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An-Naml 27-44 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 37-44

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So what happened is Elaine, so they manually s&m he said to the invoice, go back to them, go back home with all of these gifts go back to the people of Sabah felanitx de unknown, surely we will definitely come to them BG new then with armies lalibela, whom Bihar, they will have no power to encounter to face it pivot table from the root letters of balance and what does COBOL mean? before and prevent is lucky but Allah who be this is an idiom. And it means he has no power to face it.

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He has no power to be in front of it, meaning to face it to resist it. So let people at home be here they will have no power to match our forces because of forces of a man or listener. They were of human beings and jinn and birds. So lalibela home be here.

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Well a nuclear gender home and surely we will definitely expel them. Men have from it from where from their land. And they lesson as ones were disgraced, well, home sadly don't. And they will be belittled unless they come to me in submission.

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So what do we see over here the today manner listener, because it was his duty to call people to Islam.

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This is why he called the people of Serbia to become Muslim. It was his obligation as a messenger.

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And when he did not see any cooperation from those people, he threatened that if you do not come to me, if you do not obey me, then I am going to come and attack you.

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Now this he said more as a threat,

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because he understood when they sent a gift that these people were willing to compromise. And this is why we see in the next tire that Allah He said, meaning Solomon or less lamb he said, Yeah, you almelo omala and Yukon which of you yet Dini biall. She her will come to me with her throne, Karbala, a dooney muslimeen before they come to me as Muslim. Why did he say this because he had an idea to these people are going to come especially when he gave such a severe warning. When you get such a strong warning, he knew these people were going to come now. So he said to his mother, so the man or his son and his chiefs, his Court hears that which of you is going to bring me her out before

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the people actually come to me. Very soon they will have left to come to me. Now before they reach me, I wanted her I should be here. So what happened then, Carla, he said, who said a free two minute Genie, or a free from among the gin. Roughly It was a particular gene. So he spoke up. And every fleet is from the roof letters Einfeld off. And our fleet is used for someone who is very mischievous, someone who is very clever, very strong, very powerful. And literally it is used for someone who has a very large stature, very huge. And if it is used for mischief, wickedness, and the rifra means heat. When the heat is very shredded, it's very intense. And it repeats Some say is the

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is marlim of a particular gene. But others say that it repeats is a particular kind of a gene that just as human beings are of different abilities, different skills, they possess different abilities, different skills. Some people are tall, some people are short, some people are more strong. Other people are not as strong. Some people are mentally more clever. Other people are very cunning. They're very wise people have different characteristics. Similarly, the gin also, they're not all the same. They are different.

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So roughly, he spoke up and he was off the gin. And he said, Anna Tikka be I want to bring it to you are well under coma McCormick, before you stand up from your position.

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Just imagine. So the manner listed under sitting and he says before you stand up from your position, I'm going to bring the throne to you. We're in near LA and indeed I am upon it. Luckily, you mean surely one who is mighty, I am able to bring it. It's not that I'm going to drop it on the way and ruin it. No, I'm strong enough. I can bring it to you. And I am I mean, I am trustworthy. Meaning I will not take anything from the throne because the throne remember, it was very grand. It was made of gold and silver and he had a lot of pearls and emeralds and rubies and everything on it. So he said I mean,

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that's such a minor in his center. Why did he want the throne to be brought to him?

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To show his power to the queen of Saba. Very true. And also because he had an idea that these people were not going to fight anymore, they were actually going to come and when they were going to come he wanted to show to them. His wordly might end

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power as well,

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that they know they have not surrendered to someone who is weak, but someone who is powerful. And he wanted to show them a miracle of his prophet.

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Because when people see something extraordinary it adds to their faith.

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So he wanted to show them something unique, so that it would help them develop a man because they were coming as muslimeen as ones who had submitted to him, but he wanted them to submit to Allah. So in order to do that, he asked for the throne to be brought. And this refried Jin, he said that I can bring it to you, before you stand up from your position. Now, what was this position of such a minor incident? It is said that today mannerism, he used to sit in his court in order to pass judgments between his people from morning until noon.

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Right from morning until noon, at noon time, he would finish that session and he would proceed to something else.

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So it was before noon. So if Reed said okay, before noon, before you rise up from this gathering before you conclude this gathering, I am going to bring the throne to you.

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Now, just notice one thing over here, where was the throne, all the way in Yemen? And where was he? in Palestine? There's a huge, very long distance between the two.

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For a person to come from Yemen to Palestine, it takes long.

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But for a person to go from Palestine, to Yemen, and then from Yemen, bring a throne all the way back. Don't you need a lot of time for that? Of course you do. Even if you travel by air by a plane? Definitely you need a couple of hours, you need some time. But we see that he says that I can bring it to you before you rise up from your position meaning before you conclude this gathering of yours. Now what do we see over here a very, very important lesson that Arif reads, because he had the ability, he was a we and he was I mean, he had these two characteristics, strength, as well as trustworthiness. And these two characteristics are very, very important for a person to accomplish

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anything. Because he had these two characteristics, he offers his services. He doesn't wait to be called.

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He doesn't wait to be called What does he do? What does he do? He offers a service. And this is something that we should do as well.

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When you see that some work needs to be done.

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Other people are saying this work needs to be done. And you feel that you have that ability. You can do it, then don't just wait for them to call you because oh my god, it's embarrassing. If you say no, it's not embarrassing. It's not arrogant, if you have the ability to offer your services, because at the end of the day, what needs to be done, the work needs to be done, if you can do it, offer, go ahead and offer your services.

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And we see that especially if a person has these two qualities, the power, the strength to do it and also the Amana and we see that use of Allison and when he offered his services, what did he say anyhow, villain, Arlene, Arlene, meaning I know and her view, I'm trustworthy, I can do it, you can trust me.

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So then what happened before. So the manner this time could allow roughly another person stood up

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corner, he said who enter the or in the who are in the moment and kitabi the one who had the knowledge of the book, the person who had the knowledge of the book, he stood up and he said, Anna it could be I can bring you the throne, cobbler in your head that is a cotton fork before your glands returns to you. What does it mean by this umbrella as of today, in a couple of years, it returns and thoughts thoughts is what? The blinking of the eye.

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So before you close your eyes and open it

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before your eyes returns to you, your glance returns to you. Meaning you close your eyes you open them before that I can bring you the throne.

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Just imagine this is like what a split second.

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A second maybe.

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This is how quickly this person said he can bring the throne.

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Now what does it mean by this? Unless you're in the hooray moment Okita The one who had knowledge of the book, which book is this? Some of that this book refers to reveal scripture and it refers to delta and the Buddha because so the mannerisms rather than Buddhism. He received the book. And before that the bunny is right. What did they have told us? That's the law that they had to follow.

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And others have said that Al Kitab over here. It refers to some other book Alo Ireland which book exactly it is. We do not know it's some book.

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So who is this person who has

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The knowledge of the book, some have said that it refers to the scribe of a man or listener.

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His name was ASLEF.

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Others have said that it was today man, or they slam himself because he had knowledge of both the Torah as well as the, the Buddha.

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And others have said that no, it was debrief. Because jabril He is the one who brought out revelation, and he was familiar with the books.

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So allow arland, who exactly it was, but the main point over here is what? What's the main point that he had knowledge of the book.

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And that knowledge, it made him superior to who, to even at retreats, wanted everybody to have

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strength. But what is more powerful than physical might knowledge.

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So this one who had knowledge of the book, he said, I can bring it to you, about a year after the election for the governor, and he authored a copy of this can be taken as literally, that before you open your eyes. And this can also be taken us figuratively, that in a very short period of time.

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And if you think of it if it was Djibouti, let's say and then remember that Djibouti took the profits out of artisan for marriage as well.

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And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was brought back, what do we learn

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that his bed was still warm.

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So angels are made of light, they can travel a low Arlen and speed of lights, maybe even faster, right?

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So they can do that a low RPM, whoever it was, but the main thing is that he had knowledge of the book,

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felon narrow air who then when he saw it, who saw a man or an incident, he saw it was the villain or in the who it was settled in front of him. Mr. Cohen from the levers of power, that it was second. It was settled. It was firm. It was stationary before him it wasn't wobbling, it wasn't moving. No.

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It was placed right before him. Got a he said had been felt to be this is from the bounty of my Lord. This is from the favor of my Lord. This is not my own accomplishment. This is a huge favor that Allah has bestowed on me.

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Why? The abalone so that he may test me ash guru aku whether I am grateful or I am ungrateful, woman chuckle and whoever is grateful for in Nima Yesh, curonian. FC he is grateful for himself. He is the one who benefits woman cafaro and whoever is ungrateful for in Nairobi, honey Yun Karim, then indeed, my lord is, if a person is ungrateful, my lord is learning he is rich, and he is Kareem. He's generous. He's very noble. He doesn't need the gratitude of people. What do we see over here?

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What do we see over here? the humility of Solomon or is

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that how humble he was? How grateful he was there when he saw such a huge thing happened that the throne was brought all the way from Yemen to before him, within a split second, look at how he turns to Allah had come in from the lobby. This is not say, Oh, I have all these gene under me.

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I am so strong. And I'm so powerful. This is because of my leadership. No, this is from the favor of Allah.

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Many times we also enjoy many things. Like, for example, we have a phone that works very well, we have a computer that works very well. We have a house that is perfect in every way that we want it to be. We have an internet service that has never caused any problem. And when we experience the benefit, what do we say? This is that company, and this is this model. And this is because of that service.

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But what do we see over here that he says, Heather, I mean,

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this is exclusively from my lord, this is from the fuddle of Allah.

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And this is what gratitude means that when you experience the blessing, immediately you realize this is actually from Allah. This is not my own accomplishment. But what happens to us, we get lost in the means. This is because of this internet service. And this is because my friend told me about this. And this is because we live in this country. And this is because I have connections over there. No, if you think of it, who gave you disability who provided you with those connections? And also primadonna. So have them in the lobby. This is from the favor of my Lord. Leah balloony ash, Kuru aku. He's testing me. Am I going to be grateful? Or am I going to be ungrateful? What is

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gratitude? that a person realizes the blessing is from Allah. This is not my own accomplishment. And that a person does not make it a source of pride.

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That look, I have so many things and I'm so much better. And I'm so well off and look how

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Perfectly get my work done because I have this computer and that model and the latest phone. No. It's not a source of pride. This is the gift of Allah. And that after acknowledging the blessing as well, a person does not look down on others, he does not feel superior, himself looking down on others.

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So it's very, very important that when we achieve something, when we enjoy something, we are grateful because that is the test that Allah has given you this gift to see how do you react? Do you turn to him? Or do you turn away from him? are you grateful or do you become ungrateful? Because whoever is grateful, who will benefit he himself and whoever is ungrateful, he will suffer himself. We learn instead of full Senate if 46 that man army lasallian Funny enough, see, woman Assa Farah lay her whoever does righteousness, it is for himself and whoever does evil and he will suffer the consequences of it.

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And if a person is ungrateful, does Allah need his gratitude at all? No, because of lies of any incident factor if 15 we learn Yeah, you will nurse untold for Corrado, in Allah will law who will have an eagle Hamid or people you are those in need of Allah and Allah is rich, he is free of need, he is praiseworthy.

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So, then what happened?

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When the throne was brought, Cora he said so the man arrested him said net chirala Hi Asha disguise for her her throne Nikita from the newsletters known Kapha 10 kilos Shea is to make something unrecognizable. What is monka

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monka that which is not recognized denied rejected unacceptable. So 10 kilos Shea is to make something unrecognizable.

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So Nikita, hola Alicia alternate, change it disguise it so that it's not recognizable for her.

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nuns or we will see a daddy, whether she is guided under cool domina Latina late afternoon or she's of those people who do not obtain guidance. What does it mean by this? Why did he want to test her in this way?

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That he wanted to see whether she is able to recognize things.

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Or she's not able to recognize things.

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That whether she's able to recognize something by its obvious features or not. that although the throne is altered slightly, will she recognize it as her own throne? Or not?

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And by this, he is trying to teach her a lesson he's trying to test her as well. That does she recognized Prophethood through what I show her or not.

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phenomena than when jet she came to LA it was said she was asked a hacker that shuki is your throne like this? Notice she wasn't asked Is this your throne? What was he asked a hacker that

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is had this color like this out of shuki your throne? Is your throne like that? Is it like this? Call it she said under Who? As if it is actually my throne,

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meaning it is so similar It is as though it is actually my throne. Now she did actually recognize her throne. But she made a pretense to them just as they had made a pretense to her.

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Why? She was intelligent. She was clever. She knew that something was going on.

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So she didn't say, Oh, yes, of course. It's my tone, and how dare you bring it and how dare you change it. She also played along. I know who it is as though this is it. It's so similar. Her response is very diplomatic.

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Whoo, Tina, and we were given under a limit the knowledge makaveli her before it work on now muslimeen. And we were Muslim, who says this, there are two opinions.

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First, it has been said that, that the queen of Saba. She is the one who said this, that we have been given this knowledge, this knowledge of your Prophethood this knowledge of the great power of Allah.

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Min cubberly have before it meaning before this miracle, before even seeing my throne over here, I knew that you were a prophet, you are showing this miracle to us to make us Muslim.

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You understand? She's saying that you are showing this miracle to us, that you brought my throne all the way from there to here. And you want to demonstrate your power to me. And you want to show to me that you can do extraordinary things because Allah subhanaw taala has given you all these powers. But remember that I'm already Muslim.

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I have already recognized you as a prophet of Allah, how when she sent the gift,

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and the response that she received, she knew that he was not someone

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was making money, who was amassing wealth?

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So she says, What routine Allah, Coppelia Wakanda muslimeen see how intelligent she was. She also knew that she was being tested. So she says, you want to make us Muslim by showing us this great thing we are already Muslim.

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It is also said that this statement is absurd. I mean, Edison's routine and our ilma we were given knowledge mean knowledge of hedaya

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that we knew that she was going to come in probably have before she actually came. lacuna. muslimin, and we were Muslim to Allah before her.

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What's up the her and it prevented her McKenna turbo demon down in LA he, what she used to worship besides Allah, if you think about it, what does the previous IR reflect? That this woman was extremely intelligent, she was very observant. She quickly realize that certain manner Islam was not an ordinary King, rather, he was the Prophet of Allah.

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But then how come if she was so intelligent, how can she was a Muslim? How can she to check before

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that was thought the hammer can a terrible woman.

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Because she was raised up in an environment of ship,

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because she grew up doing ship, and she used to worship others besides Allah, this is why she was prevented from the worship of Allah.

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In Canada, min Coleman caffine. Indeed, she was from a disbelieving people.

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So she was very intelligent. But she wasn't a shaker, because she was born in that

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polities. And she was brought up in that qualities. And this is why she accepted that lifestyle, and she was a part of it. Her forefathers did it. She saw this all around her from the very beginning. And this is why she accepted it.

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And this is something very, very important that we must also understand

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that many times there are people who are intelligent, but when it comes to religion, they are on the wrong religion. Why? Because that's all they have ever known.

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And their true intelligence that shines forth, it becomes evident when they accept the truth upon seeing it.

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So the same thing was with her, because she was brought up in that household, in that family in that environment in that culture. This is why she was often in the her cabinet men, Coleman caffrey. This is why she was a disbeliever.

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What does this show to us?

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What does this teach us? This great responsibility on us to deliver this message to people?

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Because there are so many people who are intelligent, otherwise, who are good otherwise, who are very careful otherwise, but when it comes to religion, because they don't know any better. This is why what they believe is wrong. This is why what they do is wrong. So whose responsibility is it to tell them? It's our responsibility? And this is why so a man or an incident he invited her to Islam

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de la lucha it was sad to her, although holy for her, enter the palace of sash from the roof letters. So I don't know. And it's used for a fanus a lofty structure. It's used for a building that is extremely beautiful in its architecture, and it's also adorned very well. So she was told, enter the pettiness,

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fundamental attitude and when she saw it, meaning when she saw the floor as she was to enter, it has about two she thought it she supposed it to be legit and a pool of water.

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legit from the author's lamb GMG remember the word Lu Jian? What is it? The sea depth of the sea and over here, it's giving the meaning of a pool of water.

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So as she was entering the phallus, she thought that it was actually a pool of water.

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Why did she think that?

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Because the floor was made of crystal. So what happened? What kashia Fett and she unveiled Gosh, is literally to remove something and as something is removed, what is beneath it is unveiled. So she unveiled or unset it her her two legs circling is actually kind of stuck and soft is the shin lower leg. So she uncovered her lower legs Why?

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So that her clothes don't get wet on Saturday man or the salon sector, in no selection, indeed, it is a thought that is what that is paved Minh karate from Crystal mandalas from the Ruth Petrus.

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Mima that and mamora is used for that which is plaster that which is bathed it is basically used for something that is smooth. Rajaratnam rod is a man who does not have a beard

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So it's used for something that is smooth. So it is a cycle that is mamama that is paved with crystal. Men kawaii kawaii floral of Aurora.

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De Roman filbur. Comes in the Quran. So it's used for crystal. So Mandala Domine kawari. It's a floor that is paved with crystal.

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So just imagine if it's a crystal floor, is it not going to look like water? Of course it is. And it is also said that under the crystal floor, there was flowing water

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under the crystal floor, that was clear the glass floor there was also flowing water.

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So she thought that was actually a pool of water that she had to cross.

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But look at her. How respectful she was that she didn't say we have to go through this water.

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What did she do simply, she just lifted up workloads slightly so that she wouldn't get wet. And she just listened to whatever she was told. What does that reflect her humidity? How considered she was Mater's what happens we go to other people's houses and we start commenting. How can we have so many stairs?

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And how can the floor is like this? You have nothing to do with how the house was made. So please don't comment like that.

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So look at her she doesn't give any comments. She doesn't say why do we have to go through the pool? She just simply lifts up her clothes in order to protect herself.

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And then she's told in the holster modern men kawari Carla, she said Robbie in New Zealand to Nazi Oh my Lord, indeed I have wronged myself. How?

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By doing shake before

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what a slum Tamara Sulaiman. And now I have submitted with Suleiman to delay E to Allah horrible Allah mean, the Lord of the words.

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Why did you say this all of a sudden?

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Because by realizing the greatness of the Messenger of Allah, she realized the greatness of Allah Himself.

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That this is how great the Messenger of Allah is. This is how advanced he is. This is his power. This is his Well, this is what he owns. Who gave it to him, Allah. So just imagine how great his Lord is.

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She did not get stuck in the message and say, Oh, my God, you're so wonderful. You're So Amazing. You're so powerful. No, she realized how great the Creator.

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And this is how it must be. there when we see someone with a lot of wealth with a lot of beauty. Don't get stuck in them that oh, my God, they have so much and I don't have this. No, think about how great Allah is that oh my god, Allah can actually give this much.

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He can give this much power, he can give this much beauty. He can do this, he can do that. Look at how she recognized the greatness of Allah through the greatness of the messenger.

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And also one thing, remember that the queen of Saba, she was very wealthy. What did her people say? That national Zulu wedding? What we'll do, but since she didn't,

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but still we see that today mannerism, he was far more advanced, far more advanced.

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That he had something that she had never seen before. She had never imagined before.

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And here, she formally declares that I believe in a lot and also in his messenger. What did she say before lacuna muslimeen. We were already Muslim. But now we see that she formally declares that I am a Muslim. So she became Muslim

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recitation of these Ayah

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be happy

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Me ash COO, coo

00:33:10--> 00:33:14

coo Nina Singh woman

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carry on

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Walden tuna co Aslan to

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The main thing we see over here today man or listen, because he was so powerful. He used his power not to show off not to boast

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Not to oppress others but to call other people to Islam.

00:35:06--> 00:35:14

Because he was at that level, he could call people of that level as well. He was a king. This is why he could invite a queen to Islam.

00:35:15--> 00:35:38

Similarly, if we are of a particular level, we should invite the people of the same level as well. It is our responsibility This is the test hadn't been familiar of be a screw up for this blessing that Allah has given me do I use it to serve as Dean or do I abuse it? Do I show off do I become arrogant? Or do I really use it for the deen of Allah? This is the actual test.

00:35:39--> 00:35:47

So Chronicle lahoma v. humbucker. Mashallah, either illa Anta that's the heruka want to do. Like I said, I'm already coming up with the label.