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This is why patience is mentioned as one of the keys for success in this world and so alasa

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ll Edina, Armando Armando solar hot water also bill Huck, whatever so this summer

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all human beings will fail in this life, except for those who believe in a law

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call each other to and do righteous deeds call each other to the truth

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and call each other to patience, remind each other to be patient.

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And on the other hand,

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impatience its opposite has been displaced in both the Quran and the Sunnah.

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And the Quran, Allah describes the human state as an impatient state saying, We are an insane ob Sheree da who will hire Buchanan in San Juan joola.

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Human being praised for evil in his prayers for good.

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The human being is forever impatient.

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In his impatience, he prays for evil and his prayers for good.

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Instead of waiting,

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instead of being content, his impatience leads him to pray for what he thinks to be good, but in fact, it is evil. Allah didn't give it to him, because it wasn't good for him. But he is demanding it give me any way.

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I know what's good for me.

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Is impatience.

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Is is destruction.

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From the sun now,

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there is a narration

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reported in both Sahih al Bukhari and Muslim as soon as tirmidhi Abu huraira related that Alliance messenger said,

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Any man who calls on a law

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or woman who calls on a law in prayer will be answered.

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Any man or woman

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who calls on a law in prayer,

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their prayer will be answered.

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It is either granted to him or her in advance in this life.

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It is either granted to him or her in advance in this life, or stored away for him or her in the next life.

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It is either granted in advance in this life, or stored

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for him or her in the next life.

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As long as there is a condition

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as long as he or she does not pray for something sinful.

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As long as they don't pray for something sinful, or for breaking family ties.

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Or for breaking family ties.

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mother and dad are upset with son or daughter and they pray to Allah

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to break those family ties not accepted by Allah.

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And as long as he or she is not impatient,

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as long as he or she is not impatient.

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When the companions of the Prophet SAW, Selim asked him, How is one impatient with regards to da

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How is one impatient He replied, by saying, I called on my Lord, and He did not answer my prayer for me.

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I called on my Lord, and He did not answer my prayer for me.

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So one who expresses this

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will not have their prayer answered. impatience in da

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will cancel our laws accepting that law. That is how serious impatience can be.

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We all

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know as Muslims that

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Gratitude and patience are basic principles, which each and every one of us must develop.

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They were exemplified in the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When he prayed at night, till his ankles were swollen, and his wife, companions asked him, Why are you doing this to yourself when ALLAH is forgiving your sins of the past and the sins of the future? And he said, What? Shouldn't I be a thankful servant?

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Shouldn't I be a thankful servant?

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This was the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he went to carry the message to tarrif,

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relatives of his there, stoned him, chased him out of the city and stoned him.

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stoning him until blood, clogged his sandals.

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And when he was given the option to have that city destroyed,

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what did he say?

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Perhaps they would come maybe leaving people from their children.

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He was patient, you and I, if that happened to us, we would have told the angel Yes, wipe them out.

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But Prophet Mohammed says alum

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looked positively into the future, saying perhaps a believing people would come from among them.

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So gratitude and patience

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should be a part of our characters. as Muslims, it should be practically demonstrated in our families.

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It should be practically demonstrated in our communities.

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On the world scale,

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there is so much which could be said about the importance of gratitude.

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Muslims today unfortunately,

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with wealth,

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they have not shown gratitude.

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Instead, that wealth is used to enjoy, so busy enjoying that they have forgotten that this is from Allah Subhana Allah. So they squander that wealth,

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and all kinds of corruption

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instead of using it, to spread the word of a law

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and to relieve a lot of servants in the earth.

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in times of difficulty when it comes, instead of depending on the believers,

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they depend on the disbelievers.

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They make the disbelievers their friends and their allies instead of the believers.

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This is in gratitude and impatience on a international scale.

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But taking it back down to the individual,

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how does one develop gratitude?

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If we are by nature,

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on thankful, thankless,

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we have to be reminded, even as little children, we have to teach our children to be thankful. Otherwise, you give them something they will take it then they're gonna finish. They got it. That's what's important. I got it. But we have to teach them, train them raise them to be thankful.

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So how do we if we have reached adulthood, and we don't display proper gratitude in our lives, how do we bring it into our lives because we need to understand practically how we can change ourselves to make a difference. Well,

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for gratitude, fundamentally,

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it involves recognition of our laws, favorites, as the law said, and so on.

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As I said in short,

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Omar become mania Martin Femina law, whatever blessings

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you have, are from Allah.

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Whatever blessings you have,

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are from Allah.

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In Surah Al ahzab verse nine. Yeah, you're Latina, amanu oscura Yamato la de la come, or you will believe. Remember our laws favor on you.

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Remember, our laws favor on you