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Shaykh Bilal Philips, Uloom Al-Hadeeth recording on 12-05-2001, Episode 04

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Rarely only talked about by later scholars to the intermediary category between the Sahara and die, which is really another category of science, and they call it hacer

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and they are among the scholars they use it or has an event one of the same thing and maybe it was authentic.

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Later scholars they use hasn't to indicate a hadith which was a notch below the highly authentic it was authentic, but just a notch below Why? Because it related back to the narrator's the narrator's were not from the second and third category, they ended up from the fourth and fifth category of classes that I mentioned, where they were known to make some occasional mistakes. Right, but they were truthful.

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And then aerations were affected, but because of their status, the individual status, the ID overall is lowered

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to the level of hazard.

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that is, which is acid is also evidence for Islamic law. If I follow it, just like that, I'd be fine.

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Unless there is a hadith which is

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on the same topic, which supersedes it at this point, we follow that is I will leave

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it was not abrogated, but there is another handy which is stronger than it

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then that stronger had these which is explained expressing something else either explaining it in a different way or whatever, then that is the one that we go with.

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Now, the hybrid that had a which is classified as hazard due to slight errors in some of the narratives and of course human beings are human beings they're gonna come in there's some mistakes. So, it's not that they were bad or just that they did make some noticeable mistakes. However, the narration itself is accurate

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that it is classified also as Hanson legati that is a days which is hasn't due to its own internal factors not due to any external factors. If such a headache which is certainly that he

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has a number of supporting narrations

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it can be elevated up to so here the ad

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This is where the data comes from comes from this class. There is another class which is called hazard lady just as we had a lady or a sneeze which is hassle due to external factors. It means that this lady was in fact the wife. It was in fact a weekend is classified initially as weak and inauthentic. However, due to a number of other narrations which support the meaning of this Hadith, or some of the wording of this Hadith, it is elevated to the level of hazard

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as an ad

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it cannot reach the level of sight here

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but it can reach the level of person

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Okay. Now,

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that represents

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basic body of narrations or classification for narration which are classified as authentic as a hazard. Or sorry, I should mention here that a deed which is

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which has been elevated up to the level of hazard milele is one in which nobody in that chain of narration has been labeled a liar. I mean, because if you have six narrators,

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five out of the six are

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there amongst those who would make the Hadith

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but you have one person in the chain, who is a liar comes out then the whole chain drops to the level of nothing at all.

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So then the judgment on the chain is based on its weakest link.

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And the principle judgment on the chain is based on its weakest link.

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So obviously then the people in the chain

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should not be below the fifth and the sixth level of classes of narrators, fifth and sixth classes. We said, for those who were truthful narrator is known to make mistakes due to poor memories. Right.

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The fourth class is what we had for hazard to the narrator's whose reliability is slightly tainted because of occasional mistakes. Whereas the fifth class which is now taking it into the realm of dice, which can be elevated up to Hudson,

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as one who's truthful narration narrators who make are known to make a number of mistakes due to poor memories,

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or their narrators have only a few Hadees, who was rejected IDs are not due to defects found in

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other directories in the chain.

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these were the categories of hobbies and to identify a very famous Heidi, which falls in this category

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of hazard lady is the heydays

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of asthma, when Abby Bakker is a very famous honey,

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about when scholars these times have different

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hobbies, where Bob

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sees asthma asthma, wearing a dress, which is somewhat in and he tells her

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when a young woman reaches the age of puberty, it is not befitting that anything be seen of her other than her face, and hence

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isn't that Heidi, which supports the position that it is permissible to expose for a woman to expose face and hands. Now those who oppose this

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Yes, this narration is life. However, when you gather all of the narrations concerning you will find as Seamus Widener, Brandy, and others corners, and ruled that it is in fact, Heidi has an ad in fact, he found before he died, did find some narrations of it, which elevates it to the next level on Hasson not that particular narration which is an unreadable, but other narrations of it which are in fact, redacted, which are, in fact, acceptable and authentic.

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Okay, this is where I will stop. And inshallah we'll continue with the second category of hobbies, which are the hobbies dive, we'll look at the reasons why they're classified as vive and Java

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enlighted. To be able to understand some of the terminology that we hear concerning hobbies, in books, or reading books and lectures.

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Now, try to answer some of the questions.

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Okay, brother is asking,

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Is it even now that people are coming up with rulings on hadiza, meaning that

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how many 1000 years have passed? 1200 years have passed?

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Since the holidays were compiled and collected into the books,

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analyses were given etc, etc. Can somebody pop up today and reclassify a data which was cited by or reclassify a diet ID

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or hazard or whatever? And we will probably do these things for them.

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it is possible because information is at people's fingertips today, which wasn't that their fingertips 100 years ago, we have now a CD we can put in in which you know, all of the narrations you know, all of the books can be compiled, and you can draw from sources that the average person to do that piece of research what you can do now in five and 10 minutes

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may have taken a researcher before months,

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and years having to travel to go and get this information. Now, they've put together all the books into into single CDs and you have no search capabilities of drawing from here, there and everywhere. And yes, it's possible that you may find narrations of a hadith that slipped the mind of many scholars. I mean, of course, what you're going to do is that when you find it, you're going to find that there was a scholar who said,

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it's not that you gotta find something which nobody knew existed, because for it to be in the books, the green let people knew it existed.

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But it's just that it was not commonly known.

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What is the difference between senate and it's not

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one of the same thing. The Senate is the internet.

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grammatically speaking, Senate is a noun is not is a verbal noun.

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That means the chain is not means making a chain.

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Question hassane lidda T is absent because of internal factors, and has an ad is acid because of external factors. What are the internal and external factors?

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the internal factors we said hasn't that he had he is one in which it fulfills the five conditions of Sangha, except that the narrator's in terms of their memories were of a slightly lower level than those that we classified as the highly authentic site. So that is an internal factor.

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Which is hasn't Lady

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for it to be hasn't because of external factors, it means that the Hadees was in fact internally classified as dive, because the Rangers were a drop below.

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But due to the fact that there are other narrations

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there are other narrations of this same ad,

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which are of a similar level, through different channels altogether. When you combine them together, they strengthen each other and elevate the overall idea to the level of person, the lady.

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With regards to the hadith of asthma, I read somewhere that it is a 170 What does this mean? No, that is not yourself. There are there are some narrations of it, which are more so but daddy

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is what person would sell meaning that the name of the Sahabi who narrated the Hadith was missing.

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kasi Kezia please meet your sister outside.

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I have a question here on yoga, but I'm gonna save it until after we finished that these are questions on Honey, what is the difference between what the water that I had? We're coming to that

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is coming up with a lot different I had. But quickly, you know, it's a quick definition. I'm not wanting IDs is one on which each level of its chain has so many narrators that it would be inconceivable that they conspired to fabricate the lie on all levels of the chain.

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Whereas I had is one in which there may be 123 or four generators at any point or more than one point on the is not.

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Information is at the fingertips. But technology also makes fabrication childsplay How do we know what to trust? now almost them trying to gain knowledge. No fabrication of the holidays is not child's play. Because the books of heavy are known for breast is going to make up a Heidi's right.

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Get an authentic chain

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Put together I had these.

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You know, like, for example, you have a book which is called Deaf Syria, but not bass. And by sticking the name ebonite bass on it, people think it's got to be the thing, this is what they need to get there.

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When I bass was he was known to be the top professor of the Quran. However, when you go and check them the chains of narration of this Tafseer, you'll find that the majority of them are life week was not reliable. And serial numbers, which is on the market is not reliable.

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So similarly, if a person brings a hobby, they stick a well known name and they make up a chain, they have to attribute it back to a book.

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Another book, which they just invented and put on the internet, or on the CD, it has to be back to a notebook, which was in writing already existing before it was transferred to

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CD. So it's not possible today to fabricate and get away with

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fabrication of

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my food fool the ignorance, ignorant people around you. But to say you're going to fool the scholars.

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Okay, it's five to 10. I'm going to switch now to our off the topic question. We have no other questions on the topic. And the topic

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is limited.

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By the statement, authentic ID so I know that number, and we can these are continually evolving? No.

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No, it wouldn't say that. The total body of Hades is a total body. It's our bodies, which are Hey, in his

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scholarship, modern recent scholarship has reclassified some IDs which were known to be on the visa a before as they and some IDs which were commonly thought to be live have been elevated to another area.

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So, it is a science which is not a closed ended science because our knowledge does not encompass the whole

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and ijazah.

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The ijazah system basically, you know, died out with a few exceptions in most parts of the Muslim world. He studied under leading scholars and he was known to be a student of some of the leading scholars of Hadith in in Syria, and his father himself with a scholar from the Hanafi school.

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So, the process of having studied under these known scholars speaks for itself in our times.

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The last question now, unless there's a question from further question.

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On the topic around the topic,

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is pointing the finger That's

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he mentioned all the ways.

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So, what is covered is saying that

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the other

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person or some other category

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might be

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identifiable. Okay. Brothers question where we find two scholars different.

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One says a particular practices

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and the other one says it's life. Where do we as laymen fit into this process? Well, if we have

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picked up enough knowledge of all of

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our studying now we go further. And we read the reasons why one scholar said that

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because as you said, and share Thomas's book, he says that practice is dive and he gives the reasons why

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and share

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When Basil's book he says they're both okay, but he doesn't give the reasons why. What do you as a layman, do? You follow the one who gave the reasons why?

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Until such time as you hear the reasons

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to the contrary, and you become convinced otherwise.

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That was the same rule that the scholars used in judging whether we put a label on a person or not. And when accusation is made with reasons behind it, evidence, then it was accepted. But if an accusation was made without evidence, then it was not accepted.

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How could scholars of this level make this? Well, when we're talking about scholars on this level,

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you know, if we compare chef Nasir Dean in Hades, the chef midbass they're not on the same level at all.

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The bottom line, chess masters Dean is the Mohammed you know, in the sense, worship and bass is a scholar of who knows how to memorize a Bukhari he had a prodigious memory, but he was not on the level of an analysis. I'm happy. A Chinamasa Dean once.

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May Allah have mercy on both of them. Okay, last question. Getting asked him perform yoga exercises. Yes, as long as you don't take on the philosophy along with it. So how do they go?