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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in a meadow who has died or who were a stone Pharaoh, when do we know him in Cerulean fusina amin say yes Dr. Medina Maja de la Fernando de la mejor de la vida de la

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ilaha illallah wa sharika Venetia Mohammed Abu rasuluh mavado kulula divaricata lfl Quran Majeed. Well farrakhan Hamid la mina shaytani r Rajim un Latina m n o qu and fusa Kumar alikum narrow

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your pool in Abu Salah la hora de alayhi wa sallam, Manoj Halliwell is doing what other who may not have been Bala Minho. Lucan has any sort of team.

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As far as fathers are concerned, I'd like to narrow my discussion to two areas.

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One is the moral upbringing of our children, and secondly, the spiritual upbringing of our children.

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As fathers, we need to understand that we play a very critical role in our children's life.

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Our children are like clean slates,

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they will reflect to the world what we have inscribed on them.

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And throughout the childhood phase, we will get an opportunity to inscribe on that slate.

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And the values we grow our children up with today will be the values they will live by tomorrow.

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And so that requires active parenting from us all.

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And we need to play an active role in our children's lives.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, manna Halliwell you don't want a woman in other men Holika can has

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the greatest gift.

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The greatest gift a father can give his son

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is good character.

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Because they will become the leaders of tomorrow, and they will become the community members of tomorrow. And if we have given him a good upbringing,

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people would want to be in the company.

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The flip side of the coin. If that upbringing is lacking in our children, then people would want to stay far away from such people in life.

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So in order to impart laughter with children, we ourselves practically need to be on Aflac.

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One is reading about morals, and one is witnessing morals.

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Our children will treat their women folk in their lives based on how we treat our women folk in our lives.

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So if we as fathers show respect to the women in our lives,

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it's a given that tomorrow they will also show respect to them, to those ladies who come into their lives.

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If we as fathers carry ourselves with dignity in the community, our children will pick up the same morals and the same values in their lives.

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For the influence of a father can never be underestimated.

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Each one of us can reflect in our own lives, and pick up on the points that we have picked up from our own parents.

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And today, we are trying our best to also pass on those very same models that we've picked up from our parents.

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And so we need to a bring such children that will be reliable, that will be trustworthy, that will be honest, someone whom we can count on. And children that will be the leaders and the flag bearers of Islam tomorrow in sha Allah.

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And so we need to play an active role in this regard. And may Allah subhanaw taala give us that ability to do so in sha Allah. The second part

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is the spiritual upbringing of our children.

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It is the right of every child

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that he is introduced to Allah.

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It is the right of every child that is introduced to Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ne sera.

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It is the right of every child that is introduced to the tenants of Islam.

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If we as parents cannot do so then we must make sure that there's measures in place where they are given the spiritual upbringing. For if this is in place.

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You will benefit from the upbringing not only in this world, but in the year after also. The hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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one form of Sahaba jharia one form of conditions

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As charity, even after you pass away from this world, is to leave behind pious offspring who will continue to do good even after they've passed on. For every good that they will do in their lives, Allah will give you the credit in the year after also.

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So the rewards are promising. The returns are promising, and we need to make a concerted effort in this regard in sha Allah. And I'd like to draw your attention towards the verses of the Quran, in which a loss of habitat speaks of sage in a local man the father, advising his son, your buena Yella to Shrek Bella. The very first write of a child is to be introduced to Allah and say it in a look man tells his son, oh my son, do not associate any partners with the loss of Hannah Tata, for associating partners with the law is a major crime in the shilka boo Navin.

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The second piece of advice that the Quran carries

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juneja in her intercom is called have Betty min harden in federal court fees in office to fill out the tibia law in nawala, thief and hubiera ponder on these advises saving a look man says to his son, that oh my son knowing, understand,

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know and understand whatever good you do in your life.

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Even if it's equivalent to a mustard seed.

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Whether it's under a rock,

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or whether it's in the heavens or in the skies, scattered. Or whether it's spread out on Earth, a law will bring it forth on the day of piano.

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And in a lot of different hobbies, oh my son understand, a one knows everything. Latif means one who knows the inner of things. And a one knows what's in your heart, oh my son. What is the development passing on to his son?

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The quality of being conscious of a line the person's life is oh my son, I cannot monitor you 24 hours. I cannot police you 24 hours. But know and understand that Allah is above you. And if you have this mindset, and if you can understand that my allies observe in every move of minds, you will look after yourself and you'll cut yourself.

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And he goes on to say you know buena optimist Sana what motivated maroof one honeymoon curve was berala a sore back in early communism, no Moodle. Oh, my son established sada.

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I promise you if your child is on Sunnah, you don't have to fear about any other thing in his life, for Salah in itself as the quality of taking a person away from even and bringing them onto the straight path. Because a person will be standing in front of a law, his conscience will not allow him to go onto the wrong path. If I'm standing in front of a law, and how can I be involved in this act?

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So say the man is saying to his son, established Allah, what motivated maruf and enjoin people to do good one honeymoon curve, and forbid people from doing wrong was berala A sawbuck and oh my son, developed the quality of patience in your life. Things will not go your way. Everything will not work out the way we want them to work out. We need to be patient. We need to be tolerant. We need to also accept that sometimes things will not go our way in the valley come in as well. These are things to hold on to my son and he goes on to advise him and he says

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what are two sorry, your hot duckling nurse will attempt she fell out of the maraca. Oh my son when people are speaking with you.

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Make sure you do not turn your face away.

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For when a person is speaking to you. Give him your undivided attention. While attempt shifting out of the model ha and do not walk with haughtiness and do not walk proudly on this earth. Allah does not like proudly people

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is given advises on two front, one on the spiritual front and one on the moral upbringing, the other half of our children.

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Our children are integrating within the larger society where we live with non Muslims. We live with people from different cultures with different backgrounds. If we can give our children the Islamic upbringing, they can be

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The means of others entering into Islamic Charla,

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just by the way they deal just by the way they carry themselves people will be impressed. And so we need to make to our everyday that Allah subhanaw taala protect our children. Lastly, there's a beautiful day that we are taught in the Quran as far as parents are concerned, Robin I have learned I mean as Virgina was Maria Tina kurata Aryan, our Lord grant us from our spouses and our children, such outcomes that are pleasing to us.

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And this is my message as far as parents and as far as fathers are concerned. Now, I'd like to focus my address towards the children in the younger ones.

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The very first thing my young ones that you need to understand is that respect is paramount.

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Respect for our fathers, is essential.

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If you want your children to show you respect tomorrow, you need to show respect to your parents today.

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For what goes around, comes around. That's the nature of life. Allah has repeated this process in the system time and again. And we can study examples in history, where we've seen children who are disobedient and disrespectful to their parents. They flourished in their studies, but they became failures in life.

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This is the adverse effect of being disrespectful to one's father and one's mother. Yes, we will definitely disagree with our fathers. Because we're not the same. But that does not give us the license to be rude.

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We can have healthy discussions. We can have healthy debates within the house. But we should never, ever, never, ever be disrespectful to our fathers. The drugs your Father gives from the bottom of his heart can never be matched by anything in life.

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Our success depends on the pleasure of our fathers and our mothers, for Allah has said to His Prophet sallallahu Sallam categorically, in the words of the Hadith, that river river Rob ferries alwaleed My pleasure lies in the pleasure of your father. If your father is happy, I am happy. And if I am happy, I'm on your side. And if I'm on your side, you've got nothing to worry about. All your affairs in life will come in order inshallah.

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So number one, respect is important, especially in a culture, where we are encouraged to be vocal about our opinions. When we are exposed to such things on the television, and on the media, where we lose our guard and we become disrespectful to our parents. Number one, respect is paramount. Number two,

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try to serve your parents in their lives.

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serve your parents as they are serving you today.

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A father will go to bed on an empty stomach, but he will make sure that his family got something to eat at night.

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That's the spirit of a father.

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So serve them when they grow up. Also,

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it is said to note that we have dumped our parents in old age homes.

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Let it not be that this crowd sitting here today will follow in the same footsteps Allah protect us

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and inshallah the young one sitting here will serve their parents, even when they are old. And even when their parents are getting into the stage of life where they depend on others. And that is why we are taught in the Quran. Allah murghab Wareham Houma, camara biani severe O Allah have mercy on my parents just is dead mercy on me when our small we are at this phase where we don't have to worry about food where the next meal is coming from. I don't have to worry. I come home it's seven o'clock I sit down on the table is food and hamdulillah

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I wake up in the morning I don't have to worry where the next meal has to come from. I go home, I go to school smiling. I go to madrasa smiling and I come home I don't have to worry about anything. Why? Because there's somebody at the back who's doing all the hard work. And so you need to acknowledge your parents and your fathers. And you need to serve them when they become old. For it is their turn now to relax and your turn to serve them. Number three, make to offer them.

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We are specifically taught in the Quran to make

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the verse which I just quoted, or Burnham, Homer Kamara, biani, Sameera. We are taught in the Quran by a law to make 12

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Our parents is not only telling us to make dua is teaching us how to make two out of our parents. Though the day we are alive in this world, we must make sure that the day should not go pass with us not making to offer them. I want us to reflect for a moment we are all children of somebody. When last did we lift our hands for our parents?

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When last did you make dua for our mothers? When last did you make to have our fathers

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it's something to reflect on.

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Number four,

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let your parents

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leave this world in such a way that they are happy with you.

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That when they see you they smile,

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that they've achieved something in life.

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Let them not live in misery and die in Missouri. Let their last moments in this world. Be a pleasant one. And may Allah subhanaw taala make it such for them in sha Allah. And lastly, earn the two hours of your parents earn the two hours of your father's if your father is happy with you inshallah, you'll go find life.

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So, serve them and earn the two hours May the Almighty Allah subhanaw taala give us the tofik and the ability to practice and what has been said on Marlena Isabella