ask him what is good for you. Because anything that you think in your head, you think that is good for you might be your destruction? Ask Allah say, Allah, if this is good for me, give it to me if it's not keep it away from me. This is what you call containment and you know, gives you your content with it. I was gonna say, you know, like, recently this tape because the tape effect Yeah, yeah, he was he was kicked off social media. I don't know what Yeah, but apparently the lack of a goodbye message. Yeah, very demoralized, defeated. Yeah. And he was even making apologies, which goes against what he was initially imagined his life this.

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The discourse has changed, the tone has changed the power like the mask has dropped. Like imagine he's like Cardona in the story. Sorry to say, and I'm not trying to deter him from becoming Muslim or anything like that, because I hope he does become a symbol for him to really become Muslim mentalize Islam, he has to take away this materialism that he currently possesses. Yeah, because the true submission to Allah subhanaw taala not your own neffs or your own desire. Yeah.

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Okay, so I'm saying is that cartoon he came out for how Rajala calm he's in and he came up with this to his people with his own, like pumping adornments and people were like, Yeah, we wish this that is success. They consider that this when he was destroyed, they were like, You know what? Actually we're not he's not in a favorable position when people saw that Judo was worse than being in a low place is to go up and then go to a low place. So the fact that he had all of this algorithm in his favor and then he went now he's not he's the platform he's actually been cancelled he said I can't be cancelled when the platform finished is cancelled. So okay, now he's like that people are

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thinking you know what, that wasn't that wasn't a feasible alternative or model people even look at him now thinking I forget it. It's everyone Conor McGregor, bro like quite frankly we saw him walking around the billionaire strike then he got finished a few times on the ring and people like that actually that's not a tenable one because you're not being disingenuous and authentic about your own vulnerable your human vulnerability that you have to you have to forward this fake match on us as a man that yeah, I'm just big man and I can't be touched I'm invincible bro there's a there was a there was there was a post that was his name Tate done where he was saying I am God. Okay,

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look your God How can God be the platform? Yeah, I could be taking every single Instagram from YouTube in this video like you're gonna cry first. Yeah, so sorry one more thing just on this point of the story. The people who truly believes or tests a litmus test bro because the two people that had their their heart connected to the ACA they will never fall into this in the first place. It's only those who are weakened like in the dunya and they have been fit and on and on Yes, they will end up having to even if you don't have the funds for it, bro. Bro imagine this you don't have the funds for it. But you're gonna have now rent a car Bentley car or an Aston Martin. You are you drive

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around in a class 2001 edition. Yeah. And you have you make 50 grand a year which is fine. This is fine. Be humble with it and I'm happy with that. However hamdulillah it's actually more than 90% of our population However, now you are Muslim guy meant to be a diet and you and your friends are going around in Bentley's and talking about being a high value man. Isn't this humiliation has Allah humiliated with your own fitna? Your fitna and tumble statin. You have become more distant in dunya. And you have now spilled out over to other people you're selling dunya to the people. When when the when the Sahaba came to the from Moussa Salam, once a hobby, very famous Hadith. So what's going on

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wives, but what he said a doula analogy and the fall to have been a lot of billionaires tell me if something that if I do it, the people will love me and Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will love me and he will do it, he said, is that for dunya you have Bucha you have Allah, if you live off the dunya Allah who will love you here was had fi mindedness and live off what the people have the people who love you see already now even the layman when they look at individuals like this, who are meant to be Islamically practicing going into Bentley cars and trying to flesh around and they're not about that life, quite frankly, they're not above the law. And they're not even that rich anyway, their

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mechanics or whatever they do for a living. They don't even about that life and pumping weights in a gym and they haven't do that much weights to be honest with you. And they're not they're not they're not about and you're faking it until you're making it then people forget this guy's a fake buff. How can you go from

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imitating Felsen to

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Enam and this and that to everything Andrew take note this is all acting the whole thing is accurate persona is an act. Then you consider YouTube as a as a as a playing ground for your for your act your role for you. So people even the lay people see like Muslims doing this things are like what you're doing like drums I see is that FEMA in the national handbook and that's and that's why people are starting to dislike you. You know menjaga dunya Akbar hameau de profesor Salam says Whoever makes the dunya his biggest ham jalla fakra Who by nine a he makes his poverty in front of his eyes. Whereas if you make the archeological hammock, yeah, as far as I tell him said, if you make the

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Accra your biggest concern

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at that to dunya where Akima the dunya comes to and is being compelled to do so like an animal Rakim I literally like an animal beings come to you like that. Why that's so true, man. If you if you put your heart into the dunya it's like a shadow you walk towards it, and it runs away from you. Come on breath. Don't don't make it as if you have two wives. That's related to something about two wives. Don't make it and don't lie to the public. To the men out there. We'll talk about polygamy at length we have

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let's be honest, let's be honest, don't make it seem as if being in polygamy is gonna make you happy man, it might make you well, it's actually harder to make your life harder. I agree. I'll tell you something. For the most part, if you do polygamy, the pain will be more than a pleasure. Don't make that this odd this perfect life and this utopia for you as a man, the pain we will then the pleasure. So let's be honest.

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That's a different topic. Because we can do we can blame the first wife for causing that pain as well. So the thing is it because at the end of the year, so that's a different topic in itself. It's difficult.

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It's difficult, but it's from the Dean. But so the thing that what I'm saying is, so what I'm just saying is that again, if you look at it

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Pamela, even if you take these people as role models, look how they like you said the platform etc. Yet again, because you're putting your happiness into an individual seek ALLAH pleasing Allah subhanaw taala put that effort into that money if we're going to borrow money to sign up to cause whether it's done by Wallah he just instead of doing that invest in lucrative processes that suck whatever makes you poor. Yeah, Kevin sadaqa wherever you listen, we borrowed money to even sell the car. Yeah, look, and then our show is I don't want to go too much. But again, what I'm saying is very simple. Otherwise, you know what's gonna happen? Look, this dunya is is going to leave you it's

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as simple as that. Okay, live for Allah subhanho wa Taala he's ever living and your happiness lies within not undertake any Dawa Muhammad hijab this guy that guy this course. It is not. Okay. If you're teaching it's actually quite disappointing.

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How? How fragile how weak we are the Muslim Ah, well, why the men we give the woman a hard time last time

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now it's time to get them in you guys quite frankly, Muslim men if you don't know how to be men, yes. For you to for a man to look up to a man like sorry to say like these guys like entertainers and those who call him who call it from the Muslim community for you to look up to that then I'm sorry to say there's a problem when you enter the problem and yeah, exactly, exactly. So that's impossible. I want to make it too long. But and that's not the grilling for the brothers are going to be coming with the red pill movement. You know, I've actually dedicated a whole set which I'm actually painting the whole wall and everything myself because it's a big and feminism and red pill.

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These are destroying the households and we want to inshallah reverse that and make the family unit that we're talking about right now. You're gonna tell me about how to become a high value man. You need to start off with

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May Allah make his high value men in front of his eyes, Walla Walla, he if we can die as a believer that Allah accepted one lead one did Allah set this didn't specifically for me, at one line success is that that to me is the highest value man I could ever be. Because in front of my Lord, I want value in front of Allah. I don't want value in front of a woman in front of this guy, that guy, I want my value in front of Allah, that when I stand in front of like, when they look at, I think was after living Massoud when he was on a tree and the Sahaba laughed and said the guy's skinny legs. And the messenger of Allah said, if you knew, you know, his legs are like the weight of Mount old in

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the size of a royal Roman Wallah. He that is Oh, I wonder I wonder if these brothers are just at your point. That's it. Well, I that was I was gonna say just at that point. Yeah. Do you notice prophecy using the term high value now especially in regards to money? Yeah, so look at someone like Mr. Herrera. Yeah, what why? Why someone who's?

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Well, Allah He he, I think Philip mistaken abdomens, maybe he wasn't that wealthy. One like I wouldn't be like you know, they'll say this because you say this man has no value. Skinny, not much money. This that Wallah he they will say this man disregarded disregarded. What Wallah What did the Prophet said? His legs are Like man oh, hold the weight in sight of Allah. This is where we want our value, not by how strong you look, how long will that be honest, we were not very big guys. You had the weekend site. Well, I'll be honest with you, it's not how big you are. It's not how big your muscles are, or etc. This time I'm not talking about this guy.

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In general Wallahi with Allah subhanho wa Taala me