Stories and lessons from Surat Al-Kahf – Part 1

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The Cave of mercy

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The transcript discusses the history and importance of Islam, including finding happiness and creating change in the world. It also touches on the Day ofteenth and the importance of being recognized. The speakers emphasize the need to stay true to one's values and plans in the future, specifically in finding happiness and creating change in the world. They also discuss the significance of "na" in Japanese culture, with "na" meaning meaning "na" in Japanese and "na" indicating a better relationship.

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Metal him

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blue lentil open alameen salatu salam on also is that while the LED or Sofia's Marian or frozen thanks Milan stop loss channel data. I mean the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his sermon and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear brothers in Islam during one of the battles of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as he was coming back to Medina, now the army is very tired or lusatia love is tired as well. The war was continuous day after day after day, and the vessel Allahu alayhi wa sallam gave orders to the army to camp. So it was nighttime and he said to them, we're going to sleep eat tonight. And then the next day we continue until we reach

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and Medina as they're doing this interview Salam aleykum selam appoints a so heavy to perform something known as the in Islam as a revolt. In other words, he appoints someone to stay awake the entire night to God the Muslims as they're sleeping, because the army they might come from their side and get to the Muslims and begin to fight them as they're sleeping. So Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam appoints our Benjamin Bishop globally along with I know, to God, the army as they sleep. So he stands as God. And obviously he is he's tired. And he The idea is that the war has been continuous day after day after day. And now finally, so have all their low I know my sleeping, but

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for our bed or their level, I know it's a different story. He's got a whole life ahead of him. And you can just imagine how tired he is. So how is he going to rejuvenate himself? How is he going to keep himself awake and fresh it up himself, he decides all the luevano to stand in prayer the entire night. This is of course different, what people nowadays choose, I need to find the relaxation and to refreshing themselves and so on our bed lovely. I love I know, so happy. So mama decides that he will stand in prayer the entire night. And that's how he'll stay awake. So our bed lovely luevano he began to stand in prayer. And he began to pray.

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And all of a sudden one of the disbelievers actually made it to the camp of the Muslims on his own. And he's looking left and right. And he saw the Muslim sleeping and he spotted someone standing in prayer. So he comes close. And he notices that he's the only one standing and everyone else is sleeping. So he he like he buys an arrow, arrow and Emily shoots him with the arrow. And the arrow goes straight into our bed. Hopefully a loved one. Oh, well, I bet that will be a lot more I know he continues his solid journey. And so Pamela because of the love he had for the prayer, and the love he had for so long. He was praying he with a new one he was reading. He wasn't able to cut the solid

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he was unable so certainly no doubt about it. Certainly, that had it not been for the love he had for the solid and the love he had for the soul and he was reading, he would have left the solid. But definitely gaining the love for the soul and the love for the soul medium forget about the pain altogether. So you remove the arrow and he throws it and he continues praying. The disbeliever saw that. So he shoots him with another arrow, this arrow now it goes inside of our bed of the alarm. I know penetrating his skin, his flesh, his blood, he goes he goes into his bones. Why Bethel of the alarm. I know as he's praying for the second time he removes it. And he throws it and he continues

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his solid. for a third time the disbeliever sees that. And he shoots him with a third arrow. And this time a bell the Allahu anhu he rushes to wake someone up from the believers. And he says very powerful words and very brave words. He said what law he had enough not being for a huge mighty responsibility that the prophets on the marwadi or send them entrusted me with. And if that is that I'm guarding the Muslims. He said one law that my life was to be cut would have been more beloved to me. Then I cut the sooner I was reading. But because it's a huge responsibility. If he dies and is still in solid, then all the Muslims are going to die as a result. And maybe there's there's more

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bloodshed and more death. So he said, but I had no choice except to run and to wake one of the believers up. Yeah. And what he was saying is basically saying his soul was floating in the sky with this salad. And especially with the solar he was reading. He was young, he wouldn't cut it for anything. He wouldn't cut it for anything that my brothers are sold at the Gulf. It was reading solar together from the very beginning of it. Wouldn't it be super long while they do sell them? Of course we don't that he encourages us to recite solothurn gaff, every Friday, Friday in Friday out were residing sort of the Gulf. So what I wanted to share with you the lay data is

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some things about sort of the Gulf. And then we'll start with the story of the people of the cave and maybe take it over this weekend next week and show the data It's a long story.

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Full of benefits and wisdoms being the lead data that's what we intend to do. Now who are the people of the cave, we need to understand who the people of the cave are those think about

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The Gulf in general. And what kind of theme is involved in sort of the Gulf? And when the person reads sort of the Gulf every week? What is he posed to us to be thinking? What is it teaching him every week from week to week, and it's how the lights and unmissable solar and it's understanding, it is one of the sort that must be understood by every Muslim at least one is reading it every Friday. So the people of the cave, my brothers, they were people alone, none of that existed after each other he said, Now, at the end of the time of rissalah, you said that the Jews had pretty much taken over. And they did not agree with the Christians. So the Jews began to send out orders around

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the world, wherever the Christians are going kill them. That's what the Jews were doing, even to the point where they surrounded the Sally's Sam's house, and they wanted to kill him. Except that the story is that allows origin takes resolving his setup, and he elevates him to you. So Pamela, Diana, and Lisa you serve is God and someone else comes out who looks exactly like a supermodel. So God gave him that look, and he came out he was crucified and they were killed. And the Christians, obviously they were rebellious at the time, they don't agree with the Christians. At the Jews, they don't agree with the Christians. So they began to kill them wherever they were. So only the people

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of the cave. they existed 150 years long, what I'm after is actually set up in a time literally where there was no more DNA. The DNA has been dug, it's finished. There's no more no one is on the pure teachings of Risa either. You said that there were no messengers at the time. They were no profits at the time. There were no scholars at the time, no issue at the time, no one to call to the Dean of Allah. They were there most of the time, no. Hoopa. Juma at the time, there is no Islamic websites, there's nothing there's the there's no Islamic libraries, absolutely no source of guidance at the time, the people of the cave existed. And with all this, with all this, Allah azza wa jal

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chooses to guide them, and preserve them with their deal with their story when they go up to that cave, and they slip that 300 years. But he also had a lot, the first thing we learn is that you ask yourself, what would happen to you what would happen to you, if, let's say, the scholars of this world were killed, and then the machinery of this world and the people that called to a local prison, and all the mosques were to shut down and the libraries were shut down and the Islamic websites were closed permanently, but Juma is banned, and it's not an out what would have happened to what would happen to you. So now you can understand how great his story was, that they were

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people that remained firm and steadfast upon pure teachings of the deen of Allah Subhana Allah in a time where it was impossible for someone just to say that you're a Mullah, you'll find this story What happened? So yeah, I knew somehow the law, the king at the time they call him DPA rules. In other words, theodosis, he was the ruling King at the time, very tired, ruler, rebellious, any ruler as well, at the time, they used to have a celebration once a year, in where they used to get the idols and the people who sacrifice for the idols or boeuf, around the idols and so on. So these young men didn't participate in that ritual. And some people in the community found out. So they

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went to the kingdom, they adopted me. They said, Look, there's about seven guys in the city, that they don't participate with us when we do what we do have our actions towards our lords and our gods. So he called me and he said to them, is that true, you're not participating with us. So obviously, they stood up and later on in their head, a lot of soldiers would say that when they got into the room of the king, they stood up and they said, If como una buena okusama, lendermon du de la la kupuna, in a shoebox that stood up firm on what they have. And he believed in what they learned when we get to the I'll explain it in detail. But basically, they Yanni denied, and they

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refuse, and they rejected any type of worship except the worship for a loss of Hannah doll. So the king gave them three days to know we go look into your case for three days.

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If you change your change, if you don't, then we're going to kill you. We're going to kill you. And that's when the story of Blitz where we're going to go and they end up in a cave and then Mr. Xhosa Yeah, and he basically shrouds them with asleep in where it took for 30 to 300 years. But the first lesson we're learning is that you need to ask yourself, what would happen to you in a time where, let's say the environment of Islam wants to be killed and destroyed altogether. Now you see one attack after another attack, but let's say I only know at least and Masood is still open, people are still giving lessons so that the Juma can still be attended, or at hamdulillah have been imagined

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all this was gone, what will happen to you and you need to learn how does one connect and hold on to his deed, even if there is no source of guidance in his life anymore. This is a synchronous

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story that will teach us yeah, that listen. So the people of the cave within themselves speak about them. They were actually they were young men a lot closer than 52 they were young men. In it the fear mm Kafeel by him online ventures that are totally says that, can we and we soon and Hila coffee and they used to have earrings, golden earrings. That's what they used to wear. And they were the sons of the kings and the ministers. So in other words, Jenny, they had a fortune out of them. They had a beautiful life ahead of them. They had a young age, they had all the luxuries of life, they were wealthy and they were young was of how to love when they read about Allah. And when they were

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guided to the deen of Allah. Everything was about to change for them for the lesson, the first lesson that we learned from this, my brothers is that never give up on yourself and never give up and become hopeless that you will never change or those around you will never change. Don't give up on the young men and the young girls in the society, in the community in your own family don't give up. Why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala was able to guide them, even though the Cassiopeia mo license if you looked at them, you would have said they have nothing to do with guidance. Look, I know earrings in the hairstyle they had in the clothing they had, and the the children of ministers

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and kings and the army. If you looked at them, you would have said that they had nothing to do with them. But even then, a lot of social when he chose to guide them, he guided them and incredible amazing story of what kind of guidance they had. The first lesson we learned in this solo just generally on the outside is never give up in change on yourself and change in those around. Allah azza wa jal is capable to restore the deen in the individuals and he is also capable to restore His deity into an entire community that has lost the faith and its Dean.

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Never give up. The story my brothers are full of itself from the very beginning of it is happiness until the end of it is happiness. The whole soul is about happiness. And from the very beginning the first ones on and hamdulillah and loving unzila Allah uptaken kita hamdulillah use this phrase and hamdulillah you sort of you other you say it when there's a blessing. Yanni the idea of the beginning, the first I illustrates like someone is is carrying is holding up. He's hugging on to this. And he's saying and hamdulillah but for a lithiums Allah Allah ideal kita that Allah azza wa jal sent out down a book on to mankind that is yet any servant and of Islam along whether you're a

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sinner, the very beginning of it is happiness is someone who's screaming from happiness, because he has a fire. Can you think of someone that is drowning? Someone is drowning in the in the middle of the ocean on a stormy windy day. And then eventually the helicopter arrives and throws down to the lifeboat that orange lifesaver in and out. how tight is he going to hold on to it? Yeah, and hamdulillah Where did this come from? Orion is doing like this, for me is like a life boy that came down from the sky. The one who holds on to it with excitement. And with happiness, it will save him from the stormy and windy feet that are around him. Someone that is in the desert stranded in the

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desert is about to die. And eventually he finds out a roadmap that leads to the closest town in way there's a widow how excited is he getting is not just our idea, I'll make benefit of it. Now he's excited, and he's happy and he holds on to it all hamdulillah relief came eventually. Who is the same thing, the whole and is is a it's a roadmap that directs you to a loss of Hannah Montana and to the eternal happiness in the success that Allah subhana wa tada has laid out and promised for the believers. So the beginning of the solar is happiness and excitement. And hamdulillah Libyans, Allah, Allah, Allah dlqi that someone screaming from happiness that he has this book, and at the end

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of the soul, as you get to the end, in the levina, ama noir middle Sonia had Gannett longer there to the field, those who knew sooner, that those are the branches, good deeds and believe for them is unfair doubts, no sooner as a place of permanent residence for them. And for those you know, it is the highest level in the paradise. That's where the prophets and their companions and the messengers and all that it's all happening in a few of those panels at the beginning of the solar is

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the ending of the solar is an unfair dose. It is as though what is being said that the one who holds on to the whole ad with happiness and excitement, and follows its guidance and teachings. It'll leave the invitation method for adults and either one and not only that, but the one who expresses happiness and excitement, who there's a difference. There's someone that says, well, Mama will sign on and I'm gonna have to follow this. You know, what can we do other than that, that's one attitude. That's that's not like someone who's expressing happiness with what he has given him in order for you to reach and fill those when he's supposed to express happiness and excitement. Yeah, it is.

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Like it's it's the life boy that came down and save me. How excited would one be that kind of excitement if you have with the lab, then a lot of surgeon would give you an excitement on the Day of Judgment, the fact that he admits into unfilled notes. Yeah. And it's Pamela, who the entire time you're supposed to have a relationship with the Empire, so that you Li reach the highest level in general for those which is yearning in the paradise itself, which is Jonathan fields. Now, as we said, this surah is teaching us being happy. And don't, don't be upset, don't be miserable. Don't give up. You see people that are not guided, you see people that are misguided. The young men and

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the young girls in your family in the community, don't get any Don't be sad and don't give up plan to the entire school, from the very beginning to the end is all about happiness. begins their story by saying, I'm hasip done. Well, Gaffey, one Latina woman at nashoba. That's where the story begins. From here. Why, as a matter of fact, the first five as literally with no exaggeration are a trailer there a trailer. And then the story begins and goes into detail from after that.

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How long we're just gonna have time to look at the trailer. And you know, we only use Paolo, when you read the trailer, it only gets you excited for what is about to come in the story. So let's see how long does this and what does he introduce us to? He says, um, hasip does not have a gaff, Bala team can omit it national allows origin the same total pseudoscience in them. And then to the oma as an extension. Did you assume that the companions, the people of the cave, and the companions of Hakeem, I'll explain to you what it means they were from among our miraculous signs, something amazing. It is assumed there was something amazing. And in other words, a lot of storage is sent to

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us lots of a lot of value, send them and don't be amazed at their story. There's nothing amazing. Why anywhere. If you look at this story, he was paralyzed full of amazement, from the very beginning, how the people in the description remain firm upon their toe he

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did the law, social protect them. And how did they sleep in that case? 300 years? And how was their dog with them? And how they no more turn them left to right, twice a year. And how did the sun as it was going up, it's raised would bend and turn away from the cave. Yani almost every single day a miracle is happening for 300 years. Why? And he was saying, don't be amazed. In other words, a lot surgeon is teaching us that for a massage, to help and protect and to guide young men is not something amazing, was done that in the past, and a lot will do that in the future. So something exclusive for him. So there'll be amazed as much as the story is amazing. Don't be amazed that no

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man's origins help is always there. How many people has a long journey protected before them? And how many will he protect after them so many? So he says a massive darkness. However, if you're lucky, can Omen if

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nothing is amazing. Nothing is amazing. This is something that will always happen. The other thing that is very important to take from this journey, this argument, what's the important message? And this is this is incredibly important. Why does a lot of soldiers from the very beginning of the story say don't be amazed at their story? First, I told you why because this is not something impossible. It's not something amazing to Allah, he always does this Allah subhanho wa Taala. He provides his help in any way he wants to those who believe in him. The other thing is it teaches us a very important lesson on how we're supposed to approach the teachings of our Deen. Now explain

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that too.

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There are so many people. And I want to say some I want to say so many. In way the dean for them only becomes something that is yearning, drama and action. And and I just want something amazing. And give us a talk. I'm a little you know, leave us speechless after it. Give us out some fireworks. And we want to be amazed. I want to be shocked at this. Listen, give us something incredible, something amazing. Some people like this. And these are the same people that unfortunately if you were to say to them, we actually look at the sky have a

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look at the ocean look at this area. So Panama

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and then the same people that if I was to city and give them this kind of story, that there was a lady who once they found that she had cancer all over her body. In the last stage she's about to die. She walked inside of mustard another week, and she began to drink some soda. And then she showed herself with Zumba. And then just before she was about to leave the doors, what happened? She was cured from a cancer walk about now give us some more of that there are some people I guess they want the dean to be all like this. But Lamar so gently

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teaching us that

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it shouldn't be like this. There are some people that the moon itself is not amazing. But if the moon splits off, that's amazing. The ocean itself is not amazing. But if it splits up, that's a sign of that something amazing. Alonzo gently sinkers don't do that. When you learn the deen of Allah, be a student of as the word will come later nanako soiree Canada home bill, how can you be a student of the heart and be a student of the truth and whatever it is, learn the deen of Allah subhanaw taala as it's supposed to be taught, and as it's supposed to be, look, nothing else. Fair. And it's a panel with the moon itself is in an amazing sight. The ocean itself, isn't it amazing. So the ocean

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itself and the splitting of the ocean is exactly the same. The moon itself and the splitting of the moon is exactly the same. Why is one amazing sign more than the other. And if this is a bad and a sick attitude of some people, that's all if there is an election that's going to be given that is amazing and mind blowing over them. And if it's not just some man is reading a hadith in some area, that doesn't matter. But there's nothing exciting in that. Why that was so gentle from the very beginning of the story. He's teaching us that's a dangerous mentality. A dangerous approach to approach the teachings of this Dean. Don't be that be the student of that word will come later on in

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the journey and the story of the story of the people of the cave. House, it does not have a cafe, one of me can omit 18 hours of ads the first list, the second one Alonzo Hill, he says I'm hasip done. Well guess what is? Again, theodicy the word of it comes from the word Sahib. So it means what I have is a friend companion. What I mean the Arabic language, there are levels, there's someone called us to the mafia, when he saw him, and then the highest form of friendship is Helene, saw him is a very, very high form of friendship as Danny the companions of homosassa, what do they call kumars? How to the leg, you know why? Because they slipped the same time you slip, they woke up the

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same time he woke up, they would travel with him, they would come back with him, they would eat with him, they would fast with him, everything they would do with him. So they became comatose. Why? Because they always with him. So these people, the young men of the cave were called us. Hi, Bill. gov, what we're about to learn is that they had so much of a close relationship with this cave, that the cave became their friend, the cave itself became their friend. And this is what we understand later on. And how incredible this journey this case provided aid and support and help for them as a massage and will tell us later on. So let's have a look of the cave, this cave would become a friend

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of this later on. Also, you need to understand that the cave was was a place of their worship. That was there a better that was the continuous worship in when they were in the town.

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The only place that they could worship a law was apparently a cave that they found. They went to a cave, and they would sit in the cave. And all three of them are all there and the seven of them. Well, I'll tell you the number later on. But yeah, let's say all seven of them would sit down, and they would learn to deal with each other. And that is what is meant by um hasip does have a gun for our team. Our team is a stone tablet, in where the arcade was engraved in the teachings of the pure Dean were engraved in it. So every single day, they would go up to the to the cave, and they would have the locker room with them. And they would begin to review and revise the idea. And then leave

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the stone there, and then come back the next day. And they would revise their DNA again and again, to the point where I'm not called them as having any of us have been lucky as well that their relationship with Galileo rocky was like our flat. So their relationship with the cave is their worship and their relationship with the opium was their relationship with God. And this is exactly why they remain steadfast and committed upon the idea that they had something continuous to the point where they were called saw, hey, we'll give us How will you give us have an idea for what we're learning from this is you'll never be able to remain committed and steadfast upon this deal.

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If you don't have something continuous of the client that you read every day, and you have something of the worship that you're continuous with every day. First thing once or twice once a blue moon is not going to do anything. reading Quran once or twice once a blue moon is not going to do anything. In order to be saw heaven. You have to be someone who lives with the Quran from day to night, in order to be able so that you need to be someone who continuously prays day in day out, doesn't stop. That's the only way in our world would give steadfastness and commitment upon the deity such a person

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Now we understand why a lot of soldiers gave them that steadfastness. Because they became,

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they became continuous at one with their worship, and one with the pole. And they had, which was basically that our team and passive doneness haven't got

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the word has got

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this word, it means a cave, right? If this is different to you know, the Kennedys all along, why don't you sell them? When you reveal was he was revealed? What was it revealed? Where was he at the time? What was it called? Hot, hot.

00:25:31--> 00:25:50

What's the difference between a lot and a gun? And lava is smoke, or furniture, one or two people like a lot. But a girl is different. A golf is very large, it's wide. It's huge. So what they lived in and they slept for 300 years wasn't something small. It was big. That's what is

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normal. And they say Afghanistan, there's 1200 caves. around the world. There's millions and millions of caves. This cave is nothing different. There's nothing special about it. Normal cave wasn't made of gold or anything. It was terrifying and horrifying. Like any other cave, spiders inside snakes inside webs inside bats inside, whatever it is. And even then, for satellites, the whole school was called tulip, this guy. And he had this incredible light on what called the tulip and got

00:26:23--> 00:26:30

the word and gaff was mentioned six times in the solar. And every time you read it, you're getting hundreds and hundreds of

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what made this guy very special for Lawrence origin to name the solar we're going to read every single week after its name and call it solar Elko. You see, what we're learning here is that the believer is the most powerful tool of changing the world. The believer is the most powerful tool of changing the world. wherever he goes, he makes a change. What made the curve in the status it had was not because of the cave, it's because of the people that were inside the cave, to give you a worldly understanding. And if for example, if there was a sport, yani a sports star, some celebrity that was famous in basketball, for example. And eventually he retired, and he had Nike shoes just

00:27:18--> 00:27:21

like yours. And he sold these shoes, how much are they going to sell for?

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Michael Jordan shoe was sold for 71,000, which the same shoes as yours. But if you finished from your mind shoe and wanted to sell it, what's gonna happen to it, it's gonna go straight in the low bid. That's what's gonna happen, though it will get sold. And why what's the difference between each shoe and my shoe is because the one who was the one who wore the shoe, he gave it a status, getting a president's house. Now when it's sold. It's not sold to the public. They buy it and they convert it into a museum or the the president lived there. So it wasn't about the house, it was about the one who lived in that house. So what the legging method

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is teaching that the cave itself didn't have any status. It's normal, like any other cave, but what gave it its importance and its value is those who lived inside of the cave for 300 years. So what we learned from this is that the believer is the most powerful tool of changing the world. Wherever the believer goes, he makes change. They get a few men walked into a horrifying, terrifying, scary cave. And they turned it into a source of guidance until the day of judgment. We're reading about it. They turned it into a means of earning hazard and

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they went inside a dark cave. And then dark caves became light for humanity until the day of judgment. This is what the believer is wherever he goes a lot so generally described the Saudi setup. What did he say that

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he made me full of Baraka and full of goodness and full of blessings wherever I went with this is what the believer is the second listen you look at yourself and ask yourself what goodness Have you made the animosity among your family what change what the believer wherever he goes, he has to make change that he is good that he has the highest power and the highest source of guidance. When he travels he's got to align with him in the guidance he changes wherever he goes the believer creates change some of the people of the cave and he bit my midway starting to learn why their story was mentioned in the plan. They look look at what they did and what kind of change they created in this

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world for a while and this is why solar is called solar cap now on another note, sort of the calf my brothers and artists do with this and I definitely know you know this. It contains how many stories

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four stories. What's the first one?

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The second one?

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The person or the to God? It was a

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little corny. Like

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I think I had four stories. Why Annie masala Why didn't a lot of soldiers name it small little genetic.

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Why not sort of the most common sort of long con i could have I could have had any other.

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Understand? Are they any answer this way? Why was it called soul at the gaff, then no. Somehow the law every single story in this order is a story of sacrifice. No doubt, it's a story of sacrifice. The second story in the, in the in the solar, which is the person of the two gardens was a story about a person that gave down to his neighbor. And he didn't give up with our after our aftermarket photo Villa de Kanaka Canis TGM. He shouldn't do that with your money in your property and your Nika photoelectron with you. Yeah, so have a look. At the end of the day, that Ben he goes back to his family, he sits down with them and Jani the rest of the night is left with his family. The third

00:30:51--> 00:31:27

story was on Hubbard. So Musa alayhis, salaam is out, seeking knowledge will enter more learning about a mile. So imagine that at the end of the trip, he goes back to his family, among his wife, and among these children, and he's there. And let's say that the people of the cave are better than musala you set up, but I'm talking about the sacrifices in the solar which one is greater. So so far, these two, the last one the top right? So Khamenei, he travels the entire globe. She had recently done a driven travels the entire globe. But at the end of the day, at the end of this travel, he goes back home, sits among his family as dinner lunch with him and so on. The people of

00:31:27--> 00:31:29

the cave, when they when

00:31:31--> 00:32:10

they never came back, they never came back to see their family. They never came back to see their community. They went for the sake of Allah, they slipped for the sake of Allah. And that was the end of it. So that was the biggest sacrifice in the slaughter. That was that's why it was the first story. And this is why the entire school was named after them. Solar, solar tin cans. Yeah. And from that we're learning so Pamela, that? Yeah, the biggest sacrifice in the solar was their sacrifice, that they left everything behind. They sacrifice their youth. They sacrifice their wealth. Remember, they were the sons of the kingdom, the ministers, they didn't get married, they sacrifice their

00:32:10--> 00:32:47

whole bright future ahead of them. They sacrifice their families, they didn't even have time to hug their mothers right towards the end, they have to run away straight away. For all of this, a lot of Zoysia teaches us that they sacrificed all this for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is Yanni, just like the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sacrificed everything for this deep, right? And the greatest sacrifice you could do is go one way to Allah subhana wa tada and never to come back. And when the Sahaba of the alarm on him and they left Mecca to Medina. They weren't they were never aware of the fact that they would ever return to Mecca. That was the

00:32:47--> 00:32:50

greatest sacrifice where Yeah, and it is sola, sola till

00:32:52--> 00:32:55

it was revealed just before he shot them.

00:32:57--> 00:33:38

The first issue is levels of inhibition. So the Gulf was revealed just before this, you know why? So that it prepares the Companions for the word as usual. And is the word that usually is a very difficult word. It's a huge word. Not everyone is going to accept that, in order for a lot of prepare the Sahaba before he says to the Migrator, hahaha, he sends down solo together so that when they read it, they understand what people in the past did for the sake of a law, what kind of usual and what kind of sacrifice they did for the sake of a law and the Sahaba were the first people to take inspiration from the solo. And you know, by the way, the first and last person to have migrated

00:33:38--> 00:34:19

visibility and perform digital was Ibrahim Allah, He said it. And since then no one has revived as soon as usual. And a lot of Xhosa is just the doctor revival for the Sahaba it's going to be very difficult. The last person that grind graded for the sake of Allah was evil on him. So I'm gonna be easy, so long. So it seems down the solar that teachers have huge sacrifice, and it's preparing the companions that when they hear the word olusola, they say I have the same thing. Most of them all of them do the same thing. I'm ready for a big deal. And they move ahead. Yeah, and so Pamela incredible, incredible how the sewer would come down in the right time, you know, before solar

00:34:19--> 00:34:20

telegraph is what solar.

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

So that is the beginning of solar to dislodge. It speaks about the journey of homosassa land from Mecca, to bait and muck this to the mercy of the laakso. And what happened there. The first thing that happened is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he led the prophets in solid. Gan is smaller than Esau is teaching us that you people are the best nation and the leading nation because your prophet led all the nations in sada so that makes you the best surah Allah, Allah told us where the best suited calf came after, to tell us what made you the best. The fact that you sacrifice for the sake of Allah. That's what makes

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

you the best, otherwise you didn't deserve to be the best. What made this woman the best is because they were able to sacrifice for the deen of Allah subhanaw taala Well, unfortunately, the sad thing is, most people don't sacrifice anything for the most part at that moment. You got to give lesson after lesson after lesson to convince someone to take half an hour of his time to attend for the sake of just sit down one hour for the sake of a monologue something about his work. You need to sometimes 1000s nice enough to listen to convince someone that it's alright don't have a heart attack if you gave $100 a piece of wood, a lot of swords and records it will be below you see on the

00:35:36--> 00:36:14

Day of Judgment, okay, there's no sacrifice for the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. Yanni, we missed the entire factor why this woman became the best woman because of their sacrifice and what they did for the sake of Allah Subhana. Dada, what longing I say to you. If this is the only point you're going to take in this lesson, then I'm humbled. I'm happy I'm satisfied I did my job take is when you read solid guff every single week on why he the only purpose and reason for why you're reading it. The main purpose is to teach you move and sacrifice for the deen of Allah do something for the deen of Allah? From the very beginning? Have you read the story of the people of the cave? With

00:36:14--> 00:36:47

that, as we're going to read it later on, we'll see. You're walking behind them, you're literally walking behind it. I'll put you in the scene with them. You look around and you look left and you see the sun coming up and what it's doing to the cave and so on, was just whatever shapes you see the sun. When we saw Salamis, you seen the sun at the time. You're not seeing the sun. But it's as though you're there in the story. So the first story you're reading, you're walking up the mountain to the cave with us. hypergraph you're walking behind it. You walk back down, you walk up, you walk back down, these people are worshiping. They didn't give up.

00:36:48--> 00:37:14

By the end of Seoul at the end of the story of the people of the cave, you're reading the story of the person of the two gardens. You begin the story and you start walking behind him. And you realize this guy doesn't give up. Every day he's with his neighbor down and telling him honestly half the day you're getting tired. Now can people do that? And I don't understand. So you finish your story. And you begin with the story of who so

00:37:15--> 00:37:17

you start walking behind Moosa

00:37:18--> 00:37:21

said to Boo. Boo said Where you going? He says

00:37:23--> 00:38:04

he's going to weigh the two seas meet in the minimal opinions of the element that is enjoyed getting is going across. Egypt is going across the sea is going across Palestine he is going across crossbow until he reaches that with all this you're walking behind. But you're getting very tired. You get there and eventually we'll say you reaches Ali's enemy reaches all covered. Then what happens after this, from Barack Obama says so they sit and they proceed and they keep walking the walking behind them until they get to the ship with the on the ship with them. Then again from Baraka, they proceed and they mentioned they fought move forward until they reach a young boy any luckier we always say.

00:38:05--> 00:38:08

Then they move forward again from Politico one more time

00:38:10--> 00:38:29

until they reach the people of a town by now you're out of breath. You get to the last story of the soil which is sort of fluke of nature. You begin to read through Jani you can you see little Colleen standing outside of the town. He's got a huge army with him. And he's ready to go that will come in Where are you going? How either

00:38:30--> 00:38:40

of our shops until he reached the last place on earth where the sun sets which is in Fiji and he had a is going even more than Mousavi sir, by now.

00:38:42--> 00:38:47

You're running out of breath now. And you're behind him. He gets there. And he went around the globe.

00:38:49--> 00:39:28

And then after this has been a hot muck mouse jumps until he reached the first place on earth where the sun rises. With all of this, you're after them. By now you'll go. That's then when you read in Melina bhanwar middle saw they had get at the homes and Neptune for those who knew sooner or to learn that and for those will only come with so much sacrifice and fear those will only come with so much sacrifice after that. Yeah. And so Pamela, this is what what are you reading every every Friday, every Friday you're reading the soul of the Gallup is telling you move, do something put some effort for the dean for the sake of a boss have had on what data that they have now, which is

00:39:28--> 00:39:39

the day of sacrifice they have the beginning that in the Hadith is of Bala Yavin dunya the best day of the world. You know why? Because it's a day invariable he

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

was willing to sacrifice his son for a loss of Hannah who died and became the best day in the world. Well, this isn't what what would make you the best nation might what sort of the desert told us You're the best nation. What made you the best is the sacrifice that your people did. Some had a lot of people now they would sacrifice at

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

Move for anything that is concerning with this dunya but when it's concerning in the hereafter and something got to do with the deen of Allah azza wa jal

00:40:08--> 00:40:47

1000s and 1000s of reminders and still still nothing as of your any, we also are subject to remove us from a state like this, the religion of Allah azza wa jal, my brothers, Yanni, any people were active, they might forget, people didn't waste a single second convener that I probably traveled the globe for a loss of Hannah who died. This is what made the move. So you ask yourself, what kind of effort Have you made to memorize a loss of palletizers book? What kind of effort Have you made? to continuously be regular on your solo ad? What the message of the song? What kind of guarantee effort and sacrifice did you make to attend the lessons and to hear the word of Allah Subhana Allah, and

00:40:47--> 00:41:24

the ideas of what are your syllabi? And what kind of effort did you make to call the people to Allah? subhanaw taala? What kind of effort did you make within your family? What kind of effort did you make? At least to feed one starving Muslim family at least something? What kind of effort did you make at least to put some food together and give it to a poor family Yanni? Well, this is for the Dean of a low all of it is good, nothing is smoke from a young man with color, the rotted Kayla Yella, even the speck of dust of goods that are recorded and on the Day of Judgment becomes a mountain like the mountain and it just keeps getting multiplied to do something. This is what the

00:41:24--> 00:42:00

soul is telling us. It's all of the galaxies teaching us that the religion the deen of Allah is a valuable asset. And you'll never ever see its value until you sacrifice for it until you move and you put effort for the sake of a loss, then and only the dean becomes valuable in your eyes. Dean is teaching put your time put your effort, put it all Phil and Phil up for the sake of a loss of data so that you see it on the Day of Judgment. And I'll give you an example of a person, a person that needs some common law, he he's got money, he wants to invest this money. So he buys a lead with the money

00:42:01--> 00:42:34

for all these concerns in the lead. Now he doesn't care about what's happening in the markets. All he cares about let the price go up. Because the market value of the lab going down going up. Then later on he sells the lead with the money and the profits. He goes in he buys a car. Now all his concern is is about the cars has the price of the car has gone up, has it gone down. He doesn't care about land and what happens with lead there's money's not there anymore. So he sells the car and he makes his profit. And then he goes in he buys the house. Now he's in the houses for you studying the houses or what's happening in where's the market value? What's going up? And what's gone down? And

00:42:34--> 00:42:38

where's the rental increase? Well, Danny is he's into it. How do

00:42:39--> 00:42:48

you what do we learn from this is that a lot of social the dean Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah teaches us that wherever your time and wherever your effort is, that's where your concern is going to be.

00:42:50--> 00:43:21

When your time and your effort and your money when it's all in the Hereafter, then your concern becomes great in the hereafter. And if it's in this worldly life, then your concern is only in this world. And if you ask someone, what are you doing with your time and your effort? Well, man, I'm Yanni thinking of renovating and doing this and doing that for you. But what about your time? How's it being spent? Lord, I'm just worried and concerned, how am I going to get my kids married? How am I going to do this? How am I going to do that? They can What is your concern for the Hereafter, you see, you see why people like this would hate this, because they prevent nothing for it. Take an

00:43:21--> 00:43:58

example of someone that owns two houses, two houses, they all and every time you have money, at the end of the week, you spend it on one house, you renovate it, get some more money, you paint it now some more money, you change the code some more money up, you've changed the kitchen, some more money, you've taken care of the backyard in the landscape mesh Elmo, the house looks unbelievable. What the other house is yours as well, we haven't spent $1. And again, for now, when the house is beautiful, and it's set up for people come to your house and say, Oh, you gotta leave. You gotta go to the other house. The way you go with me, this is my house. And I fixed it. And I'm going to leave

00:43:58--> 00:44:34

you I'm not now when it's become all good and nice. And I'm about to enjoy. You're telling me I'm going to go into the other house. I haven't prepared it. But let's slow down for you have the time to prepare it. Why didn't you prepare it before this is exactly what the people need when they sit in this life. They decorate and they fix it to the point where martial law. Now the moment I'm going to enjoy it. All of a sudden death comes through and says yo you're gonna go well, the other house was yours. Why didn't you fix it? It's your fault. Remember, we got to go. And you go and you leave what's behind. This is why people are disturbed by death because really they did not prepare

00:44:34--> 00:44:59

anything for it. Any give you an example of a person that is married to a woman. Let's say this, this will really give you an understanding someone who is married to a woman whether this person every time he gets money, he spends it on one wife. And anytime you add some free time he spends it in one way. Everything is for the first and full of money and everything and then any second he's got his with the first one. But then the people come to him and say I mean they

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

Second Life pocket, we haven't put anything with those spin anything with it. So he says to the people below, don't assume that Well, my lover, I love her more than the first. So what are you going to say about this person? What are you gonna say about him? Because he's alive. He's alive. But this is exactly what we did. We spend our money and our time in one dunya in this life, and then what

00:45:25--> 00:45:25


00:45:28--> 00:45:31

wrong, and I worked for and for those who don't understand

00:45:32--> 00:46:01

the paradise and I want this keep House of how to live, there's a word that into your entire time and your money and your effort was in one. And then also claiming that you want the other. If it doesn't work like this, the deen of Allah subhanaw taala requires continuous sacrifice for it. He sees what you're reading azula every single Friday, this is what we're reading, I'm gonna sit down not having coffee, or luckyme can mean a Latina or Java. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, we're coming to the end. It's our fifth year to let go.

00:46:02--> 00:46:15

He tells us now the story as they went as they turned to the cave, for God, when they entered this cave, they said, Oh, I didn't I mean, I don't know why. Let me emelina, Russia, Canada to give this.

00:46:16--> 00:46:53

A bunch of boys. They are terrified and they run away from the city. The king is about to kill them. They get inside of the cave. And what do they do? They didn't sit down and begin. How many Does anyone have a plan? What are we going to do? What are we gonna do? We're about to die. You're gonna think someone think with us? They didn't do that. Know that. They sit down and they say, otherwise. I'm not doing this for us. Why is he doing this with us? We're trying to worship Him. We're the only ones on the deed. And How come he's testing us like this? And now go, how can the media is always on our back? Why is the king always after us? We tried to worship Allah was alone. Why is he helping

00:46:53--> 00:47:03

us? They didn't do that. They did not do that. They walked into the cave and the moment they stepped foot they sat down and they said oh, bene and Tina Mila. Don't worry, let me know

00:47:07--> 00:47:13

what this means. They said, Oh our Lord, give us especially from you a mercy. They did not say attina

00:47:14--> 00:47:58

they said attina Mila Duca or madam why let me narrow. This word Milla. Duke is very special. Mila do means especially from you shower, or send us down the most loving care show some love and care. And you know what that means? That means that they acknowledge they sing along, you're always merciful with us. Whatever happens in our life, and as distressing as it is in our life right now. We're about to get killed and die. You've always been merciful. But we're asking for a mercy Milla Duke just give us a special mercy especially from Danny they're not objecting to anything about us origin has done for them. Even though this is the greatest fit no one could ever face. Any, any

00:47:58--> 00:48:10

fitness your face in your life. Any fitna you're facing your life is going to be definitely easier than if you were to be faced with a fitna in your deep, deep. And let's say your house got burned and destroyed.

00:48:12--> 00:48:49

And let's say your money got stolen, and your car got stolen. Literally you had your own nothing in this life except the clothes on your back as you walk out of this machine. Is that is a million times easier than if you were to be tested one time in your deen a million times easier. These people have a habit of not only being tested in their dunya they also been tested in a deal and even then they were able to remain steadfast and acknowledge our laws mercy upon them and that you've always been just and fair with us. But y'all know we just asked him for a special mercy that is going to come from me and Tina Milla don't matter. Then they say what he learned I mean every now

00:48:50--> 00:49:34

and more from our situation or right direction or right anyway In other words, you know like Plato is something that could be molded that's the he is the mo like recently he said any gay at the point he gets the clay and he molded into the shape of a good so this thing your long mold our situation change our situation. Any day senior what our situation is rough. It's like a stone. We've reached the brick wall now we've got no idea where to go. We got no idea where to go. Yeah, what change do something for our situation, make the impossible possible. Because they made this Cincy with his daughter. And they put their heads down with this

00:49:35--> 00:49:40

last question immediately answered. And he said follow up the other

00:49:41--> 00:49:46

half you see in other we struck up from the ease in the cave many years. How many years was it?

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

Yeah, it doesn't say 300 that needs the trailer. later on. It'll tell you down here. It's just just a bit of inflammation. I mean, other day you want to have an easier to keep reading. For all of that we struck upon the ease

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

In the cave, many so what does that mean? struck upon the ease. And the way the Arabs back in the time Even now, when a mother puts her baby to sleep, she actually she taps him on the E.

00:50:13--> 00:50:16

And then the baby sleeps for any meaning

00:50:18--> 00:51:00

that allows us to tap them to sleep. Like how a mother taps her baby to sleep, is how much loving care is with that? Didn't they just ask attina melaleuca Rama, the first special like my mom gave them, he taught them to sleep, like how a mother puts her child to sleep in a place way is unbelievable. Who sleeps in a cave for 300 years who knows that. But that's the special mercy that a muscle pattern with data gave them that that cave became a it became in a comfortable place for sleep. The fact that they slept 300 years from now that any other thing is either as a dream is that you know the difference between a minus sleep and a major sleep is that a minus sleep. If I called

00:51:00--> 00:51:40

your name, you'd wake up straightaway and a major sleep. If I was to scream your name, you're still gone. You're not here for follow up. Now that ear meaning the ears were blocked as well, meaning they were in a deep sleep God finished Hoff's they will never wake up that you can just imagine the day they woke up weapon our best won't be alone. I know. He said, they entered the beginning of the day. And they woke up and it was an awesome time. And it just at the end of the day, after 300 years when they woke up with the ideas said I know we've just slipped off today and they're looking around me is the king is still after us. And along with that, you know 300 years will King and everyone's

00:51:40--> 00:52:11

got that's gonna come later on when we speak about the discussion and when they wake up. But then if it can be seen in other film about Neverland inanimate has been outside the lobby for another two miles from us now from then we rose them. And we woke them up so that we can test which of the two parties were more inaccurate calculation as to how long they remained in the gap. What does that mean? Now you shouldn't know what it means. Because it's just a trailer later on the entire area would come to tell us what happened when they woke up.

00:52:13--> 00:52:55

was any historian after 300 years when they woke up, and they had a conversation in the cave, who was inside? Who was there to record the conversation. Noah, Noah you see that and in the stories of the oil and what not to choose us to tell us is unbelievable. No one was there except the last panel dialogue heard the composition of what happened inside this area. Lena Hispania Salima amudha will be explained when the entire walk is Erica, only to say Oh, they don't call upon you know middle income. That is that is the explanation of this. But this just a trailer. You don't need to know what it means right now later on it will come then a lot of you said no, no, no. So this is the last

00:52:56--> 00:52:59

night No, no sorry, Canada will help as

00:53:01--> 00:53:41

we narrate on to you their story will help with the word will help comes in the plan, then be certain that any way other than the goal and it's a fabricated story. The Christians have a version of this, they call it the Seven Sleepers of Ecuador. This this this is not the story is known with them. They got their own fabricated fake version. A lot of social he reviews and he sends down the correct version. Anytime a story in the Quran says the word will have meaning every version other than that is wrong. Like what's happening. Bill how the story of the two sons of Adam, everywhere else is false. Why do we say Christians? It's the wrong version. The one that is the correct version

00:53:41--> 00:53:45

will help. I think the other thing is the word No, no. We

00:53:46--> 00:54:26

understand what that means. And let me tell you this. Sometimes people have an incredible doba story. It's always incredible. And what happens it ends up on the internet on the forums on the blogs. someone gets it some there you get certain he preaches that. And he mentions it and and he mentioned in the ad an incredible story in your Dover at a huge score from overseas. found out about your story. When I show my begins to preach it and it goes viral. And it's on Facebook and it's on YouTube. It is going all around on WhatsApp. And how excited is such a person I'm more worried about the story of my daughter's going around below. And it's been in the books and it's on the website

00:54:26--> 00:54:55

and it's everywhere. What kind of excitement is such a person feel? And now what do we say? Na Na, na en la he's telling us their story. This is not some shark or some website. This is Allah Himself narrating the story. Yeah. And what an incredible and an honorable moment for us. However, if these people are really anyone, no one looks forward to seeing them on the day of gentlemen, who these people are. Look, the longer you live, the more stories you have. I think this brother might have 300 stories that

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

might have 1000 stories that tell us everyone's

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

Stories. How many stories would alive how many stories did a love witness on this earth? A billion is a small number. infinite amount of stories A lot has witnessed what happened on this earth. And he chooses to mention in the Quran about 60 and one of them is the people of the cave. Here now specialist their story to a loss of head of that incredible, incredible story is incredible. Yeah, and it's no no alayka neither of them will help in no fear to an avenue or beam was it never who there except the only with a loss origin.

00:55:35--> 00:56:05

When a lot chooses to narrate a story, it'll become viral. A lot of Zoysia doesn't need a camera and a microphone and Facebook and this and that to spread his deed he doesn't need all that. The fact that Omar took upon himself to spread it to spread it in the way he spreads it. Nothing is more powerful in advertising than our mouths origin. Yeah. And he sprinted and advertises This is a large surgeon deciding to mention a story toss. in Nome Vidya told me novella beam, no doubt, certainly Verily, they were

00:56:06--> 00:56:16

Emmanuella beam they believed in their law by the mercy theater. He could have said in November, they believed in the law. I didn't go out to say 50 or two. I tell you why.

00:56:17--> 00:56:35

Then, and 50 young boys. What? Yeah, and what is different to a young boy to an old man is that someone that is older is more stable upon his fundamentals. Someone that is old, what happens to his house, the clothes he wears are always the same code until he dies now.

00:56:36--> 00:56:57

The hairstyle is the same hairstyle until he dies you don't see someone Oh daddy going into fashion and following after except someone that is Jani last. But Jani usually usually the one that is over Colossus. So he settled on his principles, and how we live our money eat somebody dresses on it puts us perfume in it. That's it. But alphedia

00:56:58--> 00:57:01

everyday, there's something new is coming with

00:57:02--> 00:57:40

some hairstyle like this child's going up like that. Sometimes he's going back, you know, sometimes he's gonna clothing a lot, a lot of where to go to Trump. Sometimes it's like there's something they always change from what goes out. They say to us, they want a fifth year. And even with that fifth year, they were able to remain steadfast upon the deal. They didn't change it. The other thing is what happens with media nowadays, when they repent and they come back to the deen of Allah know that most of them don't last in upon the deed whilst the laws are here for steadfastness. But the reality is this. Hold on. I Sharma is there every day and Salah took us our measurements. And then one month

00:57:40--> 00:58:21

when he was the Brother, why mama is not he is gone. Let's go give him a visit. He doesn't want to visit a cause he when he died, he died. However, this is the case of the 50th law surgeon went out of his way to say 50 of the teachers even though they were young men, and rich and money and Sons of ministers and kings and they had the life in front of them. They were they were able to stay steadfast upon the deed and upon their worship, until they met Allah subhanho wa Taala. Incredibly only this is an incredible story in number 15 mo will appear. Then what happened? Was it now that we increase them in the guidance about the lesson is when you when you commit to the guidance, a lot

00:58:21--> 00:58:29

would increase in guidance. There are some people that I think that Why do you keep smoking burn Shambala will guide me so why don't you go ahead and stop

00:58:30--> 00:59:07

what you mean when you go to the sister without his sister wears the hijab, Allah when Allah guides me, I'll wear it. But law has already taught us what the job is. He's already guided you and told you a time and what's harder. So that in our model, once you commit to the guidance and hold on to it, now was it never good. Now along with the increase in the guidance, and give you a steadfastness and patience to stay away from the center, and to stay fast and steadfast and committed upon the guidance of the worship of Allah subhanaw taala once for you. That is the end of the story for the first part that's only the trailer after this phase delay diner is about to come is the beginning of

00:59:07--> 00:59:49

the story. Now a lot of social takes us back while boo beam is common. Now the only story that from next week we're going to take on from when they stood in front of the king. And they're given three days and they get up and they say what they say or Brunello personality without they start with the word of Buddha. And then another woman dooney Ilaha. What is on what what's anila Why did they start with what why did they end with Isla de la Nakula shabaka then they didn't just care about themselves. They cared about their community. So they looked at Rahman How would they know that? They had concern for their people. It doesn't only do de la Lola suhani Bay from Allah Allahu

00:59:49--> 01:00:00

Ghaziabad back in the story of what you get doesn't move when you ran away. That's as they went up to the cave felt would have come up short of lack of mobility it incredible and I'm going to continue to talk about that. I'll share that

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with you. Next week we have the layout of the most important data to give us an understanding of his work. And we asked him some header data to make us people have a plan people benefit from the reminders of pneumonia welcome, Father alagille Solomon Osama velika Vina Mohammed Wada and he will be here as marine