Tafseer Al Falaq 07

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The speaker discusses various methods for dealing with evil elements in a person, including using them to act like a devil, crushing trees, and even using them to create new layers on them. The speaker also mentions a person who was recently fired by a doctor and is hesitant to talk to them. The speaker provides examples of how people react to the evil elements and how they use them to create new layers on them.

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The devil is there and he will possess you. He will possess you will lie he will possess you. So put yourself on that guard

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strengthen yourself to his with his lamb,

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with remembrance with the care of a man.

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Likewise, another way is to authentics applications, you know a person if he's possessed, you read authentic supplications on him. Likewise, if you know the element, like the charm wherever it is, you grab the charm as it was done by Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and you untie it, and that inshallah will counsel does magical spell and will foil the intentions of that shaitan the magician himself. Likewise, another way of doing it is by getting or crushing seven Lotus tree leaves, putting it in a bucket, or in a container or bow, I have enough water that a person can borrow from the one that's affected,

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and inshallah that will help them as well for the

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operation. Likewise, if you know the magician, that actually struck this person with magic of magic, you grab him with the E.

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You say to him, undo that charm, you force him, you say you either undo it, this is the reality now ally, you either undo it or will execute you and naturally is going to be scared especially if you're based in Masha Allah.

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And then after he unties the knots the Chan you execute him anyway.

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And this is the correct opinion is not my opinion. This is an according to Islamic Sharia.

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corrupting he people, he's hurting people. He's destroying families. He's destroying personalities. He's destroying homes. He's a devil.

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In his pattern lies intruding in people's lives.

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Imagine you've got a life you're living comfortably with your family. Everything's fine, you love your you love your wife, she loves you. You love your children, they love you. Everything Is Working out beautifully in your life. And then a shaitan comes and wants to interfere in your life. How would you feel?

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Suddenly that love that desire for your family? is finished?

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How would you feel?

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How would you feel?

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Well, I you want to skin that personal life? skinny him not killing skinny,

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first layer, second layer, and so forth. And then you just toy him up. You're not you're not killing. When the three layers, how many layers? Can you say free 10 layers, say 10 layers are finished.

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He's tied up there. I'll create the new layers on him letting you know CIM knows him. And when the new layers come to it again.

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That's how you feel.

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He's destroyed your life. You're married in a beautiful family living islamically and he comes in corruption.

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Law like a lot of people they get to see Chris site psychiatrists, they go to doctors, they go to professors, they go to people who think they understand the introductions Mashallah. Or they get to

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counselors or advisers. You know, these are the pistols possess people now let's talk about black magic, in order to treat themselves against this evil thing.

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These people cannot help these affected people, unless they do want

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the treatment taught by Allah and his proposal alone. There's a lot in them and what they do, how long how much they work on this person, how much money he puts into this operation. They can do nothing. And we've got a great example. Well, like this happened, right? He in the center. One of the brothers one of my students says he tonight

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peaceful men who was a Hindu. He was a Hindu. That was before the renovation of this place.

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He saw a man being affected you saw him and like he was uncomfortable. And he was acting weird, paranoid.

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And the doctor after seeing him could not do anything for him. The brother said, Look, you know I can take you somewhere that probably that can help you. So he brought him at midday into the center.

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He gets fired. I've got a situation he this person looks like he's possessed

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or should come in. You know how you get on your Walker. What can we do for you?

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He wouldn't even talk to me.

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For law he wouldn't talk to me. Certainly was there. They

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He wouldn't talk to me and some other brothers.

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Yousuf was there

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he wouldn't talk to me. Anyway, his eyes were very very snow like that very as frisky Okay, he was scared as soon as he saw me

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talking inside the office, we'll see what we can do, you know, you're walking down, we're not gonna hurt you. It's not a problem. But if he knew what we're going to do to him who knows when in office Anyway, after the operation, and I could hear yourself saying on the easiest ears on the wall, we're hearing the battens, the poor stick tables, and

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it turned out he had four genes in him.

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Four genes will lie.

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And 100 Allah, Allah extracted all of them. And when he left luck when they left sorry, he looked at me and said, Who are you?

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And what am I doing here? And how Why do I feel so calm and relaxed?

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Anyway, after the betting, he thought nothing could lie.

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He came back to me on a Saturday morning, as I was given the ladies class here. The ladies were sitting inside the ladies section. And I was given a lesson and there was no one in front of me. Right.

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And it just stood on top of the stairs there. He looked at me. And I was yelling and shouting and moving my hands. Right. I was given a lesson.

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So he looks at me, because I think this gun is reading.

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And he kept looking at me he was scared. He was scared.

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So he thought he himself still affected by position. He was gonna walk back down