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Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The importance of the quote "lesson from the way in which our lives are" and the way he describes his desire to have a son is discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of optimism and being patient in achieving joy. The speaker also discusses the importance of not letting fear control one's actions and the Prophet sallua alayhi wa sallam's positive influence on people.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala within the Quran, he describes for us the Quran and he says Jelena fear Allah kita Bonanza. Now, he lycamobile Rocco Nia de barro Yachty Juanita de cada una and Bab. This book that a large surgeon has revealed to me and you as a guidance as a light as a pure alarm, someone just says that he revealed it and it is blessing. It is so that the people may ponder and reflect over its verses. And there is a reminder for the people of understanding. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Within the Koran. he dedicates whole passages, whole chapters, many verses, to the stories of the prophets, Allah hemos salatu wa sallam, the prophets that are large, though a gel sent over

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time, to various nations, in various times and at various places. And through those stories, we have lessons, lessons that we can derive. One of the most common themes that you will find in the stories of these prophets of Allah is that each and every single one of them underwent trials and difficulties, hardships and obstacles. Sometimes those trials afflicted them in their personal lives. Sometimes it was with their families, sometimes it was with their communities and they they went through many trials. And so Allah subhana wa tada mentions those stories, so that me and you when we go through trials, through hardships, through difficulties, we may take solace, we may take

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lesson we may take heed from those stories of the prophets of Allah and he was salatu wa sallam, I want to dedicate this book back today to discussing just a single a single thing, one single lesson from the way in which our lives are Joel mentioned that the prophets of Allah would overcome tribals. There are many ways that we overcome trials, having patience with a decree of Allah, turning to Allah in times of difficulty making the art to a large of a gel, many that you can live. But I want to focus on an aspect today that we don't often think of. It's not something which is commonly present within our minds. And that is the aspect that you find that the prophets of Allah

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in overcoming difficulties and trials, they always had an amazing sense of optimism, optimism. It's not something you commonly find people speaking about from the origin, to be optimistic, to have a positive outlook to have or to be positively interacting with the circumstances that come before you. optimism. When you look in the stories of the prophets of Allah, you find that despite the difficulties that they faced, the trials that they overcame, they always had this undying sense of optimism, optimism and what you may ask, they had optimism in the mercy of Allah azza wa jal, optimism, in the knowledge and the wisdom of Allah that Allah decrees, it is for the best, even if

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me and you cannot appreciate the wisdom of that degree. They had optimism in the way that they thought could have a larger agenda, that Allah does not seek to be the evils that alarm so agenda does not forsake his own the Yeah, and the people of Yemen. They had an undying sense of optimism, that if they placed their trust and reliance in a larger agenda, than a loss of Hannah hautala would make their affairs good for them and easy for them, both in this life and the next. Look at the story of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet Ibrahim as we know for years and years for decades, he wished along for a son, but a large silver gelatin or give him a son until he

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reached old age. And his wife became an old woman. Both of them reached old age, and then a lot of decree that they would have a son. So when law gives him the Prophet is to marry lolly, salatu salam. And as soon as this baby is born, and this baby is still a young baby, his child is still a young baby Alonso and Jill decrees and orders Ibrahim alayhis salam, to take that newborn baby and his elderly mother and to take them to a barren land in which there is no food. There is no water. There are no people who come and visit. It's not on a journey of a path that people pass through. It is a barren desert land, no structure, no accommodation, nothing. Go and leave them that way.

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bloggin leave them there and return. So the Prophet Ibrahim takes his newborn son, does he question the commandment of Allah? Does he say oh, well after decades, you know, give me a son. And now immediately you take him away. Does the Prophet Ibrahim

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Mr. Levy sthalam complain, or does he go and fulfill the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He leaves them there. But look at the response of his wife. Imagine, imagine if this is something that you did to your own wife, your own newborn son, as Ibrahim alayhis salam leaves them there in the middle of the barren desert. He leaves them there. And as he walks away, his wife says to him, oh, Ibrahim, where are you going? Where do you leave us? So Ibrahim alayhis salam continues to walk away. So then she says to him, did Allah commanded you to do this? So he simply says to her, yes. That's all he says. Yes, Allah commanded me to do.

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So then she replies go for Indeed, Allah will never forsake us. Look at that sense of optimism. If this happened to any other person, or more or less any other person, they would have cried lamented screen, they would have thought that they left for dead. But such was the man of the wife of Ibrahim alayhis salam, such as her reliance upon Allah, such as the optimism and alarm that will generate such good force. Did she have a law that she said, then leave us for a law will never forsake us? And we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed that a group of people would come and they would give shelter to this Mariotti Salaam. We know that the well of Zamzam gushed forth from the feet of

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smarty Sam, we know that that barren desert land eventually became MCE, the holiest of cities, the most beloved place to Allah on the face of this earth. Look at how from the undying sense of optimism, not only does Allah make for them a way out, but it comes from that one incident, that we have the greatest police on the face of this earth. It is the place that all of us long to go to all of us dream and wish that we could live in and dying. It is that same place that for generation after generation. 1000s if not millions of people would go there and moody to perform pilgrimage 1000s of years later, many of the things that we do in pilgrimage, they come from that story of

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Ibrahim and his Murali human Salah. Look at the blessings of having the optimism in a loss of Hannah hautala. When the child is married, grew up, he grew up and he became a boy, Ibrahim alayhis salam was told to go back to see his son, his son, that even though he was his firstborn, for many years, he had not seen him. Now he is a young boy. So marzotto commands him to go back to this man. But he doesn't go back to visit him is not going back because he's been away from him. He's not going back for any other reason except that now Allah has commanded that he should go and slaughter his son, sacrificing the first time he left him in the desert, he didn't die. Now he has to go back and

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finish the job, take a sword or take a knife and physically slaughter him. So he comes to his son, as Allah mentions in the Quran, Allah yamaneika in the field man, me and me as Baba fondo mother, Tara, he comes and he says, Oh, my dear sir, all my beloved Son, I saw in a dream that I was watching you. So tell me what do you think? What does this Marathi Salaam say? Can you imagine not having seen your father for years? And now after he left you in the middle of a barren desert land? He's coming to you and he says that I saw that I was sacrificing, slaughtering you. What do you think? It's money rally his solemn just as his mother and father before him. He also had this

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undying sense of optimism.

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Tomorrow, he said, Oh my father, do as you have been commanded. certegy do need insha Allah whom you know saw beauty, for you will find in sha Allah that I am from amongst the patient. And from that incident, as we know, when a large so which will replace this married with the RAM. We have so many rulings so many acts of worship that we derive from that single act of sacrifice. Look at that undying sense of optimism. And this is just the story of one of the prophets of Allah in the Quran. If he were to go through all of those stories in the Quran of the prophets of Allah, including our own Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you would find that same sense of undying optimism. Often

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we come across trials, each and every one of us is afflicted on a daily basis. Some trials are small, not so big. Others are major and they are calamities. Some of them are just personal things just between me and myself. Others from amongst them between me and my family, or those with my friends or my neighbors or my relatives and extended family.

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There's within the community that we live in, and others yet affect the home as a whole. And you often find that you find the true measure of people, when calamity strikes. When trials afflict them, how will they respond? How will they act, because in times of ease, it is easy. It is simple to put on a pretense and a face, but in times of difficulty and trial, that is when you see the measure of a true person in the story of the Prophet jackalberry his Salam and his son, in the surah Yousuf Yousuf Ali Salatu, was Salam undergoes many trials. This is a famous story in the Koran, and we often study the story. But one of the things that most amazes me about this story is not the

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trials of use of allihies salaam and the difficulties that he undergoes. But it is the way that his father jacobellis salaam deals with those trials. user friendly is lm, as we know is taken by his brothers left for dead in a while and he goes from trial to trial solely to stay read goes into prison. A large soldier tests him time after time. But yopu ballyhoo Salaam, his father, to whom use of was the most beloved and favorite of his sons, it is his father, who has no news has no knowledge doesn't know the unseen can't predict what is taking place with his son. So for years and years, he lives in this wave of grief and sorrow, and it is one of the greatest calamities and trials that can

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strike a person that they would lose the child. They lose their own son or their daughter and jacobellis salaam for many years has no news. Allah subhanho wa Taala raises the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, into one of his prophets, and he becomes one of the governors of Egypt. His brothers, those brothers are left him for dead. They are now in a state of poverty and famine. So they go along with their youngest brother, Benjamin Binyamin, who was the second most beloved and favorite son of their father, boom, they go to use the family history not knowing who he is. Many years have passed, they no longer recognize him. They think that he died decades ago. They go to use the

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valley, his salon, and they asked for respite for home for financial assistance. So use the valley his Salaam under the pretense effect, he takes his youngest brother Benjamin, and he keeps him beside himself and he tells the other brothers to go back to their father to your home. So they come to jacobellis salaam, now with the news, that just he lost one son before, but now his second most beloved son has also been taken from him. How does he respond? What is the lies that we'll see in the Quran, that he responds when he hears this calamity? For somboon, Jamil, how beautiful it is, to be patient.

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Not just befitting, not just appropriate, not just it's something good to do. It is most beautiful to be patient at times of calamity, as Allahu tianni being Jimmy, for perhaps Allah will bring all of them together, we will reunite all of us together, not just Benjamin, but even use. Look at that undying sense of optimism.

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Look at that sense of optimism years have passed. He still has that open Allah that He will be reunited with his son Yusuf, in who who will are the militia came for him to the law, his own knowing all wise, what will earn him and then he turned away what Allah Safa Allah use of and he said to me lamenting the loss of use of will build Bettina who mean elbow sniffer? Who waka v him and then his eyes. He lost his sight because of grief and sorrow. So sorrowful was he that he became blind. Although Tama heat after water guru use of his brothers, his other sons, the people around him, they said by Allah, you will continue to lament the loss of use of had takuna Hara been otaku

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nominal Hakeem until you will destroy yourself. This grief will lead you to your destruction. You will die you will destroy yourself because of this grief is not healthy for you. How does jacobellis salaam respond? Paula in a school Beth theva Hosni Illallah he says I only complain of my grief and sorrow to my Lord Allah. What a beautiful verse or a beautiful story. What a beautiful passage. I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah.

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It is that sense of optimism. They are very seldom heard that a lot of service children decrease the chance Qube will be reunited with his sons. They will be

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reunited as a family,

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look at the way that they used to overcome trials. People sometimes think that the only way you overcome trial is by force, by strength by power. Other people think it's by money and wealth. Other people think it's by support and people helping you. But we often forget that the greatest way to overcome trial and difficulty is by turning to Allah, by Reliance in Allah by thinking good of Allah by having that sense of optimism in the loss of Anahata Allah. In the story of Musa alayhis salaam Musa alayhis salam is the Prophet of Allah that is most mentioned in the Quran. From the beginning of the Quran till the end of the Quran, you will find the mention of Musa alayhis salaam over and

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over and over again. Musa alayhis salam as Allah mentions in soloqueue apostles, he mentioned the story of his birth,

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Pharaoh had decreed that he had seen in a dream that his destruction would come at the hands of one of these children from beneath him. So he decreed that a single year every single male child of bunnies rotting should die. And in the following year, they should be allowed to live one year he would kill them one year he would allow them to live a lot decreed that in the year of killing Musashi Salaam was born, so unless they were jealous, he mentioned in Surah losses he inspired to the murder of Musa well. Haider elomi Musa and our D, we inspire to the mother of Musa that she should circle and feed her son Musa for either 50 Our Lady

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and then when you fear for his life, meaning that the soldiers are coming to kill your son, then please swim in the river while at the haffi what at has any and don't feel no despair in LA to LA ke what's happening Illumina was selling For verily we will return him to you and make him from the messages. The scholars of the FSI Rahim Allah they see that the mother of Musa alayhis salam, when she saw that the soldiers of Pharaoh were approaching, going from house to house to see any male newborn that they could kill. When she saw them approaching, she took us and Mussa and she placed him in the cradle the basket, and she took him to the rear of a property behind which the mail was

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flowing. So she placed him within the river. And what she was supposed to do was get to a pillar or a post so that the basket wouldn't be career carried with the with the current and the flow of the river. But because the soldiers of Pharaoh was so close to her house, because they were approaching so fast, in a state of terror, in a state of fear, when she placed her son in the river, she forgot to tie him to the post. Instead, she ran back into her house, so that the soldiers of Pharaoh when they entered, they wouldn't see that she was outside doing something, they wouldn't go and check what was going on. So she forgot in her state of terror, and she returned and the soldiers of

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Pharaoh entered, they saw that there was no no newborn baby, no new child, so they left and as they left, she ran out to go and take her son retrieve him from the river. Imagine putting your child in the river, one of the most dangerous places, she went out to retrieve her center she found that she had untidy,

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the basket was going down river COVID by the flow of the river, in the state of terror in a state of fear. Imagine your son, your child, your daughter has gone

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and so she becomes extremely grieving, extremely sorrowful. The amount of fear. I can't even describe in words, what else but halfway through me Moosa de la, the heart of the mother of Moosa became empty and lost as they became empty. Imagine the love, the affection, the mercy, the kindness, the gentleness that our parents, especially a mother has to her child. Her heart became empty. So she was about to shout out. She was about to call for help someone saved, my son saved my child. But she realized that if she were to do so, yes, someone may save her son, but the soldiers of federal would hear the promotion, they would come and they would realize as a newborn baby, and

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they would kill him anyway. In the car that in a tube TV, Lola or Ravana, Allah, Bihari takuna mean, meaning she was about to scream for help. Well, it's not that we made her heart firm and strong, and she was from the people of EMA. Instead, she placed her affairs in the hands of Allah. Instead, she placed her trust and reliance in Allah. Instead, she had that sense of optimism and Allah and she left the cradle goal. And we know that that cradle that basket goes down river, I lose how

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Shall it stop at none other than Pharaoh, and Pharaoh seeing that this child, he knows this man is doesn't belong to Him. It's from Benny Israel. But because of the way that a lot decreed that things would happen, he takes that same child, and he allows him to grow up in his house, he treats him like a son, he becomes a Prince of Egypt. And that same child will be the one that will destroy him.

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Look at that sense of optimism that we find in the Quran.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you look at his Sierra and you study his life, you see that same sense of optimism. When you look at the lives of the companions of the Allahu anhu you see that same sense of optimism. Why? Because the companions, they would read the stories of the prophets of Allah, and they would take lessons, and they would derive benefits from them. Time does not permit me to go through all of the stories of the prophets of Allah, and to extract from those stories the way that they had the same sense of optimism and hope in a large service. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the early years of Mecca, when the Muslims were

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few in number, weak, oppressed, persecuted, when they were in the state, the companions of those early years of Mecca, they would come to the profits on the low while he was selling them, as in the hadith of Bokhari on the authority of hubub rhodiola one, they would come and they would say to the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yasuo, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah to stone Solana O Messenger of Allah, will you not make dua for us? Will you not ask Allah that He should assist us? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam instead of responding by making dua for them, he knew that the way that they will overcome these trials is by having this sense of optimism in a

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large village, irrespective of the difficulties that you face, how severe they become how challenging they are, because part of Eman is to be tested. Part of your Eman is that Allah will try you so that he can see who for more monsters is truthful any man who former monsters is lying. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to those companions, that they used to be from amongst those people who came before you, a man would be brought in a hole would be dug for him in the ground, and he will be placed in that hole. And then a soul would be bought and he would be cut in half. And by Allah He will never turn away from this religion, and another man would be brought, and

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a comb of iron and metal would be taken, and the flesh and the blood and the skin would be taken from his body. But again, he would never leave from this religion. By Allah. We're lucky that UT Mina has an AMA By Allah, Allah will fulfill this affair, meaning this religion will become complete, until a person will travel from sun to hadramaut. They will not fear anyone other than Allah and the Wolf, thus to devour the issue. This is the sense of optimism that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to his companions. And this is something which we don't just find in times of trial. But there is something which the Muslim should embody at all times. The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved what is known in Arabic as a foul or at all. And that is to engage positively optimistically with the circumstances around you. If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam met someone, and he had a beautiful name, he would become happy, and he would make draft for that person in accordance to the beautiful meaning of their name. And if he came across another person who had their name, but the meaning was not pleasant, was not nice. He would tell them to change the meaning of their name. He would tell them to change their name. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us don't let any one of you die, except that he thinks good, have a loss

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of Hannah who was either don't approach you except that you think good, you're optimistic about the way that Allah will treat you for a lot of sentences in the Hadith and woodsy and are in the Vanya, db, folio, Barnaby Masha, I am as my servant thinks of me. So let me think of me as he pleases. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the message of this book, but today and the call from this member, is that we go back to the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we study and we analyze those stories of the prophets of Allah alayhi wa salatu salam, we take from them lessons we derived from the benefits, we contemplate, ponder and reflect over them. And one of the things that we will find

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is that even though they went through some of the most difficult trials imaginable, the prophets of Allah alayhi wa salatu salam, they had this amazing sense of optimism in a law and thinking good have a loss of Hannah Montana, as galarza is Most Beautiful Names and his most lofty attributes that he makes us from amongst those people who always think good of him. And there are

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Trust and reliance is always upon him apparently Cortana under alarms so Intel makes our affairs easy for us and that alarm soldier shows His mercy upon us upon our families and upon our communities. And that he makes us from amongst those who will be in the companionship of the righteous anumana Leanna

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he been upset was

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engineered for call upon Karima in namaha Amala eketahuna soluna Allah nebby yo yo Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with the schema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala rasulillah Muhammad

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Allah, Rashid de la massima di Avi bachlin, Rama Rama nobody wants to have a th Marine water between a woman from your son Elijah Medina

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Judah Kawakami Yamanaka, amin, Allah homophily Muslim and non Muslim at any minute an Indian woman and watch aloha Marina musataha

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Antonio hom amo la Hama Hama

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Alina en la Marina haco masala Chiba we're in our belt in about 16 Abba

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Elena for no bill, Allah Masha. Allah to Moodle muslimeen is Jackie misura

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Salalah alayhi wa sallam en la Mata him de matar Hippo Watashi wa wa could be an hour see him lil taqwa Robin Avalon nanfu Sarah Willingham Tocqueville and Otto Hamlin an akuna minal caecilian Robinson in Santa Clara de hacer una cadena de la subhanho

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wa salam O Allah mousseline De La, La La mean

Ahsan Hanif has done a great Friday sermon talk about how to be optimistic.

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