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evil force and passions are revived in the night, especially in a state of solitude. Likewise, anxieties worries which entailed to depression and stress, and easiness discomfort, and I'm pretty sure everyone understands this. And why did I call it nightclubs? Ah, well, there's nothing in there about evil.

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And if you look at it, you go look in our Western life here.

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In Western civilization, look at outside at nighttime.

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You see the lights flashing the clubs and alcohol being drunk, and you know, illicit intercourse been performed in strip clubs and everything, the works, but in the day, it's a bit lighter than that. Not time, brothers and sisters, there can be a lot of evil in it. That's why the Muslim should always at all times, try to be at home at night, and do not leave your house. Especially if you are living in a society in an environment like ours. It could be very, very, very dangerous. Likewise, at night, is a lot of raids, especially before you slip before the Islamic times. There used to be a lot of raids, where the attack is attacked at night, and still to this day, you know, causing

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destruction and a lot of catastrophes at night. Hammer sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was ported against at night time. Likewise,

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he was assassinated at night time lock was a lot of pious predecessors. Likewise, they were killed in a night because they see it as a place of hiding a place of hiding. Likewise, at night, there's a lot of harmful animals. That's when the savage base command or the hissing poisonous creatures come out. So we know that night in general, we should be very very careful and always say, I would have been let him initiate or not regime to be let him initiate on regime, especially at night because almost kind of data says amin Sharia law in either workup and we seek the We seek refuge in Allah Allah from the evil of the darkening as it brings its darkness.

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Amin shereena for 30 for the record, and from the evil of the billows of the knot, and I'm pretty sure every single one of us know this is the various type of magic, especially the magician is that

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tie knots onto a thread oil screen, and then they blow upon them is very common to a lot of sources. A lot of synthesizers, a lot of magicians, a lot of these imposters, they grab the string or thread, they tie the knots. And they place all their for example, if they want to strike a person of black magic or be with him, they'll get whoever his nail or hair or his garment and authority on that put it in a charm, and they blow on it. And then that will affect mains reasoning without cause division between a husband and wife, or the cause a person becomes sick or by the wolves almighty lord. But this is what the referred the verse is referring to. And we know the brothers and sisters,

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as if taken before that magic is nothing but a production of illusion. So it is it is nothing more a lie, but a production of illusion, which is subject to a magician's design, he designs it.

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And these imposters will lie he the practitioners of magic and trickery they increasing by the day, and all they do is still and still find the feeble ignorant Muslims.

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And they're everywhere. Well, law had everywhere.

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But why? What do they want?

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And how can they become like that? These people are Kfar. And I want all my brothers and sisters do never ever go to a person who thinks he knows the future.

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And there are many out there in Liverpool. There are many, many, many sorcerers out there that are claiming to know the future. Their claim to know where your shoes were stolen or lost

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their claim to know what you ate last night.

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They are working with the devil.

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And this is a serious crime and it is possible to do such things. What makes them being able to do these acts. So they work with

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things that are in secret. The Devils This is the magicians, they work with things in secret, which enable them to perform illusions to confuse man and to deceive their eyes, making the watcher think he has seen something but in fact he's seen nothing.

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And the best example of this is what Pharaoh's magicians

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When Pharaoh's magicians did they not be which the eyes of men,

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and then they struck terror in their hearts. And then they said that we are the only lords and our Lord is Pharaoh.

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And they displayed a great magic. But the reality of the situation was what? Yeah, the appearance to the onlooker. When they done these, when they perform this, it was like that their robes and this takes change to snakes moving fast in the valley. But was it really true?

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Did they really change into snakes and

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into snakes sticks and ropes the day?

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Or did they not?

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They did not. It was the site of day that changed and the sticks and ropes remained exactly the same as they were.

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It was nothing but an illusion brought by the magician himself. Because he makes you sense, other than the reality. For example, something might come out of the shop, or your house, without even you realizing it.

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He might pull For example, we show you this is a cup. And I might look to you, it's a cup the size of the cup, but to you because it changes that sort of yours in that illusion. Now, he might be a chicken or an egg.

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And they say what looks nice the reality of magic without the villa. Let's go for

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they change people's sight. That's why they are being supported and followed and loved. So when the Antichrist comes down, they follow him.

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They will follow him because they accept these devils, and it's easier to accept him. When he comes with that evil he gets with he comes with but these people brothers and sisters will lie are destroying people.

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You see men who have extreme hatred towards his spouse, his wife, after loving her.

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You see an attitude of a person inside his house much different than that which is outside