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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Bella Thoreau talks about meeting a man who she loves and says she wants to meet him. The segment discusses the beliefs of Islam, including the belief that death is a consequence of the Sun and the Holy Spirit's ability to bring people to Christ. The importance of not feeling sad and not the grave is also discussed, along with the process of death and resurrection, including a physician discovering that a man had died in a process of Probably dying on the JUGS.
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Masuda who forgot the first 1000 are Lima

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Bharat, the law on who he narrates that the Messenger of Allah and I sent them.

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They were with the Messenger of Allah Azza Salam at a janazah.

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And he says, So the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam, he sat at the edge of the grave. For Rebecca had Bella Thoreau, he began crying so much to the point that the ground where he was sitting on became wet from his tears.

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And he says, yeah, and guanine immediately heard that I do. And he said, Oh, my brother's for this moment that let everyone prepare

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for this moment that everyone prepared. That's why Arthur Mandela and who when he would pass by the grave, he would cry so much. And so the Sahaba said, why would you cry so much at the graveyard and he said, This is the first step of the Hereafter.

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This is the first step of the Hereafter. And so the Messenger of Allah Samsung is saying it sees the meeting he has, I do So brothers and sisters prepare for this day. Right And subhanAllah when you are meeting someone that you love, who you haven't seen in a long time, perhaps your parents or your children who have gone away from studies or something like this,

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your spouse who's overseas and you're waiting for the eagerly waiting for their arrival, when you meet someone you love. There's a different preparation that goes into it. There's a different level of excitement that goes into it. And so Ebrahim out as it's mentioned in the I thought of that when the angel of death came to him, and we know the angel of death takes permission from the MBR before he takes their souls. Ibrahim alayhis salam. He was confused for a moment and he told the angel of death or Atia hurry and and you need to have ILA. He's he tells the angel of death I am the Helene of Allah. I am the best friend of Allah.

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So, I don't understand is the scenario where the best friend will cause the death of his best friend or a to Halina and up to her Lila?

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And so, the Angel of Death response Ibrahim Ali cinammon he tells them Yeah, Ibrahim are a to heavy urban yakka holy la habibi.

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Oh Ibrahim, do you consider a scenario in which the one who is beloved to another dislikes meeting his beloved

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when Abraham and his cinema was put in that perspective, he said, then take my soul Now Angel of Death. Right and so Allah subhana wa Tada. He describes this mindset of the believer when he says, Can I help Jr call Allah He for in agian Allah he

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will who was semi early, whoever longs to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala then let that person know that that meeting is coming soon. And Allah is and Allah is indeed all hearing and all knowing. So the point is, when we long for meeting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada if it is Allah who we love the most. Well Lavina Amanu Asha Bella, those who believe they have more intense in their love for Allah than anything else. If we truly love Allah, then we will look forward to that day of meeting him. Subhana Allah describes what would be the scenario of a believer when he is about to meet Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, In Medina God or a boon Allah who thought, Mr. Camuto, those famous I had that we've

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heard before. Those who say

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our Lord is Allah. And then they stay firm upon that statement, meaning they live by that statement of NIDA hate Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, their life is a life that they follow the commands of Allah they stay away from was permitted prohibitions and they do the best they can. And whenever they slip in these and they mess up, they go back to Allah and ask Allah for repentance, tetanus Zan, Rana he Moodle Mala Inca Allah Hootenanny him water who doesn't have who doesn't who that they have no fear upon them, nor shall they grieve? No fear upon them, nor shall they grieve, wherever she will will Jana, and have glad tidings of paradise and let you continue to I don't, that Allah has indeed

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promised for you. So what does Allah say, for these people who longed to meet Allah? They say our Lord is Allah and then what? They stay firm. They stay firm on to Allah commands and following the Sunnah of the prophesy setting them so when death comes to them, what is their state Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, tetanus Xanana he Moolman Iike the angels will descend upon like a group after group after a group will come to them.

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So believer when he is about to die, angels upon angels come to them in the Messenger of Allah says in a hadith to describe the situation, he says in an abdomen movement, is that kind of few people I'm in a dunya with Ballymena renessa either human or semi mana Iike he says when the believer

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is about to die between dunya and akhira. angels descend upon upon him being the one who can or will do hang with shrimps. Their faces are so bright as if it's the brightness of the sun.

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And he says Mao whom Kevin Omen advantage Jana with them as a shroud from the shrouds of paradise well hello to men Hello Bella Jana and perfume from the fragrances of paradise had their Yejide Soo Min who met the buzzer until the person who was about to die he see that he sees the angels sitting in rows for as far as the eye can see.

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And that's why when I'm gonna I'm gonna disease

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for him Allah Tala. When he was on his deathbed, and his wife out the man

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was next to him. And her brother mess them up. He tells them to leave. And so they leave and they stay right outside the room. And they heard him say Marhaba and behind the hill will do allottee they said they will do he instant Walla Walla, walla Jiang, he says Welcome to these faces, that are neither the faces of humans, nor of jinn.

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And then he recited a verse from the Quran and then he passed away when they went and they found him dead. They found that he had passed because angels upon angels come with beautiful faces and shining faces. And the Hadith continues feel magical Malecon melts, and then the Angel of Death comes until he sits at the head of the person who is dying. And he says you have to have enough sativa okra de la Margarita minallah He had one Oh beautiful soul come out to the pleasure of Allah and his and his forgiveness and pleasure.

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And that Allah he says, that enters Zenwatch Amen. Man,

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eager to alert Hoff who doesn't whatever she whatever she Ruby, Jen Atilla t equal to one I don't. These angels that come to the believing soul? They tell them three things. They see a letter Hafele Do not fear what what are you going to feel? What's the come death and the grave and the resurrection on the Day of Judgment? don't fit Have no fear of any of that one? No. And don't be sad about what about what past your children you're leaving behind your parents you're leaving behind those who have responsibility over Allah that gives the believer that Glad Tidings at that moment. He knows we may not know. But he knows. Don't worry about them. And then the angels give them the

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good news, whatever she had an agenda and let he continue to I don't I'm glad tidings for paradise that you have been promised.

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Subhanallah when I Isha heard the Messenger of Allah say that whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him and whoever hates to meet Allah. Allah hates to meet him. She says, she says, but we hate death, O Messenger of Allah who doesn't dislike death? And the messenger of Allah tells her no, that's not what it means. Oh, wow. Isha, he says that when the when death comes, the believer is given the glad tidings of the pleasure of Allah and His generosity, Felisa che on a heartbeat You lay him in my mama. So there is nothing more beloved to him than what is coming that Allah has prepared for him for a heavenly thought Allah for Allah who nipa so he loves to meet Allah at that

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moment and Allah also loves to meet him. And then Allah says, No, only confit hayati, dunya wa phylloxera. We are your protectors in this dunya and akhira. So Allah has telling the believers we will not leave them, we will give them that company until until they meet Allah subhanho wa taala. And the Hadith goes on. And he describes the water that comes out the soul that comes out from the body of the believing soul, like a water drop that comes out from a jug without any resistance with ease as it comes out. And the Hadith says it has the most beautiful fragrance that is present on the whole earth.

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And even the angels began asking Matthew Roja, who is this beautiful soul and they begin calling the soul by its most beautiful names as it goes to the first heaven and the second heaven the third heaven until it goes to the seventh heaven and then it's sent back to Earth and it's put in the in the body and then the angels that come to question the believer come in, they question him to angels come in, they sit him up, and they say man, Rob, book WOMAD Enoch, woman and let the boy fee come who Who is your Lord? What is your religion and who is this man that was sent to you? And the believer is given tofield from Allah u 32. Allahu Allah Dena Amma noble Cody Thabeet even higher to

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dunya awful Alfetta the believers giving Shabbat from Allah to be able to answer these questions properly.

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And you might be thinking well, well, anyone can answer it. We just look up a book but no, it's difference in a week Hadith that describes the description of the two angels who question the the believer in the grave or the person in the grave. They say their their hair is dragging by

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Hi in them their eyes like their eyes are like lightning in their voices like thunder. So when they say you mentioned Rob book, it's like thunder is going off in your small grave. And you were shaken with such a shaken of fear shaking of fear that you wouldn't be able to answer except for the one who Allah gives steadfastness. In that moment, we ask Allah to make us amongst them.

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And so they will say, My Lord is Allah. Then what is your religion? My religion is Islam who is this person that was sent to you he is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then a crier will call out from the summit and considered this slave of mine has spoken the truth for every shoe whom in Jannah so put out carpets in his grave from the carpets of paradise. Well, I'll be so hoomin agenda and give him clothes from the clothes of paradise lift the whole the whole bobbin Jana and open in his grave a gate so he could see his place in paradise Allah.

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And the Hadith says and then the fragrance and the joy of Jannah will enter into the grave of this man or this woman.

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And then

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a man comes with a beautiful face with beautiful clothes and a beautiful smell. And he tells the person up should have been leather. Yes, so rook had a yo, yo Mukalla V Quinta to add Glad Tidings congratulations of what will make you happy. This is the day that you were promised. And so the man will say, Who are you for your face is something that was only a face that will bring good and he says, I am your good deeds. I am your good deeds, and Subhanallah the believer will be accompanied by his good deeds as he sees unto him in paradise and he'll begin saying about BFT Messiah, the Messiah Oh ALLAH begin the day of judgment Oh ALLAH begin the day of judgment Hatta Allah, Dr. Elahi

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mamani so that I may go back to my family and my possessions. This is the state of the believer. This is the one who live by La Ilaha illa Allah and die by La Ilaha illa Allah he will be accompanied by his good deeds, his fasting that he would do when the days were long and his prayer when it was difficult, and he may be mocked at work or at school, the hijab that she would wear when she was being criticized and the jilbab that she would wear and hide her beauty, all of those things. All the struggles will come and we'll meet you and at that moment, you will realize it was all worth it. As you see your place in paradise and you're begging Allah to start the day of

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resurrection. Well Coolgardie Heather was soft on the honey welcome festival in the Horn of Africa right.

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out of mana Rahim hamdulillah Hello Bill Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While and he was a big man.

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I chose this topic

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of a good ending.

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Because of something that just happened to me. I just came back from Amara and on my last day at the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala I was performing throw off after solids and Fajr.

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And as I was nearing the Blackstone to begin my next circuit, I saw a man with with anxiety on his face, and he was calling a police officer. And the crowds were very thick right after salads and vegetables. And so the man was maybe five, six people ahead of the officer but there's it's body to body. And you could see from his face that something is wrong. Now, I've gone as a physician to Omicron hedge.

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And the most common things that you see of people are heat related illnesses, dehydration and passing out from from the heat.

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Which in this case shouldn't have applied because it was after budgeted. The sun wasn't up it was cool. It was about 70 degrees. It was beautiful.

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A few days earlier just rained, and people were doing throw off in the rain feeling the Mercy of Allah descend upon them as they're at the house of Allah.

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And the other thing is sometimes people get overwhelmed with emotion and have hyperventilation type syndromes from anxiety and, and emotion and whatnot. And they just kind of lose their their their senses and they just breathing real fast and just

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but it's nothing serious. And as an ER physician, you have to develop the sixth sense of knowing when something is serious. And when something is not serious. When something is worrisome when you see someone even if it looks like they're in some severe distress, you have to know when is someone in distress and when is someone not in distress. And so it wasn't my plan nor was it my capability to try and follow this person because of the crowd. So I continued my Wi Fi past the Blackstone, and now I'm in line in the front of the cab near MACOM Ibrahim And subhanAllah it happened to be that Allah destin I walk right by where the man was calling the officer to.

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And I looked down and I see a person right away. I know this is something serious.

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And so I tell the officer, I'm a physician and he allows me and there are two

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Officers they're

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in the man wasn't the man was collapse and he wasn't breathing.

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And so I quickly checked for a pulse. I don't feel a pulse.

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The man had passed away

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in Iran

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in front of the cab, literally in facing the door of the cabin. Next time I'll come Ibrahim.

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And there was another brother that was there, presumably a physician because he was checking the pupils.

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And so I asked him, Do you know how long the man has been down for? And he said, No, I don't know. But it's been at least a few minutes. And he said, I'm debating starting CPR.

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And I told him, No.

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You don't come to the house of Allah.

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To have CPR done.

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You come seeking the pleasure of Allah.

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You come seeking a death like this? You ask Allah Oh Allah let me die in a good states. You ask Allah let me die in your worship. Oh Allah you Oh, let me die with sing La Ilaha illa Allah. What were this man's last words? In the Haram in front of the Kaaba?

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What was his last words? And the messenger the last item said to about a man who died in hajj when he fell off his camel and his neck broke he said wash him with water and said that and and don't cover his face or his head because he will be raised in the Day of Resurrection and it haram saying that Toby Allah bake Allahu Mala bake. Here I am Oh ALLAH to serve you. Here I am answering your call. Imagine being resurrected sailor bake Allah who's gonna bake.

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So you don't come to the house of Allah

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to have CPR done. And as I got up, I told the man Rahim, Allah may Allah have mercy on you. And the thing that came to my mind was a statement of haram even when Han Allah and who, one of the 70 companions who was martyred and bit of marijuana in the fourth year after hijra, when a when they were betrayed, and a man came from behind him and they stabbed him with a spear, and the spear penetrated through his chest and he looked down, taken by surprise from the best of this Amana. So nomadic says these 70 would pray at night and they would fill the water of the JUGS in the machine in the day, and they would sell firewood and then use the money to feed on the sofa. This is the

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seventh new people have had one of their leaders is stabbed in the spheres protruding out of his chest and he looks down and you know what he says? He says, first of all, I've been Kava.

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I have succeeded by the Lord of the caliber.

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And I told them and Rahim Allah.

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And that's what came to my mind was that what I believe?

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He was succeeded by the lord of this house that you were performing tawaf around Subhan Allah.

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But a beautiful ending. And a good ending doesn't necessarily mean you have to be die while you're praying, or die while you're performing, throw off or die while you're fasting or die while you're reading Quran because many of us may not have that death, although it's a beautiful death, but the beautiful death is a death that you die upon in the cinema. The Messenger of Allah has sent him died on his deathbed, Abu Bakar died on his deathbed. And the messenger of Allah has sent him he was once told by a man when somebody died suddenly he said, Well, Allah saved him from illness and the last parts of his life and he said, Well, how do you not know that the illness would have forgiven his

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And the messenger of Allah came across another man who was in his last moments. And he says, he says, How do I find you a young man he says, I'm fearful for my sins, but I'm hopeful for the Mercy of Allah and the Messenger of Allah said, whoever is meaning ALLAH with these feelings, Allah will save him what he's fearful from, and he will give him hope you will give him what he's hopeful, for, he will forgive Him His sins and you'll grant him paradise.

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So a good death brothers and sisters, while this man had a beautiful death, this man had a beautiful death, a beautiful death is to die with not enough in the law, to die as a believer to live your life as a believer and when you do so as a scholar same and I shot at St. Mata Ali, and as a messenger of Allah says, Adam says in whatever you die upon, you will be resurrected upon what you live upon is what you will die upon. And what you die upon is what you'll be resurrected upon. We ask Allah to make us to make our best deeds their last and our best day of our life, the day we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah to make our best of our life that last part of our life. Oh

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Allah we asked you as the messenger of Allah used to say the enemy cannot play but quadratic era Hina marlington hire to hire Alana Oh Allah give us life for as long as life is good for us whatsoever either candidate or offer to either unlimited offer to hire Alana and oh Allah give us death when you know death is best for us. Allah ma Sanjana Muhammad you wanna only Muhammad and comesa later on Ebrahim, Wanda Ebola Hema in the Cami de Mogi alum about a guy named Muhammad you wanna Eddie Muhammad came about I thought Ebrahim Allah Allah Brahim Fernanda Mina in the Hamidah Majeed Welcome to Sana