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AI: Summary © The history and cultural context of the Hadith book and the use of various foods and drinks, including alcohol and drugs, is discussed. The importance of learning from history and bringing it back to one's heart is emphasized. The conversation also touches on the use of leftover milk and the importance of being mindful of what comes after it. There is discussion on the topic of drinking while sitting, with one group suggesting that it is not allowed while standing, but should be done in a gentle manner.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi over a cat

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

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Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my lamp Tana. Was it no ailment Dr. hamre Amin along that hadn't had the animal jaw and moussaka and in there I mean, Allah subhanaw taala everybody who attends today, brothers and sisters May Allah subhanaw taala save your faces from the Hellfire I mean

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so we continue in sha Allah to Allah with the help of Allah subhanaw taala with the description of the best man ever created, his

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looks, his appearance and we reached

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the way he sits the way he eats the way he drinks and may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who who listen and apply Inshallah, I mean, it'll

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tell you

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the chapter that we are in right now

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where remember telling me the rahamallah

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named the chapter, Bab magia fee of SIFAT Shalabh Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam chapter 31

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The reports pertaining to the drinks of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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had nothing up no abbiamo called a hadith Anna Sofian and mammal Zuri and Ottawa an Orisha call that can have a short rub in Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, Al Hello, Al.

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Al Hello, Al buried. Aisha narrated by the Allahu anha she said that the drink most liked by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that which was sweet and cold, sweet and cold. So he used to love Ali salatu salam,

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a drink that is sweet and cold. And we said last time he used to make it sweet by putting a date in it and keeping it overnight that will give sweetness to the to the drink whatever that drink is. But the cheapest is water. So you can make it if you want to make the water a little bit sweet. Just put a date and we said don't keep it very long time then it will become the Vive which is no the one that is prohibited. But if one day two days no problem.

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But if it keeps it for a long time, then it becomes in the form of the drinks that might give you some

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some stuff.

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And this is the Hadith really I want to concentrate on which is the next idea. Had this woman here called a defenseman Rahim Carla had definitely you know Zaid and Unruh and Omar who ignore the Haram Allah and hopefully others can know who's talking now. That's called the hull to man Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and our hearts. Read Allah ma Munna who's Maimunah

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the Know Your mother's name

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Maimunah is our mother, the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu. Ala Moana, Aetna Bina in moleben FareShare Eva Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Anna Allah Yemeni? Well, Khalid either she Maddy Farrakhan le

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a Shiva a Sherpa to look for in cheetah thermotherapy ha ha ridden

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for called ma According to Lee Ooh sera su Rika Harada from makan Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, men of Amma Hello time and family aircon alumna Darrick Lennar Fe Walter in Cairo minute

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we're in Saco hula hula as our agenda Lebanon filial Allahumma barik lana fee was YDNA I mean, some icon for makalah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam lays sachet on UGC. Uma can

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that time he was Sharabi Are you a lemon? Beautiful, nice, great Hadith that has a lot of information in it. So let me your hearts for a few minutes in sha Allah. Let's explain the Hadith. Abdullah does Abdullah even Ibis or the Allah narrated?

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He said, Khan has literally read and I both accompanied Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the house of Maimunah. Anybody knows what my Munna related to call it?

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Yes, my Mona is the aunt of Herod, and is the aunt of a blob does. So if somebody comes in, what is this? There's a lot here. There's people coming into woman. No, no, this is their aunt. Okay. Mona was there and both maybe from different mothers or, you know, I mean, different side, but still, it was there and

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so they entered both of them and

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Maimunah are the Allahu anha presented us with a vessel of milk, Lemon.

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is milk Lebon in today's out of language or not, in general, today isn't for example, a blood Sham. When you say 11 is yogurt. This is very common when you say 11 Now if you go to somebody's house, and you're an alum speaking and you want to show off your RV, you tell me Give me some lovin expecting milk, you're gonna get yogurt Halevi

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so if you want Holly, you want milk, you say Holly,

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you really want milk with conflex.

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So, in the Arabic Korean Arabic language level, it isn't like when we see in the Hadith, in any Hadith, you see lemon means milk. But the Arabic language now most of the Arabs, they say 11 for yogurt. So here she brought us a vessel of of milk and listen to the beauty Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam drank from it? Well, no, I mean, and I was sitting to his right. Who's this?

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Does, how old is that best?

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Very young, very young. And he remember on the days of

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Ahmadi Allah Han, he used to say he was very young. So how about in the days of Rasulullah Salam. So he was very young, but he is the torah man of the Quran. And he is one of the most knowledgeable people after a suicide Salaam in the and the silence of the Quran.

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Allah Salam, what did he say to you? I bet anybody knows that that?

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Allah Allah *a who? The Deen Subhan Allah can you imagine? I get goosebumps Allah. Can you imagine Susannah making dua for you? Allahumma *a, Hofer Deen Yama, making *y in this deen and he also says he made the heart for him. So you can imagine the weight and the status of m&r does or the Allah Allah. So he said I was sitting to his right. And Khalid was sitting to his left. So as soon as I said, I'm drank the milk. And he said, look at the other. Look at the clock in the manners of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Now, I'm not bastards, right, very young boy, young man, if you want to call him and to his left, how to lead.

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That indicates if you are a little bit good in the history that indicate this is later part of Islam because Khalid became Muslim.

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Later period, right, so that means this is late. Right? So how to trace that was left and my best friends right

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now by this statement, that as soon as I said I'm saying that means he wants to give an honor 200 million. He's an honorable man. He's a very well known gentleman, and we all know the history of carded of Yamaha nawada

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But still, the Sunnah, that our soldiers are seldom

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prescribed. He Himself does not want to break it. The Sunnah is to start with the right. So he looked, he says right, he saw that does young, but he wants to hurt him. He did not ignore the young people in the crowd.

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There are many lessons there when hidden in the Hadith. Somebody might say, Oh Subhan Allah, or the DUA we learned from this hadith Allahumma bedlinen. He goes into that, but he forgot all the small things in the Hadith that we should learn from number one. Look at this. He put the young man to his right.

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What do we do when we go to our match lists? Get up from here get up that ammo sit down, let Uncle sit down. Right. It's what we do. Now.

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Right, move move, get up.

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But who is this Rasul? Allah says Allah Now this was sitting to his right right

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number one number two as soon as I said I'm told him a Sherpa to luck

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officially the summer I prescribed is that it's your turn to get a sip or a drink

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I should have been to like get in shape look at this other br Allah

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look at the faint cheetah he's talking as soon as I send them the leader of the muslimeen the leader he's talking to the young boy if you wish

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please let he's not ordered because if he ordered

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best will never say no. He's not ordered in *. You say insha Allah in * if you wish

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Ethel Yanni give up your right because this is your right give up your right to have it

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look at them give up your right to have it

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now that best

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Subhan Allah

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He answered in a very smart even though a young age but obviously a very bright What do you say

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man icon to Lee uth era either Rika

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yada yada so Allah if it was like you know,

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your turn to go outside the door, your first to go outside your first to do this to do that? I have no problem. I could give a toilet no problem. But because your lips touched that drink. I want to be after another will not give this to anyone else.

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I will not give the remains of the milk Kara so Allah Annie, please forgive me. I cannot. This one I can anything you order me. But he did not order him by the way in chin. Because if you ordered an ibis No, no, no, no, no, he will never, never say that. So

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that's what I said them said to me, you possess the right of drinking. But if you wish you could give your right to harlot. I replied, That Das is talking that I would not give up his leftovers to anyone else. So is the leftover? Yeah, I knew there was some milk left over in that vessel. And it was hard. It's 30 said, I will not give up that opportunity. Because keep in mind, yeah.

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That the sahaba. And if we were also there, we this is the only person that Rasulullah isolette is that we could get baraka from his clothes, from his hair from his body, from his

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sip from his milk from whatever he touches. This is the only person on earth that you could actually do that. So any any opportunity that the Sahara has, like, you know, we all heard that he used to take the leftover of the widow right as a burqa, and when he was sleeping over one of the Sahaba yet when he was sleeping over, and none of us have yet came and took his sweat and make it as you know, we all had it. She took it his sweat and make it as a three because smells so good. So this is only for Rasulullah from Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So I would not give up this to anyone after that, of course, you know, best took the drink after that, or Salah Salem taught me you know best Khalid and

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every Sahaba and every Muslim dua that you say after drinking the water, and he made the specific dua for the milk. He said.

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Whenever Allah Subhan Allah, you look at the always like I always repeat, we have to always bring back the funnel to Allah no matter what it is, you passed an exam you did a great job and anything in the project, anything always it was ALLAH first I gave a good football, Allah this is when Allah subhanaw taala don't bring it back to you ever. So he said, If Allah provided you with drink,

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if Allah Subhana Allah whatever Allah feeds someone anything, then he should say, Oh Allah grant us blessing in it and feed us something better. Allah Hoonah baroclinic fee were our time now hi Iran mini give us blessing in it and give us better Hi Iran many better than this. And whosoever

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was present Allah gave them milk some milk to drink. Then once would say the first part is the same. Along the daddy clan Fe

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and increases from it increases so when it came to the milk Allama daddy Clara fee was it Nermeen well zip Nam In increase there that he has he does zyada and increase us from it when it came to time and give us better than Chiron men then Ursula insulin added there is nothing that serves the place of both food and drink except for milk. Yummy if you have no food and nothing no water to drink the best thing to

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cover your hunger and thirst if you don't have both is is milk is milk

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okay the next chapter will take one Hadith inshallah the reports pertaining to the manner in which Rasulillah Salam drank, how did Rasulullah Salem drink

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first Hadith in Bukhari

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had definitely, I don't know many called a hadith Anna, who Shane called a hadith and I asked him well, why movie era and Shadi lib-lab does another Hadith narrated by even Abbas and the Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam. Sherry that means zamzam we're who are called him

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of the robber barons narrated very short Hadith that our Salah Salem drank Zamzam water while he was standing while he was standing.

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the Sheikh Mohammed Rahim Allah said the guidance of the prophesy Salem is in drinking wants to drink while sitting down.

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And it's proven authentic that he forbade people to drink while they are standing. There are many studies that indicate that or salasar sallam said that when you drink you sit down many a hadith and they're all authentic. So this hadith here saying that he had he doesn't Buhari 100% authentic, he drank zamzam while he was standing. So how do we reconcile? Let's see. So Naka in said Rahim Allah, they're standing but at the same time, it is proven authentic that he drank while he was standing. Some scholars reconciled between the two, stating that the leader abrogated the former.

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And others kind of stated that the order not to drink while standing was to show that it is not the best thing to do. And some is concerned that there is no need for reconciliation at all, as he drank while he was standing because the situation required that this is why this was because as he arrived to the word of some, some people were drinking and he was handed a bottle of Samsung. So he drove he drank while he was standing. Let me repeat the three opinions about this issue. Number one, first group of animatic said that this abrogated the this hadith is abrogated by the sitting Yanni Music

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this hadith was cancelled. Some people say that one cancels the other

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other group said

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that this is

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ridiculous. I seldom was indicating that it's better.

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It's better to do to drink while you're sitting.

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It's better to drink while you're sitting and

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he drank standing just to show that it is allowed.

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Okay, that means it's not haram.

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Okay, sir. said no, it is only allowed to drink while sitting and that situation of zamzam is an exception because it's extremely crowded there and the salah Salem was handed some water and because of the crowd he drank while standing, but the official way to drink is sitting.

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These are all three opinions. So if we see somebody drinking while standing, okay.

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Remember Yeah, one

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the basic formula is that luck.

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Is luck, luck.

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Is hustle van Bialik having good thoughts about your brother.

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Some people, the way they approach a person that is maybe

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not performing a son. It is so harsh,

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so harsh, as if the person

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Some committed coffee

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the approach in that manner, which is wrong.

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If you want to teach, first of all, first of all, first of all, you have to assume that your brother does not know. Right? Don't assume that everybody how many people were here in Asia, three 400. How many people stayed 100

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Allah bless you by staying. This is an AMA. Allah wants you to be longer in his house. So the people who left them are bad people. Maybe they're busy, they have something to do. But you have learned something new, maybe they did not have the opportunity to learn that same thing. So you have to assume that your brother or your sister did not know. So you have to approach them in that way. You know, I heard in a class that the Sunnah is to sit down while you're sitting down, go and scream and yell. Don't you know that you're supposed to? Plus you never know. You never know. I know. Someone that

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Subhanallah I said that before but I remind you that it is extremely painful to sit to sit

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Can you imagine

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how hard it is? It is hard to sit How do you rest

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he was telling me that when I sit down the pain is unbelievable.

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So do I have to go around and judge this guy maybe he's sick this guy is doesn't know this.

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If you know somebody very close, you could go and approach them in a nice way. But don't judge people or hey, this guy's disobeying the sun. As soon as I saw him, why do you think he drank standing just to show to show us that you know, it's okay to do that. Like one of the one of the opinions. It's okay to do that. And it's okay to do that. But it's better and officially doormat said it's better to sit down and we all know we have heard recently about the benefit the health benefit of drinking while you're sitting down Subhanallah instead when you sit down and you drink the stomach is ready to accept the water and stuff like that. They said it's so healthy much

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healthier than drinking wine while you're standing up.

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The reason Suzanne drank while he was standing was to show that it is permissible as he ordered people to only drink while they are sitting down so obviously Russell as I said was not going to make something

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order something and then he himself get up and breaks it unless there is room for NACA sia there is room in the in the matter so don't don't be very extreme and admin about

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about this issue and Jama Tyla if you want to approach somebody approach them in a very nice, gentle, gentle manner.

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Inshallah Tada we will continue with Allah subhanaw taala kept us next week and

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with the same

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couple of water Hadith about the drinking of Rasulillah Salam Alaikum Lucha vertical Akiko Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and a stockbroker on a tube