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How many men have come to me and said face I haven't the inner been unable

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to consummate with my wife. I don't know why.

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sudden change your behavior without any obvious reason

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loss of appetite for food

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a sudden love or various drop a tickler person for no reason

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frequent miscarriage phone and pregnant woman

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a strong repulsion when the Quran has been recited or Islam is being given Bomi Vicar.

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He can't stand it.

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nightmares at night frequent nightmares,

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episodes of unconsciousness, epileptic attacks,

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all these symptoms and symbols have struck struck by black magic.

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And there are many out there that are feeling like this for life.

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You know, how many calls you get per week.

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People are suffering and suffering from this devil from these so called devils, the so called magicians, so called saucers, and the so called mushiya and they claim that they are the stronger machine and they are the real machine.

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And you get those ignorant feeble minded Muslims as I said, they say no, no, this person is great. He knows such and such Go team go team it doesn't charge much.

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And each charm is worth over $300

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and that charm is all nothing but gopher and shark in it.

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And the thing is a lot of people

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when attacked by such things, they think that they can cure it on their own. If not, they get to the same person or another person similar to him to Cuba, his problem

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we undergo to understand that the only way you can cure position or if you are struck by black magic is the way that it is mentioned to us in the Quran and Sunnah. First and foremost, one must put his full trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and know that he is the only one that can cure you and no one else will love you. No one else will will creatures. We are all useless. We are nothing we are deficient. We are weak. He is the one that created us and he's the only one that can cure us.

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Do we sortation as we mentioned our SoTL firelock unece A Class A yet verses from sootel Baqarah whether it is the mention of slay man, or the last two of Al Baqarah last two verses or a little courtesy or a lot of other verse in bokaro are off

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le Emraan Taha and many other verses which is very powerful on the devil very powerful he cannot stand well like no stand the crummy we sold on him

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so when you say person struck by magic or possessed he shakes he shakes very strongly he's not shaking is the one inside him shaking and you can beat him and beat him and beat him and he does not feel anything the human being

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he feels nothing

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well light one Tommy belted one so hard. set the bar set me face What are you doing Take me to the kill. He

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said he doesn't feel nothing.

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And when hamdulillah Allah killed him instructor extracted the devil from him.

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He did not know that he even got touched. And not will lie. One Mark was on his body.

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He did not feel anything and seriously, I stayed is of all trust.

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I built him so hard that if I bought a normal person, he probably would have died.

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And it wasn't tougher, just a normal, you know stick like a

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pencil next, like a pencil. No. It was like a softball bat.

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But there's timber ones the wooden ones and the cheapest. So I met so that when I was building him a broken half

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and I had other guys at the same time with bells and snicker pulled in a pole sticks and

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seriously, I'm not this is this is genuine brothers. And he woke up after the devil came out of him will hamdulillah it's about three and a half four hour operation with nine a theater in a room.

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And he came out of it as though he's a new person in this life because I feel different. What's happened to me?

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I feel like a new person will lie. I said to him, did you feel anything? Is there any pain there? Is there any source? Because why would you do to me

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I cannot have

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All right, relax.

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And Subhanallah brothers and sisters were lying. He was relaxed.

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He was relaxed and he had a very comfortable sleep that night. And he told me that I haven't slept so comfortably before for a long time. Because then the devil effect seems to fix a human being, especially at night with nightmares. So brothers and sisters, this is the reality