Fatima Barkatulla – Your Success Doesn’t Depend on Other People’s Failure

Fatima Barkatulla
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the success of Islam and how it doesn't depend on anyone's failure. They encourage people to help others up and help them up, especially when they meet others. The success of Islam is seen as being freeing and beneficial, with people being able to benefit from it.
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Your success doesn't depend on anyone's failure. That's an important attitude for us to have. You know,

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you don't need to tread on everybody else on your way up and push them down. Allah Subhana, Allah has created enough abundance of, you know, success and goodness and achievement in the world for all of us. A lost kingdom is not limited.

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So, if you're the sort of person who will wish good to others, you'll make the offer their success. If somebody needs help, you know, you'll help them out. If you can,

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or at least ask Allah subhanaw taala to help them. Then in sha Allah, you'll be a beacon of light, and a beacon of positivity in this world. And that will shine from you. And it will also affect you and your work in a positive way. You don't need to push people down in order to go to get up, your success doesn't depend on other people's failure.

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In fact, when you see other people who are trying to achieve, give them a hand, help them up, encourage them, you should see them as, as companions, people who you can actually benefit from, when you meet them. When you're around them, you can you will take onboard their positivity and their attitude. And there are things that you can probably learn from them. How did they achieve what they did? How can you learn from that? Right? That's a really important characteristic to have. Because as a Muslim, you know, we don't wish evil on anyone. And envy is a terrible, terrible trait. It is a disease of the heart. But once we realize that our success doesn't depend on other people's

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failure. It's actually very freeing. You're not in a race where you're constantly looking at other people, and comparing yourself to other people. You're in your own race, and you've got to look forward, not to the sides at the other people around you. You're looking forward and you're looking at the goal in front of you. And that's all that matters.

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You're not going to be deflated or you're not going to have negative thoughts about the people around you. Because their failure is not something that you desire. In fact, you want them to be successful as well.

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this movie,

Some people look at everyone around them as opponents on their path to success. Fatima Barkatulla argues that there is an abundance of goodness to go around and your success does not depend on the failure of others – it depends on Allah’s will.

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