Farhan Abdul Azeez – Sweetness of Salah – 09 – Recitation of Qur’an

Farhan Abdul Azeez
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We finished with the Fatiha and now we're on the recitation of the Quran. Now what's the most common are sort of recited in the admin prayer

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The most common pseudo recited

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that takes the cake you know about the shortest sooner technically this sort of pseudo but people don't see that now the reason most of us laughs right. And it's because remember we said Don't be an autopilot and prayer. What happens when your period on autopilot? What a blog mean? I mean

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I've had it so often. But here's the thing when it comes to recitation of the Quran, you choose the surah. Okay, don't be on autopilot. This is important for us. You never in prayer be on autopilot? You have to choose us. What are you recite? If I asked you, do you remember what you were saying about the dog?

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Anybody remember what it was? That is not the book?

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By default, I'm gonna say it now.

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But honestly, if you honestly ask yourself, we just been called to, what, two hours ago who remembered less than two hours who remembers what they were saying was not the book.

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It was auto pilot, wasn't it?

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So we could guess and I think

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I had probably the likelihood I put my head to bed that sort of be on. But you know, the Sahaba there was a hobby. He led investors.

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that as the first vessel built in the Pacific Mahendra from Mecca to Medina, he stopped in the area of Cuba and they built a message there. So there's an Imam there and never seen his boss. He said, Whoever makes Google and goes out to Mr. Baba and prays to Iraq as he gets the reward up. So we were encouraged to go to and he would go there every week for my son. So let's talk about hiring a man who used to recite Coahuila. I had Apple sort of had to

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throw this once or twice. So number one, okay, number two, and you replace what is lost, then you would replace the after.

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So then whatever he wants, whatever he wants to use phosphorus. So the people told them look, now you got to cut that out. Do

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you appreciate that?

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I mean, that's what we're saying to the same sort of twice in the same rock. I love you. Chaos.

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But it's allowed you're allowed to do so. So they said stop it. It's a no not gonna stop it. He refused. So they said, You better stop it.

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He's like, Look, if you want me to stop, look, you have two options. Either I'm gonna keep doing it. Or I'm not gonna have your email anymore. You guys choose and you're like, I'm in the bushes here. Like what do you see? Like, man, leave me the prayer. You know? Like, no, we don't want anybody else to not leave besides you. You have to be our email. So you got to lead us but we don't want him to do that, either. So they wanted to properly

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so you don't happen. The Prophet told the man Yeah, Buddha may have no guarantee.

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Well, Mohammed

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he couldn't.

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He says what's stopping you from doing what your friends are telling you to do? And what's making you sick two thirds of the class and

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you know, he thinks two words

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in the room.

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I love this surah This is what I describes a loss of oneness Dwayne. I love reciting the oneness of Allah about the oneness of Allah. through the process that I'm told him, he said hope Okay, yeah. Hello caljan

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your love for Islam has granted you admission into paradise.

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You see the difference? Brothers in another narration, and it's like a Muslim in the past didn't send out an expedition there was a man who, who would relate to this loss at the end of America, recite whatever you want us would have lost the complaint to the Prophet. And the man told him that he says, he asked him why do you resign? He says the

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vernal equinox describes the man who describes the most versatile so I love to recite it. Suppose I told him up.

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Then tell him Allah loves him.

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For Susan loss, what's the lesson we learned from this that you choose what to recite in the plan based on what your love for was based on what you're feeling at the woman? Maybe somebody's going through difficult times. So we recite surah Yusuf, maybe somebody wants to praise the loss we were saying to end up sort of gone before the payments I have for you. he recites

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sort of hash or different is about what he's feeling you choose what you want to recite. Never

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be on autopilot. Now one of the Imam nowadays the members if anything long what happens?

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Come on,

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And people like zone out to the coast. You have this new you've been too hard on us. We know what's interesting is the positive he says that the

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Honored prayer the most loved parents Allah is the one who swam is long. Standing is long, definitely but hearing the message is different. It just old people it was children, there's many pregnant women those kinds of things. And you don't want to say a long prayer, because it's difficult for them but you by yourself the best prayers along with prayer. But you know what happens if you have ever been behind the EMA?

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And he starts with a ball lean on him. And if

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me him that he can Kitab me, he starts to look

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worse. What's the first thought that goes through my be honest?

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What is he gonna finish? What is he gonna stop

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comparing the puppet I'm sorry. How did you meet a man? Is that the exact same thing? Yeah, but you got it. And you prayed with him? And he began sort of

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he's he's very deep and Muslim and design. He says.

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I thought to what he's praying. I thought to myself, he's gonna stop I 100

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the pumps gonna finish I wonder he kept going. So you know, he said wonder he says, I thought he's gonna finish once he's

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posted and finishes

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on tsunami and Kathleen, he's waiting for that to be.

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Back Omar levy.

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nuptse you sue.

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So to miss another juice and a half.

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He was breaking. He's like, This is no joke. I mean, this is this is serious stuff. So

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let's go into the court. And if

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me meme Allah, Who

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are you?

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And you want to know more, because you're not you're not required to go in order and so that you go out of order is the problem. So he's, and then he says, the posts that have been wanting to record and spend the same amount of time similar amount of time in record as it didn't appear.

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And so do the same thing. Can you imagine that prayer,

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there was an RMS in Michigan. When I was in high school, we would have spent the last few nights of Ramadan in the midst of the pm and late

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shift, it was just thought

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he would come and leave at the end before the man will leave. And he was known to be long prayers to the youth group. We would all spend like 10 of us to spend the night in the mission. So we would have lookouts like scouts in there watching the parking lot. He should have his car coming and he's like

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she's coming to this so people would pretend like you're sleeping and hide in the kitchen.

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They would hide and

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clean up these long prayers. So one day we were all like pouring cable I love you. This is the last time it's gonna hold on man. We got to do anything once behind the EMA.

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So we said we're gonna tonight Tonight we're gonna do something I've already everybody was getting psyched up for our lead of youth cookie wars big like, big down Michigan's cold getting big down jacket, like huge jacket, he put on his Winter hats. He's

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like, ready, we're standing up right now it's just hot, I would say is because of parents law.

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If it's too long for you, and you're integrated, and he's pulling in your packets.

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So we seem to be doing one of two things. Number one, as the numbers break, we just think a lot when

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you finish your prep, the amount of continuing to kind of break up and finish over to the other option is if you notice at one time, you're too tired to sit down like this.

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Right. And then whenever you

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get suspended and then stand back up again, and continue to practice. So the you

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so most people, they will just end the prayer and they will leave. So what happened is we had a room in the back like this, except those last was a wall.

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So when anybody would leave the prayer, they would go in the bathroom. So still have 123 and four. So as more people would go they would like celebrate, you can hear like the celebration of the backs. Should he take him up on the shoulders as he left the prayer.

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Now I had just memorized that summer the previous summer so so I know what she was saying. I'm like, Alright, she's the one when he started sort of off because you know, he goes a long prayer. I think he's a stop at you know, end up just wanting to go through. He finishes this once I upload a super happy meal and Nasional alone.

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Sounds like shit. You finished either. We'll see. And maybe then we'll go down. He keeps going till the cup. Listen, he goes to the third just like wow. And I was standing next to the moment as he passed away. A few years later, she meant he was like a pillar, not wiggling back and goose mesh law solid.

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And I was next to him a high schooler and I'm just

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cleaning this way. Maybe that way changing

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Back and forth, but I want him to finish the frame.

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So somehow much harder. He doesn't just recite flow doesn't reflect long he repeats is just a deposit of the mind says that they perceive the precedent when you would come across an idea about Jenna, he would ask a law of origin. When he came across an eye about Hellfire, he would ask a lot to me to protect it from health player. When he came across an AI about mercy, Bob could ask Allah give me your mercy. I came across a pie about the punishment of law, you'll say, well, law protects me, you would interact with some Chicago saints. So Baccarat is 50 pages and 49 pages long. On top of that repeating I had to get in again. And reciting and stopping and asking ALLAH, it was a long

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prayer. And he ended up finishing Surah Baqarah in the first day,

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like this recitation, and honestly, I don't remember what you were saying.

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who it is so like, you know, title.

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And then we finished, we survived the prayer. Those of us who survived, we were like, you know, when you go to like a theme park, they have those t shirts, I survived, you know, like the Magnum of the biggest ride, whatever it is, or whatever these big rides are. We want to make a shirt, I survived shift thought and put a picture of like a beard. It's just everywhere.

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But you don't have to pedal you know, it's interesting, those kind of brothers and sisters is that that experience people, some people criticized him while you were saying so long, those kind of things. I'm telling you that experience changed our all of our posts to pm me. After that experience, we were able to now to stand for an hour, two hours, and we're able to do it before we could never dream of doing something like that. But it was training. And I'm alone and just hold on his training. preamble name is like, like, you know, it's like the bonus session. You want real training. This is where you make this is where you earn your stripes. So it's

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sort of

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interesting, you know, sometimes, there was a man, he came into the new mission first time in the mission, and the amount of he recites this joke is I don't know if it's true. He was saying through the the whole surah

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what kind of mission is my first time in this question?

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So the next day, he comes back and props to him, he comes back the amount of faith and I'm done. Okay.

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Book lbos happy to enhance these

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two people. Apparently Hey, dude, who's some Why did you leave the prayer? He's like yesterday that shit was

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the chapter on the cow. And it was so long. Now you think and feel the elephant? How long is it going to be?

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The people when they their mind goes to screens things. But how do we focus on what the man recites whatever the member says? How do we build for sure in our in this section of the surah? Number one, understand that what you are hearing is the speech of Allah. Lo.

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If this brand were sat down on a mountain, you would see the mountain shaking out a fear of a loss of panels.

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We ever hearing verses that were the speech of Allah. So even if you don't understand a lick of Arabic, just knowing that this is a speech of Allah is enough to leave you in awe.

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Allah sees

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the movie my wife

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and I take an oath by the position of the stars. But then he doesn't tell you what the oath is about the only place in the Quran he interjects and he says, What?

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Muna alim, and indeed this, what I'm going to take over is a great magnificence of what is the oath of allegiance? In?

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carrying it is certainly almost normal recitation that

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they say why did Allah have to say that? This is a great oath? Why do you just take the oath and say, No, I'm kidding. Why they say,

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you will mean you. This is a great old, they say,

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the unknown up summit and Konami big enemy

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took an oath

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with his own words about his own words. This is the spiritual law.

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This is a speech of Allah. These are words that cause the heart to tremble, the eyes to shed tears the skin to have goosebumps.

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So just by understanding that, this is the speech of Allah, it makes you focus number two,

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ponder on the IRS. Now if you understand Arabic, this is where you can do it. If you don't understand Arabic, it makes it difficult. So as we talked about in the beginning of the program, learn

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Arabic is part of the religion of Allah, it is necessary. We need to make a commitment to learn Arabic When I was in Egypt back in 2004, my neighbor was a 73 year old man from an island off of Australia.

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He left his family, he came to learn Arabic 73 years old by himself.

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It's never too late

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era because part of the religion of Allah, we have to take it upon ourselves to learn the religion, the language of the religion of Allah, we understand that. Understand what the person I'm talking. Now if you don't, again, like we said in the beginning, study Pepsi is study translation, memorize translation. Now, number three is the idea of a lump. They're actually called ions. They're not called juman. Or they're not sentences. They're actually verse VCA verses but it's a what is an idea? And is the morenci that's a miracle at the sign.

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So every time you hear a first of all, even if it's haami, me, him, or her and even the shortest versus

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It's a miracle from the miracles of Allah, where every time you memorize that I have an answer the luck, you're memorizing a miracle, the miracle miracles of Allah, what do you hear, see the words of Allah, you're hearing a miracle from the miracles of Allah, not just a miracle, but the greatest miracle ever, ever given to mankind?

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Now, number five, Number Number four is interact with what you are reading, interact with what you are reading, what does that mean, as we mentioned, or they perceive him when he would read an AI about gender? What would he say? All that make up? The people have done that if we hear the ayah in the Quran, Allah says for South Bay, this meal began early What should we say? Subhana.

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Allah things for man you know and more or less a floor by Allah. Allah says was stone villa in Allah for Rahim, Allah ask Allah for forgiveness. He's truly Forgiving and Merciful. What do we say? A stuffer Allah. Allah says

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Camille Hakimi is one of the most just those those are the most wise and those who give decisions we say,

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of course all along. Not just that. But this again comes to understanding you know what I was planning to my teacher back some time ago,

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I was sending students when

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I'm studying the verses that Allah says, we'll call that Ilya rutuja de la Hema.

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Ed him wunderino vema connu benally other

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people can fire them the Jews, they say Allah His hands are tied or constricted. So Allah sees in response add me there has to be tight and constricted will call when they have received the curse of Allah because of what they have said.

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Now I recited it to my shift just like I was saying to you the shift said, Hey, stop. Recite that again. restate it properly as What do you mean? He said when a believer

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read cite something that causes his heart to feel high up from Allah to feel shine is from Allah to say what the Jews said a was hands are constructed his recitation reflects that so you recite work on it Leah?

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Luna softly Yeah, I mean a lot of shyness to Allah that when the response come you respond with strength one let's add one or you know, the

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button may be constructed maybe they receive the curse, but what they have said, you respond with strength and when you add when you add when you interact with to put on like this, I'm telling you, even people who don't understand Arabic

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When they pray behind them enough will interact with the Quran like this. They feel a difference in the recitation of the Quran. It's not autopilot is not just reciting nicely and melodious Ah, that's not to read don't reduce the tweet to that.

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Did you read is reciting it properly? Give me every house that's right. Interacting with the words of Allah subhanaw taala see the sort of ammonium

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will call on top of the Bushmen what

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they see oh Han has taken a son

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walk on top of

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the dome shiny and it The Goddess

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I mean what

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water him well gee bad.

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Luck money Who won? He

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is the one in

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the safe. A rough man has taken a slayer a son.

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Allah says indeed

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brought forth a terrible evil thing to the point by which because of this statement, the heavens are almost torn and the earth is almost ripped asunder and the mountains fall into ruins. To claim the Ulla man has taken a son, this now seriously, you know, it's interesting. So we go to Tao like interfaith and stuff. We were Christians we thought the Christians were like, yeah, we're all the same, you know, our gods, you know, same gods

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that we give to Allah really, this is how serious the claim is that Allah is taking the sun, and we're saying we're all the same. Now, you give them to hate. This is how people don't realize with all men * is a bad deed as a portable sin, killing and murder and stealing and drinking alcohol. These are horrible things. But shake.

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My neighbor is a nice person. My neighbor's nice to me. He brings me a Christmas you know, Christmas card. And he's cool. And he's nice.

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So mushnik to understand what that is, last season sort of never faced for who fallenness either Camilla Dabba taste the punishment, you will only be increased in punishment every day. And how clear that people have to handle their day is worse every day is worse than the previous thing. But an ambassador forgot they see that this I was the most severe I repeated review that people have helped

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me know things about them. Just

00:21:28 --> 00:21:57

this punishments is a just punishment, it's an equal punishment to since they have committed and what about nice people, people will feed the poor and take care of the you know, they're in hellfire. Yes. Because the greatest sin is this, but we don't realize that you don't realize that. So again, interact with the recitation of the Quran. Now we'll take a break, inshallah, to Allah, let me just share with you just last couple of points on this, and then we'll take a break.

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You know, there's many stories give you one or two, just to give you an idea. You know, brothers and sisters, when we understand the Quran like this, then we can pray and lose ourselves in the prayer. We can literally you can I swear to Allah, you can stand up at 1am and fetters out until 430. And you can be reciting one, just one. And if you feel the breath, grab the magnificence of the words of Allah, this one idea can keep you busy until you hear the alarm from your alarm clock. And you didn't even realize three hours have passed. I'm telling you.

00:22:37 --> 00:22:42

And this is what I have experienced. And this is what people in our time experience. I'm telling you.

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You know, one time, the nephew of Ayesha or mother I showed her the way she comes to her at a time of Doha the time between federal and he would go and say Salaam to her and go ask her Do you eat anything and he would go and buy something from the market. He found her reciting inside.

00:23:04 --> 00:23:06

She was reciting the verse. Oh.

00:23:10 --> 00:23:15

Baba roofie Nina was stealing for men.

00:23:23 --> 00:23:31

With people of gender are saying in this video. We used to be in our amongst our families, fearful and scared.

00:23:32 --> 00:24:05

But Allah subhanho wa Taala bestowed upon us His bounty and saved us from the punishment of hellfire. He says she was reciting this idea over and over again and crying and crying and kept asking ALLAH, Oh Allah, I am now in this dunya fearing your punishment, so protect me from your punishment now. He says I left her I waited for her. She didn't stop I left her I went to the market. I came back and she was still receiving the same hands, crying and making to Allah. You know, the person at once sent

00:24:07 --> 00:24:17

a group of believers that they were in geographies that we love. And so they appointed two people to be the lookout. So there's the Mahajan, man and on Friday night,

00:24:20 --> 00:24:23

he laid down to sleep first in the unsavoury stayed awake

00:24:24 --> 00:24:36

to the party began praying the prayer in the night. And so a spy from the Godfather came and saw him standing as nighttime. So they saw like a silhouette of some sort. So he shot him with an arrow.

00:24:38 --> 00:24:59

Now, what's amazing, is that not only did he not stop his prayer, he didn't even yell, yell out to wake up his Mohajer companion. He struck with an arrow. He takes it out and he keeps praying. So the guy who sees him still standing, he shoots a second arrow. He gets struck with the arrow, he takes it off, he keeps praying, and he's striking with a third arrow finally at the third arrow

00:25:00 --> 00:25:06

He doesn't stop praying or yell out to wake up his companion. He takes it out and he finishes his prayer.

00:25:08 --> 00:25:11

And then he wakes up his companion, the Mahajan.

00:25:13 --> 00:25:23

The one that when the guy the shooter, the arrow sees there's two people he got scared he runs away, because the more people there used to how many he runs away, the more hands or tails on Saudi Medici. So Pamela,

00:25:24 --> 00:25:33

and Bethany, why didn't you tell me the first time you were struck with this arrow? You really you're gonna wait three? Can you imagine if we got hit with a mosquito or like,

00:25:34 --> 00:25:40

you prick our fingers, three arrows. You know what he says? I'm sorry. But you know, he says,

00:25:42 --> 00:25:43

couldn't to the surah to

00:25:45 --> 00:25:47

go ahead, and

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I was reciting a surah. I was so in love with an amazed by. I didn't want to stop my recitation.

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And then we talked about the basketball example, you could be playing two hours and you're sore, and you're hurting, but you could keep on playing because you enjoy it. He felt pain. But his enjoyment and sweetness of Salah out outweighed the pain of the arrows and so we kept on praying.

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Going to the zoo right in Accra.

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So brothers and sisters we can avoid we can get to this level. If we develop the show in our brains we develop understanding of ants of Allah and we've gained an appreciation for the words of Allah Subhana Allah

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