Every good deed has the potential to take a person to paradise

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And hamdulillah Hinata who want to start a new one so Pharaoh, when are also below him in Shuri unforeseen amin say they are Marina Maja de hinda Fela moody la mejor. Lin who further Haryana when I showed on either hi la bajada who hula sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh a modality of hula hula

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video recording Hamid RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim familia mal mis call as Dora familia Amelie Miss Carla de Ratan high euro euro

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jacobina Vu sur la la hora de he was sending them letter Kieran Amina Maru fish a widow and Tendulkar a hawk of the Virgin Pollock. So the following are the most of the economy you will carry him

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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Every good deed.

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Big or small, has the potential to take the person to gender.

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Every good deed,

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big or small,

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has the potential to take a person to gender.

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We are often fixated with the big stuff, big projects, big rewards, big success. If you do something, let it be big.

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While steady is good,

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but we shouldn't lose sight of the smallest things also in life.

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Then we have a loss Allah Holly will send them says already that aleja are mellow, muddy, a lot presented before me the armor and the good deeds, the actions of my own man say you

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know how the evil deeds as well as the good deeds. And he says for widget to feed my house in America and other you Motwani.

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He says in the good deeds when I saw when I was going through the records, I found a simple deed like moving something out of the pathway in the records of a person.

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Just think about it, you walk in the machine, you see a banana peel.

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Very seldom a person will stop, pick it up, put it aside. But then we have a lot the narration of Muslim he's saying when our presented the deeds of my own my I even found a simple deed like this.

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There is why the famous incident the lady of the night with an ill reputation.

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Thirsty looking for water comes across a well. She goes into the well. She quenches her first. She comes out and she finds a dog hoppin and thirsty. She understood that this dog is thirsty just as I was thirsty few moments ago. So she makes the extra effort. She goes into the well.

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She brings water for this dog. For Shakur, Allah Allah, Allah forgive her and give her agenda.

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On what?

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On showing kindness to a dog. Under normal circumstances a person cannot keep a dog for, for for leisure purposes, not permissible in Sharia. But that doesn't mean you don't show kindness. Allah forgave a lady with an ill reputation known as a lady of the night. Allah gave her Jenna, for what? For giving water to adore.

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Whilst we aim for the big stuff, may Allah make us successful in that let us not lose sight of the simple Amal and the simple deeds that the Sharia has presented us was because they're very good deed. Good Deed, big or small, can take a person to Jenna. Now you think about this lady for how many years a lot alone knows she must have been in the profession, how many years

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it's a wicked profession.

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Something that not to be proud of.

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But Allah found one excuse to forgive her. And he wiped the entire life record clean.

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Simple did some simple deed. And the point I'm trying to label here is that we often miss out on many opportunities considering the deed to be

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Well I know if I give Jim if I give a donation, it must be no in the 1000s I mean what what what to make 10 or 20 million help this organization.

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So we aim for the big things.

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We forget that Allah has made gender so easy for us to attain attain Mashallah.

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Then we have a VA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives us advice he says tardi lupinus naini sadaqa. To say a good word, and to bring two people together is a good deed. Something we don't think of.

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And my point here is to make us see things differently. don't regard only Sunnah is Iboga don't regard as poor anttila only as Iboga don't regard only the masjid and the Amal taking place in the masjid as a form of Iboga rather, it extends beyond the walls of the machine. It extends to every aspect of our life. So the number four law says to reconcile between people is also a form of very bad

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What do I know radula Fida Bertie he Fatah mill Hahaha,

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just listened to this part of the Hadith to help a person mount his conveyance is also very bad.

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So panela

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Isn't it amazing, you see a person struggling elderly men in the masjid yard, to hold his hand, take him to the car that is sadhaka an act of reward of

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the hobbies goes on to say oh done foreigner who are they have material

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even to carry the goods for the person. And to mount it on the conveyance is an act of rebirth. So simple deeds, easy deeds, you going shopping, you see an elderly person struggling,

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you carry the items for them, or you help them pack the car, using your intuition. That's an act of either you don't know behind which good deed, Allah has written agenda for you. Nobody knows.

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Nobody knows. Sometimes it could be in the big stuff. Sometimes it could be the simple deeds that we do every day of law could give us genda

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remember the lady Shiva agenda for what? For giving water to a dog Subhana Allah, the levy of Allah goes on to mention.

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Well, Kelly met to pour up to sadaqa. To say a good word to anybody is a form of a form of good form of reward. You go to a bereaved family who has lost a loved one, to say a good word to them, to console them, to help them through those difficult moments. A lot could give you general I don't know you don't know.

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When America to Oh, well, well imata to other Anatolia sadaqa. And to remove an obstacle from the path is also an act of reward.

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So the next time you see a banana peel,

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your agenda could be hidden in there. You don't know.

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The agenda could be hidden. And this is amazing. Let me link up another narration and then you'll appreciate how easy Allah has made it. Nakamura Rajan, yetta Kala level field Jana. There'll be a philosopher, I seen a man strolling and moving about in Jannah. Now you might be thinking maybe he did something great. something great, he must have achieved.

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Fisher Jonathan kata ha, in return.

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For what Allah gave him then there was a tree that was protruding. And the branches of this tree was making it difficult for people to pass by. So it was obstructing the path, the passer by in the pathway. What did he do?

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He took out some time. He turned that branch, he cut it off. Allah gave him Jenna.

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Allah gave him Jenna, say Subhana Allah.

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Isn't it amazing?

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Isn't it amazing? Amen. God, Jenna, just by removing an obstacle from somebody else's path. Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar. Isn't that amazing?

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This is what we say. That sometimes we miss out on so many opportunities, because we think it's an insignificant deed. learn piano middle mouse Oh fish a while and tell you

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hardcopy watching Talia autolock

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then we have a Bossa Nova Holly Sallam said never regard never consider, never deem any good deed as insignificant. And he goes on to say, even if it means to cheerfully greet your next Muslim brother

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to smile in his face, to give him undivided attention when he is speaking, then a B of Allah says do not regard that demeanor of yours as insignificant with no value in the eyes of Allah

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wello and tell him Pollak, isn't it amazing? So Allah has made attaining gender so easy for us. And I'm saying go for the big stuff. Also, no problem. But don't lose sight of the simple things that lock in give us Jen Neto.

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There's so many opportunities every day. Hundreds, literally hundreds of opportunities present themselves for us to engender

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you go into by takeout weekend, people don't cook at home.

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You see a beggar.

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You buy one sandwich extra.

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When you come out, you give it to him with a smile.

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Your agenda could be there. You don't know. One sandwich. How much 5050 rands.

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Imagine the duar that will come from this man's heart. Because you gave him fresh food, not your leftover?

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Is it that difficult

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to spend 30 grand on somebody

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you at the grocery store, somebody in front of you struggling doesn't have the enough amount to cover the bowl is short, 15 and 30 runs. You take it out from your pocket, you don't know maybe you're generalizing.

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Isn't it amazing?

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You see somebody stuck on the side of the road, it's safe, the condition is fine. To stop and help him. What I'm trying to get at is let's change our outlook. Let's change our approach. This gender hidden in so many places for us. We don't know where it is. Let's try and earn those rewards.

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Look at this example from the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Moroccan soda, an African lady in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam curnutt the homonymous Gita. She is to clean the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam ordinate ordinary person. Nobody took note of her. She was not somebody of note.

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But what was her worry and concern that I must keep the house clean. She wasn't employed. She wasn't employed on her own occurred. Anytime she found any dirt anything, immediately picked it up and cleaned the masjid.

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She passes away at night. So the Sahaba give her hosel and they bury her what out informing Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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So after some time passed and we have Allah realize that this lady is no longer coming to the masjid. He is not aware of what's happened.

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So he asked the Sahaba You know, there was a lady that used to come to the masjid.

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She made it her mission to keep the house of Allah clean.

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So they said only before la she passed away late at night. We thought that we will inconvenience you by waking you up and make you travel late at night and not save and all that. So we thought we'll attend to the funeral procession ourselves. Then a Viva La said no, no, no, no. Do lunigiana Cobra, he said no, no, take me to her copper. How did you not tell me a fella?

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Then to Mooney?

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Why didn't you tell me this is a narration of Muslim Sharif an authentic narration and incident. Why didn't you tell me?

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Why didn't you tell me that this lady passed away, I would have gotten up to attend to the funeral. So he says to the Sahaba take me to her grave.

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So they take him to the grave. And he performs Salatu janazah upon her and he makes to offer for who? For a lady who wish to just keep the house of a luckily

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she wasn't somebody of note.

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ordinary person.

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ordinary person. Look at the status than a via paper

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he said Why didn't you people inform me

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I would have gone personally

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This is what I'm saying that our approach to good deeds must be different. We shouldn't think that only the big stuff will take us to Jenna. Yes, we must aim for it. But do not trivialize any good deed that Allah gives you the opportunity to, to to

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never trivialize shaitan shaytans approaches, no matter what can charity you given lousy, there are more two theorems or five or 10 standards, if you give in you must give 1000 pounds, 2000 pounds $3,000 50,000 brands debt debt debt that's called contribution. So shaytaan trivializes a good deed. But Allah will allow you to come and fabula Allah promises you a good reward for every good deed. You see, a good deed is not dependent on how big or how small it is. A good deed can take you to genda because a good theory is good in its nature.

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A good deed is goodness in its own nature. Therefore it takes you to gender not because it's because more Yes, your reward increases. But actually goodness is found in every detail of Sharia. every deed because more. So there's so many ways to earn Jenna, a lady got such a high rank, just for cleaning the machine.

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How many of us actually think about it. Now if you find something, probably the cleaners will clean up afterwards. We know we paint them.

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So they'll they'll clean the house of Allah.

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Isn't this amazing?

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And there's so many incidents in the prophet in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'll share with you one more incident of ID you'll be happy Brody along the line. He was a leader of his tribe, the tribe of clay.

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So he wanted to accept Islam, but he wanted first hand account. He wanted to meet and interact with the Prophet of Allah personally.

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So he comes to Medina.

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And the W of Allah gets up. He holds him by the hand and he says, Let's go to my house, as they are walking towards the house of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, an elderly woman.

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This is what I say to you. That good deeds present opportunities, but you need to be alert. So an elderly lady, she says, Oh Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I want to talk with you.

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So then a via from law, undivided attention it gives to her, and she's speaking and speaking and speaking. Ideally, you'd not be happy. At that time he hasn't accepted Islam. When he sees this he said well law he lays Shahada be Malik I take a custom does man can never be a king. This can never be the hallmark of a king, to lower himself to an ordinary person and to give them undivided attention. This soften the heart for him to lay to accept Islam. On what on a simple deed.

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The next time you pick up the banana peel and you throw it away.

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You might regard it as an insignificant action, but somebody is watching you.

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Somebody is watching you and you'll say Wow, what a man.

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What a man.

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He did it on his own occurred.

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So you don't know whose heart Allah can soften to a simple deed, simple deed.

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Simple deed courtesy wherever we can help enough people being helpful being sociable owners is part of the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and ways of me earning Jenna.

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So as we wrap up here, number one, every good deed has the potential to take the dual agenda because more remember the lady who gave water to the dog? Allah gave her Jenna remember the person was cleaning the house of Rasulullah Allah May Allah Ibiza La Silla made to our for her Amritsar as well janaza remember I do you know how tip how Allah gave him he Daya just a simple deed.

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And number three, we must understand many times we miss out on opportunities because of our attitude towards it. Number four, we must understand that shaytaan trivializes every good deed

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Even trivializes sin, but it's a different topic altogether. And number five, we don't know where our agenda is hidden in which actually, we don't know.

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Allah has made it too easy for us. Number six,

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one should never think when he is on a high pedestal of either the people who are doing simple things

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are way below him.

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One of the aspects of arrogance that Allah must speak about is the arrogance of a Tada. And this is a sickness in our community. When a person for example, wakes up with 100 salah and is reading clear Malaysian, and he's doing a lot of rabada. What tends to happen is that people on a high pedestal, then start to look down upon people who are not at that level. are you wasting your time with the small sadaqa? are you wasting your time with this good deed?

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We don't know agenda is hidden. How can I judge the next person?

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How can I judge the next person? If Allah has given me the ability to be at this level of rabada I must be more humble. I must be more thankful to Allah. I can never make disparaging remarks. I can never look down upon somebody. I can never look at anybody with contempt, because I don't know where his agenda is written. I don't know. I don't know where is my generator, or what guarantee do I say because of my preamble later life giving me

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and I'll end off with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said to a Buddha a long time. A buzzer is Tabatha Marie cotton for axioma Ouattara gierach a Buddha and this is my point the entire talk easy ways of earning Jenna Oh boozer when you are making gravy

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when you are making curry or tarkari in our terms, then we have Allah said it one glass extra. What are our g ronak? And then take the extra and give it to your neighbor?

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A lot. Isn't this amazing? May Allah subhanaw taala give us all agenda? May Allah make us from among the successful one in this world in the after? May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with us in this one they are after. On behalf of radio Islamic international would like to say Jazakallah Heron to the community of clubs dub and Mufti Jaco minty and all the other organizers who have put this program together. May Allah subhanaw taala bless Muftis up granting long life and maybe continue to benefit from his or her loom and his knowledge. I mean, Arab anatomy