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Allah subhanaw taala commends us are believers. Be mindful of Allah. Be conscious of Allah. Allah every soul. Reflect on what you have sent ahead for your afterlife. Let every soul reflect in order to act in order to prepare for your afterlife. What type of long have Taqwa of Allah have a sense of fear of violating the laws of Allah? Have mindfulness towards Allah, Be conscious of Allah fulfill his command? And Allah is aware of all that you do. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live and die upon God consciousness and Taqwa Aloma Amin.

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In the last two weeks, of course, most of our hearts and our minds have been with the situation in Palestine. But with it, of course, a number of questions would arise a number of struggles that people are having to understand certain aspects, whether theological or historical.

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Why do Muslims believe what they believe? Why are we so passionate about of all things even though we are passionate about the causes of justice worldwide, we are passionate about Muslims and every land in place, we are passionate, regardless of who's being oppressed, that we defend them, but there's no doubt. I love the song and the situation in Palestine. And the situation specifically in Azusa has brought about in the last two weeks unity amongst many people in the world from different walks of life, not just Muslims, from different walks of life united in addressing a very clear injustice. But there is something else that has been happening for the last two weeks. And there is

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an intellectual war,

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a propaganda that has been funded and well developed for decades, not just for the last two weeks. And I don't mean about the news cycle because we are aware of the propaganda with the news, as certain things are happening and being hidden as the oppressed looks like the oppressor. No, that is not what I'm referring to. I am talking about an intellectual propaganda that has been prevalent in academia for a long time about the history of Palestine and oftentimes when Muslims ask what is the history of Palestine from our perspective, why should we care how can we summarize it? I will summarize it with three different stages inshallah Tada just for the sake of benefits, as for the

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first and therefore I'm giving you a heads up much of this hope that there is, yes, a lot of history involved, but there's a reason behind it. The first stage is from the first human being the mighty salaam, Prophet Adam all the way to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we know to summarize Long story short, Prophet Adam and his salaam, pray to Allah subhanaw taala taught Islam to those who are with him, his family, and it spread through the generations, the first human being of course, submitted to Allah subhanaw taala is a Muslim. And it was said by many scholars that when you read the Hadith that the first Masjid built as Masjid Al haram, and then Masjid Al Aqsa, 40

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years after that, some scholars say perhaps it was built at the time of Adam it Salaam and eventually, it was destroyed and rebuilt by Ibrahim Ali Salaam and others say we know for sure, but only my Salam built it. We don't know if he was the first or if Adam was the first but the point is what it was the first Masjid Masjid Al haram. 40 years later, mustard and OXA. Fast forward a number of generations and you have, of course many prophets and messengers who, for them, this was their homeland, that area of Palestine and historical area of Palestine. I'm not talking about the nation state. Today, the area of Palestine, the area of villages Sham, the general area of greater Syria,

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historically, there were many prophets and messengers in this land, but of course, specifically around the Luxor, which Allah subhanaw taala refers to as a blessing or holy land in the Quran. There were some prophets and righteous people that we know of that this was their land, this was their home, that they fled to this land. And you have the example of the Aqua Valley salaam you have the example of Maria Maria has Salam you have Zachary Yachty. He sat down later on sorry, Amanda dough with uma Salam. So we have many examples of this. When we talk about Benny Israel, which for another hot one other time, Benny Israel were at one point enslaved as they went to Egypt, they were

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enslaved by Fidel for many generations. And so as this took place, we know one of the objectives of Musa Sudan was actually to free Benny destroyed. And of course with him, you had the number of followers, a number of believers and some people later on, went back to other things that they had done before in terms of misguidance. But long story short, you have the Babylonians who took over this area for a while, you'll have the Persians who took over the area for a while. You have the Romans all the way through the time of ERISA, and he said, I'm Jesus Peace be upon and fast forward to the fourth century, between years 315 to 325, the Roman Emperor Constantine who had converted to

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Christianity unit to Trinitarian Christianity, they are no longer now accepted Unitarian Christians. So now Jesus had a divine status like God or parts of God. So this became

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Trinitarian Christianity, mustard and OXA was not a respected place. It was disrespected, it was not no longer a place of worship. And during this time, there were many fluctuations, as many scholars historians have stated, in which even Jews themselves were not allowed to worship were not allowed to enter certain areas of Jerusalem. This took place for a while. So generally speaking, during the Roman Byzantine Empire for the next several 100 years, it was primarily Christian Ron, and there was a lot of discrimination towards Judaism or Jews, and of course, other people who had tried to worship in the land, but it's primarily Jewish Christianity, and later on Islam. Now, there's this

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this weird talking points that many people have been asking about, whose land is this? Are we talking about a claim of 3000 years? Is that really the argument of what's happening today with 75 years of occupation? Is that really the issue here when 1500 children are being killed? When there's a clear blockade when multiple international laws have been violated? Is that really the only issue here? Because if we wanted to play that game, it's a very easy game to play. If we were talking about history itself, and that's how you know who should be living in the land and in control of the land, the world itself, the country we're in right now, it'd be a very different place a very

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different land. We are talking about the groups that were there historically, the Canaanites and others, of course, later on, we descend many people descend from the Canaanites, Arabs and Jews and others have shared ancestry. But that's not the issue here. Because although Benny is throwing although some of the Jews historically came after Prophet Ibrahim and he said I'm this is not really the issue here, the historical claim, because if we were to play that game, all we have to say from the Islamic perspective is Muslims were there first them Ali, salaam, Ibrahim Ali salaam, and many other prophets and messengers, but that's not the issue here. The issue here is what happened from

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the 1800s and 1900s Onward, which we'll get to in a moment, inshallah Tada. So this is from the time of Adam, or the salam all the way to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at this last point, it was under the Byzantine or the Christian state. Part two, is at the time of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Now there's history here, but there's also fallout in Aqsa. There's also the question that many Muslims have been asking us in the last two weeks. Why does this seem amongst all the causes we advocate for to be something that Muslims are so passionate about? Is there a religious context? Yes, absolutely. When we talk about the religious context, we say first and

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foremost, it is a place in which somewhere he came down revelation came down. It is the home of many prophets and messengers, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed towards an officer for many years. In fact, according to Al Bukhari, one of the reports from Bharati Allah one is that the prophets Allah is and prayed in that direction until they migrated about 16 or 17 months after the migration 16 or 17 months after the migration the revolution came down to change towards the Kaaba Allah subhanaw taala described it in the Quran as a blessing land. And one of the verses specifically Fidesz, as a holy land, yeah, call me on Aragon mocha deserta Letty Cutsem, Allahu

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Allah, Quran surah three Malita so it is a holy land it is a blessing land from a theological perspective, you know, the beginning of Surah to straw and the story of an astronomer Raj, the night journey and the ascension. One of the most interesting things about this and obviously deserves its own hutzpah is when you look at the saying of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and the miracle that he gave to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam Subhanallah the Slavia Abdi Leila mean and machine Harami Eden mesothelial ox or Ledi bow Lockner Hola. masjid and Oxon is being referenced here explicitly amongst for massage in the Quran. And let the bow rock now hola there is baraka blessing around it, meaning

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what it's not just a Luxor it's the area around it as well. Now here this refers to something of an interesting wisdom that many Muslims were asking about. Why didn't the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Why wasn't he just ascended into the heavens from Mecca? Why did Allah transport him to Jerusalem in a miracle that you cannot explain with obviously the laws of nature? This is an example of Allah subhanaw taala who created the laws of nature changing them to show the veracity of Prophethood why? So one of the wisdoms many scholars say the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if he had ascended directly from Mecca, they either would believe or disbelieve based on what they already know of him,

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meaning they already have a stance, but when he is transported to beta Democritus now they can ask him a question they know he's never been there. describe it for us. Describe Messina officer for us or the area around it for us. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam described it. And this was a proof that he had seen it that he was transported to it. And there were people who are actually traveling back, traveling from beaten macness to Mecca. And some of the locals ask them What did you see along the way or describe what some of the things that he has said, and it affirmed that what he said was true. So

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Now that they know that he was transported in one night and back what you cannot do at that time, now they know that he's telling the truth they would also believe what yes he ascended to the heavens, there is a wisdom behind it. So Allah subhanaw taala gave the Prophet sallallahu Sallam this blessing and all of us, the blessing of Salah that we to liberate yourself the key to Jannah The first thing we're asked about the reason that our hearts can stay consistently nourished with five prayers a day, prescribed during an Israelite one man Raj during this journey, he Salallahu Alaihe Salam led the prophets in prayer, and it was there in between muchness and the prophets,

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Allah lorrison led them in prayer, you know, the virtues of the three main misogyny in Islam, Michel haram, the prayers of which are 100,000 times the reward machine Naboo 1000 times and an authentic hadith machine and also has 1/4 of that reward. There's a weak Hadith about 501/4 of the reward of machinability. So 250 times the reward the point is not the specific number. The point is that it is multiplied because it is an important place in Islam. In addition to this, of course, Prophet Solomon Artesia made a specific dua This is an authentic hadith and made a specific dua to whoever enters this masjid, and praise the intention for entering just to pray. He made dua that Allah

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subhanaw taala forgives this person like the day that they were born and you'll Khadija home and hopefully a TKO me whether to Omaha as reported by an essay. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us about the DUA so they might not eat salami, he may three supplications. This was the third supplication it's a reminder for us there is virtue in this masjid for Muslims. It is obviously one of the three masajid you're allowed to travel to in terms of the religious intention. And at the end of times, it is the place that the antichrist cannot enter. You have Mecca, Medina, and of course, an Oxford and you have another report about a fourth place as well in Egypt, but the

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point is that this is a place that is protected spiritually, that God will not be able to enter and he will be killed in a nearby place by reciting his sunnah. Fast forward one more time. One more thing about the virtues here. There it is, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I'll do it in Masha, when mentioned it is the place of gathering and resurrection. What this means exactly and how the area's transformed for the Day of Judgment. We don't obviously know but we know that it holds a very dear place to us in our hearts. Now, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam left this world and train the companions and taught the companions and gave them the message of Islam. And during

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the reign of admiralty law one on what only Aloha it was the second of the whole of the righteously guided on what well, the Allahu Allah when he entered and Jerusalem was liberated. He allowed the Jews to enter and to worship, although they had been bound by the Christians for many centuries, he allowed the Christians to worship he allowed the Jews to worship and he gave a speech, a covenant, the it's known as the other model, the Allah one that inspired many people in the Christian Byzantine Empire, to have a society of people of different religions and to give them their rites of worship, to allow the Christians to worship the Jews to worship and the Muslims to worship as well.

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And for a long time, this was the case in Jerusalem. For a long time, people were able to worship as they wanted. For a long time, there was religious tolerance amongst different people, when Muslims were in power. So this assurance of unwieldy Allah one inspired many Christians to also consider the same in their societies, because the Christians were feeling like there's oppression from their own rulers. And when they feel this way, and a Muslim comes along and gives people rights, they start to respect that more than it was in fact, a form of dawn, many people had become Muslim. Fast forward a few decades, in your 690-690-1692. I've done Malik bin Marwan Rahim Allah, one of the rulers of the

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time, commissioned the building of the building that many Muslims see today and they think that's an officer and it is a dome of the rock. When you look at the Golden Dome, mosque, basically, when you look at it and assume this is Masjid Al Aqsa, you recognize it is a beautiful structure. It is on the sanctuary of Masjid laughs I mean, it's on the area, the land of masjid and officer. So it's a part of if you pray in it, you are praying in the south in the general area of Mr. lochsa. But that is not the actual Aqua mosque that we are talking about the structure itself that many Muslims have visited Hamdulillah. Fast forward, fast forward almost 400 years, the Crusades took place in your

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1099 you know the Crusades, you know how brutal they were. It was one of the darkest times in the history of that region. And of course, many Muslims who are actually looking for safety and security in the masjid. And also also many Jews in the synagogue were butchered were killed who were massacred by the Crusaders. And this took place the control of the Christian empire took place for almost 88 years until of course Alladhina UB Rahim Allah with many of the factors that facilitated the liberation of an oxen Salah Dena UB Rahim Allah, it was in September or October of of year 1187, almost 800 almost 850 years ago to the month the salah Medina you know Allah during these

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expeditions, multiple cities of course, he's making dua is making dickeya They're praying to emulate surrounded himself not just with generals and DWIs people

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And strategizes but they were people of the Quran stayed away from temptations to stay away from haram during the night before the liberation of OXA. You'd see some of them praying some of them reading Quran, some of them indicateur and dua, and yes, perhaps some of them resting as well. But it was a group of people who are also righteous, not just strategists not not people just politically savvy. And as Salahuddin Allah UB, Ramallah entered, of course, you know the story many of you that he was able to say, you know, what, yes, as you did to us, we want to kill all of the Crusaders and their children. And he didn't do that. So ladina up, Rahimullah was seen with a lens

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of justice, similar to how some people saw centuries earlier on what about the long run, obviously, in a different way, a different lens. But they saw that there was some justice that he allowed the Christians who wanted to leave to leave, that he allowed those who wanted to worship to worship. And once again, for a long time after this for actually almost eight centuries, under different types of Muslim dynasties or Islamic dynasties, you had the ability for Jews, Christians and Muslims to worship, and there was no injustice towards those three groups from one another. They were allowed to worship as they wanted to worship in this blessed land and land that they all consider to be

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important for us. We say, as many people are asking about Salahuddin Ayyubid Mala is very problematic. When we're constantly asking where's the next Salahuddin, as though we ourselves are not responsible to facilitate everything that is good for the Ummah, to raise our children to also be righteous in the ummah. And this, this comes through very difficult action and sacrifice more than just words, we want the Ummah to be in a better place. We want the three Masada to be in a good place. We want Mr. to Oxford to be liberated from occupation, we want that. But are we willing to go through the hard work of emphasizing to our children and for us to be role models to walk the walk,

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to actually raise the standard of learning about Islam? To emphasize that it's not all about dunya? It's not all about how much money you make. It's not all about prestige and where you live in what kind of car you have that are we raising those standards of Islam for us to really deserve an elevated sense of status in the OMA because of our contributions. Obviously, every one of us is in a different place. So when we talk about the past, we're talking so that we are living in the past or romanticizing history, there were a lot of very tough times. So ladina ubit, Mala, we seen his time. Yes, he was a person of justice. He was also very firm and very strong. He was a person of peace,

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but he was very wise. He united the Muslims of different backgrounds for a long time, something that we are in need of today. So La Nina uvita. Mala. There's a reminder as well, in the history here, that things are not always black and white. Things are not always yes or no. Sometimes you have to compromise. Sometimes you have to strategize. Sometimes you have to be diplomatic. Sometimes you have to be flexible, depending on where and when, obviously, there's religious guidance with this. But at the end of the day, he was a person of vision. And there were factors that contribute to this. And he was one of many vehicles of goodness in history. And of course, we will see in

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Charlottesville in our times and in the future, a lot of vehicles of goodness, may Allah subhana make us from amongst them Allahumma Amin. This brings us to the third and final stage. Why are we in the place that we are in today? How do things become like they are today? From the 1800s onwards, when we talk about the 1800s onwards, I'm trying to summarize 10s of 1000s of passage, pages of like research and history and all of that into as many simplified elements as possible. First, there was the birth of Zionism. Zionism, what is it so that we are all on the same page during these times as Muslims, we should be aware of the different ideologies in the world. Zionism was an is a recent

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political nationalist movement, with the aim of establishing a nation state in what is called historical Israel, historical Israel or Palestine, actually, as a homeland for the Jewish people in the current Palestinian territory. I'm simplifying a lot more of what Zionism actually is, because for those who don't, you've studied it, you know, there's a, in fact, an inherent contradiction in different strands of Zionism. It's not one type. There's a religious Zionism, a political, there's a Marxist, there's a conservative Republican, there are many different types of Zionism. And there are, of course, there's a distinction here that many people bring up between Zionism and Judaism.

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And this is important for us, even though we frequently said as we've always stated, Muslims are not anti semitic Muslims are not anti Judaism. This is not an this is not even really the issue. It's a distraction. But it's a very, very intentional distraction. Because there's a fusion of terms. There's a fusion of what it means to be both Jewish in terms of politics, as well as nationality, as well as culture, as well as identity as well as your bloodline with a political nationalist movement. When we talk about Judaism, we're talking about the religion as Muslims. We are talking about the religion itself. Now during the 1800s and 1900s. Historically, we know we're talking about

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Europe here, with the changes that people were seeing that societies we're seeing the watering down in the changes of dynasties, it started to become what there started to be an emphasis on having your own nation state. It was a different type of structure. With the desire to have a nation state there were many Jews all across the world at

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Similar to Muslims who have a concept of one OMA, we are one OMA regardless of the geographic borders and territories in your passport that we are all one OMA look at our diversity just in one message. So there was an emphasis by many Jews, amongst them the one of the fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, to have what is called a Jewish nationalist state. But the emphasis here when we talk about Zionism, and again, there were many criticisms, there are many strands, there are many other things that I don't have the time to cover. But generally speaking, there was an understanding that Jews were not always fully secure in Europe, were not always given the same advantages. Sometimes

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there was discrimination, sometimes there were issues. And of course, you had two things in particular, that were a catalyst to wanting their own land their own place. Well, the first was the Dreyfus Affair. And the second was the Holocaust itself, which affected a lot of people and yes, affected a lot of Jews as well. There is no doubt whatsoever that you have a separate land a nation state while lands are being distributed now seems like a good opportunity for a lot of people. And it was not strange, it was not foreign to assume that amongst all the options in the world, that the historic area of Palestine is the place in which the three religions again, have some love towards

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have some significance towards and this includes, again, Christians, Jews and Muslims, the British, sorry, the Zionist movement, was given some amplification through the British powers that at the time were in control of what was called the British Mandate for Palestine. You have the Balfour Declaration 1970. And you have Muslims and Arabs, and you have Christians and Palestinian Jews as well, who are not always for having a new state come in and create this, this new nation state to these borders of a Zionist state while there were people who lived in that land, and the people who lived in that land had lived in that land for several generations before. Again, remember, until

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until all of this happened, World War One, you basically had Muslim rule with different dynasties for almost 800 years 400 or 500, of which was under the Ottoman Empire. So this was a very huge change. Obviously, there was resistance to the idea from the get go, there were many people who didn't agree with it. There were many Jews who were against it. There are many Jews were against Zionism today and one of its forms. And so when this happened, they came to Palestine, the area of Palestine, they found there already people here, and the overwhelming majority, more than 90% are Arab Palestinians. And the overwhelming majority of the Arabs were Muslim, there are Christians, of

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course, no doubt, there was a small population of Jews approximately 50 to 60,000, there were about 5% of the native Palestinian Jews. So the majority here you have what you have Muslims, you have Arabs, you have Palestinians, whose parents and grandparents and Astor ancestors had been there for many generations. So obviously, this is not a matter of just one entity or one factor is very complicated in the sense that a lot of things happen at the same time, in 1947, with Britain now trying to pass this resolution of having an Arab Palestinian state and having a Jewish state. In fact, Israel, which again, is not always the same as Judaism, obviously, they pass this over to the

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UN because the Brits themselves are soldiers were attacked, sometimes by Zionist, sometimes by other locals. So they left it to the UN and the UN decided to give the the Zionist the State of Israel. So this happened while there was resistance. Now, they said to the locals, they said to the Palestinians, with different councils in different movements, what about compromising and giving up just 50%, approximately 50% of this line and having two states and of course, they disagreed, because if we own this land, and you're going to take 50% of the land, and also we are 90% of the population, they disagreed for many reasons, and I'm simplifying here, they disagreed. Later on, you

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have in 1948, the war that broke out, obviously with a lot of atrocities committed by many Zionist many extremist many radicals who killed them they butchered and they massacred many locals and many soldiers as well. You have them now taking 75 to 80% of the land, and 85% of Jerusalem. Fast forward again, another two decades. 1967 another war, another number of atrocities occupy no all have pretty much East Jerusalem, and claiming the unity of Jerusalem as one. So we fast forward with all of these incidents that took place. We're finding what the more the more there is a claim of a two state solution, the more there's a claim that we're not trying to take over the natives land, the

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Palestinians who were there the 90% who were messed up and destroyed and massacred in their homes and their villages, they 1948 with the catastrophe of kicking out and expelling so many Palestinians. No, now it was a matter of how do we take more and also stay strong and weaken those who are trying to build for anything else. You have, of course, a lot of other history that took place all the way to year 2000. Within to fall on the second as well after that. But let's talk about today just to bring us to the present. Over 1 million people displaced. There are only 2 million people in Gaza. Half of them are under the age of 15. What kind of nation state in the world

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justifies and funds what kind of people support the attacks the carpet bombing the destruction of buildings and yes, the hospital as well many other hospitals not a surprise. There's a propaganda war. What kind of nation state do you have to be morally to justify a collective punishment and war crimes and white foster

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percent everything else on top of everything that has already been done not for just 15 years, but for 75 years and that's line, how can you justify this from a moral lens, other than to say we feel we deserve it, we feel this is our line, we feel this is the line that we want to support and sponsor and fund as a government. We're talking about the US foreign policy. So when we see what is happening with 3000 people who are killed over 3000 in the last week and a half 1500 Children, where is all this commotion of the few babies that we were talking about in the beginning those babies are killed like this are killed like that. That's not the issue here. No Muslim is okay with innocent

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civilians dying, no Muslims, okay with babies being killed at all. This is not allowed in Islam. But we're way past that it's a distraction. Are we okay, talking about the children that have been killed for the last 75 years? Are we ready to talk about this and change the situation? Because it's all tied in together? There is a structural violence that is taking place. Now I've had a lot of Muslims ask me in the last few days. Are we nationalist as Muslims? Are we supposed to be talking about the flag of Palestine when the flag itself is not a religious thing? Why are Muslims seeming like they are so nationalistic with Palestine? This is not an issue of nationalism. Yes, we believe

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in that, you know, law, this is this is what unites us at the end of the day. You are not superior if you're from Yemen, or Pakistan, or India or Syria or Palestine. No, no, this is not a matter of superiority, or dividing Muslims at all. No, no, we are not nationalist. However, having said that, Al Aqsa and what surrounds it is important to us as Muslims. The second point is that Palestine before Zionism was predominantly a Muslim land, predominately Muslim land for over eight centuries, a Muslim land, and that's just from the time of Salah Hanina up to him Allah, obviously, historically, with the many prophets and messengers, it was a Muslim land. And the third thing to

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keep in mind is that as this gradual theft is happening, there is a very clear injustice that is taking place. This is a matter of justice for us as well. There are many other reasons, but at the end of the day, the hearts of the believer is with others who are suffering. So of course, we care about the situation in Palestine. Of course, this is not a nationalistic issue. But we believe as Muslims were there, we believe, as this is a matter of injustice, that we have to speak up that we have to condemn that we have to study that we have to raise awareness, and that we have to be involved. How many more Palestinians have to be killed, or homes destroyed, or mosques completely

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bombed as well, for people to finally say, this is an issue that needs to be stopped. Now, how many more things need to happen? What are we waiting for? What is the world waiting for? What are politicians waiting for? What is the President waiting for? What are the lobbies waiting for? How many more Palestinians have to die for somebody to find and say, Okay, we're satisfied with how many Palestinians have been killed every single year for the last 75 years. This didn't start two weeks ago. This started 75 years ago. And before 75 years ago, they started with the birth of Zionism, knowing that there were people living in that land, knowing there were families that had lived there

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for generations. And many of us here and many people around the world, descended from parents that were born in Palestine born in cities that had been displaced in 1948. May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the fears of our brothers and sisters, in Azusa in Palestine and Oxon all around the world, every land in every place and may Allah subhanaw taala utilize us for their relief and for justice Aloma Amin ask Allah for forgiveness, he's the author giving the Ever Merciful.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was happy he wanted a wider. We mentioned we had a we have a weekly Wednesday class here for the entire community, a weekly series a lecture on the topic of reviving the Ummah we welcome and invite everyone to join us inshallah Tada. We spoke about the topic of token to trust in Allah. To trust in Allah this is tested when you see an atrocity when you see a hardship when you see an occupation for so long. And there are certain things that contribute to your ability to be resilient and strong for the sake of your brothers and sisters, to spread optimism and hope while there's tragedy and pain and at times it is simultaneous

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at times they are intertwined that you are accepting the father that has passed but you're not accepting the injustice that is happening meaning what you're trying to change the situation no matter what I mean, c'mon Khurana folio here we'll be adding the most one of the most common famous Hadith whoever sees an evil should try to change it with their hands for Islam, your stalker familia son if you cannot change it with your hands, then your speech, your advocacy, your text, your social media, everything you can do in terms of speech. Fading them, you're still terrified because we're here with Alec Olga Halima. If you cannot even say anything and most people can. If you cannot do

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anything at all in terms of advocacy and speech, then you hate that evil in your heart and that is at least degree of faith that you're not going about your day thinking what's just another day in Palestine? Yes, it's another day in Palestine another day of killing another day of occupation a blockade checkpoints and so on and so forth, starving 2 million people to death preventing humanitarian aid from entering. Yes, that is the situation. How can you possibly say you're not affected by it? Our hearts are with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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And then every line and every place around the world to summarize some action items, make sure while all of this is happening, and people are protesting and you're learning about the history, make sure you are also making a lot of sense here do not, do not belittle the power of dua, turn to Salah the Prophet slicin would pray more in times of atrocity and calamity Stein, who was somebody was Salah number two, we have a great, great motivation, and need and responsibility to learn, learn, learn about the situation, and to teach and to spread awareness because there's a massive intellectual propaganda that has been ongoing for several decades to revise history. And the third and by the

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way, this includes social media, every single post every share, all of these things do make a difference. This has impacted a lot of campaigns around the world. And the third and the last is to strategize what is your life about with the short time that you're here, you may or may not see a free Palestine in your life, you may or may not see machine locks are liberated from occupation. But at least while you are here, you know that you did your part you committed to the process. There were people in those 88 years from the Crusades, all the way to Salah Kadena up to hammer Allah who contributed to the factors of facilitation of what would come next. But they did not live to see it

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and they will have a share of that reward. What are you going to do while you're here for the different causes of justice all around the world? May Allah subhanaw taala alleviate the fears of our brothers and sisters, forgive us for our shortcomings and guide us and guide others through us