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But those who committed misdeeds and then repented after them and believed – indeed your Lord, thereafter, is Forgiving and Merciful. [7:153]

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Santa Monica Baraka 230 versus 30 days, day nine and today we're looking at verse number 153. From sola to outof.

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Allah subhanaw. taala says we're living near me to see it through metabolome and by the way, in Rob Beckerman badie ha, la foto Rahim.

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Those people who do evil deeds

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and then they make doba after those evil deeds. Now what's unique over here is Allah subhana wa tada he ends up pluralizing the evil deeds that's to include every single type of evil So this includes paganism it includes associating partners with Allah subhana wa Tada. It includes major sins it includes my minor sins as well. So every form of evil is included over here why because aids pluralized and be Allah subhanaw taala made the noun definite, which is a way to denote generality within the Arabic language. When Medina Musa yet so this means this here is a remedy to deal with every type of evil What is that? Allah says to metabolize, then they make Toba to Allah subhanaw

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taala. So when you make doba to Allah subhana wa tada every single type of evil can be forgiven by Allah, whether that be the highest of the high in terms of the evil, whether that be paganism itself, whether that'd be associating partners with a lot, disbelief of other forms as well. All of that can be forgiven by Allah subhana wa tada simply, if a person makes doba, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us that there will be two to buma habla that Toba ends up wiping out everything that is before it then allows us to metabolize then they make the Batman Bad idea after the evil is already done. Now sometimes what happens is people after the evil is already

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done, they go into a state of anxiety out of fear that Allah Subhana Allah will not forgive them. So Allah subhanaw taala is trying to tell you over here, that mean bad idea after the evil has already been concluded, then they make their doba meaning that they've already done this evil, that even those people who have already completed and concluded an evil, even those people have a right to Toba, not just those people who are doing it at that point, and then they end up withholding from continuing. Even those who concluded the evil they have a right to Toba as well. But Allah subhanaw taala some notable member Dr. Amano, but there's a condition they believe they believe that Allah is

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the Godfather. They believe that Allah subhanaw taala is the food. They believe Allah is the all forgiving there believe Allah subhanaw taala is the All Merciful, and they believe also has another connotation in here as well. It also shows us another meaning as well. And that is that even those evils that end up leading a person outside of the fold of Islam, even those can be forgiven, so long as the person makes the robot and comes back to Faith. So those people who might have left the religion as well. And there are people unfortunately, in our times, the numbers are growing as well. Those people that end up finding some sorts of doubts about certain issues related to Islam, because

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they didn't have the right answers, or they didn't have the right people to give them the answers, or maybe they didn't search for the answers as well. All of those are possibilities. So am I saying even those people if they find their way back to the right path back to Islam, what am I know and they believe and they make their Toba? Even those people will be forgiven. This is very important. The end of the verse, Allah says in Nara Becca, Nene badie Hannah for Rahim, your Lord asks you that Toba will be ever forgiving and ever Merciful. What does this mean?

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notice many times when people do evil, they end up saying Allah fudo Rahim Allah is Ever forgiving and Allah is Ever merciful. But Allah is telling you Yes, I am ever forgiving. Yes, I am ever Merciful. But in Arabic I'm embody ha your Lord after you seek your His forgiveness, that's when he's ever forgiving. And that's when he's ever Merciful. It's not just a free passage or a free rite of passage you just get through because Allah is Ever forgiving and Allah is Ever merciful. He wants you to make your Toba and that though will be accepted by Allah subhanaw taala. If you bring that doba with all of the conditions of the Toba what are the conditions of the doba you have to come to

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sincerely. So you have to sincerely make their way to Allah. Secondly, you have to discontinue you have to firstly have remorse in your heart because the prophets are synonyms that another matoba remorse is considered, though by itself. So if you want to repent to a lion, you're not remorseful. That's not really a repentance allowance. You to be remorseful. He wants you to feel guilty that you did that evil

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And then Allah will forgive you because that shows that you no longer wish to do continue this evil. And number three, you have a sincere intention and resolve that you'll never go back to this action. And even before that, number four, you discontinue that action and you don't go back to it. Okay, you have remorse, you discontinue the action. And then you never go back to it before all of that you have sincerity. And last but not least you do all of this within time. What is time? Well you do it before Allah subhana wa tada takes your life or you do it before the day of judgment comes in. We don't know when one of those things may be coming. So my dear brothers and sisters, I call you to

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Topaz, Allah subhana wa tada calls you and I, and all of us to talk about when he says to either law Hey Jamie and go make Toba to Allah all together, all of you all humanity, and all of you hope to people, every one of us, has an obligation to Allah subhanho wa Taala that we make dua to him, we repent to him, because each one of us happens to be a sinner. So ask Allah subhana wa tada to forgive our sins and accept our Toba and our repentance allama mean or something Allahu Allah say Ed now Mohammed in while early he was happy to be here.