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Jamie Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Bala de la cama goon an ability for rota da

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30 Hema pulse also for that Allah Allah when we concluded in the previous segment with verse number 63, in which say the na musala his Salam had asked his servant and helper, who was usual have been known alayhis salam for the food and the breakfast, and we had explored the different opinions. If the same fish which hopped out was the fish they were eating from. Either way, it was a miracle, whether they ate from it or they did not eat. The fact that that fish hopped out was a miracle. And of course, a hawara Wilma hajizade miracles happened with the Prophet sallahu wa Salatu was set up. So when Musa alayhis salaam asked us I've known it now Radha and Allah Padilla, Tina mean suffering

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da da, da, da, da, please bring forth the food we are rather exhausted. And remember, according to the narration, we learn that fatigue only overpowered them once they had trespassed the actual location. But again, like we mentioned, that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not give an absolute precise place. Allah said the confluence of the two oceans and where the fish hops out. So it wasn't a pinpointed destination. And this is part of the the challenges that a person needs to contend with in the journey of knowledge. How many times when you go out in the search of a scholar, you go there, he's not available, or he just left or he just retired to bed, read about Abdullah Abbas or

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the Allah I never leave anyone else.

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After the demise of nebulae. Salatu was Salam. He started his quest for knowledge. And people said, Oh, if not boss, why are you traveling so far? It's an error rich with companions, but nothing would distract up to live now. bathra The Allahu anhu Ma, and then came the day where 10s of hundreds of people will converge and congregate and throng at the doorstep of Satan, our beloved now birth or the Allahu Akbar, and people realize that where he is knowledge had taken him. So verse number 64, Musa alayhis salam said to you shall even unknown, Karla de la cama goon nabble. That is precisely the location we are searching for. You told me that the fish hopped out, well, actually that is the

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place where we need to go back because this is the place identified at where this Sage of the age does friend of Allah, who has knowledge who has a particular science, which I'm unaware of will be based by Allah. He said, Danica that Margot Nana Billy is what we are hopeful of desires of furuta da

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rahima bosasa. So then what they did was for tender Allah 30 Hema they retrace their steps, they started walking back and retracing their steps scholar say it indicates it was obviously a dusty path. It was a sandy path. So the impermanence probably was still there, the imprints were still there. I have an iPhone, Safari, and we go for hunting. And of course, those that are pH professional hunters, they will look in the you know what, in the prisons, and from there, they can see the footprints of which animal and then they'll tell you that you know what this Gazelle here there's deer here, there's antelope here, there's blast back here. baqia or there is whatever type

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of game that is in the area, and also from the droppings of that animal. You know, they can indicate to you that how Leeson an animal had passed by. so professional hunters will tell you and obviously that gives them a lead in an understanding the time of game that is found in that particular error area than a comma Guna gnabry that is what we are hoping for, for that da so they retrace their steps and they went back to the place and that is verse number 64. According to the hadith of Bokhari when they arrived at that place, they find a person Mossad, Jen with Tobin, Musa janhvi Tobin,

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who's wrapped up and covered up in a cloth is covered up he's wrapped up. Musa alayhis salam came there, and he said As salam o aleikum, wa rahmatullah, he greeted him. So this person who we know of course is Hadid. He said what an NA be, are they

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salame and who is making salami here in this strange land, you know, sometimes you are traveling, you're in a foreign place, or probably you're hiking or you're doing, you're on a fishing trip, you buy a dam where there isn't much signal. There's no network and you just yourself and family or self and a friend, and suddenly you hear a voice, and it's a familiar voice. And lo and behold, you're trying to process like, Where did I hear this voice in this place? I cannot reconcile. I mean, like we are here in a way from, you know what?

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It's not an inhabited place. It's not a marketplace. It's not a populated place. And yeah, I'm here in a Salam. So mousseline Salaam. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah this individual Hadid, massagin. Beethoven wrapped up in a Nabi rodica salaam, and who is greeting Yeah. So masala is Salam said this is Moosa.

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So what he said and which Moosa is this, so he said, this is Musab from Benny israa al. Now let's just pause here my brother and my sister. unanimously the scholars agree between the ranking of the two musala is Salatu was Salam zu rank is senior to Javier Musa alayhis salam possesses the knowledge of the laws and the injunctions of Allah, which is the means of the boardroom of Allah the means of the closeness and the proximity of Allah alayhi salatu was Salam has the knowledge of the Elmo SRL cone or Elmo SRL cone, the secrets of the happenings and the mysteries in the world. This is also a knowledge This is also a science, but this is not connected to the closeness of the

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Almighty. The more you follow the teachings of Moosa the closer you become to Allah, the more you understand the wisdom of what was conferred upon her the rally his salon, this does not elevate your ranking in the eyes of the Almighty. So we need to be very clear about the two different types of sciences. Musa alayhis salam was Sharia alayhis salam bringing the Sharia so magilla gorilla Shetty is a mineral Emirate. But then we had given you the Shri Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the knowledge of Allah He Salam Is there any more Assad in code, that knowledge of the secrets of the happenings of the world, and when you compare that knowledge with the divine teachings,

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commandments, injunctions and tenants, then of course, the latter that is what say, the Namu Sally Salama head is far more superior. However, to impress upon masala his Salatu was Salam. If the art free column as expressed in biannual Quran, that in future whenever anybody asks you a question, Who is the most learned then exercise precaution exercise precaution? Do not give a general answer I am more learner directed to the almighty for itab Allahu Allah He Islam euro dollar enema la here

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you would observe now that Musa alayhis salam because he's coming in the capacity to learn from this individual, the tone, the demeanor, the body language, the choice of words is that of a very humble obliging student Allahu Akbar. May Allah bless me with humility May Allah bless us with humility. We cannot learn knowledge without humility, yes information. You can have loads of information you can have loads of information. And today at the press of a button, it's at your disposal. You can have all that in one particular You know what? Hard Drive or in one stake or in one memory card you can download everything that's information, but when it comes to knowledge makgatho Santa's done. Redo

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an SLR Omar Buhari, Gil Thani the second volume kita with tafsir Abdullah Abbas are the Allah and Omar said that I wanted to ask amagno photograhy Allahu anhu regarding the two women who have been referenced in Surah, two hareem in the 28th chapter of the Quran.

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inter Toba in Allah he felt that the saga Toluca coma in Teto ba Illa Allah Eva who will worship according to Metallica Tenzin, that you too should repent to Allah because that is necessary. In the tuba. Illa Allah He further saga todo bakoma were in taba hora, who have been referenced in the in these verses Abdullah Abbas are the Allahu anhu Maya said that I waited for a year long to ask rhomberg nahata who was referred to you then we want the journey.

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have had and he moved aside and he was performing ablution and I seize the moment and I bought water and I casually engaged him and I found the setting was perfectly right to engage my teacher, my mentor and my spiritual guide. And he said tilka he said to hafsa that verse refers to our Isha and have sarathi Allahu anhu Ma, a year long to find the right time. Today we would just yell or scream out at a scholar at anemometer leader. Just wait for me I need to ask you a question. It just hang on. I dropped you this you just replied. Well, you might get the reply. My brother you might get the reply. And you might stop him in his tracks. But surely that's not our knowledge is acquired. Whoa,

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and one sobre la rue

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Raja la him. Right. So this is the verse of the 26 years of the Quran Surah Surah, the chapter on apartments. And although these etiquettes in principle were designed and mentioned and revealed for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And of course he is the noblest of Allah's creation. But the scholars say and these are not my words, experts on the exegesis of the Quran tell us that these laws and rules apply not only exclusively to the Vla, Salatu was salam, but even beyond it will filter down between disciple and mentor between student and teacher, between learner and tutor. So Allah subhanho wa Taala said a group of people had come and they wanted to meet Nabi sallallahu

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sallam, and these were some villages that had come. If I recall, it was Balu Tamim and so they didn't know where was the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam resting, so they said Dr. Muhammad, Dr. Mohammed, Elena O Muhammad O Muhammad, like we hear we would like to meet you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reveal the verse in alladhina Yuna, Dune a cameo para el hijo rot in La Nina Yoda Dune a cameo para El Dorado like Thoreau, la RT load those who scream out to you from outside the apartments. This is not an act of intelligence wallow and warm saw baru had Raja la him. If only they could persevere until Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam exited at the time he intended to

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exit laka Anna hi Rhonda home It would have been better for them. So you're gonna Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. In chapter 19 in Surah Maryam Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the dialogue between Ibrahim alayhis salam and his father he said oh my Dad, you're my father, you my father. But hang on. When it comes to knowledge, Allah has given me knowledge which you don't have. Yeah, by any means. Remind me It can be Annie. So follow me, because Robins a Ouija I will guide you to the correct path. So you the point we need to remind ourselves here is in this engagement in this journey in this interaction, you would observe the language the demeanor, the position of Satan or

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Musa alayhis salam. Though Musa alayhis salatu salam was more senior, but he was sent here by the almighty to become familiar with a another science you know that existed and see his respect and mannerism.

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So, man, man, a debate whether the whole man a debate whether the who. It's an Arabic proverb, the one who taught mannerism to his children, has given the biggest blow aroma or Du Bois who has given the biggest blow to his enemy. You know what, the biggest way you can defeat your enemy is stage mannerism and respect to to your children. Men can either be NASA boohoo, man or Debbie NASA boohoo Tama be he at the boohoo? Wow. Wow. Man gotta be the person who's learned social standing keeps him back, then no hobby, no hobby, he addabbo who he is respect will compensate and perfect. The deficiency. In other words in society, if you're not prominent, you're not coming from, you know, a

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prominent family and you don't have that recognition through your family lineage etc. Then your mannerism will rise you and elevate you above that. Imam Shafi Rahim Allah said that right to learn masa hibu Karim on Walla Walla detto, about only mu. Okay, let's get to verse number 65 for our Giada Abba Domine Reba Dana Dana warra. Mme in rendina verse number 65 for wide jedha dual destinia they do found, then a serve and min Reba

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Dina from our servants. Tina who rush Ma, we had blessed him with mercy. Your mercy could either refer refer to Willa yet honorable word. He was a friend of Allah, or he was the Prophet of Allah. Of course every prophet is a friend of Allah. But every friend of Allah is not a prophet. Like every prophet is truthful, but every truthful person is not a prophet was Corfield kitabi Ibrahim in Ghana, so data nebia in mantech, there's a terminology I don't want to go into those intricacies, but those that are familiar with it would know what I'm referring to. For our Jeddah, rb Domine. high bar dinar they found one serve and from amongst our servants there are they now who are

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Ruffner, we had blessed and doubt favored him with mercy wilaya to Naboo, being the friend of Allah or the Prophet of Allah, what I love now who mil

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and we had taught him knowledge from our side. Mila Dona from our side here refers that this was direct knowledge, this was direct knowledge that was inspired that was conferred upon him. There was an a medium, it was directly Allah subhanho wa Taala had inspired him and you know what, in under this verse in chapter two in juice one where I Lama de melasma akula ha, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he thought Adam alayhis, salam, the name of everything, the name of everything, and then of course, he presented all the different, you know, Allah subhanaw taala presented the different things before the angels and said, Okay, tell me the name of this and tell me the name of

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this and they said, lol Mallanna, il ma lantana we have no knowledge only what you taught us Allah that's it other than that we don't have and then Allah subhanaw taala da da, da, da da, da am Oh, Adam, you tell them and other medicine very confidently, very swiftly, very calmly, he replied. So under this is his return where I Lama de melasma. Right? And Allah is the field that requires two more rules. So Adam is one and asthma is the second of course, and Kula is a Tabby which comes for emphasis, basic Arabic grammar. Okay, so, Allah subhanho wa Taala, taught Adama, a salatu salam, all the names. Now they say there are two ways through which this teaching process could have occurred.

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Either intrinsically, intrinsically, Allah subhanho wa Taala endowed it to him. So it was in him he knew it, like a child is born knowing how to cry, nobody teaches the child Listen, yeah. Now when you when you need multiple, you need a feed or you need to be above or you need the diaper change, just cry, just cry. No, no, this is this is nature's system of taking care of this child and it's just so amazing that the child is born crying, and how unique for a father for a stranger. The child is crying, you're not going to differentiate but one law here from our law. I've seen this year that a woman Subhan Allah healer Aleem, she will understand by the crying of the child that this cry

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refers to. The baby needs a feed, the baby needs a burp, the baby needs a diaper change the baby's tummy is painting, or it's uncomfortable, or this is the problem. And for me, it's like, you know what, it's not like a different tune of crying, or a different sound of crying. It's just crying as in crying. But it's amazing how the mom Allah has placed that mother would and she responds to those crying accordingly. So intrinsically part of the child is just to cry.

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And one scholar said it so beautifully as believers we also need to learn to cry before Allah like that child cries to the mother and the mother responds, we need to cry to Allah but let the tears be real. Let the tears be real, let the tears be real, and let it not be the crocodile tears. Nonetheless, even if we cannot cry, we endeavor to cry for a lump tobacco for tobacco. So,

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there are two there are two options either it was in the you know what intrinsically given to say the numbers I said nagamani Salatu was Salam O Allah, or it was formally taught to him it was formally taught to him that this is the name of of this year, this name each item individually was was formally taught to him or intrinsically it was known to him.

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So in this way, in this idea in verse number 65, alumna who Mila done

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and we taught him a special knowledge, we taught him a special knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala had inspired him with this knowledge, verse number, 66, musala is Salatu was Salam. Now formally, if I can paraphrase kind of applies to enroll in this institution have heard it. Of course, I'm paraphrasing and put in context to it in present day terminology, so versatile

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66 bol Allahu Moosa Allah Allah who Moosa hell hell at Debbie ruca hell at Tabby raga Allah and to eliminate mimma olimpija rasheeda Allah Akbar, Moses said to him Moosa, Allah in Salah to Assam said to him, May I follow you? Hell? Hell hell may Is it possible? Can I can I, Your Excellency? Can I be Oh God Allah and to eliminate on the condition that you teach me some of the knowledge that has been specially taught to you?

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Oh, how can I ask of you kindly This is verse number 66. Can I sit in your company and learn from you and by alone Quran it is Ratan Lai, Allah mandla, who are the NA Doulton lie of Allah mandla, who denies though can be as salib li Kela mean bburago Moosa fee, so did Kala fee Sophie kalami. He said, that any person who is familiar with the choice of words, with articulation, with respect, the matter will be crystal clear to him, that in the adoption of the language of Musa alayhis, salaam, Mina, LA, da da da, you will find a display of a great degree of humility, Allah Onew we mattagami despite his elevated rank, Musa alayhis salam was so honorable and venerable, according to the

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hadith of Sahih Muslim, that when the angel of death came to him, masala is Salatu was Salam

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slapped him one.

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And the angel went back to Allah and said, Our Sultani in Aberdeen law you read only mode. Oh my lord, today you have dispatched me to an individual who doesn't want to die. And Allah said, this is myself and musar go back to him, identify yourself and tell him that you are Monaco remote, etc. Right? The scholars of Hadith have debated and argued and given but the Hadith appears in Sahih Muslim, the Hadith appears in Sahih Muslim, the commentators have given many many perspectives etc. And then he comes back to Musa alayhis salam and he says to Musa that I have been sent by Allah. And you know what Allah has given you the choice for the extension of life or for death now, etc, etc.

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musala is Salatu was Salam status was a very, very great ranking status.

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When the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went on the journey of Mirage, and he met the various prophets, right? He met Adam, Allah, his Salatu was Salam on the first guy. Then he met rissalah. His Salatu was Salam. Then he met yahia alayhi salatu was Salam. Then he met Harun alayhis salam, then he met edri. Then he met the Musa alayhis Salatu was Salam and then he met Idris Allah is Salatu was Salam was a foreigner who mccannon Eliya.

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when he received the gift, and he went via Ibrahim alayhis salam primary Sam congratulated him welcomed him etc marhaba EBU Salah well even a salah and then when he came to say now masala is Salaam wa alayhi salatu was Salam then proposed to him musala his salatu wa salatu salam Tony, NaVi la salatu salam to go back to the Almighty and to ask for reduction and to ask for concession etc. So musala is Salatu was Salam was a great prophet, and of course that 50 Salah was then reduced to five Salah Musa alayhis salatu salam was a prophet he was from amongst the other as as ambia the Torah was revealed upon him. However, your histone is hell at Toby Rocha Allah and to Alemany lie of

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common law who at dinner Zoltan, anyone who's familiar with choice of words presentation, respect, etc. will pick up a lot of language you know, in terms of humility, and that is a key message that's a takeaway point from your my brother and my sister, that when I speak to my dad, when I speak to my mom when I speak to my teacher, when I speak to my style when I speak to my senior, let there be respect in my language, let there be respect in my choice of words, in my expression in my demeanor in every regard, verse number 66 musala is salatu salam is requesting permission for enrollment, verse number 67. Paola in a calendar study. I'm Maria sub bra hurry

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alayhis salam, on the other hand, responds with strong words. The word learn in Arabic comes for emphasis, surely you will not be able to be patient with me, you will not be able to be patient with me. So I don't see the compatibility between the two of us really speaking almost, I understand your requests and your application, but you will not able to honor the conditions of enrollment nearby me and from this the scholars also deduce that it is within the rights of a mentor to have certain requirements if anybody wants to sit in his company in the calendar Satya Mallya. sobre de la Allah annually shave stlr tamale Marie Bhima Yara de la la Anneliese shave an Easter art Bhima de la jolla

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and Alicia is the right model Marie admira. We learn from your that the teacher and the mentor has the right to put down certain conditions you know what? My conditions are stringent and this is how we teach this is the institution in which we are. But this is where knowledge is acquired.

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parlor in a calendar study. I'm Maria Sabra, you will surely not be able to be

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exercise patience with me at verse number 68. What came for the US Bureau, Allah alum to help would be he who brought the truth be told, how can you possibly bear with me and hang out with me and persevere on a knowledge which you have not encompassed? So you don't understand the the intricacies the mysteries, the details, the ins and out of this year? So I don't expect you I don't expect you to comply. So rather, I inform you in advance that you know what our moves are?

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You you you're not going to make it to stay with me. Now, let's just pause here for a moment again. This all has occurred because of one statement of Musa alayhis salam when he was asked, Can you understand tarbiyah? What was the statement who was the most learned and he said me and then Allah subhanaw taala in his wisdom puts it numbersusa through this journey in which this nurturing and Disturbia was taking place. And my brother and my sister, I urge you, I implore you, and I remind myself, I remind myself,

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each one of us, each one of us, requires nurturing molding and guidance. a newbie receives revelation throughout his life, how can I reach a stage in my life where nobody tells me regardless of my age, or your age, or the age of any person, I could well be a mentor to my students, but I need someone to be mentoring me. And the same applies to my mentor there has to be a mentor for him. But if we reach a point that I can only dictate and advise and nobody tells me, then unfortunately that's the recipe for disaster is better hyla moral Jaffa me more I linen for inner rusu ballerini Muffy enough karate Hey, woman lamea Zopa Murata alumi satin the Jura Alito La Jolla de is better

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Allah Marie Jaffa persevere on the better molding and nurturing of your tutor because in that lies knowledge woman lamea dot moratalla Musa attend and the one did not the one who did not contend with discipline and nurturing and certain procedure in his raising in his upbringing, then he will have to contend with the repercussions of ignorance for the rest of his life. Why? Because his decisions will be flawed, nobody would advise him in life.

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I'm having an influx and you know of so many thoughts that I heard and learn from my teacher throughout my life in terms of advice, guidance, wisdom, etc. Just share one with you and I'll wrap up. He had often said to me, that do not argue with a fool of fools got no respect to lose in an argument. He will provoke you to utter something in which you can lose your respect totally. Wow. How deep how profound. Somebody gets into an argument with you that man doesn't have any value or honor or respect. This is the kind of life is opted for. So he might use obscene, vulgar, unpleasant language and provoke you to that. If you utter anything unpleasant or conduct yourself in an uncouth

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You compromise all the respect that you have. So what's the message my brother knowledge comes with a price. Information is free. knowledge comes with a price information is free. May Allah subhana wa Taala blessed us with divine knowledge. I mean you're a Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah and abena Muhammad Ali he was happy he chameleon will come to rely on me