The Story of Nuh – Part 3 The Da’wah of the Prophet Nuh and Its Reception #35

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a Saramonic rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh to who Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was set salam ala Mala via vida. I'm about. We are continuing in our series of the Stories of the Prophets and we are still in the story of the prophet nor Allah His Salaam. And I'm still reconstructing what we know of the story of Noah Hadees Salaam. And as I explained to you a few lessons ago, there's going to be a little bit of repetition by the nature of this content, because my goal really is to have a very, very thorough series, and I'm not

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restricting myself to any timeline or anything, I'm just going where the flow goes as the saying goes, so today inshallah Tada, we're going to do in a little bit more analysis, what we learned from the Quran regarding the Dawa, the, the teachings of the Prophet nor what exactly was he calling his people to? What can we learn about his people from what he was calling them to do? And what was the response of his people? And how did the Prophet know Allah histogram deal with that response? So, today's lecture will be very much Quran focused, and we will try to mention the verses of the Quran that talk about the methodology and the content of the Tao of the Prophet, no, Annie Sadam, that

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mentioned what his people responded, and how the Prophet Nurhaliza responded to them back in return. And throughout all of this, what you will see over and over again, is that the exact same, the exact same criticisms that the people of North gave were the criticisms that the orange gave her the prophets of Allah Almighty He was selling them. It is as if Allah azza wa jal is using the story of the Prophet Nuada his Salam, to send a message to the Quraysh that the very first nation use the exact same things and said the exact same points that you are mentioning, oh Quraysh, and the Prophet Muhammad system is being given constellation as well, that yeah, rasool Allah, it's not the

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first time that these issues have been raised. It's not the first time that the character of the messenger has been mocked, that the character of the followers has been mocked, that the socio economic differences are brought up. It's the same story over and over again, frankly, for us now, 1450 years later, the exact same issues really are brought up and this notion of superiority complex against the Muslim ummah, and the socio economic privilege status as we're gonna see. And the notion that those who follow religion are, you know, intellectually backward, the same motifs that the Prophet Nuada his salaam had to hear, Allah knows how many years ago we're hearing to this day, it's

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the same notion, this assumption of superiority simply because they have more wealth, or they have more status or they have whatever they think they have, and they make fun of those who have the religion so we're going to see over and over again, the same cyclical patterns from the time of the prophet nor throughout the iterations. By the way, even for the owner Musa the same, you know, the same notions are there throughout the majority of profits to the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, I'm all the way down to our time. So let us begin with one of the verses that Prophet no Ali Salam is described in the Quran that Allah says in the Quran, what is the prophet nor calling to Surah that

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our off verse 59 That what about our son No honey Allah called me he in need for call a homie for call a call me Buddha law Hama, la comunidad Manila, hello Rahu in the half of it from either Biomin or the indeed we said no to his people. And he said, all my people are Buddha law, her mother, Camilla Henry, who worship Allah, you have no other God besides him, I truly fear for you the torment of a tremendous day of a frightening day. So we learned from here that all three motifs of religion are combined rissalah, Tawheed, and Astra these are the three foundational premises of our faith, that there is one God that this God sends prophets throughout mankind, and that there is a

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final day. And this one verse combines all three of these motifs that indeed we send to know to his people, and he said, This is rissalah all my people worship Allah, you have no God besides him. This is the heat in the hall for adequate iwon. I'm fearful for you of the torment of a tremendous day. This is the era and in surah 225

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To 26 Allah says in the Quran that What about Asana? No honey, only he that we said no to his people in the lacuna the room will be in an arugula what? Woohoo, that you should worship Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, you should worship Allah alone and a half taco of him. Truly I fear for you the torment of a painful Day. The same notion that have the, the Taqwa of Allah, or have the worship of Allah do the worship of Allah and have the Taqwa of Allah as well. So we have this notion of consciousness of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. In the beginning of Surah noon, we have the same motif as well, that in our center, new Haneda Omaheke in Neeraj, Kamala zero mobian that we sent north to his people, and North

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said to his people, that I am a Nithya I'm an open warner to you know, I said to his people are the auto No, no, I said to his people, that oh my people, I have been sent to you with a clear warning, worship Allah azza wa jal and Abdullah what who will alter your own worship Allah alone, have Taqwa of Him and obey me, if you do so, young fella come the Rubicon, he will forgive your sins, while you are here to come, either Agilent Musa, and he will delay your punishment he will, he will allow you to live until that a time a time will come, which is the appointed time of the day of judgment. And indeed, when that time comes, then it cannot be delayed if you only knew. So once again, we have all

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of these notions but a little bit more as well. The concept of Taqwa is mentioned here and the concept of obeying the prophet as also mentioned, and of course, obedience. The prophet is a standard message of all of the messengers in Surah Surah verse 13, the same notions are mentioned as well, that Allah says in the Quran, that sha Allah comida Dini Ma was sabe he knew Han Allah has ordained for you, ya rasool Allah and for the believers, the same thing that he ordained for Noah and what he revealed to you, ya rasool Allah, and what he revealed to Ebrahim and Musa Issa So the message is the same what is that message I'll pay Medina wala Tata for raw coffee, uphold the

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religion established the religion and do not divide amongst yourselves in It established the religion and make no divisions within the religion stick one within the OMA. So Allah isn't saying of the things we commanded nor how they his Salaam and acclaim with Dean to make a comment to Dean what is common to Dean A commented Dean means to fulfill the rights of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and to uphold the commandments of Allah subhanho wa Taala in your life and beyond your life as much as you can. The concept of the comet the deen primarily means that in your own personal life, you establish and you fulfill the rights of Allah and the rights of the abode of Allah subhanho wa taala. And if

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you're able to go beyond this, well then do that as well meaning beyond your personal life. I say this because the concept of equality Dean, some groups have taken on a a political establishment of this. And while that is not 100% incorrect, it is also not the primary connotation of the verse again, just to be technical here. Your comment to Dean is not necessarily in this verse, I mean, the establishment of a political order, it actually primarily means to establish the deen in your own life. And this is demonstrated in the prophetic realities of the majority of prophets who did not establish political enterprises and yet they did establish a commented Dean. So this shows us when

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Allah says Muhammad to Dean, he is not primarily talking about the establishment of a political ladder. I say this simply because to be fair to this verse here, of course, the reality of Islamic political science is beyond the scope of today's lecture. It is good to have an Islamic political system, but it is not the primary purpose of our faith. It is an incidental if you have it, it's good. If not, then well, then you can still enter Jannah by perfecting the religion in your own life. So just to make that small point of Mohammed dean here, and Susan Muto in verse 23. Allah says that, indeed, Lakota send a new Haneda call me he, for Karla comer Buddha, Allah ma la comida Hara,

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you who have alerted to goon again the same concept that we sent north to his people. And he declared to his people, oh, my people worship Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. You have no other God besides him. Will you not have Taqwa of him? Now, from all of this, we learned a number of things. There's a lot of repetition in these verses. Some of them give more than others, but the concept is the same. It is very clear that the people of North worshipped multiple gods we know this without a shadow of a doubt. And it also appears to be the case that they either rejected Allah

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or, or they neglected Allah subhanho wa Taala so much that in reality, it was as if they did not believe in Him. And this is somewhat akin to the reality of the Koresh, the Quraysh knew the name Allah, but they made Allah so distant from their lives, that they rarely worshipped Him. They did not invoke Him, they did not make dua to him, they would make to add to the intermediaries, and they would say to these intermediaries, that you will be our conduit to reach Allah, the grand God, the big God. And we're gonna go through all of these minor gods to get to the ultimate god, that is Allah subhana wa taala. They knew who Allah was, but they rarely invoked him. It was only a matter

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of life and death, when they're about to drown. When they when they when every hope is lost, they will then invoke Allah subhanho wa taala. Otherwise, the general default is that they would not worship Allah subhana wa either directly. So it appears that the people of Noah had fallen into a similar type of idolatry, a similar type of paganism, and this is the reality of global paganism, from the beginning of time, up until our times, it's not they that they reject the existence of one all powerful God. It is rather they make this one God too distant, too holy, to unapproachable. They make that one God, so blessed if you like, and so distant from the world, that it is as if his

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existence doesn't have a role to play in our lives. And therefore no Holly has Salam is coming and reminding them that Allah azza wa jal is not a distant God, Allah azza wa jal is not someone who is to above you know, in fact, there is no other God at all that you should be going through to reach him except for Allah subhanho wa taala. It is also clear from these verses, that the people of Noah did not believe in a hereafter, and they had rejected Qiyamah. And so once again, similar to the Quraysh, that the Prophet alayhi salam is reminding them that there's going to be a resurrection and they should prepare for that resurrection. And we clearly see this linkage of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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with the concept of worship, and the reminding of the people of North of the existence of Allah, in the famous Surah of nowhere, that the Prophet and where it says in Surah noi, that murder come later jounal the law he wore Cara Walker the hardcore come out whare notice, what is the matter with you, that you are not in all of Allah azza wa jal even though Allah is the One Who has created you in stages, LM todo que for halacha Allah who served as Emma Watson to ba ba, don't you see how Allah has created the seven heavens one after the other was your idol comma Rafi hinda. Nura and he has placed the moon within it as a light which either shumsa Say Raja and he has made the sun a radiant

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lamp Wallah who am Betacam mineral out of the Nevada and Allah has caused you to grow forth like the plant is growing from the earth Allah has caused you to grow forth. Suddenly you really do comfy her while you're collegial. Raja, then he will return you to the earth and then bring you back from the earth. Wallah who Jad hola como Allah be self taught, and Allah has spread for the earth for you in a very flat manner, so that you may walk along it's spacious pathways. Now, this entire paragraph is basic realities that are observed around us. And the Quran uses the same tactics against the Quraysh and against modern man as well. That look at the obvious signs of Allah around you. Don't you see

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the perfection of the creation? Don't you see the seven heavens above seven heavens. We've explained this in many previous lectures. It is all of the stars above all of the Creation above us. It is the celestial spheres and objects that Allah azza wa jal says, look at all of this creation above us, and Allah has placed the moon and Allah has blessed the sun and Allah azza wa jal has caused you to go forth in stages and to grow and then to die then he shall resurrect you. Now what is the first verse? Why are you not in all of Allah, My Allah Coolatta rejuvenate Allahu wa Cara, which means Allah azza wa jal had lost in their hearts, the sanctity that he deserved, how could they have done

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this? The way that pagans do this, the way that polytheists do this is that the main god, the primary God becomes distant from the creation, he becomes too detached. And so it is as if the primary God plays no role in your life, in fact, is one of the choruses to

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The other end they're doing toward from the cab, the one of the Quraysh asked the other. Do you think Allah sees a Gnosis? Do you think Allah azza wa jal cares about our two hours? And the other one said, Only if we shout out loud will Allah hear us otherwise? It's these gods that hear us. So what happens is that the primary God in this case, Allah Azza, wa jal becomes a God that has no direct relationship with you. And this is what happens with the people of nowhere. When that happens, well, then the love and the fear and the connection that the believer should have with Allah is taken away, and it is replaced with the love and fear and connection with the false gods.

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And this is what Allah says about the Quraysh. This is exactly what Allah says about the Quraysh, that when Allah subhanaw taala, when the other gods are mentioned, they become happy. When Allah is mentioned, they become distant, they're not connecting with Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah says in surah, Al Baqarah, That those who reject Allah subhana wa taala, they love their false gods, as much as you love Allah. In fact, you love Allah more than they love their false gods. So this notion of connecting with the Creator, it is gone from the minds of the polytheists, from the modern polytheists and from the Quraysh and from the people of North and instead of this connection with

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Allah, the false connection occurs with their gods, the false gods, and that is why the Prophet Nora has been sent. So what were the tactics of the Prophet Nora? Well, the Quran tells us many tactics, the Quran says And again, this isn't suited nor that the Quran mentions that Allah no Robbie or no 100 be in need out to call me Leila and when a hora Nora said, Oh my Rob, I have called my people throughout the day and throughout the night, but Fela museum da Isla Ferrara, the more I called them, the more they turned away from me. We're in the cool lemma TAO to whom little fear Allah home every time I call them so that you may forgive them. Josue Assad the Humphrey adda and him they put

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their fingers in their ears was stellar show theorbo home as a as a mockery. They covered themselves with their garments, they might have had a cloak, they might have something and they're covering their ears with their garments, while Saru was stuck bow to stick bearer. And they persisted in denying me and they acted very arrogantly thumb in need out to whom Chihara then I called upon them publicly, openly, outwardly thumb in the astrology room, then I preach to them privately. What is Aurora and I preach to them in a manner that is similar or private, eventually know how to his salaam lost patience with his people. And Nora said, all are known horribly in the home ausone. Nora

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said, Oh, my Lord, they have certainly persisted in disobeying me, and they followed instead, their elites, they follow the creme de la creme of their society, whose abundant wealth and children only increase them in their sense of loss. Well, not Kuru Macron Kibera and they devise the tremendous plot against me, urging their followers telling their followers do not abandon these false gods. So the Prophet Nora Alayhis Salam says that he invoked his he called to his people at different times at different places using different methodologies. He called them as the Quran says For 1000 years minus 55 with a VM L for sanity Illa hum seen as Allah says, this is very explicit. And again, by

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the way, this is a very common misconception that Nora lived for 950 years no, no live for longer than 950 years. No Alayhis Salam preached for 950 years and this is something that again, we will have to accept at face value. As I have said multiple times throughout many of my lectures that where the Quran is explicit, where the Sunnah is explicit, we hear and authentic, we hear and we obey, and we do not question and where it is ambiguous or vague or where there is room for asking questions, we may go ahead and ask and leave it to Allah subhanho wa taala. But what is unequivocal, we somewhere in our Alpina here and we obey. And there is again, this modern notion of trying to

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rationalize How can the Prophet know have lived for 950 years while the response is the one who created nor and the one who gave Noah his organs and his body and what not is capable of allowing normally his salam to live for 950 years, as we said in a previous lecture, as well. There is no evidence that anybody else have the time of nor lived that long, there is no evidence that the earlier generations lived 1000 years, 200 years, 100 years. You know, this is not something that we know I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I'm saying it's not a part of our belief system to affirm so if it happened, Allah

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is capable of doing it and if it didn't happen well then we are not obliged to believe in it. We're only obliged to believe in one prophets lengthy life and that is the prophet nor Allah His salaam which is very explicit fella with a fee him elfa Senate in in LA from Siena Alma, he lived amongst his people for 950 years 1000 minus 50, preaching to them philosophy. So here preaching to his people for 100 for 150 years, and sometimes he's preaching publicly. And sometimes he's preaching privately. And sometimes he's telling the message in an entire audience in the middle of the town, and sometimes he's going to their houses and preaching one on one. So the tactics varied. And so for

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950 years, he's using all of these tactics. At times, he's encouraging people by enticing them to the blessings of Allah. So in Surah Noor the Prophet Nora says that if you embrace Islam, your series sama Ali committed Aurora, Allah will shower you with abundant rain. William did Combi and wind in Weber Nina and Allah will increase you with wealth and children while your gyla come Jana tin were janela calm and Hera and he will give you gardens and he will give you rivers. So this is a enticement tactic. If you believe that Allah will give you all of this as well sometimes uses emotional argument. He says, Yeah, call me all my people in the hall for it either be human or the

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Oh my people, I am scared for you. I love you so much that I'm scared for you that if you don't believe, then a painful punishment will come. So he uses an emotional argument a threat. Sometimes he uses the spiritual argument of forgiveness for all to still feel rubber come into who kind of have I said to my people seek Allah's forgiveness, for indeed He is the One Who forgives. So we see from this, that the prophets and after them the preachers of Islam should use all of these tactics depending on which tactic will be the most effective. For some people. The tactic of enticement works, believe in Allah and you will find happiness of the heart and that is very true. For other

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people. It is spiritual blessings and forgiveness, believe in Allah and you will be pure, your sins will be forgiven. And that is also true. For other people, it is threat of punishment, believe in Allah for if you do not believe that I fear that your arrogance will cause the punishment to come down. And this is the tactics that many of the prophets have used in the past. If you look at, again, the same motifs and tactics are there. Similarly, when you're preaching Islam, when you're teaching Islam, when you're interacting with others, you look at their own psychology, and you see which tactic will be the most effective. And all of these are legitimate because Allah created

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people differently and different things entice different people. So the Prophet Nurhaliza salaams methodology is something that is universal, and we can benefit from up until our times as well. So the Prophet nor therefore we also learn by the way, of course, the concept of private Dawa public that was secret dial one on one, Dawa Dawa, and audiences and crowds, the prophet system did all of these things. Again, I say, the story of Noah Hawley his Salam is in reality, almost a replica in terms of what do I mean by this in terms of what his people said, and what he said to them, and what his response was, and how they mocked Him. It is almost literally line by line, a replica of what is

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happening in Makkah with the prophets, Allah Salam, and the Quraysh. And of course, the message is obvious, and that is simultaneously a message to the Quraysh and the message to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As for the Quraysh, the message is, you are not the first, the very first OMA did exactly what you are doing. And notice what happened to them. I sent a flood to destroy them, there is no trace of them left. And as for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he is being consoled that ya rasool Allah, you are not the first to be denied, you are not the first to be marked. And the same thing said to no are being said to you. So. And of course, as I said, even

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to us, we can learn from all of these motifs because they are universal, how poor is man? And how fragile is man, that for millennia, the same arguments are used against the prophets of God? There is nothing new that they can come forth with what was the response of new hottie his Salam and

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the people's response to that as well. So the people's response when Nora was sent to them, Allah says, All men will live in a cafe Romeo call me he in linerlock, a few badali Mubin. The mother who is the mother, the mother or the elite groups who control society, the mother are the gangs

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that think that they have power over everybody else. And the other people have given them that power, out of fear, out of love out of greed. So the mother or the elites or I should say they consider themselves the elite. And so Allah says the Allah call mela already in a couple of call me he, the mother of those who disbelieved of his people said, we see you in manifest error, you are clearly wrong. We are right when we worship the false gods. We have society with us. We have history with us in our jedna Abba Anna, we found our forefathers doing this and so, we must be correct. So, we find the motif of quantity means they are right. A bit of legacy means they are right means we

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had a little bit before you and socio economic privilege means we are right. So the fact that all of us are agreeing upon this group mentality, mod mentality means that you are wrong. In surah two verse 27. Allah says in the Quran, that Allah Allah will live in a government only he once again the mela notice the mela is being mentioned multiple times. It is as if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is mentioning

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it the reality of the Quran because the Quran did the exact same thing. The Quran also had a mother, the chieftains of the Quran are acting exactly like the chieftains at the time of the prophet nor so in Surah tooth verse 27. Listen to the series of problems the series of irritate robots, the series of objections that the raising for the prophet nor Almelo linen cover only hit the disbelieving chiefs of his people said that man Urraca Illa Bashara Mithuna, we clearly see that you are a human like us. So point number one, you are a human being. If Allah had wanted to, we would have sent an angel why should we follow you? Prophets are not men, prophets are not human beings, your your flesh

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and blood we know who you are, you eat and drink you marry, you have children, you are flesh and blood, how can you be a prophet? Point number two, woman Urraca Tebah aka Illa Allah Deena hora de Luna. And we see that none of us elite follow you, only the lowest class is following you point number two socio economic nobility. If you look at your converts, Oh, no. Your converts are the shepherds, your converts are the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, the elite are not your followers. So truth is measured by the privilege of class of those who embrace it, whatever the privilege, class says becomes the truth, and SubhanAllah. How similar is our timeframe, the elite and powerful

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what they say becomes true. And anybody who doesn't agree with them, they are the backwards they are the ones and look at now morality and the LGBT issue and the trans issue and all that is happening, just because the elite, quote unquote, are saying it the presumption all of mankind must say it, and because they're not saying it, well, then that makes them backward. Of course, this is a circular argument as you can tell. So point number two, why am I not aka Tabaka, Illa Latina or DeLuna, that the people who are following you are the lowliest amongst us point number three, ba D or RA E, they are not intelligent. They are people who are quick to jump to anything. They are not the smartest

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amongst us, they don't have the Nobel Prizes, and the PhDs and whatnot by the Iraqi. And again, this is exactly how the Quraysh described the Muslims to the Negus to the Joshi. Remember, when the Christ sent envoys to the Joshi, so they described the Muslims and they said, our low class, those that are not you know, the super hot of our That's literally how they call the the Muslims, the super hot amongst us, the foolish people amongst us. And those who are not of the elite have embraced this man's faith. And the same notion applies in our times as well by the array. And then another objection, woman Arada Kumar Lena, I'm in fog, Lynn, we do not see anything that makes you

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better than any of us. Notice all the time. And to this day, we find people say, hey, if your religion was true, how come your GDP How come Nobel Peace Prize winners prize winners? How come this isn't that this is not how truth is measured? Truth has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank. Truth has nothing to do with your GDP of the country with the fact that you have won a Nobel Prize for something or not truth is above these types of you know, modern worldly privileges. And these are the same notions that the people have nor used to discredit nor how they his Salam what makes you better than us. You are

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Hello class you are not people have intelligence that's what they thought. And you are human beings Bell Novo no Comcast Debian. Rather, we think that you are all a bunch of liars. And this is why, from the beginning of the prophetic message from the very beginning of the prophetic message, our Prophet system is told to teach the people that there is no such thing as class. We don't have nobility just because you were born in a certain family, in a caramba come in the law here at all come if you really want to judge nobility, nobility is judged by your taqwa by your manners, by your class, by your God fearing this by your piety. So this notion of class, this notion of judging truth

00:30:42--> 00:31:26

based upon your group, group dynamics, please be aware of this reality. It is a constant struggle between truth and falsehood and historical meaning we also find a similar sentiment that's called a lead in a cover call me he those who disbelieved of his people, they said that ma had the elaboration of myth LUCAM he is only human like you, you really do and yet a footballer alikhan He wants to be superior to you, while OSHA, Allah hula and Xlm Allah if Allah had wanted to, he would have sent an angel down ma semana we heard about it at a wedding. We have not heard anything like this in our previous forefathers, in who are a large room behind Jin, this is a man who has a

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madness, fourth, or a boss will be had to Him, be patient with him until he dies, or we take care of him in meaning a veiled threat to kill him. Now notice and shorten won't be known, we find another objection. And that is, he wants to be superior to you. Subhanallah nothing could be further from the truth. None of the prophets is aiming for political glory. None of the prophets is aiming for superiority. But when you have a diseased heart, you will interpret even the most pure thing in the disease manner, when you yourself are hungry for power. Then when a pious person comes, there is no way for you to even understand piety, and you must analyze his piety in light of your corrupt heart.

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You cannot recognize purity when you see it. So when the prophets come, and the prophets bring about positive change, and they have followings, those who don't understand what piety is, can only see oh, this is a man who wants to be famous. The reality is the fame once you guys want to be famous, the rejecters want to be famous. The prophets have no desires to be famous. But when your hearts are full of diseased, when you yourself are the problem, then when the solution comes, you put your problem onto the solution, and you accused the solution of having your very problem. Look at the utter irony of ironies. They wanted power. And when new comes they say oh, no one's power law. How

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would our hotel biller? Now here we are criticizing the people of Norway. But dear Muslim, I remind myself and all of you sometimes this happens to us too, in our daily interactions with others. Sometimes we accuse others of what we ourselves are guilty of, because we are too scared to look in the mirror and realize actually, I am guilty of this thing, not my brother in Islam that I'm throwing it upon. So the chieftain said, that you read on Yetta for Budda alaykum, he wants to be superior to you. And this is not of the beliefs of the believers. Ask for the believers. Allah subhana wa Tada says, Tilka doubt will hello to nature Aloha Linda, Dina Allah you read dune or Hulu

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and fill out will be well emphasized that the hereafter we give to those who do not desire to have renewed in this world, their goal is not to have that level of superiority over the rest of mankind. They don't want to rule they don't like being in the ruling class. That's not what the believer desires to do. The believer wants to live a pious life. The goal of the believer is not to become the king. It's not to become you know, the establishment and the elites of society. The goal of the believer is the pleasure of Allah. And it is the goal of those who reject Allah azza wa jal to be powerful in this in this world. In Nirvana, Allah fill all of the fear around had Rulu in this

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

earth, that's what he wanted fit around had mitosis in power in this world. That's what he wanted, and he got it in this world, but he got nothing in the hereafter. So the people of North said, you really do and yet I felt better. I reckon he wants to be superior to you. While Oh sha Allah who the N Zilla, Mata Iike if Allah had really wanted to send a prophet, He would have sent an angel instead of a man. So we get to the same motif of Who are you to be a prophet unto us the same thing that the Quran said to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that is

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

why Allah says in the Quran that we have not sent any one before you accept that he was a Bashar except that he was original. When I send them a copy, they let each other know how you lay him. We have only sent before you men whom we inspire, inspired with the revelations, Allah has never sent an angel and Allah says even if I did send an Angel, he would look like a man and he would dress like a man and he would talk like a man so you would think he is a man went on Zillow, mela college Hola. Hola. Oh, Julian, what are the best gnarly him I will be soon. If I were to send an Angel he would have to come in the shape of a man house, would you see him and he would have to be dressed

00:35:36--> 00:36:06

like you. So you will think he is a man but I don't send angels I send actual human beings so and then the third thing they accused him of that into a large room behind Jin Hee is a man who is insane, who has a madness. And this is exactly what the accused the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam have as well that this is a man who has a madness. And so Allah says that Mirvis or Hibiya Minjin, your companion is not mad, your companion is not possessed by

00:36:08--> 00:36:51

some type of madness, the same connotation because they could not understand or rationalize why the prophets would be preaching this bizarre message to their eyes, radical message and to not get anything in return. To this day, dear brothers and sisters, those who study Islam and reject it are perplexed as to why the Prophet saw some would do what he was doing. What was his motivation? He clearly did not want money. He was not interested in fame. He was not doing it to live a privileged lifestyle. So what was his motivation? So then he must have had some type of hallucination, he he believed himself to be a prophet, he must have been seeing visions and whatnot. He was, you know,

00:36:52--> 00:37:11

you know, he had some type of mental issues doc for Allah. That's what they say. But that's exactly what Allah is saying. The people of North said that he must be a madman. So be patient until we really get rid of him or he died a natural death. The Prophet alayhi salam, as the Quran tells us responded to all of these.

00:37:13--> 00:37:56

And the Prophet no honey Salam defended not just himself, but his followers, because one of the things that they demanded of the prophet nor is that he rid himself of his low class followers. They demanded that they did not want to see the riffraff the Rafale, according to them, of course, according to US deal, these are the righteous, that they said to the Prophet no and get rid of your followers. And this is exactly what the Quran said to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as well. So Allah says, sudo hoot verse 29. That one I thought it partly the lady in Amazon, I shall never dismiss the believers I shall never get rid of them in the home, Lulu corabi him they

00:37:56--> 00:38:39

are going to meet Allah Allah will reward them with a kinder component edge alone, but you are people who are acting ignorantly Why are called me Min Jung Soo Neiman Allah He internal to him, all my people, if I were to get rid of them, who would protect me against Allah subhanho wa Taala I will never get rid of them. So the Prophet knew how they his Salam said to his people, these are my followers. If you don't like it, then you leave. I'm not going to leave my followers. And this is exactly what Allah told our own prophet muhammad sallallahu Allah He was selling them multiple times Surah Al and arm and South Africa have wala Tato Rudy Latina Yeah, they're Honorable Minister that

00:38:39--> 00:39:20

they will actually do not expel from your gatherings the righteous who are calling upon their Lord morning and night. Allah says in the Quran, Fatah through their home fat, hakuna mean of volume and if you get rid of them, then you ya rasool Allah will be amongst the body mean are we the biller with the biller? Ya rasool Allah, keep with the righteous and ignore the arrogant. What is ABA and our ama one Modica. I love your sector. We are the kuruva Tovar with the Quran and my ministers Anna Fontella Huzzah. Notice the whole surah is the same motif that the orange demanded. The Prophet says have to get rid of the lowly and Allah azza wa jal says no, they're not the lowly these are your

00:39:20--> 00:40:00

people that you need to be around. And Allah says that while our tired whiner kind of whom do not avert your gaze from this batch of people on to those people to reduce zenith and hire to dunya that you think will give you the blessings of this world. No, your gaze must be upon the righteous. And when they accuse the Prophet knowing of being a human and not being an angel, he said, I am indeed a human. He says, I never said I was an angel. Wallah accorded recommended law he went to animal labor, whether Akula come in the muck. This isn't a Quran. I never said I'm anything but human. What type of accusation is this? I'm telling you, I'm

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Human beings I never claimed to possess all of the treasures of Allah. I never claimed to know the knowledge of the Unseen. And I never said I am an angel and asked for this issue of wealth. No, he was very clear. Well, yeah, call me la saregamapa Hema Allah in Nigeria, Allah and Allah, all my people. I'm not asking you for any money. Don't think that I'm here for any power, any type of monetary compensation. My reward is with Allah subhanho wa taala. And this shows us brothers and sisters, that when the honor of the prophets is attacked, the prophets must respond back. And when they are not there to respond, we should respond on their behalf. Because an accusation against the

00:40:43--> 00:41:25

prophets of Allah is an accusation accusation against Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. So notice, the people of Nora objected to the message of Nora, and they made fun of him. And they said, he's a madman. And they said he has to have political ambitions. And they said this, and they said that and it's a How can you be a human being, and the Prophet no deconstructed and dismantled every one of their arguments in a very logical and rational manner. And he defended the core of his message, when all of this failed? What did the people of Norway do? They did what every single tyrannical regime since the beginning of time does every single volume, every single tyrant, every single evil force,

00:41:25--> 00:42:01

when you cannot get what you want, by virtue of your argument. You resort to force, you resort to threats, you resort to violence, and that's exactly what the people have said. They said, so to show our offers 116 that, let them tend to hear no, let akuna minal module mean, if you don't stop Oh, no, then we shall stone you to death. This is always the tactic of the tyrant, the same motif of Nimrod and found the same motif of

00:42:02--> 00:42:42

Nimrod, and sorry, Nimrod and Ibrahim, the same motif of frown and most are the exact same thing, the same concept. If you don't accept, we're going to kill you. If you don't accept, we're going to eliminate you. That's not the way of the believer. That's not the way we win. When you have truth on your side. You do not need to resort to violence. You do not need to kill the person who rejects the truth, present the truth and then leave their affair to Allah subhanaw taala. But when you don't have the truth, when Allah is not on your side, well, then you must resort to violence. Now what did the Prophet know? Do when they resorted to violence? The Prophet said, bring your threat Do What You

00:42:42--> 00:43:26

Can I have Allah you have false gods. The Prophet Nora said to them, do what you want. I leave you open. I challenge you back. If you think you can arm me without Allah's permission, then go and do what you want. Surah Yunus for 71 to 72 that what do Allah him never know when it's audited? Follow me he relayed to them Yasuda loved the story of Nora when North said to his people he called me in Cana Cabrera on a coma call me what are the key rebiya Tila, all my people, if my presence and my reminding you of Allah subhanho wa Taala are too much for you to bear. If you don't like them, then no one thing for it. Anita Welcome to Allah Allah who rocked the world. I have put my trust in Allah

00:43:26--> 00:44:11

subhanho wa Taala I have my opinion in Allah subhanho wa taala. So Nora says to his people for edge mero Umbra come, go and devise your plot, right? You and your Shoraka you and your false gods, some lucky Dooney and then plot and have your secret deployed against me what I told you don't, don't even wait to carry it out. It's a veiled threat back at them. Don't even wait and delay. Go ahead and plot and plan and call upon your false gods and see if they can harm me. In Nigeria, Allah Allah Allah, my reward is with Allah, Allah will take care of me while myristoyl Hakuna Milan was slimming, and I have been commanded to be of those who submit to Allah subhanho wa taala. By the

00:44:11--> 00:44:57

way, it is very clear that the Prophet nobody has Salam has is losing his exasperated and he has every right to be exasperated. After 950 years of preaching to his people, he becomes frustrated and he says to them, you're threatening me, then I am telling you go and do what you want. Gather your mobs secretly plot and plan Call upon your false gods, but I have Allah on my site. And notice this is the way of the believer, the believer has so much confidence has so much emaan that when the entire society threatens the believer says Do as you please I have Allah And if Allah has not willed, it is never going to happen. And if Allah has willed then you can do nothing more or less

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

than what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has willed.

00:45:00--> 00:45:10

And so when the people threatened to kill him, and when the people threatened to exterminate him, that is when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala told the prophet nor as we see in the Quran,

00:45:11--> 00:45:56

whoa, hey now you don't know him and know who la nuit minimum Omega 11 or the Armen, Allah revealed to the Prophet Nora. After 950 years, Allah said to the Prophet nor none of your people will believe anymore, except for those who have already believed, Fela Tabata is don't become distressed about what they are doing. Don't be worried. Now. That's it, stop having this level of stress, don't stress out, was not a full TBR unit in Joaquina, build the ark, construct the ark, under our watchful eyes, and our directions will tell you how to build an ark. The Prophet Noah did not live next to a river, there was no ocean in front of him. And as we're going to come to in our next

00:45:56--> 00:46:37

class, it is very, very likely that no major ship had been built before the Prophet Nuada has set up. And so Allah says to the Prophet, no, there is no point anymore, stop preaching, your people are not going to believe except for those who have already believed. So now the time has come to move on to the next stage. What is the next stage, I am telling you Oh, no, to build a massive Ark. And I know you don't know how to build the ship, we will tell you how to build a ship, we will monitor that you are building it properly, be at uni. Now while we're here, we're gonna make sure that you're following our directions. And you do it down to the proper manner. And it's going to be done

00:46:37--> 00:47:27

according to our wahi. And oh, no, I have one command for you. Oh, Nora wala to help me feel that you know, furthermore, do not dare argue back with me. For those that have done injustice and wrong, surely they are going to be drowned. Now. Allah informed the prophet nor from day one, oh, boy, the people who have rejected you, they're going to drown. And I have one command upon you. Oh, no, do not come back to me and ask me why they have drowned. That's not for you to ask. We're gonna see, of course, that the Prophet Nora slipped up in one regard. And we're gonna get to this point in our next few lessons after this. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala told the prophet nor

00:47:28--> 00:48:10

that now the time of preaching was done, and you have to move on to the next phase, and that is the building of the ark, and that will inshallah to either be our next lesson. What is the ark? Who was on the ark? What was the notion of the flood? Was it a global flood? Was it a regional flood? Did it destroy all of mankind? Did it only destroy one city or village? What do we know about such a major flood from our other history texts and from other archaeological evidence? What can we know about this from other mechanisms and sources of knowledge? And how did Allah azza wa jal save the Prophet Nora and who was saved on that arc? All the discharge notes I will be continuing from next week. We

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have come to the conclusion of today's episode. Until next time, good luck. Mala Heron was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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