Abdullah Oduro – Hadith #11 Giving and Self-Sufficiency, The Noble Path to Independence

Abdullah Oduro
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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith

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and yet an earlier hey don't mean a lead yet is so flat to work that be mantero Well, hydro sotapatti and Vitalina will make you start fifth year for whom love When may you still need you're gonna hit it up. This isn't this hadith and Behati the upper hand is better than the lower one and begin charity with those who are under your care. And the best charity is that which is given out of surplus and he who asks Allah to help him abstain from the unlawful and the forbidden.

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And he who asked Allah to help him abstain from the unlawful and forbidden forbidden, Allah will fulfill his wish, and he who seeks self sufficiency will be made self sufficient by Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is getting in depth in regards to self sufficiency, and how you as a man particularly should look at asking people and going out to seek your own risk from Allah subhanho wa taala. You see, when we look at a farmer Subhan Allah is one of the most commendable professions. And we say it's a profession because it takes time to learn how to learning the soil, the seeds, all of these elements that help you grow

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vegetation, whether it's a carrot, whether it's eggplant, tomatoes, spinach, oranges, from the trees, it takes a level of patience, but you working on that is that which will embodies masculinity, from the aspect of trusting in Allah and relying on Allah subhanho data and a level of self sufficiency because you're not asking anyone for anything, you're simply relying on Allah subhanaw taala is creation in manifest. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the upper hand is better than the lower one.

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This is the individual that has provisions and gives to others. So notice he has provisions and having provisions, preferably is how he said In another Hadith, yeah, bolted, they go out in the woods and gather wood, with their hands and their profession. So you having a profession, and going out and seeking the risk from Allah subhanaw taala, with your mind and your body. So learning something in college, learning from a mentor, and going out and seeking the provisions from your skill, and obtaining money from that. That's why it's important to go out into fail, to do things to learn things, apply for a job, work from like four to nine, three days a week, while you're in

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school, on the weekends, maybe take a couple of hours and make sure that you can come home and serve your mother and your parents. Or if you're someone that wants to take on a new career, you're working at your job and you have what they call a side hustle seeking the barrack aside Baraka, you're seeking it to learn something new, in order to gather more money to be able to provide for yourself and your family or your future endeavor. When you reach that point, give sadaqa This is the best situation to where you have what from you have your hard work that brings value and you give to others that are any This is the best situation. Then he said sal Allahu Allah wa salam.

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Well, what that demand Terrell and interesting here, he said, and to begin with charity with those that are under your care, preparing you to be a father, a husband, a leader, amen. Giving you the pillars of manhood in regards to how you provide for others in your house and outside of your house. So what be a mentor, oh, you have all of this money that you obtained, and you just got married, you just have a child and you've been giving sadaqa you know, since you were 15, mashallah, it's about a cola, but it's going to change you know, the money that you have, firstly, primarily goes to those whom Allah has put in your care. As we mentioned earlier, Hadith Kulu, Cumbre. And comas, Andhra at

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all of you are shepherds, and you will have to be responsible for your flock, those who are under your care that are looking to and at you, to take care of them, to provide for them to protect them, start with them. Then he said Allah, Allah wa salam say, well, hydro sadaqa T and Bohling Alina.

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And the best charity is that which is given out of surplus. So this is beautiful, because he's showing here that fulfill your responsibilities before you go and give charity. Take care of the bare necessities of your family, your wife, food, clothing, shelter, you provide a house for somewhere for her to live. And you provide her with the clothing that she needs, and the food that sustains her. And whoever else comes from both of you, your family, your children, your progeny, you take care of them first, the material, and then after that you give from surplus which is extra and that is very important, because he's reminding you that what is left over is from Allah, give back

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to those that may need your help to where ultimately, as we see the wisdom of the cat. The goal is a cat is to provide for those that are in need to where they can use that money to eventually

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may not be any and gives a cat as we see during the time of urban Abdulaziz or the Allahu Anhu. Then the prophets of Allah and who was salam talks about the relationship with Allah in regards to these three said, well may as well manga stuff if yet for hula and he who seeks Allah to abstain, seeks help from Allah to abstain from the unlawful and the forbidden Allah will will fulfill his wish. This is important. When you're seeking a profession, go for the halal jobs. When you're looking for entrepreneurship for the halal position, the halal jobs as a man, you want to make sure that you start in a pure fashion. You start in a profession, that is commendable, that is halal that Allah

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loves that helps people to helps yourself, when your son and your daughter look at you that you're fulfilling. It's a commendable position, getting your hands dirty, doesn't matter. You're going out there and you're seeking Allah's provision, providing from them. But ultimately, you start by asking Allah to keep you away from the Haram will mean your staff if eautiful Hola. This is important as well, because it shows that you are relying on Allah subhanho wa Taala to help you. You're relying on Allah subhana wa Tala, you know that he is the ultimate provider. So you're asking him to give you the strength and the patience to seek the Hala. Then after that he says

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Allah will fulfill his wish and he who seeks self sufficiency will be made self sufficient by Allah brothers. It is important that now you're young, if you're young teenager, try to get out of asking your mom money for food, seeking a job, asking your parents money for clothes, seeking away provisions. Go out and take some clothes, buy something online, work for Amazon, work for a company, take a mentor, obtain money, buy your own property, your own things, and eventually you'll see the importance of earning before asking. And that is ultimately what this hadith is calling to earning before asking, earning with your own hard work which brings value to others. That is the best

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situation to where your value increases. You will you increase your money and you give to others you give back to youth that will just like you, you give back to people that may have faced an unfortunate situation by the color of Allah and you helping them get back on their feet. That is what a man does. A man looks at the people around them and helps them to lift him up. That is a strong aspects of masculinity. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those people that help those that are in need to where we will have the Edit earlier to where we will have the upper hand to help those that may have a lower hand. Radical offie come with cinema they come to LA he better care

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