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Alhamdulillah hinomoto who when a star you know who when a stone hero when I was with him in Shuri and fusina woman say you are Marina Maja Hillel fella moving Bella my little fella her Deanna when a shadow in

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the hula sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abu rasuluh mabati aku volta Baraka mattarella filco an image evil for upon in Hamid Rosa Villa him in a Tony Robbins rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in sala 10 en el fasher in wellmune. Calm

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so the

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honorable all ama respected elders and brothers.

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Sala is the second pillar of Islam.

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Which comes number two imposition of the Shahada, a Shadow of War. Why shadow Mohammed Abu or pseudo

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and Sala is at the center of everything in life

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our life revolves around sada

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our meetings, our conferences, our functions, every activity of ours revolves around Salah

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What time is Allah? What time is Salah? Where will I perform my Salah? Everything revolves around Sunnah.

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I share the load on on her says that the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kerner feminity Lee for either how Bharati Sana Raja in a Salah, the prophet of a wall would be busy in the house with his household work, but the minute the time for Salah entered the minute the more I've been called out how Yala sada Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam dropped everything and he answered the call of

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everything in our life revolves around Salah.

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Salah is a means of connecting a bondsman with his creator. It is through Salah we communicate with our Lord. It is through Salah we gain proximity to him. It is through Sala we solve our problems in this world in the after.

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And it is such an important commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala that under no circumstances the Salah forgiven.

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In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala addresses this issue. You are in a situation with his imminent danger surrounding you and your life is at risk.

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What is the command at that moment? is Allah forgiven or not?

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allowed law says we'll make concession but you will not forgive Salah Your life is in danger.

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There's imminent danger but Salah is not forgiven. What is the concession

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this concession is known as Salah to hope it's a special way of performance Allah. Allah says what either couldn't defeat him for a contender who masala felt upon for two min who mark will yaku Slater whom fader Sergio Duvalier Kumara ecom

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Olivia for law if you happen to be in a dangerous situation and the type of Salah approaches then divide your men into two groups.

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One group will read the first record behind you what are the weapons in the hands

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when the first rocker is completed, when you call

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them useful, new fun useful new mark. When the first record is completed, Group A will leave you and they will go out to protect the others. Group B will come and join you in the second Raka when the Salah is completed, each group will also complete their Salah

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Your life is a danger but Salah is not forgiven. We will change the format altogether but we will not forgive Salah the man is walking the man is changing his direction.

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The general ruling and the general principle is that if a man is standing in salah and his chest turns away from the fibula, his Salah is broken.

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But insalata you have is walking these movements this change of direction yet the Salah is valid Subhana Allah if Salah is not forgiven under such difficult circumstances under such dangerous circumstances, how can Salah ever be forgiven in normal day to day circumstances?

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For in Clifton fairy Jalan or cabana Allah says, If life is at a threatening situation, then walk and read Salah if that is not possible, right on your camel ride on your horseback and perform Salah but Salah is not forgiven.

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It is not forgiven under any circumstances. You're a moron seleka Eman for elantas for power even for Illinois to study sila Jim roll Buhari

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over a mirage perform solid standing.

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If you cannot perform Salah stand in set and perform Salah if you cannot sit and perform Salah perform Salah White's line down but Salah is not forgiven. If a person cannot perform Salah physically then by indication the person should perform Salah.

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Look at the importance attached to this commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala in

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your house it will be hilarious to me Normally he

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The first question that the law will raise on the day of glioma. The first thing that a VA will bring to the fore is sauna for in solid health for a flower.

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If his Salah is in order, everything else will fall in place. We're in that horrible war hasira and if his Salah is not intact, if you Salah is not in place, then everything else will be in shambles.

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If you cannot perform will do make tiamo but Salah is not forgiven.

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Brothers Salah is not sent to us making life difficult, but rather Allah has given us Allah to solve our problems for the moon and the vino de Sala Team koshien. Allah says successful are those people who are performing Salah successful

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success successful in this world and successful in the year after.

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If you put Salah ahead of you, everything else will fall in place.

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Our entire life should revolve around Salah.

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And if our life is not on solid then we should try to bring it on Salah because the promises of a law are so great. The promises of a law so great that the words of the Hadith mentioned in NIV Terra tala automatica Hamza salat wa Turin Dr. Often under human half $1 in the multiple agenda.

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on appeal for law, we have made five times on our compulsory on your own man. And if your own fulfills this duty of days, I take responsibility for them to enter into Jenna.

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Don't be one Jenna, is that not our final abode? Is not is that not the place where we belong? Is that not our place of return? Doesn't every person want to be Jenna? And here's the opportunity, knocking at your door five times a day Haryana Sana.

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Haryana Sana, come to Santa. And what is the most insane how your little fella come to success. Alliance kept the success of both the wolves in Santa. How is it possible that we live in the close vicinity of the mystery where we're here

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called out five times a day and our hearts don't tremble. Our hearts do not respond to the call of them have been? How is it possible?

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How is it possible?

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A person who comes on to Salah his life will be in order. His marathon home will be in order, his business will be in order, everything of life will be in order for him because the promises of a law there

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and the blessings of Allah de les allegion na hudon sala cabela tolerations Ruby ha, the words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam amazing, authentic narration Listen to this. The word lead in the Arabic language denotes emphasis, a lot of newbies on a lot so let me say never,

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never will a person enter jahannam a person who performs before sunrise and before sunset, meaning the future salah and the answer is Allah never the words of the Hadith never will a person see janam a person who performs the fissure Salah Nasir Salah, can we ever doubt the words of Rasulullah sallallahu and he will send them if he is saying that never, never will a person enter jahannam that means the person will pass away as a Muslim. Because in order to entertain the unit to be a believer, you're the profitable lysing you will die as a Muslim also indirectly.

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Our life revolves around Salah if the time of Salah enters and you are faced with two situations, do I finish my task? Or do I attend to the call of the oven? The test lies there. If a person gives preference to his worldly affairs, then nine out of 10 that task remains incomplete.

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But if a person answers the call of the morphin, Allahu Akbar, Salah is performed an immense task is also completed. Try it out.

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It's tried and tested.

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Look at the promises of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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He come up to me and Hamza Murat Doki Allah Bethany Minh dharani Shea the Prophet of Allah is asking the Sahaba Tell me oh my Sahaba if there is a stream running in front of your house,

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if there's flowing water in front of your house, and the mains perform husen a man takes the path five times a day. Will they remain any dirt on his body.

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They said no to be a foreman there'll be no dirt. The profit of a loss said same is the effect of Salah when it is performed regularly. A law wipes out the sins of a person for whatever he is permitted.

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I can safely say I bet enough since in my life. I'm sure each one of us sitting here today. Once he seems to be forgiven by a law. Here's the opportunity. There is the opportunity five times a day.

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A was waiting five times a day. Look at the words of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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In the lab tell Muslim either Salma Salatin, you need to be a witch hunt law. Oh up was better. When a person performs Salah to earn the pleasure of Allah. The Prophet of Allah speak into wisdom. There was a tree nearby, the prophet of Allah shook the branch, and the leaves started falling in large numbers. The Prophet of Allah said, observe, when a person performs Salah, a law makes his son's fall off. Just as these leaves are falling off in large numbers.

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Practice there's ample opportunities for us to change. there's ample opportunities for us to come closer to a law.

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understand the context of Salah Sala was not given to this oma to make it difficult for it for them.

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The Prophet of Allah loses his beloved wife, he loses his uncle in the same year. He goes to Thai feast pelted for miles on end, and the prophet of ally said he's feeling down. He's feeling broken. How does a law console him? How does a work on sold him? A lot takes him to the heavens. Super had a lady a Seraph de la la mina invested in her army invested in AppStore. Allah says, we took our servant from muckety muck aroma to machine upside and then to the heavens and we get

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Even the best gift

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we gave him the best gift as a means of consolation. What was it? What was it? It was solid.

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Every command of a wall came down to the earth. The cart came down to the earth had came down to the earth, and likewise every other injunction came down. But for Salah allow a law called the VSA, the law is going up to the heavens, and presented him with this gift. And David to him as a token of consolation, and a means of connecting of a loss of Hannah Tyler. Keep the context in mind and see how the profit of of La felt that whenever he was faced with any difficulty in his life, Salah was the first resort. Salah was the first Avenue he resorted to brothers, how do we come on to Salah? That's the question.

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The answer is simple. Where there is a world is awake.

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A person is willing to travel 60 to 70 to 80 to 90 kilometres to work, because he has the world behind that. He'll wake up four o'clock in the morning, he'll wake up five o'clock in the morning, he'll sit in traffic, he will set one hour commuting you set one hour coming back. But he'll work for 1020 and 30 years, as long as he's employed there. Why is a world wherever it is a world is a way and when a person does not want to do anything, then there's enough excuses. There's enough excuses not to do it. I'm running late, I've got a meeting to catch. I've got this errand to finish. I've got to finish this I got to finish there till a person put Salah in front of everything else,

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he'll find enough excuses to leave everything else and perform Salah. So number one will power. A man who sleeps at night with the intention of waking up or further above custom in wake up.

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It's tried and tested. A person who sleeps at night without the intention of further, he won't wake up. And even if he happens to wake up, he won't go to the masjid because there's no intention, there is no willpower, there is no inclination towards Allah. So number one is to create the willpower. Number two is to read of the virtues of Salah what has kept in this number three is to conscient eyes the people around us because if I remind my wife, she will remind me if I remind my children, my children will remind me and there will be an environment of Salah in our homes.

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And Firstly, whilst we are traveling, keep a prayer met in the booth. Make sure you've got three things, a pair of sandals, a juggle, for making these things. And number three, your prayer met. Wherever you are, no matter which condition you may be when the time of Allah comes. Make sure that you are fulfilling the command of a law. And I'm telling you if you have the intention, then no one is in no one can come in your way and nothing is in nothing can come in your way because you've made a law your objective. Salah signifies our servitude to a law. We are telling a law that you are priority number one in our life when the Watson says how you're a little fella and when the walk in

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closet hayata Sala our law I am putting you in front of everything. I'm putting you ahead of everything. I am putting your head of my job ahead of my family ahead of my career ahead of my profession ahead of my main my activities of the day, our law you come first and I'm asking the question, if we take enough the time for a law will alone not solve our problems.

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When a law not solve our problems?

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Will Allah not solve our problems? is a law so merciless that we take our time for him and he's not going to respond to us? Is it possible brothers? Is it possible that something like that would happen? Here?

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Remember the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam in the end often these words, Lady Gennaro hadn't fallen to liberation. So Pablo Neruda. A person will never a person will never enter jahannam a person who performs before sunrise and before sunset. If you if we want to go to Jenna

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If you want to be in the company of the prophets, if we want to be in the company of our Creator, than Salah is the way to go, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the understanding. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to fulfill his commandment. And really May Allah give us the ability to perform five times Sardar brothers shaytan will deceive us is a master this How can ALLAH forgive you? You haven't been performing Salah for so many years and now suddenly or become a boo overnight.

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That's the tactic that shaytan uses. Never let cittern get in the way. Even if you are breaking the commands of a law, then we've got no excuse to forget Sana let us perform salah and everything else will come right in life in sha Allah. Allah Allah. Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.