Mohammad Elshinawy – The Venom & The Serum #08 The Gravest Sins – Murder & Fornication

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the importance of avoiding false accusations and false false accusations, the use of pride and arrogance, the negative impact of killing a Muslim, the prevalence of Xena in the world, and the prevalence of sexual violence. The speakers emphasize the importance of history and privacy in the creation of a culture. The discussion also touches on the theory that after the death of Zina, the world will be dislocated, and the prevalence of Xena in the world and sexual violence.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was like big Marine, we begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah Han means find his peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad and his family and his companions and all those who adhere to his guidance. May Allah azza wa jal make us a new among the best of those who adhere to his guidance until we read our last Allahumma Amin

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Allah who was at NAB Xena Diliman or Jana who that MOTD and we ask Allah to decorate us to adorn us to beautify us with the beauty of faith and to make us guides for others that are ourselves guided Allah Houma me Amin.

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So we welcome everyone back to

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eighth session on a debt with della the venom and the serum or the poison and the cure by NLP and Rahima hula last week, for those of you who are not with us, it will claim Rahim Allah Allah spoke about Schilke, the the mother of all crimes, the greatest of all crimes, which is to set equals with Allah subhanho wa taala. And he for those who are not with us, he said, it is in a sense, just think about the audacity, or the vile nature of betrayal. Betrayal is the worst form of devastating a relationship. He said, and also just think about purpose. At the end of the day, you will never know the value of something until you figure out its placement in the grander scheme of things in the

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purpose of things. So if the purpose of life is to have a relationship with God, then the greatest crime in life is to sort of ignore your relationship with God, to blur that relationship with him. subhanho wa Taala were to compromise it.

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And shear is the most outright way this happens, he said and then you look within Islam. So that's the greatest crime that is contrary to Islam to begin with. Sheikh is not really a sin. Sheikh is like outside of Islam. When you think sin, you're thinking something a Muslim, a commit is a sin. But Sheikh is not a sin in the sense that it is a violation. When it is not something that a Muslim does, you're no longer Muslim if you're guilty of the major forms of shit. So he says that every single sin has a spot in the ladder, right? And that spot tells you just how

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devastating it is to your tail hate the bigger the sin, the more contrary, it is to the purpose of your life, and the purpose of the universe which is to establish justice Leah Coleman, so Bill Kristol, people may uphold justice, the greatest injustice is fine, but within the realm of sins, for the for the Muslim basically, the greater the sin, whether you realize it or not. What that means is that it has a greater share of injustice, harm or oppression involved.

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oppression against yourself, oppression against others are all of that combined, whether directly or indirectly. And so the greatest sins are those nearest to share. And he gives some examples he moves on now in the book to give some example is for example, the sin of Kibera. pride and arrogance. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what he said that nobody enters paradise when there is a speck of pride in their heart.

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You can pray your five, you can, you know, tell yourself, you know, I give charity here and I smile there and if there's a speck of arrogance in your heart, so there's a yellow suit Allah like we like to have nice clothes. We like to have nice shoes. They're worried we should be worried too. Right? But that's what that question means. We're we're scared. Do we have this? So they said we like to have nice clothes. We like to have nice shoes. He said that's not what I'm referring to. He said I'll keep ru Batara will help or harm to NAS.

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Arrogance. Pride is when you reject the truth from somebody else, because it's from somebody else, you're rejecting it. And as often as it is for you to despise people meaning to see people as despicable to belittle people essentially. Those are signs of arrogance. You know, what's very profound about this hadith as well, is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was being so concerned and cautious and wise in keeping us away from this destructive sin of Kibber that he gave you an internal and external marker or example of it like this.

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These were not random definitions when he said, but thought we'll have a rejection of truth. That's something you do outward. That's something you do outward, along to nurse belittling people is something that you do inward. It's as if he's saying, just because you don't know you don't know about yourself that you do one of these doesn't mean you're not guilty of the other. I'll give you an example. Someone gives me some advice. I'm not going to outwardly reject the truth in their advice, right? I'm not going to say like, Get out of here. Who are you to talk to me like that? You know, look at yourself first. Have you taken a look in the mirror these days? How much do you know,

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I know have more knowledge that you're not outwardly saying that. That doesn't mean you're not arrogant. That's just part of it. You could be socially intelligent and act like you're humble. Just look a little later for the advice. And in your heart, you're like, Who is this person to think they can give me advice?

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That's a problem.

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And vice versa, right?

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Someone can think, think, assume that they don't look down upon people. But then why aren't you receptive when they give advice? There could be something there. So check both inside and out. Because no spec will be tolerated. You will not be allowed to enter paradise. Can arrogance ever be sherek? Yes. When?

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If it leads you to share, so I'm too arrogant to follow the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because I'm not going to accept that my parents were wrong. Right? The religion of my forefathers, but arrogance, he categorized it here as a sin, but it could drive you to even disbelief even shit. That's what arrogance does. That's what pride does. Rejection of truth depending on what truth you've rejected, will tell you this is actually a sin and one of the greatest of them or there's actually this belief altogether. May Allah protect us, he says and another one that's very close to shake and often mentioned with jerk but it's not quite in and of

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itself should like not always shake, he said is speaking about Allah who without knowledge when to Kulu Allah Allah Hema Allah Tala moon.

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This also can be major shift, if you know that you're lying about God. Right? Then you would sort of you're you're putting your statements on equal consciously, deliberately on equal footing with his statements, that's not gonna work. Otherwise, though, it is one of the gravest sins because it is that close to share.

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And so he says one more time now, since oppression is contrary to the justice for which the universe was created, you got to see it that way. The universe was created the Pullman sob locus for people to establish justice, he said in the messengers were sent for justice to be established. And the scriptures were revealed for justice to be established all of that. He says, Therefore the volume of oppression is the greatest of the major sins within Islam.

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And its gravity is proportionate to the harm it involves. And he said, If you want to be specific, it's always to that take the cake, or when you know, in the ugliest way, when it comes to what is the greatest sin within Islam after sherek I gave you to close out last week's topic and examples of pride and speaking about Allah without knowledge, those are like borderline they straddle both right now we're moving into sins that are definitely just sins right? But they are the greatest of them. So even the word just sins may give you the wrong impression, murder and fornication of cutscene I'm deliberately killing someone unjustifiable murder, and fornication Zina extramarital relations. So

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the greatest volume of these two is which one?

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Murder, right? But not all murders created equal. He said, It depends on who you're murdering and what you're murdering.

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So that's why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about Akbar Al Qaeda, what is the greatest of the major sins? After she said what? And Takko Tula wala Dhaka Maha Fattah and Yatta I'ma Mack to kill your child out of fear that they will eat with you that you have to share your food with them out of fear of risk, right as they used to do, not just in pre Islamic Arabia, but throughout human history. This has sort of resurface this alien to Subhanallah even parental instinct, natural instinct it has taken place these of the greatest forms of murder why?

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innocent child parental instinct

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All of that there and you still murder poor assumptions of Allah, it's about this for food, right? This makes it of the greatest forms of murder. Then he brings another Hadith he's trying to show you the pattern, that it's proportionate to the harm involved in even the murder. So even murder, there's subsets. He says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was listing

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those most severely punished shut Danesi I've ever known one

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of those he listed was min Katella and Debian, that someone who has killed a profit, right? Killing a profit. It's not like killing normal person. Wasn't that the test of some of the prophets and sort of the condition of some of the prophets that Allah azza wa jal combined for them both prophethood and martyrdom was akin to Yalla. He's Salam, for instance, didn't Allah say about Benwick? Surah Al Farrakhan? Caribou Farrakhan? Yeah, platoon, they were sort of very resistant to the prophets, a group of them, they will just rebel and deny and reject, and a group of them needs to actually assassinate, they will get the profits kill. So the worst of people, he says, is someone who kills a

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prophet. And he says, and so this is teaching us a lesson, that the more harm involved in the murder, the greater the murder, even if murder categorically is the worst of them in a vacuum like that. And so he says, The Greatest murderers the murder of a prophet, than likewise murdering a person of leadership, or a person of scholarship, because of all of the good that they allow for humanity, this would be of the greatest of harms.

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You know, I remember, should I share this? I remember sitting with a scholar, who was a very controversial scholar, and I cannot say that I, I could

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understand a lot of his perspectives on things. He said to me, I swear to Allah, that I believe that this president of this Muslim country is a Catholic is a disbeliever.

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And I swear to Allah, if I knew that some radical Muslim was going to assassinate him,

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I would take the bullet for him.

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Not for him for who he is. But because of the mayhem and the anarchy that would happen in the country.

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If every few people and their like minded fellows took matters into their own hands, he was I know what would happen to the country, if this were to start these chain reactions, this sort of law of the jungle, and so on and so forth.

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And so he was basically saying that, you know, I believe he's not Muslim, because he doesn't rule by Allah's rule. And He rules by man made laws, but I believe that laws of the jungle are worse than manmade loss. That is the idea. When I say like a person of leadership, we don't just mean sort of like a Sahabi who's the minion right now. That's what's intended, how much harm will be spawned by this act of murder. And so, it is, it correlates and it is

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measured in that way. But after all, this is said and done. Killing any believer really, is of the greatest of evils. You know, the I in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says, What are you up to Mina moto Amida that whomever kills a believer deliberately, for Jessa, who Jahannam then his repayment is no less than the hellfire, while the biller who Allahu Allah Anna, and Allah has become a Gree with him and cursed him. Well, I della who I then I'll Lima and prepared for him a great torment. It says holiday nephila, I forgot to translate that part, which means essentially it means according to most scholars,

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remaining there forever. But we know that this is a sin in Islam. It is not removed from Islam by itself. If you believe murder is halal, then you're setting up laws the way Allah setting up laws than it should. Right. But if you just committed the act without justifying it, this is what this verse is talking about whoever kills a believer deliberately, then the recompense is the fire forever.

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How we said it's a sin and sins don't remove it from Islam, and only sort of those guilty of this belief will be in the fire forever. So how is murder now being punished with fire forever? The scholars said this idea means that whomever murders a believer deliberately deserves the fire forever.

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But because if he meets Allah without dropping to the next level, there's only one level after murder, which is what should right if he meets Allah with his towhead he's so he will get him a reduction. But on its own, this person is deserving of eternity in the fall.

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Fire for killing a believer.

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And then they'll claim actually he goes on to a little bit of a legal discussion. And I told you one of the objectives of this course is for you to taste scholarship a little bit true scholarship a little bit. He says in the scholars have this have differed is a Muslim murderer, a Muslim who murders someone right?

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And repents for the murder forgiven? Especially if the punishment is carried out on them in this world. So what are we talking about? A Muslim? who murders a Muslim? Why is he saying I'm Muslim murderers and Muslim? Because the non Muslim that repents? By becoming Muslim? We know how the Prophet SAW Salem treated them, right. Those that were in opposing armies, and they came over and became Muslim, clean slate. But what about someone who's a Muslim? That's where the debate is among the scholars, who kills kills a Muslim, repents, declares his Toba and hands himself over to the authorities to be executed i for an eye death penalty, would this person be forgiven? So he says,

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one group of scholars said no, he will not be forgiven? Because it's not justice. How was it fair? How's it just this to give the relatives of the victim the right, that belongs to the victim?

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In other words, I'm going to hand myself over to the authorities. The authorities are going to say okay, what does the family want? That's what happens. The family says we want him to be executed i for an eye. He's executed, said, Okay, fine. That's the right of the family. But what about the right of the victim? Did the victim get his life back? He didn't get his life back. So how was he forgiven? Now on the Day of Judgment, the victim still has to get his he didn't get anything out of the execution, his family did, but he didn't.

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And so that was essentially in summation, the evidence of those who said, He will not be forgiven. The other group said, Yes, he will be forgiven. Because we know in Islam, that repentance erases everything before it, and he already faced the punishment, the punishment was the execution. And so if repentance can erase disbelief, and sorcery,

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right, you can become Muslim and it's clean slate, even for murder, then it can erase anything else, even a Muslim who commits murder.

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And then they said, you know, how can someone be punished for something Allah promised to forgive meaning in the Hereafter, and he gave up his life for the for the life he wrongly ended, he gave up his life for the life of the victim.

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And they said, This is just like the thief, the thief hands the money over to the heirs of the person they robbed. If they can't find the person they robbed, to give them their money back. If the person has died, I can't give them their money back. What do I do? I give it to the IRS. That's what he did. He gave his life to the IRS the same way.

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He would have given the money to the IRS. That no claim Rahim Allah says he referees between these two positions. And he says the correct view is that the murderer, the murderer, when someone commits murder, this involves three separate rights, the right of Allah who forbid murder, the right of the victim who was harmed by the murder, and the right of the family who lost their family member and their loved one and their breadwinner and their provider in the worldly sense and all of that.

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He says if he surrenders himself to the authorities, he obeyed Allah's rule, right? And he sincerely privately and in his in his heart sincerely regretted it for Allah had repented, then the right of Allah and the rights of the family are accounted for.

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While the right of the victim is not, but listen, this is the beautiful part. He says what he saw he will not show up on the Day of Judgment forgiven, he won't.

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But Allah will compensate the victim and reconcile bring peace between these two Muslims. This way the right of the victim is not neglected. Allah will give him something in exchange.

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Otherwise the right of the victim is neglected. And and Allah will not punish the person who made Toba so his tilde is not neglected. So Allah who will reconcile everything Subhana Allah to Allah by keeping the tilbyr valuable, and not dismissing the right of the victim. What's going to happen is Allah will recognize this right of the victim on the day of judgment and pay it on behalf of the person who made sincere Toba. Isn't that beautiful?

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Then he goes back to the real subject, which is murder, he says, but

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this none of this should detract from the gravity of murder and anyone nearing it because you know

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A person may say, you know, like I would never commit murder and the one who committed murder said that I would never do it again or they would say like it was self defense and sometimes it is, but so many times we downplay the possibility or the source of the greatness or gravity of these things happening. He then he so he goes back to say, but you have to always remember the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no bird is killed wrongfully. There's a question what does that hadith mean? A bird that's killed wrongfully. What's an oppressive way to kill a bird?

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Not for eating right. We don't poach just for poaching.

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No bird is killed wrongfully except that it will come on the day of judgment and say My Lord asked him why he killed me. He neither ate me nor lets me live McEleney. Why Mazzara Kenny Irish.

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He says likewise, no men will come on the Day of Judgment killed wrongfully except that

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they will break drag their murder forward and say oh Allah asked him why he killed me. And another Hadith we are told that a woman who was a devout worshipper to Allah will enter the Hellfire because she murdered a cat. Nobody it doesn't say that. The hadith says it makes a difference. The hadith says she trapped a cat she locked a cat away somewhere, kept them in a room or something right? And so the cat starved and died.

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So he says likewise, men, those that have similar grievances, you think that they will not subject their murderers to being thrown into the hellfire? Why is it? Why is it important to highlight the fact that this woman did not murder the cat in the first degree?

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That at times this could be the result of negligence. May Allah protect us? May Allah it could be negligence, something you neglected, you know, to knowingly

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leave the banana peel on the floor or leave your car engine oil leaking, right and then someone swerves off the path and is injured or killed because of that. This is a liability that doesn't die with our death that shows up with us on the Day of Judgment.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the third Hadith, Lai Azad on mute me no FIFOs hottie mendini he Mala muesli them and how Rama

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a Muslim remains comfortable in their religion, so long as they don't spill unlawful blood.

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What does it mean remains comfortable in their religion.

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Some scholars said what this means is they remain comfortable in benefiting from their religion on the Day of Judgment. Meaning if you have murder in your scale, that you haven't repented from sincerely.

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It's a very uncomfortable measuring very uncomfortable accounting and auditing that will take place. It is very unlikely that you will have enough good deeds to counter this evil deed. It's that heavy.

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The other and there are several but I'll mentioned Do you want just one more interpretation of a Muslim remains comfortable within their Islam, so long as they don't spill unlawful blood haram blood. They said

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a Muslim remains far from the edge of their Islam far from falling out of Islam.

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Remember we said murderers the greatest sin right after disbelief right after shit means if you commit murder you your heart blackens to the point that you become very close to the edge it becomes very imaginable. When you walk that edge that you will fall off in a moment of weakness you will commit Schickel together, you will lose your faith perhaps in the last moments of your life. May Allah azza wa jal grant us refuge grant that's protection. So that's the other meaning of you're comfortable in the religion meaning sort of your your distance from all the boundaries but once you commit spilling of blood, you find yourself on the edge of the cliff

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and he said to us Allah Allahu Allah you earlier Salem, the very first disputes to be settled on the day of judgment between people.

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A will Morocco obeying Allah a daddy yarmulke Yama and NASCIO. McLemore at the map,

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sort of the accounts of bloodshed will be the first thing that is disputed between people that is settled, the scores are settled about on the day of judgment. And so now because of that picture, you understand why he's saying there is no doubt that after shed the greatest crime you can commit to be a culprit of is the crime of killing. He says and then right after killing, the right after killing is fornication, because the greatest volume the greatest engine

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Justice after murder is fornication what do we get that from who can think of any text in the Quran or Hadith to say that

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Think with me sisters help them

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okay sisters

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the brothers are digest think

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Allah azza wa jal said Hmm

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We only have like 111 sodas left keep going

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in Surah Al Furqan when Allah speaks about the battle Rahman, his dear servants his cherished servants, he says well Levine Allah their own Amma Allah He la han Allah and they are those that never set equals to Allah with anyone else as an equal to Allah. Wala ko saloon and Neff seletti Haram Allahu Allah will help and they never kill any innocent soul that Allah has strictly made forbidden except in the course of justice because in that case, they wouldn't be innocent. He says wala Yes, noon and they don't FortiGate they do not commit Zina this Fantasia, this indecency of fornication or adultery. Of course, you know, fornication is sort of for the unmarried adultery is a

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term for the married

00:26:22 --> 00:26:30

woman. Yeah, fall Valley K Alka Thumma. Allah says, and whoever does that will encounter a grave sin.

00:26:31 --> 00:27:05

You will lie flat who the other boy yo multi AMA, the punishment will be compounded for them on the Day of Judgment, these sins especially right? Why a Khaled fee he Mohana and he will abide there in once again forever in humiliation in tab except for those who repent and work righteous deeds, and you turn back to Allah they reform. So notice from this is a few things right? It is paired we find the pair of Xena fornication along with shitcan murder.

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We said the greater the sin, the more harm it involves, whether we can notice it or we don't. So he says think about Zina. Think about fornication, how much it disrupts the harmony of the world, from keeping families together this strikes at the bedrock a family which means society which means the world right, and how much harm it incurs in terms of even people protecting their own bodies. You know, if you permit sort of extramarital relations, you will find sexually transmitted diseases. And you will find what everyone's talking about these days of unwanted sexual advances, and so on and so forth. He says, and also it disrupts the safeguards to the notion of honor. You know, when people

00:27:57 --> 00:28:01

want to live, it's up in the in the liberal paradigm. They say, you know, like,

00:28:02 --> 00:28:31

two consenting adults, it's all that matters, not talking about like shame and honor and respect, and dignity and things like this. Now, of course, when you get to that point, it's very convenient to basically say, you know, we're intelligent animals, do animals have a concept of respect and dignity and honor? Not very clearly not very obviously. And what's honor what's respect, you know, the, the human being is just a physical mass to them, right? There's no spiritual component. There's no moral component, there is no moral component.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:32

And then

00:28:34 --> 00:28:37

also of the harms of Zina

00:28:38 --> 00:28:55

is the animosity that will naturally happen between people like imagine between the men of the world for other men targeting their wives targeting their mothers targeting their sisters targeting their daughters, how much violence that will spawn

00:28:59 --> 00:29:02

and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:29:03 --> 00:29:25

enjoined upon us to remember that the two greatest reasons why people enter the Hellfire is Al femoral Forge, the mouth and the private parts what you say with your mouth, right? And also some scholars added what you consume, right haram nourishment, and also the private parts, not placing enough safeguards against heating that lower call.

00:29:28 --> 00:29:43

And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Muslims blood is inviolable, except in three cases, of course, in the court of law, right. But in three cases, he's had a previously married fornicator and an eye for an eye murderer, and someone who deserts their religion

00:29:44 --> 00:30:00

and disbands from the community. Someone who notice again, Cofer, but this is really about apostasy and murder. And Xena once again, the three of them just like the idea are brought together in the same context. But if you pay attention and they'll claim said

00:30:00 --> 00:30:09

He actually says it backwards. Why? Why did he reverse the order? The ISs sheer murder Zina. The hadith here is saying Zina

00:30:11 --> 00:30:30

murder I've heard I write. And then she, he said this is another way to look at it because he spoke about the most common Zina to the least common among the Muslims, right? Xena being the most common May Allah forbid, but it is. It is more common than murder and murder is more common then.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:48

Then chick even though they're all awful, but they are more common, awful, less common, awful, less common, awful. But in terms of severity, it was the I said they were I said it, that it's awful, more awful worse. He said also,

00:30:50 --> 00:31:04

this order perhaps was reminding us of the fact that they are all on one continuum in this order, meaning someone who usually commits fornication, winds up committing,

00:31:05 --> 00:31:11

killing. And as we already said, someone who commits killing has a much higher likelihood of committing What

00:31:13 --> 00:31:15

should a disbelief.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:45

And he gives a sort of an example of this. He said, We already spoke about the violence of protective males, you can't stop males from being protective of their womenfolk that's already a part of it. So that'll higher the likelihood of someone taking the law into their own hands, and murdering those who they believe are infringing on their family or their families on or otherwise. And then also there is the fact that Xena will be get pregnancy. And many people will try to

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end that pregnancy terminate the pregnancy, which will lead to the murder in a different form. Not murder of the male. So those coming after their women, the murder of the couple or the woman or the man to the fetus, the baby that's enroute. That's another form of killing now, it's a continuum he's saying.

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And he says and never forget the loss of the rights based on family lines. Now you have sort of the mix up a family lines, the this person is not supposed to marry this person or this person owes money to that person. You've intercepted and interrupted all of this by Xena. He says that also the harm of the many, many females, it's probably I can't believe he's saying this.

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Of course it was common but so much more common. Now. He says in the Pfitzner of females, since men need not commits in a world of Zina.

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If Zina becomes prevalent, a righteous woman

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gets the short end of the stick.

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Because she's the higher price that has to be paid. When everyone is available, and Zina is seen as acceptable, what happens? It's the buyers market, the guy picks what he wants, and he's gonna pick whatever is more convenient, whatever is more accessible. And so now the woman who is remaining pious and remaining Chase is further challenged by it, and so it spawns so much of that evil. The last thing I'll say because it's Salah time, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about the prevalence of Xena of fornication being of the greatest signs of the end times its own of the signs of the world coming to an end. How will the world crumble in the end? A big part of it will be

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Zina. He said in the authentic hadith in Sahih al Bukhari

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narrated by Enniscorthy Allahu Allah. And among the clear signs of the hour is that knowledge will become lifted and ignorance will become rampant, and wine will be drunk, and fornication will be prevalent, and men will become fewer, and women will become plenty until 50 Women are under a single caretaker.

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What does that mean? It means either, because knowledge has been lifted, that people become so ignorant that a man will marry 50 women, or a man will be sort of accepted by 50 different men or women at the same time. Or it could also mean because other Hadith speak about widespread warfare in the end times that so many men will be killed. Obviously, they're more than the women in the battle ranks. And so a man who will be responsible to spend on this is another interpretation 50 women and his family because all of their direct male relatives have been killed. But the point of reference is that Zina never becomes prevalent in any town even before the Day of Judgment. Has it been Mr.

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would set the alarm on that So have they been Mr. Wood said Xena never becomes prevalent normalized in any town, except that ALLAH who would soon call for its demise, he removes it from the face of the earth, how to prevent Xena and the slippery slope from Xena that is for our future weeks in sha Allah Subhana Allah humma Reham digna shadow Allah Allah Allah and that's the Federal Council with Aiko, sallAllahu wasallam vada Carnaby and Muhammad Ali. He was IVIG marine

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lo Ecolo

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