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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a sermon from the transcript, which appears to be a sermon by a person named Yama Deen. The sermon appears to be a sermon by someone named Yama Deen, where Deen refers to the "has been revealed" meaning that everything is revealed. The transcript describes a sermon by someone named Yama Deen, where Deen refers to the "has been revealed" meaning that everything is revealed.
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What is your Medina? medical? If I understood why is Yama Deen? Why is the DEA itself

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so mama Dada karma Yama, Yama. Enough soon enough soon she was

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eating. What would make you comprehend what the day of Dean is? Then again, what would make you comprehend what the day of Dean is? The day when no soul shall have the power to help another.

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This is Yama, Dean brothers and sisters, the day that we are all going to be standing before the almighty Lord.

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You can do as much as you want now.

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You can carry a burden on you or you can carry on mercy on you.

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We have a chance human and Gene have been given unlike other parts of Allah creation, a free will. They got a lotta Allah has great in us the intellect to choose.

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For this. It could be against us or for us on the day when you stand before the very hands of the Almighty Lord being judged. What did you do on this earth?

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If you did good, well, ah, you're gonna miss

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that if you oppose the divine purpose of your well being of your being on this earth, which is the worship of Allah to Allah, you will be destroyed. And now monster boy and

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so we got a chance. We haven't reached that part yet.

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And until we reach that part, we have a chance, because we're still alive.

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We're still alive.

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And yet anything that we can do to really prepare ourself for that day is to worship.

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It's not hard

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for you to fulfill that which Allah wants you to pull it off, you must implement this next verse, yak, yak and you will learn we worship and You alone we seek

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you alone we worship.

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This noble verse indicates the realization of the meaning of Isla Illallah.

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Its mean is comprised of two matters negation and affirmation. negation aspect means to remove every object of worship apart from Allah to Allah, in all acts of worship, you don't go to the grave and circumambulate the grave and say, Yeah, for land, I need this one need that. You know, I got to get to the angel and I got the gene or the prophet or your father, or your son or your Sufi mystic say, and say, give me such and such.

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You go to the one that created all those creatures.

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Yeah, cannibal domains that we worship you only you.

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This is the meaning of here.

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Do you know Allah in law worship?

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You cannot be a Muslim.

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Even if you say yes, by going to the grave, to so called the Wali and circulating the grave and seeking aid from that dead human being they're nothing but bones that he needs help and he cannot help anyone.

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It's a pat on law, how absurd is that? How can a person go to a grave and say, Please give me please give my father life or Please give us provisions?

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Always wisdom Brian, I mean given

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you alone Allah we wish and no other.

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The second verse says,

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What yaquina Stein and you alone who seek help from

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it is an unlock to Allah, Who controls that affairs. The commands in its totality.

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Allah He not a single person on this earth. know them all gathered together human and Gene can ever benefit you the size of an atom.

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Never ever.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in his hand,

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is the controllability of the whole universe. And this is the heat or rubia. Do you know Allah to Allah in lordship, knowing that Allah to Allah is the only one that has the real power, not like those so called kutub

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which is the belief of mystics

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Isn't that there are men out there that control the whole earth? They say there is something called Cooper.

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There's a pivot pivot is something like this, that pivot rotates. They say these kutub surrounding the pivot which is the earth to them. The pivot is the earth to them. They say these kutub are rotating around this pivot the earth, and they control that which happens on this earth.

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In you how fire to show Tom Yeah,

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but those people too.

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