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Maximize Rewards with Congregation Prayers


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The importance of praying in the holy eye and physical and spiritual maintenance for graduates is discussed, including physical and mental maintenance, as well as the benefits of the massage. The speakers emphasize the importance of following the message and not breaking the auto. The conversation also covers the benefits of praying for oneself and the reward of the message, as well as the importance of avoiding distraction and not giving up on one's own opinions. The speakers provide advice on maximizing rewards and preserving rewards, as well as tips for getting rewards and avoiding misogyny.

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Let me know salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Sina Mohammed, while early he was so happy he may 1 of all just like low heyland for braving this weather and coming to the halaqaat to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala to attend this halaqa May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward you with the best of reward.

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today of course this is a Yeah, the topic is related to what you did today. What you did tonight, coming to the masjid and praying in congregation. And the topic as I said before is about maximizing our rewards with congregational prayers and what I meant by this topic is how can we make the most of of it? How can we benefit, collect all the benefits and the virtues of salata Gemma offering a slot in the machine?

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And yeah, when we talk about time to time we'll talk about this subject in our halaqaat we just mentioned a little bit about it all in the Friday prayers. But when you collect all the virtues and you the benefits of attending salaat and Gemma in the masjid, you'll be amazed you'll be shocked actually, when you collect them and you put them all together and this is what we're going to do together in Charlotte tonight. Do you hear the sound sister

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Okay, I mean it's it's green

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even this topic is not concerning sisters tonight.

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It's better for them to pray at home but

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we will not like it but I mean there are these

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I have to say that the end

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so brother,

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the light is green.

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I think it's better now. But oh repeat myself we shall have the lay of land minnow salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala he was sorry he may. So as I said tonight, Dr. Halliwell, the topic of Hanukkah is how to maximize our rewards.

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You know by attending congregational prayers, and as I said only we talk about this subject time to time I myself, remember I have mentioned the virtues of this a bad offering salad in the massage it in different hotel, a little bit about it. But when I collected all the ahaadeeth not all of them actually, most of them about you know what are what are some nice assylum said about the excellence of praying in the masjid. I was amazed

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and today inshallah This is what we try to do. we list all these benefits or most of them. I don't think I have encompassed all of them. I will be able to encompass all of them include all of them to light in this halakhah but at least we will know most of them. And most of the heavy that talked about the excellence of praying in the message are collected by a man Buhari and a Muslim. There are many narrations in a different sources of Hadith. So we feel when you study this subject you feel that the Quran and the Sunnah have emphasized the importance of praying in the masjid, praying with the Gema offering your Salat in the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you find that it is a

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proof and there are other proofs, we are not going to talk about them. Because this is a key issue. Scholars have different views about it. So Marina, Maddy said it's an obligation upon every male who is resident and who is healthy to attend the salaat in the masjid with the Gemma unless he has an excuse. And there is another opinion that says no, it's only a fourth key fire communal or collective obligation. So if a group of people offer the salaat in the message, the rest of the Muslims will be relieved. And a third opinion says it's only sooner more accurate or highly recommended sooner.

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But tonight, I will I don't want to focus on this 50 differences because I don't want to be I don't want you to be distracted with this philcare discussions. I want you to pay attention to the benefits of attending salata Gemma with Muslims, in the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So how does the Quran emphasize this concept? We go to Surah tober last month Allah says in Surah Titova in my mo says the light

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MLA William in akaroa chama salado Akasaka oromia illa for acetylenic any akuna Minal mucho de. So he said the massage of Allah are only maintained by those who believe in Allah and the day of judgment and gives a cat established the prayer and gives a carrot and we do not feel except Allah subhana wa jal. So he said at the end it is expected that those will be of the rightly guided. So, those who keep doing this, filling the message of the houses of Allah with Vicar because, you know, maintenance of the massage or maintaining the massage it is divided into two types. The first one is physical maintenance, you know, taking care of the master to cleaning the masjid, taking care of the

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washrooms parking area, making it easy for people to come to the masjid and offer their salad in the masjid and this could be called physical or material maintenance. And the second type of merchant maintenance is a model massage it is a model

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and a model must be thicker because it can be solid Is there a spiritual maintenance coming to the masjid and filling the houses of Allah subhanaw taala with Vicar with karate karate with solid and the first one is a means to the second one. So the second one is the end is the goal. So we established the massassi what we don't want to mean to attract tourists to come and watch it how our massages are beautiful. This is something that is happening in many Muslim countries, they build beautiful buildings and then they are making money because people are coming in Oh foreigners are coming to this massage taking pictures and looking at the beautiful

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buildings enjoying themselves there, it's it's touristic, these messages are becoming now touristic attractions. And this is one of Allah matsa by the way. So anyway, it also relies on Allah and he was immediately clear when he said to the one who came in the masjid and he made he,

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uh, como como la he peed in the masjid Arabi a bit when he was ignorant. He doesn't know. He just accepted Islam. He came and he urinated in the masjid and the Sahaba want to come. They stood up and they wanted to beat him up the Sahaba and also last SFC decotiis

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leave him and then when he finished, he said, Just pour some water on it. And then he called him and then explained to him the purpose of establishing this massage. Because the hikma here I want you to pay attention to the Hikmah the gentleness of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and at the end he said in the mabuni Vickery lay well is solid, this massage you will only build for the sake of what remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala and establishing salaat

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in Saltillo, Kerala, Allah said, Aki masala zeca worker Omar rockery established the prayer and gives a carrot and bow with those who are bowing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you consider me to lie and he he said many scholars, this is the statement I am repeating here, the statement of Eman Lucas here padwa desta, delicacy Rue Mineola, we had he I was up

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and I'm not going to promote this even though I feel inclined towards this opinion that it could be an obligation for every male who is resident who doesn't have an excuse who is healthy to attend. He doesn't have an excuse to attend salado JAMA, I feel myself that I am inclined towards this opinion. But I don't want to promote this opinion tonight. Because as I told you, I don't want you to pay attention to this few key differences. I want you to pay attention to the beauty, the rewards the benefits of coming to the masjid and offering Salah to Gemma. So but you can see this what he said in his steps here. He said many scholars have used this as a proof. Then last Friday they said

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workout Moroccan bow with those with those who are bowing to Allah subhana wa Tada. So they use this as a proof in order to support the view that salata Gemma is an obligation, when all the excuses are not there anyway, there is no valid excuse for the person to miss it. Now, how does the sooner emphasize that this act of fortune,

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there are more amazing benefits that are mentioned in the sooner and this way you cannot deny the authority of the Sun otherwise you miss big knowledge. big amount of knowledge will be lost. If we say we don't want to deal with the sooner or we deny the authority of the sooner we say we it's enough. We have the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that should be enough. No, it's not enough.

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Last time we mentioned general rules in the Quran, but also let's assume would explain would tell us about the details. And if you miss this details then you miss a big amount of guidance Miss Allah subhanaw taala and you're finally qualified.

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So the first heading here was collected by Abu hurayrah. It is in Bukhari and Muslim. He said a man salad or a man's a prayer in congregation is 25 times 25 times more rewarding than his prayer in his house or in his shop.

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In a different howdy fi soupy in the marketplace. So in this howdy Buhari Muslim Salatu for the Serato Zhu Li, fi Gemma tough guru Allah sala de vbt Oh Suki become senior actually Nomura. He said a man's prayer in a congregation is 25 times there is a different Hadees 27 times maybe all day and I will tell you about it what is the difference between the two but it's not a big deal. But in this hadith is saying 25 times more rewarding than his prayer in his house or his shop. And then he said that he explained a reason there is a reason behind it. Okay What are the reasons he said it is because when he performs his work at home properly so he's telling us the process as well as as well

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as to who home or at your work, you place a fork you perform you do properly and properly any any to understand it you do it three times you say the best morality they do try to follow the sooner that's a different issue. I'm not going to talk about the proper way of making Moodle tonight. But this is what Rasulullah Salim said is that

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when he performs his will do properly and proceeds towards the masjid with the purpose. So here he's talking about the intention, Lao Tzu Illa Salat

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II and he has no other purpose. His only purpose is to go and attend Salatin chummy with Muslims. Then he said Rasulullah Salim he does not take step without him being grazed one degree in a rank in rank for it and having one of his sins deleted or raised or remitted for him. So he's raised one degree in rank, and one of his sins is erased with every step. Imagine what you imagine, I want you to imagine how much reward he's collecting this man. And inshallah those who are driving to the masjid like all of us, will be collecting the same reward even later because Allah Allah will not deny you this reward because you decide to drive. I mean, maybe you'll get more reward because you

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will lose you're paying you're losing some money. you're consuming guys and you cleaning your car and a breathing this weather. So even though this way, there could be an excuse. Because handler we have to know the rules of our Sherry app. But here we're not talking about excuses or different rulings. We want to know tonight as I said, the benefits of attending this salad and they said till he enters the message. So with every step, you get this reward till you enter the message. And then he said when he's performing the salad, the angels are praying for him. Sing along buffalo Alomar Hello, Oh Allah have mercy on him. Who Allah bless him. The man melodica in the masjid, making dua

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for you. And then he said that also lies I sell him at the end. And he's deemed to be engaged in salaat, one Murphy Salatin McKenna and Takeru salaat. He is deemed to be engaged in salaat as long as he's waiting for salaat

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and this is only one howdy fe one. So we can derive from this howdy how many benefits?

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How many? Seven? Okay, that's good. Mashallah. Excellent. The brother said seven, and I thought about five you tell me about the other two. So the first one is the rewards of your salary multiplied by 25 times for the different Happy 27 times the rewards of your salary and multiply 25 times number two, you are raised one degree in rank, the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala with every step

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and the third benefit with every step one of your sins is raised. Number four, the angels praying for you. What do you want more than that? The angels pray for you as long as you

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are in the message and he did not break your auto. Daddy daddy's clearly says he did not break your Oh, then they will keep making to add for you Allah maquila hola Omar Hamilton number four, and number five is rewarded for his waiting time.

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You are rewarded for you waiting time collecting hessonite while waiting for the Salah, it doesn't mean that you have to come to the masjid all the time and stay in the masjid and leave your job leave your studies doesn't mean that because when we are confused about something, yeah, when we go back to the show now for some less so to do what he practices sooner, he would be busy with his wife with his family, helping his family when he used the other. He leaves everything he goes makes with all and goes out to the machine. That was his son and he has a lot to say. But sometimes you would stay in the masjid reading and doing Vicar especially after version. After version he would stay.

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For those who can say after it's beautiful.

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Or you would spend time with is a habit sometimes teaching you're talking about Akira or about the team.

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But he was not there in the messy 24 hours. I don't want you to get this impression. So you do your business you fulfill your family obligations, do everything, but much it has to be part of your daily life or coming to the message attending the message. What are the other two?

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The importance of sooner following the sooner so reviving the sooner for Solas SLM.

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And number seven, this will come in a different Hadees because Massoud will mention that second Hadith. But again, the number seven you don't have to

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think about it, maybe we'll find it by in a different howdy even in a solution of the law and the law of numbers. And I guess this is his statement, no this is not the statement of profit or loss. So, that is his statement.

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El Kala has added muslimin.

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And I want you to pay attention to Abdullah Abdullah showed was a great scholar.

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And he was known for something he was very strict with his when delivering

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the narrations that are heavy,

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and used to reprimand his students for memorizing his ahaadeeth word by word. He was extremely vigilant when delivering fat hours and delivering Hadith. And he was great scholar older earlier in rap in the area of Iraq learning from him, learning from him, he is the source he is their teacher of the lab and he moved to the area of Iraq, and he spent his life there

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the rest of his life for the Lord. So here, I want you to pay, I want you to pay attention to every piece of his statement. He said, He who likes to meet a lot tomorrow as a Muslim tomorrow he means on the Day of Judgment, he who likes to meet Allah to model as a Muslim, he should take care and observe the silhouette, you know the five daily prayers whenever the ln is announced for them. This is his statement for the olana and then he said fame the law Charlie nebby Come soon and alhuda Allah has you know decreed for your Prophet, the right way of guidance, all the ways the ways of right guidance. And they are these prayers are part of the this right guidance. These prayers are

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offering these prayers, because he will explain himself, he will compare it will tell people do not stay at home and pray at home like this, like so. And so it was talking about one person but he didn't mention his name. But he said here, these prayers are part of the right guidance. And then he said if you have to perform salaat in your houses, here this is a proof that he's talking about offering these prayers in the masjid. He said if you perform if you have to perform the salaat the sprays in your houses, as this man who stays behind from the mercy stays away from the masjid and performs his Salat in house. You will be forsaking the Sunnah of your messenger

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you will abandon the sooner a few messenger and he said if you forsake the sooner of your profit, then you will be going astray.

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That is his statement. I told you, Abdullah happiness was very careful about his photographers. His statement, but he's a hottie. But this is his These are his statements are the Allahu anhu and then he said I have seen the time and I want you to pay attention to this. I have seen

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Time No one stayed behind except a well known hypocrite.

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I have seen the time when no one stays behind among the Sahaba, the community of the Sahaba and all of them coming all the time. Of course, they used to miss some times if they are eating food or they have an excuse, as long as SLM himself used to sometimes go far away from the messy doing something then he would miss the salad to Gemma. That's okay, but I'm talking about daily habits.

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daily habits.

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If you miss over an acid, how about Maverick Venetia if you miss pleasurable thought and answer, there are five times the five daily prayers if you miss one or two about the others. The problem is with many Muslims, they don't come to the houses of Allah except on Juma except on Juma

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and I'll give you some examples from the community at the end maybe

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I have seen things and you've seen people inside the mercy inside the masjid people praying and he's doing some renovation and he's Muslim.

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One of them on a talk to him he said I'm in a better state doing some work is also another act of a bad I'm helping the Muslim community, helping the Muslim community by doing so many innovations in the JAMA in the midst not in this place. I've seen it in a different place.

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or other people working in the backyard of the mercy and they are Muslims. And they come from Juma prayer is going on. Now. So many people are ignorant about, you know, the importance of Salah Omar

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Abdullah University said here, and I also saw that a man was brought swaying on account of his weakness account of his sickness sickness between two men until he was set up in a row or two people would bring him will drag him to the masjid.

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Of course any for us. I mean, no way we can do it. It's an excuse. It's a valid excuse. But he's talking about the Sahaba now, this is this is a delene that shows that the Sahaba used to love you know, praying in the message with Rasulullah sallallahu ariosa their hearts were attached to the masjid. This is something that we're going to talk about them about it at the end.

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So, what are the benefits from this hadith? So he was talking about keeping yourself firm on the deen? Because he said Mancera who Allah Muslim and

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he who likes to meet a lot of anotehr tomorrow as a Muslim which means if you want to keep yourself formal Dean help yourself to be firm and stay firm on the dean till you die as a Muslim you meet Allah as a Muslim that you do this. Keep coming to the massage to the houses of Allah. This is what economists rotate. So the first or the allowance the first benefit here is you will have a greater chance of keeping yourself on the right path inshallah, until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala as a Muslim. And the second one you will be one of those who revived the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and reviving the sooner you'll be rewarded for reviving the sooner is when you see now you go to the massages you find that a minority of people are coming to the massage all the time, and those are reviving the sooner for Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem and you will be granted protection against hypocrisy.

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If you want to research do research about hypocrisy and salata, Gemma there are other ahaadeeth azula has lamesa for kobane and lbnl. una sala Felicia It was a lot to forgive. He said f Hello Salatin, your island Mauna Kea, salatu salam

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ala Sati on him and he the the they don't have the ability to attend selected Asia and Southeast Asia. Why? Because of the fact their hypocrisy he's talking about people who had major nefab nowadays if you tell me if you don't I don't want you to think that I am. I am essentially barely saying you know, that all the ones who are all Muslims who are not attending Salatu Jima in the measure hypocrites or Muna 15. Why?

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I'll tell you why. Because Because why, at the time of Rasulullah saw Selim Rasulullah sallallahu was there was teaching the Sahaba they knew the importance of Salah to Gemma, the importance of coming and praying with us all as I sell them. So everyone who had no good faith, he was a Mormon. He didn't have any fact. He would come and join the gym and pray with us all assassin. Now people are confused about it, because they got different opinions fit his opinions. So he goes to he might come to has a bearing and asked me about it. I will tell him I feel inclined towards the first opinion that it could be an obligation. He goes to another

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Man, and the Imam will tell him it's only a communal obligation for the fire so you don't have to worry about it. Another Mm Hmm, I tell him, it's Suna makeda. And I'm not blaming the other Imams, these are the key differences that are available in the books of fake and classical sources of fake.

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And that's why when you study this subject, you just try to pay attention to also the proofs used by those who said it could be an obligation because they are very strong proofs, the other people, other groups of scholars, they have a good 2.2 but the other ones have very strong proofs. See what a tray so I cannot say oh people who are attending the Salawat or Manasa t because they are getting different instructions, different knowledge, right? So I'm not saying that they are. I'm saying that Rasul Allah Sallam said, at his time, the people who were lazy, they were not attending Russia and fudging with him. That was that was a sign that they might have a problem with hip of hypocrisy,

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right time because I don't want you to convey different message. The third head if and this is a beautiful Hadith another beautiful Hadith

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it is in Bukhari Muslim Rasul Allah Sallam said mannahatta MSG de la Abdullah hula hooping genetti, New Zealand Kula Masada Allah.

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So he said he who proceeds towards the masjid at dawn or dusk, dawn or dusk, it could mean going to fudger prayer and dusk in the evening mcgarrybowen Asia

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or it could mean

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there is another explanation. And whenever he goes and comes back, whenever he goes to the message and comes back to his house, so what is his reward? He says, Allah prepares a hospitable entertainment for him in paradise every time he goes to the masjid and comes back from it.

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What is this hospitable entertainment? Is it a different house? in gender? It is a different place. Hello, Alan. I have no knowledge about it. But as soon as I say hello, he said Adela, who New Zealand the alpha and he will be treated like a guest like special guests on the Day of Judgment for every salad, every trip to the masjid. Yes. How many salads every day five multiplied by 3150 times right 150 every month, every year, maybe 1800. If you keep doing for this for 20 years, 30 years 1000 will be 1000 times right.

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So this is a great reward. And this Hadeeth is in Bukhari and Muslim

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by default hobbies,

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and there are some nice I sell them and this is a famous Hadith, the seven that will be the last quintella will shade on the day, when there will be no shade except his shade subhanho wa Taala, the seven people or seven categories of people there are not seven people, there are seven groups of people. So the first one is a just ruler. And the second one. So like I said, he said a man who grew up in the worship of Allah or a young man, actually a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah. And the third one is a man whose heart is attached to the message that his heart is attached, he loves 1000s of dollars panadol comes in pray, goes home, he keeps thinking about coming back, driving his

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taxi or doing his business and he's thinking about the next spray. So his heart is attached to the message, what will happen to these people, the sun will come close to people

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as much as one mile as the Hadith says and people will be burning from the heat

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and they will be sweating.

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And the sweat will reach up to you know based on their sins. Some of them you know the sweat will reach their ankles, some of them to their knees, some of them to their waist, some of them to their

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you know to their heads.

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But these categories of people these different groups of people, seven groups of people will be treated in a special way will be given a granted this special treatment. They will be like treated like a distinguished and special guest they will be under the shade of his throne subhanho wa Taala this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim

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and one of them is a man whose heart is attached to the message to whom I'll not be L message

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

so this video

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If it

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and there are two benefits here protection from the sun seat, and also this honor, it is an honor Yes.

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You will be treated like an honorable guest

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and the fifth Hadees

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add some doubt about the authenticity of this hadith. Yanni. When I read this hadith before a long time ago, I thought the Hadith could be controversial, but I found out that cheerful Alberni said it is sorry, and it is in, in a Buddha and Timothy. So all the IDS Buhari and Muslim

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this hadith is not in Bukhari Muslim, but it's a beautiful Hadith Bashir and Misha a in our fifth Bula v. Elon. Elon Musk says gdb no return me on welcome

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give glad tidings to those who walk to the massage it

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in the dark

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give glad tidings to those who walked to the massage it in the dark all those who drive same thing in the dark.

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They will be granted full light on the Day of Judgment. And I believe people will need light we're crossing the bridge serrat

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other time people will lead with need light. So this is a Bushra is those who come to the masjid all the time in nighttime, like father and mother even Russia. Right? So here, he's talking about these three prayers.

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So what are the benefits that I was able to collect Today Tonight, I will read them to you 11. But I as I said this is a quick survey.

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It was not not able to collect all the benefits.

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Number one, multiple multiplication of the rewards.

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Number two, you will be raised one degree with every step number three, you have one of your sins raised with every step number four, you'll be blessed with the prayers of the angels. Number five you'll be rewarded for the waiting time in the masjid number six you help yourself to stay firm on the deen as an investor roadstead number seven you'll be among those who revived sooner four messengers will allow you to sell them. Number eight will be granted protection against the fact number nine you receive hospitable entertainment in paradise for every trip to the masjid

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number 10. Enjoy you enjoy the immunity against the sun's heat on the day of judgment and be treated like a special guest and number 11 receive full light on the Day of Judgment.

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So now, I want to tell you about the best scenario how can we make the make the best tooth or the most of it? How can we maximize this reward and preserve them? Because if you do all these things, you come to the message all the time, but you create some fitna, here are some problems you eat garlic and you come to the masjid

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in order to say you'll be losing some rewards. So I know we want to preserve this rewards. What are we supposed to do? I'll give you our visit to the best of my knowledge. This is the best scenario and it's up to you many things here are recommended. They are not an obligation they are not a must. First word before you leave your house. You make sure that you perform you will do properly saying the best mela even if you are in the washroom inside safe quietly in your heart Basma Do you do properly do it three times mm hmm for every limb.

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Say the door after you finish the the blue eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah devilishly color shadow under Mohammedan Abdul Rasulullah Mashallah Minato V in which aluminium moussaka Harry after you finish this will number to apply some preview. But be careful about pressure. It is very strong it might be it might be annoying to other people. Be careful you have to select you have to be reasonable with with your perfume and the type of the perfume that you use. Because I have seen people complaining

00:34:14--> 00:35:00

about perfumes and wives complaining about perfumes. Number three, make sure you did not eat any garlic or onions. If you eat garlic or onion, just stay home. Don't come to the Miss. This is not my February. This is the federal for us rural lifestyle alarmism. And he clearly said that he said Whoever eats onion or garlic or leeks, you know those green audience there are very sleek and green. How he said Whoever eats this vegetables, let him not come near or mercy. For the malaria care the angels are offended by the same things that offend the children of Adam. We don't like bad smell. The melodica don't like it. They are offended. So you

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

offending other people and offending them melodica it's better for you to stay home. Number four when leaving your house you say the related to

00:35:09--> 00:35:23

the letter cultural Allah Allah Hallo La quwata illa Billah This is the shortest version if you want to say the longest version Bismillah Terkel to Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah lemania, who became

00:35:24--> 00:35:28

our Zilla, our Shall we shall ally of Lima.

00:35:29--> 00:35:47

So basically are saying In the name of Allah, I have placed my trust in Allah when a holo and aku at a level and there is no power, strength except except with the last panel and then the rest of the dryer asking a lot or seeking refuge with Allah subhanaw taala from

00:35:48--> 00:36:28

you know, misguiding other people or being misguided doing justice to other people or receiving justice from other people and so on. So you're asking protection for for these things. And this is not only for salaat when you are leaving for salad, this is whenever whenever you leave your house you can say this to her. Even if you are going to superstore or Safeway to do some shopping you can use this to our because we're supposed to say it all the time when we leave our houses. But if you see it when you're coming to the salon, you are collecting more reward, there is another door that is specific to come into the message when you leave your house going to the masjid

00:36:29--> 00:37:16

in it Rasul Allah says Allah says Allah mercy called the neuron, ofili Sani neuron a neuron or FIBA sorry neuron, and he said, We shall make healthy neuron mean mme neuron. Why do you mean in order? menfolk a neuron when we tap the neuron, Allah Martini neuron this this had it It means Oh Allah put light in my heart, put light in my tank, put light in my sight, put light, put light in front of me put light behind me to put light above me below me, it gives me light. So this is a short version of this to have the longest version of this dryer is found is in hustlin Muslim if you want to go back to the forces of the Muslim, there is a long version of this trap. If you can, you can if you want

00:37:16--> 00:38:00

to help yourself put this small book small booklet hustle Muslim, leave it in your car. And whenever you remember a good dry you can open when you have time. Any you don't see this when you're driving but but if you are waiting in front of the red light, or I mean outside you have time you can read and memorize this to her This is a good tip inshallah. But these two eyes they're the blood vessel of the alarm. We said they slept in the house of aerosolized SLM and he described his prayer at night. And he said when he made the end, for fresher prayer, he left his house saying this door that I mentioned now. So if you say it you'll be following the Sunnah of Rasulullah salah and you'll be

00:38:00--> 00:38:14

actually increasing your rewards is not a must is something that is recommended. Upon entering the message you said Bismillah al Salam ala rasulillah Lama Philly, the lobby of Delhi Ababa gramatik can you enter with

00:38:15--> 00:38:34

the right foot and you leave the message with with the left. So here basically are saying In the name of Allah, ma peace of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, or ALLAH forgive my sins and open for me the doors of your mercy when coming inside the mosque. Number seven.

00:38:36--> 00:38:41

We mentioned it intimacy with the right foot. Pray to hate and mercy when you come

00:38:42--> 00:38:50

pray to Him. It shouldn't occur, spread the greeting of peace. There's nothing wrong with saying salaam aleikum to the brothers who are sitting in the mercy.

00:38:52--> 00:38:54

Expect the reward of your waiting time.

00:38:57--> 00:39:04

There are people who come to the machine and you keep looking to the to the watch and the man is late.

00:39:05--> 00:39:09

I mean, you are collecting her Senate. you're collecting her Senate.

00:39:11--> 00:39:51

The Savi didn't have these clocks. They used to wait for us all realize Allison when bln Pilates used to take care of the Salat when bln used to feel that wrestler Salah is not around. He's not in his house. He's far away from the budget, he would look for someone else and we'll walk around aroma road, another Sahabi who would approach another so happy to lead the prayer. But we used to wait for us on Lhasa salah and hamdulillah these days, you know we have these timings and this karma times and we made it easy. And I think this is the only way that works these days and with people Otherwise, we'll have fitna in the mercy. Now make do I in between the agenda and the karma. If you

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

want a commanded. Make dua and pray in the first row. You get more hessonite if you pray in the first room

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Follow the email did not anticipate him and he did not do jakobi before the Imam did not move into record before the Imam because this is Hara

00:40:12--> 00:40:28

the things that you need to pay attention to when you are praying in the best seat do not look up. Look at the place of suit or in front of you. It's okay if you look at the front if to your knees straight in front of you, or at the place of suit, but do not look up. It's a sin

00:40:29--> 00:40:56

and try to fill the gaps, straighten the lines and fill the gaps. You know, try to stay away from your brother's we see sometimes there are people praying alone, he feel like he's praying alone. This is the line and he's here far from the line there is a big gap between him and the line to try to fill the gaps. Stand up beside your brothers. If you touch his foot, too. That's okay. This is Sundar actually, and he touches shoulder button. Try Don't try to push

00:40:57--> 00:41:20

don't annoy your brothers. Take care of them. Okay? Be reasonable, be reasonable, and walk up the hill and be moderate in your event that but it's nice to straighten actually it's an obligation it's an obligation to threaten our lives this is how we can increase our rewards don't hurt other Muslims do not sell and buy in the budget is haram

00:41:22--> 00:41:33

do not sell Don't come here and make deals with a brother when he told me he said that someone I don't know this guy but he said someone was selling drugs in MSG

00:41:34--> 00:41:35

or hashish

00:41:37--> 00:41:49

and a non Muslim came he gave an appointment to a non Muslim and he came in the non Muslim looked inside he said What is this? Is it place of worship? Who said no no, no, not nothing displace the non Muslim

00:41:50--> 00:41:59

I don't want to mention any name any place. General. It's a something. It's a story. It's an event. Something that happened here in Calgary

00:42:01--> 00:42:06

is it no no not not in this place anonymously. The non Muslim would saying no.

00:42:07--> 00:42:10

And mostly seeing is Okay Come come come on.

00:42:12--> 00:42:15

Selling is hard on how about selling these things in the massage.

00:42:18--> 00:42:26

And then we complain about our the state of our affairs or a weakness or our county type located in

00:42:27--> 00:42:29

Thailand, you will finally qualify