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The importance of staying in a state of stillness during prayer is emphasized, along with finding a culture of passion and passionate prayer. The speakers also discuss finding a culture of humble and passionate prayer, using words like " sighting or hearing" to describe one's weight, and the importance of being aware of one's weight in a panel. The segment ends with a mention of a panel and encourages submitting oneself to Allah.

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stand up without me we'll focus on a student loan while he was like be a real cool, we finished sort of fatty how we finished the recitation of the Quran. Now the next step of Salah is we go into the core. Now when we go into the core, what do we say?

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A lot about what do we say about a lot when in the beginning of the program in the beginning of surah? Allah Welcome to means Allah is greater. Now why do we say it was interesting as

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we see the so many times there's only one position where we don't say a lot about and movements. And so that's what we say 11 times it's 17 times and the harasser and I shall we say alone 22 times Why?

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Why do we keep repeating Allahu Akbar. Because none of this is very easy to lose concentration. I'm telling you stories of the Sahaba and how they were so concentrated. And it's like, man, I just can't concentrate it's hard. So unless we're going to build into the prayer a refocus button. You know what's interesting when you when you're recording something, if your camera shakes what happens? The camera needs to refocus anytime you move the camera I need the second to refocus when we move and we need to refocus and the refocus button is Allah

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Allah is greater so now maybe you're praying and you're not meant to be say to really long a long walk about Allah is great. And when you're thinking about Hey, buddy, focus,

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it refocuses us on Allah subhana wa Tada. No matter what's going on, no matter what your mind wants to go to. You need to come back to Allah and remember you're worshipping Allah, Allahu Akbar, if you go into record

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now, number one, and this is going to be consistent throughout the every position of prayer. I'm going to say it I'm gonna keep saying it. You have to come to a position of stillness. Even the scholar say this is a pillar from the pillars of Salah it's a pillar of the pillars of sola meaning once meaning if you don't do it, your prayer is invalid.

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Remember the Hadith in the column to study the man who prayed three different times the public kept telling him so I said no, go back and pray you haven't prayed the reason why is because you wanted to record he did come to a full stop and came back up and they went back the sense that he was just like, like a like a bouncy ball. We can't do that. I'm sorry. I can't be like that. You go into record you stop coming to a poor position of stillness. That's number one.

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Now in the heading the restaurant said

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he said us What a nasty Setup button and Lady yes reblooming sala de la you want us to do?

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An authentic hadith Muslim said the most evil person who steals is not the thief it's the one who steals from his son. He doesn't complete it through good he doesn't complete his to do he doesn't complete it's it's crucial.

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So when you go into the court you have to come and stop complete the record don't ever go through the call I

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know a lot of

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you actually threatened to pull that piece of water on it would have held off streets streets and you stop and now

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the before we continue

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we have to understand those those of you who are anybody here who is a revert to Islam they understand the meaning of book wants to do better than those born insists that most most generally speaking the reason why is because we grew up seeing people pray and records to do it. Okay was requested you. But have you ever thought about what you're doing? What have I told you everybody right now stand up and make records to me?

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Like my face when you think you are? You will get bogged down in like, Who are you? For me? It's all this to you. Are you kidding me? Why?

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if you want to figure out what you're doing, you're actually going to have this many panels added humbling yourself the second most humble position

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and an introduction to the most of the position of switching.

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You're humbling yourself.

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Now what do you want under the hood?

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you humble yourself to Allah, this position is kind of actually reflects something beautiful. You know, there was there was a man who wants to get down to a church.

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He's getting out to this church and you know how like a lot of times Americans, they'll want to experience Islam. So you look at campuses you have like a weird job day you have like a faster phone or people fast for a day. And sometimes people pray with the Muslims when they come to the mission for tour the message or something

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You go pray with the Muslims, or this man, this time he went to the church. And this nun, a group of nuns said, we want to pray with you experience a culture when experience or culture or religion.

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So the man prays and they pray with them.

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After the Salah, this nun tells his brother, she says, for 20 years, I have been worshipping God, whatever God is, I have been worshiping God. I never found a position of my body to match the humility and submissiveness I have to God, that's in my mind, until I experienced your prayer.

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We don't think like that. We don't think like this is down, up, down, up.

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I'm submitting myself to Allah Subhana. She's like, I've never found a position like this that matches my level of my mind. She thinks she's a hotshot in her mind, but never experienced that in her body. You know, there was once

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you know, there's this lady at the airport.

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So she sees these three Middle Eastern looking men.

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So they look at their watches, they all look at their watches, they nod to each other, and they go to the bathroom. She's like, Oh, snap.

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I'm gonna be the hero on CNN. So she's watching them closely, that what's going on? She's watching the bathroom, she sees them all going together, and they all come out together. She's like, Okay, I'm ready. She's got a cell phone.

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And she sees one man steps forward, and two men stay behind. As they do, they do these magnificent movements.

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Just I watched them.

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And I just felt this sense of conference.

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She's I got on the plane, Jean, call the cops.

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She gets on the plane. And she says, Every time I close my eyes,

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I kept picturing those three men and what they were doing, I

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said, Wow,

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that was beautiful.

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And she says, When I got off the plane,

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I went home. And the first thing I did is I googled what I saw.

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And I found out about the slam. And I embraced this now.

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She took Shahada

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by seeing the prayer, you see when we go into the court, or going full submission to Allah,

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and what do we say in court, rephaim Subhana robbi, Rob biella, when, how perfect is my my master, allowing the great The, the powerful, the stable, Supreme. And you could also say authentic, airy reality. You also say Well, after that, also,

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after you say this, so when you do this will save you 123 times as soon as the odd number

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31357 or nine.

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But keep it off, you can

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save your time, there is a support group.

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If you are optional,

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which means constantly perfect and constantly holding your feet, Lord have any goals. And at the end of the day, this odd number of times, is preferred one three by No problem, but you finish

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if you want and then subordinate produce, you can see. Now what's interesting about this is that the position of the prayer that you're in, you know, in recall, it was interesting

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to me for my body to get this, what's called body, it's hard to tell.

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Because see, everybody has a center of gravity, right? So what happens is your back one of your body goes backwards as one part of it goes forward to keep your center of gravity and stays in the middle. So you don't fall over, right depending on what you need to start

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this process to try to keep the center of gravity and this is where you don't call ratio last time. Now, what was interesting it was in the unstable was his

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sister's probably worse. Because you have like kids, we're going to

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keep a record to

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the back of you.

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And you fall forward maybe

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it's unstable position.

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The unstable position, position. What's interesting, what do we say?

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How perfectly fine Lord, the great, constantly stable and powerful Supreme,

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which is that we praise Allah with our

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was the of the position we're putting ourselves in. And then not only that,

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is that the,

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the position itself?

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You know, we were in record and we're saying these things and and you know what's interesting is some had the word Suppan was how perfect I mean we always try to glory beats Allah, a better translation is how perfect is Allah Subhana Allah be how perfect was Allah now remember when we say love be

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indicates closest to us kind of how my mind Master? How perfect is my master that's what's beautiful is that we don't have interests intercessors are intermediaries between us and Allah, we don't need to go to priests and confess our sins, that everyone has a personal connection with Allah.

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How prudent is my lord the constantly supreme and magnificent and stable and then we and what's interesting also is the word Soham the route see seeing that happen.

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And that means, you know, you know, setback. You know, see baja is swimming, right? When you swim, and swimming is actually you're trying to keep your head above water. You're swimming, you're not you don't want to drown. If you stop moving, what happens you drown. And what's interesting, amazing is that when you stop glorifying Allah and praising Allah and making the remembrance of Allah, you drown in this dunya

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even Okay, and he says, a heart that doesn't sit in the gathering, remembering Allah for over three days is dead.

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The glorification of a lot is important, which is

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how much am I in need of you over law. And now what's amazing, and we'll end with this for the record, as opposed to him said in his head, even in the books we've been nyjah

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He says, in novomatic.

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Our tahina, which means that what you meant what you make Vicar of Allah, the remembrance of Allah by saying, at the spheres Han Allah, what does it mean?

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What does it mean Alhamdulillah? They will By the way, every one of these words that how do you face SSB? What anaplan attorney, Attorney when the anaplan is on the word, the scholars remedy say to feed is still wrong. This gives the benefit of adding a wide variety of things. What does that mean? Whatever this word indicates, we say to spear via glorifying Allah. What that means is any words that glorify Allah is included in this word at the speed.

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So now the person who says in the matter cool I mean janardhana at the speed, milliwatts mean whatever you glorify Allah say, we're saying I'm good luck or any version of this. He says,

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This is from the late he told us something from nothing. He says yen

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COVID and the Hornet that we use in Kedah wing and no

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to that curious idea. Then he says, I know you hate to come and you're cool.

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Man you like killaby

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he says that when you say when you say Pamela or handle any form of those, these words take a physical form. And they go up to the house of Allah, the throne of Allah and they go around the throne of Allah Yun Now how would I do that? Who

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has the buzz? Like the buzz of a beam?

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You know, bees they're always buzzing you don't see them quiet they're always under the flying that when they're moving they're always

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these just be underneath me the villa they go around the throat of alarm buzzing What do they say to that euro Bissau havia they make mention of the one who mentioned it

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getting out

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early and you're you're horrified. Most people and you're thinking

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and the words you're saying are thought out through these gates that you're that you have individually for you up to the throne of Allah and they're making mention of Jordan. You don't have to find residency when you're applying for you know positions at jobs or trying to get a job who's gonna always tell you after you

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join interest engineering, keep your baby fresh.

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So the

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Don't you wish to have or wish to continue to have the time once.

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menu that you will be something that will make mention of you to our last panel.

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Can you imagine that? How many times has this panel been helping? How many times are we standing up to going around the house of Allah saying seeing your name in the Presence of Allah It's beautiful. Now can you see what

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You can spend on record 30 minutes, can Kenny spend 30 minutes now? Your core if you're submitting yourself to Allah and you're glorifying Allah and you're hooking yourself up,

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I'm sending things over mentioned my name, continue even after I die. Oh, now you

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will continue to be around the house of Allah making mention of your name. So hey, howdy

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panela everybody says panel one. You just have something now.

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You just keep saying this.

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And that's why you make your tongue voice at the moments of Allah. When you're walking to school, we're walking. We're walking through the message, making it bigger of Allah, always driving in your car. Make the vicar of Allah, you're sending up these gifts for yourself to Allah.