The Khutbah of Shaytan #02 – Know Your Enemies

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early either call le europei Ernesta Hey, DA Seanie wanna show Amina la turvy?

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Give no pm wrote in one of his books or she file Eileen, he says that sometimes people say what is the wisdom of Allah creating a bliss? What is the hikma in the creation of a bliss and of what he says in his book is that Allah subhana wa Tada in His mercy, He manifested evil in a personality in an entity. If Allah azza wa jal had willed evil would not be in a particular entity, the fact that it is an entity, it actually makes you more conscious, it makes you more aware, you know what to fight, fight Shaitan in the shaytaan, Illa, calm I do want, Allah says shaitan is your enemy for tequila, who I do take him as your enemy. And of them is the wisdom of the story of our father Adam

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and Iblees. There is a wisdom that our Father was seduced by a bliss that a bliss caused the downfall of our father, anybody who harms our family, we're angry at him. Anybody who makes fun of our family, anybody who brings distress to my father to my mother, he becomes an enemy. So when the very entity IBLEES caused our downfall, how can we not hate him? How can we not despise him? Our biological father was harmed by Iblees was kicked out of Jannah because of a bliss. How could we not have an animosity, it is Allah's wisdom that that very entity is alive right now the same IBLEES not just his descendants, the same IBLEES that did what he did. That is our enemy, and we have to be

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careful about taking him as a friend instead of an enemy. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, of course, the story of Adam in half a dozen verses to half a dozen times in the Quran we need to think why is the story of Adam mentioned so many times the story of bliss and the seduction of bliss so many times because Allah wants us to know the reality of iblees he lied to our father Adam, he lied to him straight to his face. And he said, Allah has told you to not eat of this tree because Allah did not want to give you everlasting life blatant lie. If you eat of this tree, you will live forever blatant lie. He lied straight to the face of Adam and our father and unlike us, we believed

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temporarily we believed, and he slipped like we slip when we believe he believes and at least then say Well, tough luck. I promised Allah promised you believe my promise instead of me. And in one of those verses, Allah says that one shaitan was kicked out. Shaitan said to Allah, that Allah Bielema away 20 The Aqua rue de nada home serata Can we stop him? Yeah, Rob, he believes this thing is ironic. Even a bliss acknowledges Allah as a rub. Even though he seduces mankind in rejecting Allah as Arab, think about that. A believes himself acknowledges Allah as Arab. And he believes makes dua to Allah Allah be a bliss this thing Rob be, and he because he's, he's not. He's not stupid. He's

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not foolish. He knows Allah created him. He's not denying that, but he wants to let others deny what he himself believes. So he said, Oh, my Arab because of you now, of course, at least blames Allah because of you know the home Serato economista team, I will sit on the Serato Mr. team that is your Surat, and I will block them from entering the Surat. Somebody at yonder home member in the ad him woman called for him one a man in one Shama in him. And I'm going to attack from every angle from the front from the back from the right from the left. And you will find that most of your followers, most of your worshipers, they will not be thankful to you. And Allah azza wa jal told us of this

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story, we were not there. But Allah preserved the antidote of the beginning. Like he narrated to us the anecdote of the future so that we know who a bliss is.

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