How Do We Inquire About A Potential Suitor for Marriage

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The customer asks the representative about the best way to check a spouse for marriage, and the representative explains that it can be done through meeting with elders and finding references to them. The representative also advises that references should be given to people who have experienced similar experiences and have good character.

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Okay, I had a question about how to check out a spouse for marriage, you know, what is the best way? For us as Muslims, obviously, we don't have premarital relations, what are some of the means that we can take to check out a spouse before marriage to do our due diligence.

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So one of the important things that we can do apart from obviously, meeting that person with our maharam, you know, with our Willie, preferably, so, if you're a sister, you know, you would want to meet that person with your father, or with your brother, if you're a brother, you would want to meet the prospective sister, perhaps with a member of your family, it would be a good idea, maybe your mother. And the reason for that is that, you know, our elders, they obviously have the breadth of experience, they know, certain things to look out for that perhaps you won't be looking out for, you know, especially if you're very attracted to somebody, you know, it's not something that you might

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And so it's good to have the views of our elders, and for them to be present in some of the meetings that we have with that person to ask the right questions, etc.

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The other thing is, what you can do is actually request references. Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of people don't do.

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But if you think about it, if you were going to interview somebody for a job that you had, or something that you wanted them to do, one of the things you do is to request references, right. And the reason for that is that obviously, somebody who's perhaps worked with that person before or lived with that person will have more of an insight into their personality into their character, etc. So I think one of the important things you can do is ask them to provide you with references, and, you know, try not for not just to be their best friends, you know, but somebody who's actually traveled with them, or lived with them, or done business with them, you know,

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or even like, studied with them, you know, those kinds of things. And if that ref reference is a Muslim, then of course, they should know, that they've got to be very, very honest, they've got to be very honest, they're allowed to disclose any negative traits of that person as well, or any, anything negative that,

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that, you know, that might, that you should know.

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And so they should be very, very honest. And in that case, it wouldn't be considered backbiting at all, you know, it's something that they should do. And subhanAllah sometimes, you know, there's certain insights that you can get from a reference that you wouldn't ever really be able to get from a few meetings or from knowing somebody for a short amount of time or from only meeting you know, their, their family. So I'd really encourage brothers and sisters you know, before you get married to, to seek out references to seek out people who like I said, have either traveled or lived with done business with studied with

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your prospective spouse and ask them for either a written or other type of reference.