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Did you know that Zakariyya AS was a carpenter


AI: Summary © The history and characteristics of the title "Surah Maryam" are discussed, including its significance in Islam and the use of the "has been" meaning for obtaining a job or title. The success of sleep and the importance of not overweight in modern India is also emphasized. The transcript provides examples of famous Halal shots and meal plans, as well as the historical context and significance of the title "meditation" in the Bible. Prayer and embracing opportunities to grow in a difficult environment is also emphasized.
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What's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Show me

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Alhamdulillah he'll highly mill hobby Alma cleaner vamos elemi Bella mortaring in in one asleep for Subhan Allah He led the Hikmah to who barely are to move was here when you are moving was Silla to Anita coulis of the river Kabir when a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who was done luxury Calhoun Vina theory when it to me when a shadow Anessa either now a woman learner Mohammed an abdomen what a pseudo letting her down RB Kitabi Mooney what the HANA Illa Allah He Bill Inverary with WC sallallahu alayhi wa early he was off to be murder Metallica, Kubota seed

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oil Allah huzzah Baraka with the ILF for annual in Nigeria will for Cardinal Hamid also bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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for her Yari floored vikhroli mighty rock beaker hybrida who's getting ignited Rob Bell who needs

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an huffy saw Dr. Levin Levine Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to one and all the listener the viewer, the brother, the sister, with the grace, kindness and mercy of the Almighty, we commence on the Tafseer of yet a another chapter of the Quran and this time it is Surah Maryam surah Meriam features in the 16th Juice of the Quran. It is the 19th chapter of the Quran. It comprises of 98 verses of the Quran. And it is a mucky chapter it was revealed prior to migration. Amongst the many amazing facts of this chapter is that in great detail, it explores the birth and the miraculous arrival of Jesus Rissa Alayhi Salatu was Salam. That being said, join along as we begin to explore

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the beauty and the mysteries that have been captured in this amazing chapter of the Quran. So Allah subhanho wa Taala commences is this chapter like many other chapters of the Quran? What haruf Maka Todd cough ha er ein sod the meaning of which is only known to the Almighty or larger fee. Have you heard of an AHA litem them be here Allah Al Jazeera Quran and that is what is mentioned in 10 Then we will as Han that the preferred opinion in the exploration of haruf Nakata art is the meaning is only known to the Almighty and it is part of the edges of the Quran. The beauty of the Quran, the excellency of the Quran, you would recall that at the time when the Quran was revealed my brother,

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my sister, then people were very proficient in Arabic poetry. They had great skills and competence. The Arabs could just sing poetry and the composition of words etc. And there are so much ashore and a built in the one of the different poetry that has been composed, and they would pride themselves with the authority and the excellency and the expertise in the Arabic language. And Subhan Allah, Allah commenced Elif Lam Meem right pa see meme hammy marine scene cough cough hi I installed roof Nakata add the meaning of which is beyond the scope of comprehension for any person. However, as believers we know it is a part of the Quran. And the reward for that is immense on every letter, we

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will be rewarded on calf we will be rewarded on how on the brain and solid but that's the beauty and that's the mystery of the Quran. So that's the first verse out of the 98 verses of chapter 19 Surah Maryam in the second verse, Allah subhanahu wa taala says they grow raw material, Baker hybrida Zachary.

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This is the mention of the Mercy of your Lord on His servant Zecharia Alayhis Salam in Arabic grammar we would say hada is Malou Moby Tada is implied in the text. Vikram mentioned Rama mercy Arabic Your Lord Abdullah who his servant Zakariya, who was the Karianna his Salam min holding her own. He was from the descendants of Harun ra his Salatu was Salam. ZAKARIA Alayhi Salatu was Salam Canon A John. He was a carpenter. He was a carpenter and he

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Again we could devote a minute or two to speak about the fact that Islam recognizes the need and the importance for a person to acquire a skill and to acquire a you know, to acquire Halal sustenance etc. In fact, the RMSA the biggest proof that Allah wants us to work and earn is that Allah has prohibited us from begging, and Allah has exhorted us to spend. So how do you reconcile the two? Allah says Don't beg and Allah says spend and donate. So how are you going to spend and donate if you don't earn so that is one of the biggest proof that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to earn in Surah to Rome Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks well I mean, I add to him and now McCombie Layli one

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now Hari WABetaInfo come in funnily enough, he then he color Ayat amongst the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Manoj McCombie Laney when know how you sleep by night, and by day, we're known Bitna har mimma. Our data are up and this is mentioned in the hash of Geralyn that sleeping by day was a common practice amongst the Arabs and today also scientific research will tell you about the benefits of midday sleep and siesta etc. De la isla anenome Lister ah ha waka palpable Maharaj mineral as BB la UniFi L command for in nama whoami Minime heeta Allah ke for your Kuno mu Nafion lil Kamal were in nama Yun ha L in HEMA Kofi Hema La Ilaha illa Allah so the IE release is a hint

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and as mentioned in biannual Quran, della Allah and unknown Lister AHA sleep is a bounty of Allah that we must relax rejuvenate ourselves and we ask Allah those that suffer from insomnia may Allah bless them with sleep meaningful sleep, which can rejuvenate you for the activities of the next day I mean, what are the possible Mirage likewise to earn sustenance mineral as Bob learn you know fill command doesn't go against the station of nobility for enamel who I mean mean any Diala Can you for your Kuno mana fee and Lil Kemal? That which Allah highlights as his favor? How can it be contrary to the station of nobility? Yes, this is the qualifying station the qualifying statement we're in

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nama Yoon Ha in homography Hema do not oversleep do not over exert yourself when it comes to earning etc. So say that as a curiosity, his salatu salam was a carpenter. If you are into carpentry or any other skill, my brother You don't have to feel that this is you know, a laborer that may be not so prominent or not so respected no then a be of Allah say that Zachary Ali his salon, the famous Hadith in Buhari, the famous Hadith in Bukhari,

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in which the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressing a woman said, Marie hola Mackin jar yeah Gillian soli aware, then a jealous Allah in that Oh sister instruct your son, who is a carpenter to erect build and construct for me a pulpit a member, so I can sit upon it and when addressing the people, this is as the number started increasing, etc. In fact, in chapter 73, in chapter 73 Surah, total Muslim male in the 29th Jews of the Quran, verse 20, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the abrogation of the mandate three nocturnal prayer. So in the earliest stages for one year Tiama Lail to perform tahajjud nocturnal prayer was compulsory, obligatory and

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mandatory. And yes, in in Surah tenemos a meal in verse two Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the abrogation process with Allah cancel this obligatory nocturnal prayer, Allah subhanho wa Taala said that Alima and Alima and Sayoko nomon Komaba in Nara Becca Alamo and Nikita Pomo at dynamin salata in Laney when it was to lose, if I don't mean a living in America, surely Allah knows that you are Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a group of believers with you devote two thirds of the night at Nam in Zulu to you lately when is for who wants to lose or who thought if I don't mean a lady in America that either it was 1/3 a half or two thirds of the night they would devote in

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worship that was the command come in Leila Illa kalila nice for who are in postman who kalila O's in the alayhi wa tilal Khurana Dora de la and obviously they didn't have devices and watches to precisely calculate wala who you can relate to her only Allah can precisely estimate and only Allah knows the precision of the duration of the night. So the noble companions with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would often devote the entire night in worship would often devote the entire night in worship. Subsequently after a year, Allah subhanho wa Taala than ever

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Bro gaited this mandatory injunction of the 100 Now what were the reasons that Allah cited for its abrogation? Firstly, Allah subhanho wa Taala said Allah and to sue Allah knew very well that you won't able to sustain this permanently. Number two Alima and Surya Kuno min Kumar Oba and Allah also knows that some of us will become ill and when you are ill and you are unwell to devote half the night in worship can be quite challenging, daunting and cumbersome. Alima answer your Kuno Minko Marva and for the love of Arabic If I can objectively digress for a minute, you would wonder Yeah, that say your Kulu has been preceded by the article of UN which logically is supposed to create a

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NASA answer your Qunar so how come it's preceded by an but there is a Bama and they use Na Na sub and this is mentioned in all the FRC that Enya is actually in the meaning of an A Maha fourth middle mythical, this could only be appreciated by the Arabic You know those who are into the beauty of Arabic be it as it made the first reason that Allah cited is you won't able to sustain this year indefinitely. So for taba Aleikum, Allah has half of uncom relax the ruling. Now it's not obligatory and mandatory for you to perform tahajjud yes, if you do perform that's meritorious. The second reason that Allah cited is that Alima and saya goon Amin Kumar Das, some of us will become unwell.

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What are Haruna Yerba Buena fill out the abita hoon. I mean, fatherly love that some of us will travel on the earth in the search of sustenance. And when you travel and you are on journey, then obviously there's disruption to your pattern and to devote half the night or a third of the night can be difficult and challenging. So that is the reason that Allah subhanaw taala created the concession that many of you will be traveling in the on the earth for business for commerce for trade. Wow. Karuna URI Boone, FL Oregon yerba buena minffordd Lil wa Haruna yo Kati Luna FISA Bailey lob, while there will be others who will be warriors in a campaign in an expedition in the path of

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the Almighty, so concession was brought about and the injunction of men de tree tahajjud was cancelled. Recognizing the ill amongst you, paying tribute to the working force from among zoo and of course acknowledging the warrior in the path of Allah. Allah Munna surfing in Muda. Rakuten zeal under this ayah rights some were being Maka destiny be well Mujahid somewhere binal MCDA CB Well, Mujahid we learn from this idea that the Quran created a balance in the recognition of the warrior in the parts of the Almighty and the man going to work, toil and earn, rarely do we pay tribute to the man going to work and earn and toil and the noble companions in the person walking for us harbor

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in jeopardy, he won a Sharpie, he was strong, he was mighty, and he had vigor in him. And they said, Oh, it would be great if you use this vigor and strength and resilience of is in the path of the Almighty. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if he's going to work to earn for himself, or to provide for his spouse and his children, or for his parents, then he is in the part of the Almighty, He is in the part of the Almighty. So that's just a quick reflection on the fact that Zackary Alayhi Salatu was Salam was a carpenter. So we pay tribute and we paying homage to all those that are toiling and working and trying to earn Halal sustenance

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and going through the difficulties and the challenges. And it could be quite a challenge out there in the world, the hustle the bustle, the complexities, the dynamics, there's so much to it. May Allah bless you, may Allah reward you. They grow raw material bigger or better. Who knows I carry yet another word of reflection. Yeah, well, every word is something we can explore. Allah says, and this is the mention of the Mercy of your Lord on His servant, Zachary Ali, his Salatu was Salam in nama Carmen Raghu de la you shall be who mataman Wallah you Danny. Whenever you know sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fee Allah ma TB. The station of servitude is the highest station a servant can

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achieve and accomplish to become a better servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala submission if God Allahu wa bajo Aslam when His lord said to him submit a slum to the rock Belisle Amin, he said that I have submitted so in Namaka Robu the the station of servitude learn you shall be whom mataman When are you Danny? No other position can equal that honor, no other position can equal

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That honor to be the servant and the slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala when a be you know, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fee Allah Mara TB, and undoubtedly the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had attained the highest level of that station. He was the greatest servant of the Almighty hens in the night of Mirage, and when He ascended to the heavens and beyond, and when Allah subhanho wa Taala described this particular tale and narrative in the Quran, so behind a levy as Robbie Abbe de Allah reference did by saying All praise belongs to the Almighty who took a servant.

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May Allah bless us with that servitude in his court, what is the nature of a servant obliging? compline responded and that is why we are taught in the month of Ramadan, that as soon as the sun sets, we do not delay in opening the First we open immediately. So we show Allah subhanahu wa taala that we are in need of the food and we limit ourselves to abstaining from food for the duration precisely as prescribed by the Almighty. Okay, verse three, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, ignore the robber who needs an huffy and remember the moment when Satan as the carrier Allah is Salatu was Salam made a soft prayer to his Lord is when nada called out robber whom he is Lord NIDA and a call

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huffy and discreet the uneven releases a hint that in prayer in supplication, a soft a gentle, a discreet tone is more beloved, because remember, when you asking Allah, it's a begging process. And when somebody begs that it's a humble don't, you lower yourself down, you lower yourself down. We're in broad J. Hi, Joe Hurley, Iris, but that's the qualifying statement. And this is mentioned in biannual Quran, that at times the elevation of the supplication will be given preference according to situations. For example, there's a large assembly of people and people are waiting for a DUA to be made, where you know, their hearts can be connected, they want to cry, they want to feel that

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spirituality. Now it would be great if a person can make an emotional dua, and it's in a raised voice so that it could stimulate people. So principally, a soft prayer would be preferred. We're in rock Tjahaja Hulu Jehoiada, then, but occasionally, if the prayer is elevated, and the supplication is raised for a different reason, then by all means, okay, verse number four, what was the prayer of Satan as a carrier Allah is salam ala be in the one hand momoney Oh my Lord, My bones are going weak. What style of Sushi was starting at a sushi bar, and my hair has become white is the iron in Arabic literally means like a flame, which is a figurative expression of saying, all my hair has

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become white, meaning I have aged I have aged well I'm a combi da aka rubbish chutiya but I have never been deprived of the acceptance of my prayer. So just understand this era be in Nirvana, love Mo. Oh my Lord. This is this is like a forward a preamble to the DA the DA is still to follow, but he is communicating and this is what we refer to as mana John, conversing with your Lord. And this is what I keep on impressing upon myself and my audience in my dogs, that we need to derive that connection, that rapport with the almighty rise slightly early for us to hold and devote some time in prayer and talk and converse with the Almighty. even millennia Rahim Allah said, I went to visit

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Imam Shafi Rahim Allah

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and Imam Shafi was in the throes of death. So I asked him Shafi, how are you feeling? Well listen to this. He said that

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I am about to leave this world where Allah Allah, he was a leader, and I'm going to come before Allah, La de Rohita sudo ll Jana, I'm Ilana, I really don't know what the decree of Paradise be made for me or otherwise. And then in that moment, he sent these couplets what America saw Calbee without putting muda he be John Doe Raja Meneely Africa so llama diver many of them be Philomel current to Hobi Africa be Ghana Africa. Varma Oh my Lord, as everything has failed me and things have narrowed upon me. My only hope is in you. Oh my Allah, farmers into the African farmers into the African lambda Zelda doo doo attack a full minaton Watarrka Roma, it is only your kindness, your grace, your

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mercy. When I look at my sense, I can I can become despondent. But then when I look at your clemency and your hope, then it gives me a new injection of optimism because I know how

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forgiving and how merciful you are fellow hola Colombia smoothly believes or be don't cave for wicked otherwise Sufi yakka Dhamma had it not been for your aid and your assistance or my Allah, no person will able to worship you no person will able to force no person will achieve it. After all the devil even tried to interfere with your beloved servant Adam alayhis salatu salam. So where do we stand in the equation fell in line he did Rola irif in a debate in the hotel fee of only for routine Waje they are Jefford who Dhamma May Allah bless the soul of that person who can stand up for long hours and speak and converse and communicate with his Lord for Sirhan Eva McGann Effie

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Vickery Robbie. Wolfie mercy welcome Phil Baraka Gemma. Well, your guru a young man mothered minchah Bobby Womack and a few have built a holiday on my canopy Habil Johanna Lottie Malema so amazing couplets in which he says that fortunate is that person for singing and Eva McAfee Vickery Robbie, when he converses with his Lord he's articulate he flows he can talk with FEMA see well morphine water can Gemma and besides DUA and supplication he is not a man of many words is a man of few words but when it comes to dua, he's a man of many words unfortunately, we the other way around, we can talk for hours we can chat for hours, Allah forbid we can gossip for hours, but when it comes to da

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our Da is very brief. For Sirhan either McAfee think Robbie or female see, well, hopefully baraka and our Jama well guru I am a mother Misha Bobby Omar can a fee her beloved Johanna, Lottie and he recalls the days is dark chapters of his life where he committed so much sin and then he cries and he waits and he begs Allah for forgiveness. Okay, verse four, we just did a brief introduction we will commence beyond Oh my Lord, My bones are going weak. And the scholars say the reason why he said My bones are gone weak, because if the bones are weak, the entire structure is weak. My hair has become white, meaning I have aged well, I couldn't be dry. He cannot be Shatila. And I've never

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been deprived of the acceptance of my prayer. In that is a subtle hint that Oh my Lord when I was young, and I was healthy, and I was able, you always readily accepted my prayers. And I'm optimistic, Oh, my Lord, that now will be no different now that I'm weak, and I'm old, and I'm frail and I'm feeble, that you will accept my dua. Let's wait and see what Allah subhanahu wa taala conveys to us in the subsequent verses regarding the plea the supplication and the dua of Satan as Zachary Alehissalaam. The takeaway lesson from today is apart from the fact that we don't look down upon any form of labor, and we recognize and appreciate those who have any form of skill or

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engagement. Coupled with that, we asked the almighty to bless us, more so in the month of Ramadan, that we have that bond, that Mona jot that report, I'll leave you with the words of Ahmed bin Abdullah Tamimi. Illa Halacha, Nabi americh, accompany fee Bella Hadid dunya be mushy I take so McColl tally is thumbstick when I can give a stem sequel Ilam Tom, secondly, we look thicker Jacobi your Mateen Allah You created me by your well, then you put certain desires in me, then there are certain temptations around me and then you impressed upon me to restrain myself. My only plea to you is Oh my Lord, if you don't hold me, how will I rescue myself from the these temptations and these

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attractions? We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless us with the seed sweetness of DUA and mana Judd Amenia behind me was only Lahoma was suddenly modern to be you know, Muhammad Ali, he was hobby chameleon with Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen