Habib Bobat – Sadness Grief And Sorrow

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the natural causes of sadness, including loss of income, relationships, and family members. They emphasize the importance of accepting the natural reactions of life and not worrying too much until one's sadness is resolved. The emotional and sadness that comes with the loss of a loved one is natural and emotional, and the focus is on remnants of Islam as a solution to sadness and suffering. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of taking the name of a law to boost one's inner peace and mental well-being.
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Al Hamdulillah Nakamoto who want to start in Ohio and so Phil, when are all the relay Manchurian? fusina amin say they are Melina mania Hello forever de la mejor de la. Deanna wanna shadow you know in Nevada hola sharika wanna shadow Mohammed and Abdo solo? I'm about to go to LA tala

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Vina shaytani r Rajim weather Cardinal mo nica boo boo Sadhguru COVID Maya Kowloon for sub Hamdi Rob Baker welcome minister GDN wha Buddha Rebecca had to clean the akula Vu sur de la vida he was miserable Bella. Meanwhile, Mina, fair enough, see, he will weather the he will marry he had yellow called wha wha wha la

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tierra de

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la la Li was sort of on the view with Kareem.

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Honorable Oliver respected elders in brothers. As humans, we go through different emotions in our lives.

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Sometimes we are happy. And sometimes we are said

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we are happy when things work out the way we want them to work out.

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We planned for a certain thing. And it works out just perfectly we are happy.

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We are overjoyed at our accomplishments.

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We are elated at the good outcomes of life.

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And naturally, when things are going our way, we are happy. We are bubbly. We are full of smiles. We are cheerful.

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But when things don't work out the way we want them to work out. We are said

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we become despondent.

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We become hopeless.

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We lose focus in life.

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And we live in a state of misery.

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And that's what I want to talk about today. sadness, grief and sorrow.

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So what we need to understand as humans that Allah subhanaw taala has created this world is such that it is full of challenges. It's full of trials, it's full of tribulations,

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we will have the ups and downs in life.

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And as humans, we have to understand that there will be phases in our lives where we will be said

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there is no person in this world. No person in this world who is free of sadness.

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Whether he's rich, whether he's poor, we will all go through it. The elderly, the young, the middle age, everybody will experience sadness in their life. At some stage or the other.

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Malik bindi naramata, lollies mentions

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that the heart that's devoid of sadness

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is like a deserted house.

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Just as that house which is not occupied for by anyone will become deserted. Likewise, that heart will also become deserted when there's no sadness or some sort of grief in the heart. It's part and parcel of life.

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Now let's try to understand where our sadness comes from. And then we look at some solutions also in Sharla.

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Sometimes we are sad because of the temporary loss of income.

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A man is retrenched or his company closes down, his income suddenly stops. His left without a job he's sitting at home is trying to make ends meet. And he said

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he leads himself into a state of misery. He is depressed.

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Sometimes our sadness is related to the loss of life. Somebody very close to us leaves this world, our parents, our siblings, sometimes it's our own life partner.

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Sometimes our sadness is related to our relationships. Our children are giving us grief or husband and wife issues, marital discord, and other issues pertaining to marriage. Sometimes our our sadness is related to the loss of something in life. We missed out on an opportunity and we are said there was an excellent opportunity to maximize and to benefit, but we missed out and now we are said

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so these are the natural causes.

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Have sadness in life.

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As believers as Muslims as humans, how do we deal with sadness?

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Let's look at the natural reaction of people. In most cases, people was thrown from public life.

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They become introverts. So they dread going to social events.

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A man went through a divorce or lady went through a divorce. She doesn't want to be seen in public life. A man doesn't want to attend any social function.

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Because he cannot confront the situation of his

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or the person loses out on his appetite, that appetite for food is not there any longer. The man is hungry, but he's not eating.

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And in many cases, a person starts to lose weight also, he either loses weight or either he picks up extra weight.

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One of the two happens to a person who's going through sadness, to grieve through sorrow.

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That's the natural reaction of human beings. They withdraw, they lose out on the appetite. They don't want to socialize with people. They want to be to themselves.

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And they go into a state of despondency they become depressed.

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And sometimes they become clinically depressed for a long period of time.

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That's the natural reaction of men.

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But what does the sooner teaches us? What does the loss of hair Rotella teaches us in the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam number one will ever know when there can be a male hope you will do or why not say middle m while you will enforce your thammarat over she is so varied. Number one, Allah says in the Quran, we will most certainly test you in your life.

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We will test you regarding money issues, we will test you regarding relationships, we will test you regarding ups and downs in life. We will test your prosperity, we will test you through adversity. Number one, as believers we understand that we will go through some sort of sadness in our life, because Allah has already informed us in the Quran. Those who offer us stress free lives are only putting up a superficial facade in front of people. There is no such thing as a stress free life. The fact of the matter is that this world is full of challenges. And given the fact that it is full of challenges, we will most certainly go through this phase of our life. So number one, it's the

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phase of life. That's what the Quran says.

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once in a year Manu Davidow happiness, Allah says we will change the times in your life, sometimes it will be on top, sometimes you will be excelling in life. And sometimes we'll be going down in life. You need to learn to come to terms with your sadness also. You have to accept it that it is part of life. Number two, Brahma Talalay writes

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that know and understand. By being said, at any event of your life, you're not going to change anything in life.

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By being said you add on an additional misfortune to the one that's already existing.

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By being said, you cannot solve any problem in life in simple terms, you can't ignore army rock metal, Ollie writes that when a lot test to a something, if a lot takes away something from you in life, then occupy yourself with something else in life.

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Don't occupy yourself on the misfortune that happened in your life. If you're going to sit and think and replay and replay and replay what happened to you, you're going to get yourself into further misery. But if you make peace and you say, let me occupy myself with something else, which will distract me, you will be able to cope with it sadness and grief.

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And many people go into an idle mode. They've got nothing to do. They're idle. And that's the state that you need to save yourself from. Because it is that state that leads you to misery. You know, when a person is idle, he's got nothing to do. And so he worries about his, his misfortune. He's playing and replaying that event over and over and over again.

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And so that makes it very difficult for you. But the minute you say I'm going to pick myself up and I'm going to occupy myself with something better

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The person manages to come out of the state of Missouri. So Panama

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Rasul Allah writes that know and understand that no matter how difficult this this phase is in your life, it will, it will phase out slowly inshallah and it will become easier, you will see a father who lost his son, at that moment is is very emotional, he cannot control himself, he is full of tears, he is broken inside

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and if you ask him to speak about his son he becomes very emotional he breaks down but ask that very same father after a year or two enabled to speak he'll be able to speak he'll be said but he won't be as sad as how he was before. Why? Because it's the natural phase of life that no matter how attached your you are to something or someone you eventually overcome that sadness in your life. At that moment, it was very difficult. But few months later, few years later, after the passage of time, we are able to overcome that grief. So even though I am says that when you're in the thick of that moment, tell yourself this will also inshallah come to an end.

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It's not possible that Allah only shows us grief in our life, there will be happier moments also inshallah, in closer usera, Allah says, was difficulty comes ease. It's not possible that we only see melancholy, and we only see misery in our lives. It's not possible allies Kane Eliza Rahim.

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You need to understand, to not ask of life, what it cannot offer. So Panama, and when I read this point of biblical claim, in his book disciplining the soul, I was marveling at the foresight of this man, he says, Do not ask of life, what it cannot offer. Life can not offer you a stress free life. Life cannot offer you a problem free life. So why do you expect it

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It means that we are living with such high expectations in our lives, that we end up hurting ourselves every time when something goes wrong. And that's because we have set such a high expectation my wife, my children, my person is my income everything we have set the ideal and we have set such high expectations that the minute we get anything below that, we are saved. So if no column says that do not ask of life what it cannot offer that is only offered in gender.

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Era everybody Allah wholefood, Allah como yo Mona Anton de Lune. Allah says, Now that you've entered into gender, there is no sadness, there is no sorrow, there is no worry, there is no grief, that's only in gender

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in this world will have to go through it. So it will play brothel Allah makes a very profound point. And the next point, which is mentioned in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala speaks to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and he says, Well, of course not lm or anaklia

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or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. Salaam, we understand. And we know that you said

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we know that you are said you're the greatest human being in the world is also going through sadness. He's also going through the same emotions that we go through. And I was telling him that oh Mohammed, we understand that you are said you are feeling down for sub neurotic. What solution does Allah give to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he says O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for sub Bish byham, the Arabic workqueue Minister he did take on to spirituality. engage yourself in the remembrance of Allah.

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Well couldn't mean a surgery Dean and fall in front of a line such that it is draw the help of a law through your spirituality.

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And basically lay out my inner loop and this is what I want to stress on. The spirituality in our life will ward off the grief in our life.

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Because the law says in the remembrance of a law, the hearts find contentment.

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This contentment cannot come from going on holidays, or purchasing items or spending on certain things. Allah has not kept contentment in there. If you are sad and feeling down, there is the book of Allah pick up the book of a lot. That's where contentment lies. If you are feeling sad and you are feeling depressed, your solution is in the remembrance of a law by taking the name of a law. Your heart is at ease.

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And you chase away the devil. you chase away the negativity and the

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negative impact and forces in your life, you would have all the negativity by taking the name of law. That's the effect. A lie. See? Oh Mohamed, we know you are said

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Allah. So we've got Sunnah. We've got Khurana, we've got Victor. These are the means of, of cleansing ourselves of the sorrow and the grief in our life. And I promise you, once you come onto this, you'll see the contentment, you will have problems and troubles in your life, but contentment will be phenomenal, you

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understand it in this manner, alone will become your umbrella, it will still rain outside, the rain will not stop for you. But a lower become your shelter. A law will become your protection, a law will become your umbrella. And so when we throw the help of a law, the problems in the troubles will be there. But Allah will give us the strength and the courage to get out of that state of misery.

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Just like Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam managed to do so. And let's look at an example of the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, there is a year in the history of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam known as I will be the year of sorrow, the year of grief. In this year, many things happen. He lost his beloved wife.

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And he lost his beloved uncle was very close to him who supported him.

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It is also in this phase and in this period, that he went to pif and he was pelted on miles and

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if you study the fear of loss or the law of Islam, there's so much of trouble. So much of challenges, so much of difficulties. Yet he comes out so strong, somehow. Yet he comes out at this as this inspirational human being who is able to inspire people, even 1400 years later, three Sierra, what does he tell us? That we have the solution? We have the solution. Whatever I'm experiencing in my life, the solution to that is in the era of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, for he went through even more difficult circumstances than what we are going through. And he managed to pull himself out of that through the assistance of his Lord. So can you and I to the same employer

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and vcglr and get ourselves out of this misery. May the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala give us the understanding. And may Allah subhanaw taala lead us from all this misery in our life is a beautiful daughter that we are taught by the prophet of Allah, Allah Khomeini, our dooby camino Alhamdulillah has also become in a large civil castle, while also becoming the de noir region. as Muslims we don't have to be said

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we don't have to be perpetually said, we are taught specific to ask the Prophet of Allah. Allah I seek protection in new from sadness.

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Hanley, Well, firstly means perpetual sadness, perpetual sorrow, perpetual grief, over law, we seek protection in new from sorrow, from sadness. We are taught to us to get ourselves out of the situation. May Allah subhanaw taala give us happiness in all our lives and make it easy for us in our troubles. And Allah subhanaw taala become our guardians or Marlena

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